Wednesday, February 24, 2016



BIGFISH:   my friend called told me her contact with SKR in Reno told her he was getting his paid today along with his Buddies, they have a attorney handling it……started this morning


Martha: Sorry for the delay but had a very busy morning:

First, these rates were posted in the booklet: Global Currency Reset & Revaluation of Currencies/Historical Overview

International Rates:

VND 0.46 to 2.71 USN
IQD 3.90 to 8.49 USN
ZWR 0.04 to 0.14 USN
IDR 1.05 to 1.88 plus
Contract and market Ranges

VND 2.72 to 20.00 USN
IQD 8.50 to 38.00 USN
ZWR 0.15 to 0.22 PLUS USN
IDR-TBA but it is possible to be as high as 9.00

Market and contract rates on the high side will be available but up to the Wealth Managers discretion. This is where YOU prove your worth!!!! Go for the top!!! 

*** The longer we have been waiting the higher the numbers have become thanks to the markets and China.


"Heaven's Operation Tetelestai is Complete" - Intel SITREP

Emailed to Dinar Chronicles: Anonymous Intel SITREP "Heaven's Operation Tetelestai is Complete" Tuesday 2.23.16 - 06:00:0...

"Jenga" - Anonymous Intel SITREP 2-24-16


An initial AIIB "authorization ping" was sent and returned worldwide by all Central Banks on Tuesday - 2.23.16 @12:00:00CST (Monday 23:00:00 EST). An accurate metaphor would be that humanity scored its long awaited RV touchdown.

A  second AIIB "performance ping" was then sent out, but not returned by 70+ Central Banks on Wednesday - 2.24.16 @ 8:00:00 (Tuesday 21:00:00 EST). And because not all Central Banks worldwide complied, the entire operation was delayed. All proceed or none proceed is standard protocol in the GCR/RV arena.

As of this SITREP, it is unknown if the matter has in fact been resolved and the process restarted. An accurate metaphor of this event would be that humanity is patiently waiting to kick the extra point after a greedy delay of game penalty was called on the cabal.

This blatant act of non-