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      10:23 AM Mar 2, 2016
    What an AWESOME Call!!!
    Iraq:  Ray: Dealers licenses been taken from them and there
    is an effort to stop the distribution and could also happen in the USA.
    They are only allowed to sell what's on hand and not any new currency!
    Ray:  Going to talk about a few things.  Some things I'm still nailing down.  
    Iraq:  Cards funded and salaries paid previously.  Everyone caught up.  Remember they were told . . . it would be at the new rate.  Not 100% done yet.  New rate has not kicked in.  Citizens bothered about that . . . and about corruption.  They want to see justice.  
    CURRENT WINDOW:   In response to, "Is the IQD International today and are we in the midst?  Ray:  YES! (to both.)
                                        Ray:  I'm 100% sure this is going to happen.  Am I 100% sure it will happen by Friday?  No.                                                  Some people tell us this week.  Also last.
    Caller: You seem to be giving hints you think this will go by Friday? Ray:  That's what I'm receiving.
    IRAQ:    Ray:  Looking at target date prepared months ago and didn't make it into the public eyes.  The articles were created months ago.  (So you would think it was in the future yet)  
    • Dealers Currency Licenses:   Dealers licenses been taken from them and there is an effort to stop the distribution and could also happen in the USA.
    • Amnesty Law has been resolved. Tariffs set to go. Ray:  Means progress slow and steady, moving forward.          
    • Banks 
    • TV:    Saying PM Abadhi to have new cabinet and new CBI leader in the next 10 days.  Ray:  Read a week ago that Dr. Shabibi returned to the position.  We'll see.
    • Demonstrations:  Ray:  Plans were to have another demonstration on Friday and push into the Green Zone.  If things go according to plan they won't have the need to . . .Looking to have things done by Friday so no need for demonstrations or citizen revolt.  
    • IMF  
    • Rates:   Dong and ZIM to go at the same time as the Dinar.  Q: Range on Dinar?  Heard $27-$37.  Ray:  Heard the same thing you heard.  Don't know if that is 100%. . . . Sign an NDA and we still won't know.   Q: Range on Dong?:  Heard, $20 and into the teens.   Ray:  Not heard into the $20.  Heard $15-$16.  ZIM:  Ray has heard in the cents, like .20, $1 - $5. Ray: Now hearing in the dollars.  Who really knows?  I don't know the current rates because they keep changing.
    • UST:    
    • Banks:   Mobilized on Monday and Tuesday for private exchanges. Building up for full public release. 
    • Funding:  Progress being made according to Ray's sources.
    • 800#:  May screen you on the call, negotiate and lock you in on the contract rate.  
    • Already Blessed/Pam:  Still doing all the background work, just does not want to talk.  
    • Exchanging:  Ray says he'll say, "I'm here to exchange this Iraq currency and get the best possible rate I can get.  
    • Gifting Notification:  Affidavit to be notarized.  A letter could just be witnessed.
    • NDA:  Anyone, whether they are a professional or not, if you take them to your exchange maybe required to sign an NDA.
    • Exchange Centers:  Ray:  I haven’t heard of exchange centers having the same deals as the bank.  My impression is that the deals will be at the banks.  At a dealer you get the International rate.

    Q & A:
    Q:  If you play the market the market rate could be greater than the contract rate?  Ray: Iraq has already said their currency could withstand $16.  Let's say it came out at $7.  Would it go higher than the $16?  Maybe, you have demand.  You might be right.  The market rate might surpass whatever the fixed contract rate is.  Contract rate will only last so many days and then be gone.
    Q:  Read  that we are now in a 16.5 hour window;  trillions moved around the world and should be hearing something by 11:30 this evening.  You heard this?  Ray:  No, not heard anything like that.  It could be true and factual and I just haven't heard it.   Let's be optimistic.  What do we have to lose?  Let’s look forward to see what happens.
    Q:  Read shopkeepers not taking physical currency because it was on ??? paper.  You heard that?  Ray, No!  Usually a citizen I'm talking to or quasi government.  Not heard anything about shopkeepers not accepting currency.  We are talking about pay all on cards.  Did hear instructions to merchants on how to process the cards.
    When am I going to see it Wednesday. Might, tonight or tomorrow. We might see this tonight or tomorrow, and we are optimistic that we will see something – either a continuation of what we have been seeing this week or a full-blown RV.    Should it happen? I don't see why it should not and good motivation for it to happen this week. We patiently wait as each hour goes by.
    I don't know the time frame. If it's 16 or 32 hours. Many put those times out there, and they may have firm intel for that but I don’t. Banks doing private stuff and rolling. Just waiting for the release code for us to come in.   I do know some private exchanges are taking place.  I don’t know how the banks will handle the larger groups.  
    How they intend to handle that is a mystery. I've not heard from any representative, even though I've put the word out. An agenda would suffice. A plan of action so we could help you the banking person as well as our members. Even if you don't want to give us intricate details, point us in the right direction.
    We can let the members know so when it is time to go it can be effortless, smooth. I'll let them know how you intend to handle them when we come to your doors.
    Ready. Excited. We’re in that minute. Banking folks say, "ready to go. Waiting for a release code." The minute the code release authorization its' on.
    Hope it's not a mad commotion, running to banks, tripping over themselves. In the meantime, in between time we await. When I receive the information, morning, noon or night, we'll put it out there. And you can take care of business and get on with your life.
    In the meantime, in between time we await. When I receive the information, morning, noon or night, we'll put it out there. And you can take care of business and get on with your life.
    Father time will tell us everything we need to know, what we want to know, and in some cases what we don't want to know. That's what I believe. (playing “I believe”).  
    You Tube:  "I Believe" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA




Dusty:  Tank--My DC uy called--everything is exactly as all was stated this morning nothing has changed to add to --working from East to West - and dealers are being told in steps-- balance books and reajust pricing by end of business day--confirmed 3 times now!! :)


Mrs. Gib, :) I JUST RECEIVED THAT INFORMATION AS IN JUST, JUST NOW, HERE THIS SONG WILL EXPLAIN NO SERISOULY, I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT, THIS JUST IN: "This time it is done!! They are confirming No more currency sales as of late tonight, all dealers and banks to not sell currency by China's morning until post Rv. Then sell at the new rate!!" BOOM!!!


Snickers:  What's telling and speaks volumes for me are the rumors of those HUGE transfers of funds to the US banks. If that's true, then in my mind we're locked and loaded. All ready on the firing line! lol

Arbat:  A Banker called a friend to tell him of a bank memo that says "We expect a big announcementn at 3 PM EST". No detail as to the content, or any additional info. That is only an hour and 15 minute, so it is not long to wait!!!   my friend that passed it on to me is solid as a rock. He formally worked in the banking business (retired). I do not personally know the person that called him.

Catalina: RUMOR: 800'#'s READY 4 PM EST...ready, but will they release them, that's the question of the hour?

Catalina:  We're all in Disney World right now...we just don't know it yet!

Wizofog14:  Guys this is happening VERY fast, don't blink, WOW

BigDog:  Wiz… …you ask me if you would get notifications today, my response: Wiz, it is the plan for some today but all for tomorrow, subject to adjustment but that's the plan at this very moment

Catalina:  Starman: Do you believe all the banks will release 800's at same time?

Starman: Catallina, YEs very much so.... ALL at the same time!!!

Catalina:  Starman: That's what I am hearing...banks want an even playing field...what a concept. LOL

Bigdog:  All notices will be released within moments of each other

Wiz:  Bigdog- and your expectation is for those notices to appear today? or within a given window? Thanks.

Bigdog:  Tomorrow

Wiz:  Tomorrow- thank you- that would be on 3/3 and that feels right! wonderful!
Sequoia:  the info I am hearing is exchanges will be done thru wealth management side of bank. not retail. so if the wealth met depth is in separate building from Bank then that's the exchange site

Beagleyes: From Bigdog earlier:

FYI: 1)Call center phone numbers will be issued through email, select gurus and websites

FYI:2)Appointments by area code will be set

3)Exchanges will be smooth and exciting

FYI:4)Exchange personnel are well trained and ready for you. Your expected, welcomed and will get personal support before, during and after No conspiracies, no cons, no scams just honest business in a private setting for your security.

Breathe deeply, pray constantly, and thank the lord you were given this opportunity to be part of glorious event. Love and help thy neighbor, give and you shall receive.



Tank wrote NO SERIOUSLY, I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT, THIS JUST IN: "This time it is done!! They are confirming No more currency sales as of late tonight, all dealers and banks to not sell currency by China's morning until post Rv. Then sell at the new rate!!" BOOM!!!


TNT Call notes 2-March-2016
[TNT Rap]. [audio checks] 
RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is When-Am-I-Gonna-See-It Wednesday, March 2, 2016.  This is RayRen98.  We’ll talk about a few things and then enjoy the rest of our day.
The intel gets ever more exciting, with more things flying out left and right.  Some I’m still trying to nail down so we know that they are real.  In Iraq, we shared before that cards were funded and salaries were paid… they are getting caught up.  That was a partial concern.  They were being told they would be paid on the cards at the new rate, and that new rate hasn’t kicked in yet on those cards. They are bothered about that and about the corruption. They want to see justice, and they plan to have another demonstration this Friday, and to push on into the Green Zone.  If things happen according to plan, then won’t have a need to demonstrate or push it into the Green Zone on Friday.
We did learn that the tariffs are now set, ongoing. There are issues with the Amnesty Law, and that has been resolved. There is progress, slow and steady, moving forward.
Now let’s look at the targeted date that was set months ago and didn’t make it into the public eye.  We are here.  That was set up months ago, in articles that might make you think it will happen months from now, but those articles were written months ago.  In Iraq, some dealers have had their licenses removed, and they are only allowed to sell what they have on hand, and not allowed to sell new currency.  Anything under the sun is probably flowing around right now, but we do know that there is an attempt to stop the distribution and then revalue their currency, and then let it come back out.  They don’t want it in certain hands, and that’s another reason to restrict the currency.
On the television over there, they are saying that Abadi is to have a new Cabinet and CBI leader within ten days.  I believe the RV could happen prior to that, but the announcement is for a new Cabinet and CBI to deal with the corruption on the government levels.  That will help to correct that.  We read all this over a week ago, and that Dr. Shabibi returned to that position.  We’ll see.  We hope that things will be done on time so they don’t need to have a demonstration in Iraq.  That is only two days away, and we hope there will be no need for a citizen revolt.
In the US we expected in different banks that they started mobilizing private exchanges on Monday and Tuesday, building up to a public release.  That’s pretty much what we were told a while ago, that there would be private exchanges, then group exchanges (including us, the internet group), and then the general public.  So it goes without saying that we would in that line-up, before the general public. The private exchanges have taken place;  this doesn’t mean to call the banks.  Leave them alone;  when they are ready for you, they will call you.  Even though you may want to be at the bank today, it may not be your time. When it is your time, we will know;  they will contact us.
Let’s take a few calls…
Q:  Do you think that since the dinar is up in value and cards can be used country to country, and with tariff laws and bond sales, do you think the IQD is international today?  A: Yes, I do.  I do believe that we are in the midst.
Q:  Have there been more exchanges?  SKRs?  Money to spend?  A:  Yes, and I hear they may have to wait 24-48 hours to wait before spending their money.
Q:  Will zim, dinar and dong come out at the same time?  A:  Yes.
Q:  Hot new rumor is that currency dealers are being told to balance their sheets and shut down.  A:  I have heard that rumor, but not from my sources.
Q:  Re gifting currency, is a gift letter all that I need?  Does it need to be notarized
A:  An affidavit might need to be notarized;  a letter might just need witnesses.
Q:  Does Iraq have to have an international currency for 90 days before entry into the WTO?  We can’t seem to find this in print anywhere.  A:  that is what we have been told.  If anyone on the call knows where to find that, I guess they will contact us or post it in the forum (just like this question).  Create a thread and see if someone has the answer.
Q:  Remember the five items?  Have we passed the times in those memos for the RV/GCR?  A:  They gave dates for the rates to change, and they have changed, we just don’t have a public RV/GCR yet.  But the memos held up.
Q:  Do you see issue with taking a trusted friend to your exchange appointment to have an extra set of eyes and ears with you?  A:  I don’t have a problem with that, just ask the bank if that’s okay.  One person shouldn’t be an issue, and you can accompany them on their appointment.  If you are going after contract rates and signing NDAs, that might be an issue for the person accompanying you, because they may not to have that type of involvement.  If you plan to sign an NDA, as if the person with you has to do the same.
Q:  In the past, on Tony’s call and in the forum, there was discussion about which codes should be used, or if we should just say “I have X, Y and Z currency and would like the highest rate possible”.  Is that good enough?  Should we ask to see the rates on the screen?  A:  I will use that blank statement, and sure, ask to see the rates on the screen. What if they offer you something not on the screen?  Will you believe them?
707 caller:  Have you heard anything about negotiating rates on the 800 number calls?
RayRen:  I have not heard that will be a requirement, but one banking sources suggested that is how they might process the appointment calls.  [Looks at notes] One bank intends to screen you during the 800 number call, and maybe even give you a rate over the phone and lock you in on that.  If that is the contract rate, I can see that happening on the 800 number calls, where they lock you in at a higher rate.  So maybe;  it’s possible.
Caller;  That seems like a confusing situation if you’re trying to negotiate.
RayRen:  It’s my impression that the contract rates are flat, which is easier for us.  If you say you want the highest rate, and they say “17,000 per note” and you agree, then you don’t have to negotiate, you just go to your appointment and sign your NDA>
Caller:  Is there still a market rate? 
RayRen:  There will be a market rate as soon as this hits the market!
Caller:  So that is where you’d want to do some negotiating?
RayRen:  I don’t see how you can negotiate rate over the phone and lock it in because market rates are ever changing.  I can see a contract rate until that supply has been exhausted,  The contract rate and international rate will probably be fixed, but I don’t see the function of locking in a market rate that could change in two hours.
941 caller:  The market rate could actually be worth more than a contract rate…
RayRen:  Hmmm.  This is an example using the dinar:  Shabibi says their currency will sustain $16, and the international rate is $3.71.  The market rate could go higher than $16, but I’d be surprised.
Caller:  So you cash some in, pay off your debts, then wait a few weeks or so?
RayRen:  That’s a risky game.  The contract will only last so long and then it will be gone.  We don’t know how high the market rate will go, and if you were waiting to find out if the market rate will go higher than the contract rate… by which time the contract rate is gone.
Caller:  Most people will jump at the international rate at about $3.71.  If they cannot set up their lives on that amount, they are just being greedy.
RayRen:  It’s not about greed.  Some people have been waiting ten years.  If they are willing to wait for the market rate to go up to, say, $8, that is just good sense, not greed. We’re not talking about six months or a year, but a few days or weeks at most. If you are willing to wait, you might get twice as much.
Caller:  Kuwait came out at the international rate and tripled in a few weeks.  I know one guy who got $12 by waiting a week or so.  You can exchange enough o clear your debts and then wait a week or so to see where it goes. 
You have a lot of people who come on every single day, asking the exact same questions every time, so I think you should go back to first time callers because it would encourage them to at least speak with you.  I have been following this for years, and I’ve been on this call 5-6 times in the last four years.  You’re doing a good job, but some new people would like to have the chance to talk to you.  Soon as this happens, we are moving to NC!  I’m going to start checking with WF, and exchange a few dong even if it’s only 47 cents. The rest I’ll take care of when I get there.  [Appreciation] 
406 caller:  [bad echo]  What do you think the dong will be over a dollar or less?  And when do you honestly think we will see this?
RayREn:  I have no idea.  People are saying different things, and rates change at the bank. It’s hard to put your finger on this until it’s showtime.  I certainly think this is really real, but as for when it will take place… I have no idea.  I get information saying this is about to go down, and I wake up and nothing’s happened.  I’ve got people telling me we will never see the demonstration on Friday because the people will have what they want on Thursday night.  I have heard such things before.  I’m 100% that this is going to happen, but I’m not 100% that it’s going to happen by Friday.  I’ve had people tell me it’s happening right now, with 800 numbers in the morning, and then nothing.
Caller:  Are we going to see Pam again?  She’s never on the calls any more.
RayRen: Pam is around, but at the moment she doesn’t want to talk on the phone much. She is still doing all the work in the bathroom and she comes into chat;  she’s not gone.
865 caller:  If you had a range-finder, and you were looking at a range for the dinar, what kind of high and low would you see on the contract rate for the dinar?  Also, I hear there are contract rates on all three – dong, dinar and zim.
RayRen:  What range are you looking for?
Caller:  The best rate the bank can offer. I’ve heard contract rate on dinar as high as $27. 
RayRen:  I’ve heard that, too, but won’t know until someone goes in and gets that rate – at which point they’ve signed an NDA and won’t disclose it.
Caller:  What about the dong?  I’ve heard as high as $20 and as low as 47 cents.
RayRen:  I’ve never heard as high as $20 for the dong;  I have heard 15-16 for dong.
Caller:  How about the Zim?  I’m considered a whale in zim but only a porpoise in dinar.
RayRen:  We’ve heard all kind of things about the zim, from 20 cents to $1 to $5… it all depends on whose site you’re on and which calls you listen to.  The only one who knows is the person in the appointment, and they’re not going to tell you.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
352 caller:  if one more person asks the date and rate, I’m going to die.  I’ve been listening to this for three years, and the same questions over and over again.  You can’t tell when this is going to happen!  Do you know Anne deHart over at Hollow Earth Network?  One of her dearest friends in China has been told to close up his currency shop by tomorrow morning.  One more question:  just in case we are asked by the bank what we are there to talk about, should we say IQN or IQD?
RayRen:  “I am here to exchange some Iraqi dinar, and I hear all kinds of rates.  I want the highest rate;  what can you offer me?”  That’s what I’ll be saying.
772 caller:  Is there anything new that the callers have not asked that you feel we need to know about any part of this exchange?
RayRen:  No.  So far they are doing a good job with the calls and written questions.
816 caller:  I read somewhere that Iraq was supposed to join the WTO be the third.  If they don’t, then what?
RayRen:  I don’t care, so long as they revalue the currency.  If they do want to join the WTO, the RV has to be done first, as I understand it.
Caller:  You seem to be giving hints that this will go by Friday…
RayRen:  Yes, that is what I’m being told, that the demonstrations won’t be taking place because the citizens will have what they want before Friday.
323 caller:  is the dong still going to go seven days after the dinar, or both at once?
RayRen:  Where on earth did you get from?!  They are going at the same time. 
Caller:  My brother wanted to know where to go to exchange, and you asked if I knew of other exchange centers.  Will they give us the same rates as at the bank? 
RayRen: I don’t know the current rates, because they keep changing.  If you go to a currency exchange location, I assume you will get the prevailing international rate.
Caller:  Would you exchange at the bank or an exchange center?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard of exchange centers having the same deals as the bank;  my impression is that the deals will be at the banks.  At a dealer you get the international rate.
Caller:  I went into the bank where I have been for 19 years, but all the staff has changed now.  It’s one of the big four banks – do you think they will turn people away because I don’t have a relationship with the new employees.
RayRen:  You shouldn’t have any problem, especially if you have a relationship with the bank itself.
754 caller:  This is my first time on the call, after 13 months of reading everything that comes out on blogs.  Have you heard anything about being in a 16.5 hour window and that millions have moved around the world and we should hear something by 11pm EST this evening?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard it, but let’s be optimistic.  What do we have to lose if it is true?
Caller:  On previous calls, you said the people were being paid, and maybe they are still upset because it wasn’t at the rate they wanted.  I heard that the reason the Iraqis were upset is because the shopkeepers were worried that the paper currency was printed on stale paper and they were concerned the banks wouldn’t accept it.
RayRen:  I usually hear from government officials or ordinary citizens, and haven’t heard anything about people being concerned about paper currency, because most of this money is on cards.  The people and the merchants are not used to electronic transfers, so they need reassurance that they will be paid for their goods and services.  They are giving merchants instructions on how to process electronic payments.  There are some other issues that may be getting in the way of this unfolding as we want it to.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And negotiate!
RayRen: We are at the top of the hour and I don’t want to overwork the transcribers.  We might see this tonight or tomorrow, and we are optimistic that we will see something – either a continuation of what we have been seeing this week or a full-blown RV.  I don’t know why we shouldn’t see it this week.  We patiently wait as each hour goes by.  I don’t know the timeframe;  many put those times out there, and they may have firm intel for that but I don’t.  I do know some private exchanges are taking place.  I don’t know how the banks will handle the larger groups.  Bankers, it would be great if you could put out an agenda or plan of action, so that we can help you (the banks) as well as our members.  Let us know what you plan to do with us so that we can work with the system instead of against the system.  Let us know so that I can let the members know, and it can be effortless, smooth, timely, without a lot of headaches.  Just give me some information and we can make it smoother when they come to your doors.
We are in the minute.  The bankers are just waiting for a release code.  The minute that authorization code is released, it’s on.  I hope people are not tripping over themselves on the way to the bank.  The quicker we can learn how to keep that orderly, the better it will be for us and for the banks.  Meanwhile, we are waiting for the call saying “it’s done – tell your people”;  when I receive that information, we’ll put it out there so that you can get it done and get on with your life.  We all want to get on with relaxing, quitting our jobs and paying it forward.  We just want peace and contentment, hopefully before this week is out.  Time will tell us what we want and need to know.  Meanwhile…

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA



Anonymous Intel SITREP
Tuesday - 3.1.16    17:00:00
Beginning Monday 2.29.16 somewhere in the Mountains of Mainland China, the main Asian banking centers of Singapore and Hong Kong were authorized to wire funds into both USA & European T1 banking entities via the new CIPS system.
Each CIPS transaction is taking less than 1 minute to clear (Elders) as opposed to up to 10 days per the old Eastern European SWIFT system (cabal).
Over 1,000 Trillion of gold back TRNs & Euros are now in position for distribution, as this fresh 1QT of stimulus was needed to avoid a complete breakdown of North American and European society.
It's now evident that the Chinese were overly cautious because they were planning on being abundantly generous.
Thank you to all colors of the Dragon Family as well as the Merciful Kuan Y'in! We are humbled by your eternal patience, benevolent gift and love for all colors of humanity.
Release for this the first tsunami wave of hydration was given last Sunday morning @ 6:54AM CST, or sunrise over Beijing, thus completing a decade long internally known simply as Operation Sunrise.
This event is one of several similarly planned economic tsunamis to occur in the years that follow … and across the globe.
Truly, there is no end to this monetary mercy, as the performance scope of the collateral accounts include enough hard asset to repeat this exact event with relentless consistency until all poverty, hunger, homelessness, disease, war and ignorance is wiped off the face of the planet.
Hard to believe? Sure. Harder to deny? We shall see.
Perhaps right now is the time to readjust what is possible within your own lifetime--as well as your relationship to the Creator Source of All. Because it's so much easier to ride His endless wave versus perpetually swimming against the current of God.
Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)


TNT : 

Stephen77: New Intel: The currency dealers in China have been told to balance their books and close shop by tomorrow morning. That would be US time tonight. This process moves from East to West so keep a close eye on the currency dealers here. It has started!..... this came from my high placed friend.

Stephen77:  I don't share intel very often but I think we all can agree that we are very close to this being over.







O.F.:  TANK....I will probably be bashed for this question but I respectfully ask any way ! On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a lead pipe cinch ....how would you grade the INTEL that predicted 16.5 hours ? Thank You


Moneyman2:  GOOD MORNING ALL:::: Well lets step back and take a look, The PM of Iraq told the world hat they would pop by the first, actually they had to do an R I in country on the 29th. I believe they did that.

So now the switch to go international that will happen or has happened. The big question is our UST. I am not convinced that they will go along with this move right out of the box. It may take a few days for the pressure to force them.

But know this, WE BE THERE :)   folks we are in a great place today


Blackeyedpea:  Just got a text..currency dealers have gotten word to balance the sheets and shut her down.

Dusty:  I just called the dealer I have used throughout this and he confirmed to me that he could not deny the notice and thats good enough for me--intel is right dealers have been advised

Tank:  DINAR MAVEN BROUGHT THIS IN WITH BEP: China have been told to balance their books and close shop by tomorrow morning. That would be US time tonight. This process moves from East to West so keep a close eye on the currency dealers here. It has started!

Wolfeyes:  Tank-- from Anne @ hollowearthnetwork--very reliable IMO--Oh! Extra! Extra! -- I just received a phone call from Stevie... who HAD to share with someone, and that became "Me." - He just got a call from a life-long friend who is also a currency dealer, telling him that he just received his "codes from China." That's it folks. He has to have his balance sheet closed and complete by tomorrow morning. No more sales as of tomorrow morning. It's a done deal! Yea!!

Blackeyepea :   this is fresh..has not hit the mall exchangers yet
Dusty:  No one is saying you still can't get it but they have been told to close out books


PrincessJasmine:  Agreeing w/BEP, contacted my coin/currency dealer in CA, and I have purchased a substantial amount from him in dinar, he did say, he's only selling 500 dinar per person at a time until his supply is depleted, he can't obtain any further from UST, and was told same, balance books!

Chaseybear:  A friend of mine has a Gov contact a senator that said he has to go silent but told her to stay home dont go antwhere for a few days that is all he said

Wolfeyes:  As I said earlier: Roomies-- with Bruce's Wide & Deep Intel + Arrival of 1 Quad T $$ in NY for US Banks + Report that Dealers ordered to stop selling--Whadda Think? LOL
NewCreation:  Currency dealers do NOT close, they change their rates and stop offering certain products, right?


Dusty:  Now we sit back relax and let it happen--knowing what we know--let it come to us --today!!

DarthTators:  If we are in a 16-hour window that started at 7:30 a.m. then we should see something by 11:30 p.m.


FrostyTheSnowman: Tuesday Night March 1, 2016

Bite-sized Dessert


01 MARCH 2016
*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
FRANK26: Please don’t forget the 3 articles that WS posted.
That is what the IMF is saying.
In the future … information / intel / articles … that will come out will continue to be very, very tight.

The  Information that the media is putting out is VERY old.
Remember … if it’s in print … it already happened. ;)
The media is using “source files” – (mixing old articles / photos and releasing them as new).
There is a clamp down on info going out from the GOI.
We believe that the media is being “sanctioned” … mainly due to corruption.
Abadi is controlling what is being released – (which is good).
There are too many false stories.
IMO – Abadi clamped down
The whole internet depends on WalkingStick … the man is the best … but it’s even getting harder for him to find things.
WS is going to different places right now … so many sources are “sanctioned.”
Many information doors have shut-down.
Falseness is causing problems if it gets out to the citizens … it’s trying to be controlled.
Maliki decided to run from the protesters. He can’t leave Iraq. He is a cornered rat.
Zabari’s location is “known” and “unknown.” ;)
The 3 Musketeers are good! Follow and study.
The FEDERAL COURT LAW … Mahmout released a portion of the federal court law.
Parliament is going to take it … they have it now … and the next session (next week) – they will deal with it.
If they vote on it … you know all of the ministers that are being let go and running scared? “Who’s your daddy?” LOL! ;)
This law will be used against the ministers. It’s all good for them to reach the goal of becoming international compliant.
Abadi is having a private contractor/company to audit the auctions of the CBI … that just give me chills.
IMO … going into March … as oil goes up … you’ll see that the auctions will get smaller.
IMO – it’s been a chronic introduction to get the LD’s into the banks … and I think they should be getting toward the end of that. Therefore … auctions lower.
Every developing country is E-COMMERCE. That’s where it’s at.
A lot of international standards are in Iraq right now … that is very encouraging.

The word we got out of INDIA yesterday … (it’s just like our cc notes).
All of these “gates” (think horse-races) are getting ready for the IMF requirements.
Did the CBI accomplish everything the IMF required by the 28th of February? IMO … just like hearing the supper-bell ring … dinner is ready … food is cooked … we’re just waiting to be served. Give it a good week before we find out any results. They sure are getting ready for international standards.
The E-COMMERCE CARDS … there are many of them. ;)
That “report” about the DELTA … that WS put together … DELTA translated those from the Arabic website. It’s like a “white-paper” – very analytical report. Please add that to your reading. There is a lot of good stuff in it.
Iraq does things very deliberately.
By the way … we were told … when you see these documents … look for those that reference those documents. ;) Specifically the three articles.
CC ended in prayer.

KTFA Tuesday  Night Conference Call

Approx. 84  minutes long

The first part is Bible Study and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639     PIN: 156996#


TNT :Bruce The Big Call 3-1-16 Transcribers mangelo and pinkroses, 2 MARCH

Bruce The Big Call 3-1-16 Transcribers mangelo and pinkroses
m = mangelo and p = pinkroses

m.  Bruce call: opening prayer
m.  Bruce, everything is rolling good tonight and everything is going well...... the Q & A will be different tonight
m. Bruce, please email us your one question to ministry@thebigcall.net tonight
m.  Bruce, Kent would you give us the lesson tonight
p.  Bruce call: Bruce: Where are we now? I hope you have sent a question to Kent by email if you have one.
m.  Bruce call: is asking everyone if they sent their questions in tonight
p.  Bruce: Most of the answers the same, but not offended by questions we have heard again. Sometimes its new to you, sometimes the questions are new to some of the listeners on the call. Info intel wise
p.  Bruce: WE are hearing right now we are undergoing a major banking reset around the world that started at noon today. It had to be done before notifications. WE should be tonight tomorrow in that state
m.  Bruce call; we are hearing that the banks are going through a major banking reset this afternoon before we could get notifications
p.  Bruce: Funds have received available from what I understand to be used now. Understand now others receiving bank wires, funds become liquid. Funds themselves a huge number of bank wires over the 30 to 36 hours from Singapore coming to NY. Also from Singapore to Europe.
p.  Bruce: Huge funds in multiple of trillion, have over succeed a ?quadtrillion one to US and one to Europe. The RV themselves, humanitarian funding to go through as a shot gun start for groups, Admiral group, internet group, etc. WE believe it is close
m.  Bruce call: Funds have received a quadrillion for the US
p.  Bruce: general public done a little bit later, probably couple of weeks. Groups will go first. exchange centers ready, all banks ready, call centers loaded up with people to set your appt.
m.  Bruce call: call centers are ready!!!
p.  Bruce: when we get 800 numbers for the internet public, not private group, we will post number on the banking tab on thebigcall.net. Just check our website to get 800 number
p.  Bruce: it is up to each bank to give 800 number they want people to use. all at once the banks will do so no advantage of another bank.
p.  Bruce: whether we get through numbers from other internet site or call, if we able to grab those numbers, we will do that. AS far as Canada also.
m.  Bruce call: each bank have their own 800# to give out for the internet groups to put out there
m.  Bruce call: this call could have been a celebration call...but we are that close
p.  Bruce: I am telling you this call could will have been a celebration call. It is that close. WE are not calling it, but we know the proximity is there. a lot of things in place that weren’t in place. It is a matter of system. Resetting systems.
p.  Bruce: what is encouraging is was supposed to go down last weekend. what is happening now alot of money movement go through now, huge amounts. they are playing catch up. That is what is going on right now. WE are looking very good now to receive the notifications in very short order.
m.  Bruce; this was supposed to go last weekend and what you are seeing a lot of money, wires being moved around now because they are trying to catch up
p.  Bruce: based on all the info who been funded, who exchanged, skrs funded, all in line to be done, a system to do it, a certain process in mind, it is proceeding in a process. BE very very happy where you are with what you have.
m.  Bruce; be very, very happy where you are
p.  Bruce: Hope you have sent questions to Kent
p.  Bruce: I want to thank josef, others in community, others who not want to be named who dont want to be named who have helped us with intel to give us clarity. We try to glean the truth with whatever we receive to give you not only the best info we have but encouragement to hang in there.
m.  Bruce: I want to thank Josef, Iko, and many others
p.  Bruce: That is what you have done. In Iraq, Iraq cards have been charged and re charged. They been paying alot of back wages and amounts. I dont know if they are caught up yet. They have an intel country rate they are utilizing. It is good they are being paid. Possible announcement from Iraq they are truly international
p.  Bruce: we are expecting an announcement from Iraq that the are international, with their bonds,
p.  Bruce: Their bonds been sold recently and need a rate to reflect those bonds, this has been last few days. WE are just done to the wire, I think.
m.  Bruce: we are expecting an announcement from Iraq that they are international, with their bonds,
p.  Bruce: Kent questions you have?
m.  Bruce Call: answering the q & a and now Bruce is giving his disclaimer that he is not a professional
p.  Bruce call: Bruce: Putting out a disclaimer, not a cpa, attorney, estate planner, I am nobody. But I care about you, if I can bring some info to steer you in the right direction. Just putting some ideas. AFter the RV we will have ones with info you might be interest in. we will have them live and recorded.
p.  Bruce: Kent, we are not attorneys, not all those things, just try to give you some help
p.  Bruce: Q: Who is funding the dinar and rv? Iraq is funding, their currency is 100 percent gold back.
p.  Bruce: A: other currency primarily backed by China. Zim, vnn, and other countries primarily. They have interest in those countries. Alot of the gold back bonds from China are being redeemed. The release of huge amounts of funds backed by gold primarily from China.
p.  Bruce call: Q: Is WF group the better way to go?
p.  Bruce: I say WF is a good group to be part of, consider using it, Yes.
p.  Bruce: Q: If you have any criminal record you cant exchange? A: I dont think they will be looking at you necessarily. The banks themselves may have some criteria about that, If you upstanding citizen, I dont think that will come up as you set up your account. I say if you go in there hat backwards, look you just got out of the joint, that may not fly.
m.  Bruce call: Q what's the hold up, what's the back wall?
p.  Bruce: Q: Is there a backwall? March 3rd look good, what is the hold up? A: Everytime there is backwall it gets pushed back, it is a movable wall. I think they are trying to move things forward, but i know certain dates, cant get into. WE could be, looking at this month very much for everything to be accomplished.
m.  Bruce call: we are looking for everything to be done this month
p.  Bruce: Q: many saying to purchase Chinese yuan, Canadian dollar? A: Canadian dollar, a likelihood, the Canadian dollar would come up, I say get Financial advisor to get into the Chinese rbd. Seek advice to a professional at time of exchange
m.  Bruce; seek the advice of professionals regarding the Chinese Yaun
p.  Bruce: Q: devaluation of the US dollar? A: Yes
p.  Bruce: Q: other currency to put your money safe? A: there are currently 5 currencies, not bad way to go into, check them out, consult Financial advisor.
p.  Bruce: Q: the zim and dong still in baskeet? A: Oh yeah!!!
m.  Bruce; should we get a trust before the exchange. A: the banks will help you and it's okay to get it after you exchange
p.  Bruce: Q: trust before or after be okay? A: after be okay, look into that at time of exchange. Those who set up trust ahead of time, a positive thing to do it. Maybe you will have some tax advantage, maybe disadvantage. Personally at time of exchange or immediately following exchange process.
p.  Bruce: Q: you suggest we hold onto our currency to negotiate rate? A: I would say advise would be when you discuss your exchange at the bank, have those rates, write those rates down on sheet of paper, make sure those rates are written down on official paper the bank is providing, official document, make sure those rates are agreed on before you hand over your currency for exchange.
p.  Bruce: Q: Iran rial legal to hold it? A: In US probably legal, have some selling it, once international. ask, if allowed to exchange, then do so, if not dont bring it out.
p.  Bruce: Q: negotiating rates? A: I dont think the 800 call centers will be in position to negotiate rates
p.  Bruce: Q: how confident ordinary citizens will be able to exchange dinar? A: Yes, eventually they will be informed and able to exchange, rates the same? no they will not.
p.  Bruce: Q: whales exchanged? A: some have gone in, some skr, some received funds, yes mostly gone in, some whales out there waiting for notification.
p.  Bruce: Q: negotiating rates? A: some negotiable in range, be informed, some of this info not able to discuss once 800 numbers come out. some people will post what range is, if negotiator ask most high rate available.
P.  Bruce: Q: taxes? A: We dont 100 percent know. I would say be prepared for anything. 
p.  Bruce: Q: 800 numbers posted, will you post rates? A: No, will not post rates. International rates will change. We wont be able to post rates
p.  Bruce: Q: no knowledge of banking. A: need banking friend, or a lot of reading online, dont know where to send you to good info. I would say try to get with somebody who been around with this thing for a while who can help you.
p.  Bruce: Kent: hire adivsor to go in with you. Bruce: godd advise.
p.  Bruce: Q: when you say you need be quiet, who is it? A: some sources we get intel from are well connected, I do know when it is time to lay low and pipe down. I think you know what I mean.
p.  Bruce: Q: Since Zim is a bond, should we commit some to humanitarian project for higher rate? A: since it is a bond, once the bank takes it in and used as a bond, we are exchanging it as a currency, you will have a slight ability to ask for a better rate if you have a humanitarian project you are in or plan to get into with. Main thing with employment, helping people in community with jobs, etc.
p.  Bruce: A: should get higher rate as a result.
p.  Bruce: Q: what percentage to put for humanitarian project? A: It’s been suggested to me you want to tell banking partner to put 50 percent to humanitarian project. Advise I been given. BE willing to put 50 percent or more to HP.
p.  Bruce: Q: Suggestion for exchanging. Make list with, make copy, etc. A: there some people who talked about this long time ago. I am not going to monkey with that. Going to exchange center. going to get certain amount of us notes, receipt. You are there between 20 to 40 mins.
p.  Bruce; Q: can you bring financial adivsor to exchange? A: Yes, you can at time of exchange. not bad idea if you not understand what is being said. Not bad idea.
p.  Bruce: Q: who is in control of giving green light Iraq or China
p.  Q: Iraq or China? A: For a long time, we looked to Iraq with their involvement, they are the kingpin, main currency everything else is attached to. They are done. Basic stuff is done, Maliki dealt with, Shabibi is there, that is pass. WE are waiting on China, funds are moving, just waiting for the go
Bruce: Q: Cards paid today? A: heard they receiving back pay at some old rates, not sure. I believe, not positive, some people have received at new rate but not everybody paid at new rate today or not.
p.  Bruce: Q: 17 percent tax on CE? A: heard about it, I know some people believe in groups taxes are covered already, heard China paying the taxes, not sure, maybe not the same in every case.
p.  Bruce: Q: 90 day nda? A: not heard of 90 day Nda, heard of 10 year nda.
p.  Bruce: Q: bring recorder to exchange? A: not, check with attorney first, check wiht bank if you have permission to record. do not go in with recorder secretly, dont even think about it. answer no.
p.  Bruce: Q: can you confirm exchange centers being manned as we speak? A: Yes
p.  Bruce: Q: any consequences for exchanging one note before we go into exchange at your appt? A: one noters you want money to get a good pair of shoes, clothes, I heard that in the past, if you feel need to do that, you can do that. but before set appt for even for one note.
p.  Bruce: Q: can you have cap at more than one bank? A; no cap, not valid question
p.  Bruce:Q: will you put up 800 number before you go to the bank? A: it is up to kent, i dont know. not matter either way in our case. Kent? Kent: probably before, take 5 mins.
p.  Bruce: As soon as we get them, have access of them, Kent can put them up.
p.  Bruce: Q: what if currency paid for by parent and child, can consider as gift to child? A: if a parent and child, if not a minor can affect it, cpa question. if both names on receipt how is it a gift? Kent: that is what i would think. B: question for attorney or cpa
p.  Bruce: Q: what is status with iraq and wto, suppose to have until thursday for international rate? A: that is right, March 3rd the date to comply with. the wto is not the make or break with this.

p.  Bruce: Q: how much to take at one time, cash? A: You would have ability to take at time of exchange 10,000, some may have ability to take more. my situation maybe 3 or 5 thousand cash. cashier check, can take a large check. deposit cashier check at hometown bank. let bank manager know ahead of time you going to make large deposit. buying property, separate issue. check from new WM, asset manager, they cut check for you.
p.  Bruce: Q: any groups received skr have money funded yet? A: not heard, heard it is to come soon, sort of right along with notification
p.  Bruce: Q: anywhere we can check to see if I have valid zim note? A: dont know answer, except bank at time of exchange.
p.  Bruce: Q: what is the advantage of using WM instead of private financial planner? A: at time of exchange you are initially using the bank for exchange, bank wants to keep customer with funds at their bank. nothing wrong to put money into another acct under another manager, nothing wrong using a trusted 3rd party. In some cases, some are hiring a wealth concierge to help set up structures
p.  Bruce: A: to help set up structures, all of that can be done with the help of a wealth advisor, planner. then idea of a family office, referring to a large banks who have services like a concierge services for high wealth clients. I going to look into those family office services with wells, private banks before I look into my own wealth concierge.
p.  Bruce: Q: are rates same in Canada as us? A: no, not the same. some currency be close, depends on alot of dinar of the involvement that country made in Iraq war would affect the rate.
p.  Bruce: Q: is the contract rate the same as Canada and us? A: no
p.  Bruce: Q: if the dong at $2 .....A: the variation of the rates at setting process, you can come up with some kind of adjustment, formula based on the value of the Canadian dollar to usd. I would say your Canadian rate be bit low
p.  Bruce: Q: download more music of Josef? A: let’s play another one of his at end of call. He is a good friend, song writer, we plan to be involved with.
P.  Bruce: Q: if I gifted a ten trillion zim note, will they have a problem of exchanging? A: if they use a major tier one bank, no problem
p.  Bruce: Q: better to exchange all the zim to get better rate, or gift zim ahead of time? A: the zim has such a great value, only thing if you were to gift the zim before rate show live, what you can do is let them know what you anticipate value be, higher gift, if they understand the concept the idea of exchanging it. to the right people they have a better with all to understand this concept, good idea to gift it. You can gift one zim note they be set for life in some cases.
p.  Bruce: Q: if they purchased zim this month able to exchange it? A: if zim still available, yes able to exchange it. something about 30 day period to exchange it. (sorry missed what he said)
p.  Bruce: Q: would the attorney help you negotiate higher rate for HP if you already have a US and foreign trust set up? A: attorney could be there to help you to negotiate, not sure question
p.  Bruce: Q: is still proper time to buy more? A: personal question, up to you
p.  Bruce: Q: some saying no 800 numbers, iko just said it yesterday A: Iko maybe right, he is right about alot of stuff. we are going to find out if anyone gets them. they may surface online and giving to someone who doesnt have a call, you know who that is.
p.  Bruce: IF that is the case, we will try to give 800 number for each bank to utilize
p.  Bruce: end of question
p.  Bruce: thank you Josef for suggesting this today. excited about position we are in. alot of things are happening. I told you quite a bit that is going on out there. In a great place, just waiting for notification to occur. if 800 number not available, we will figure it out, and put it on our site under banking when they are available.
p.  Bruce: You have time, money going to have alot of, health, get healthy. WE love you on the big call if no one else does, we do. Kent closing call out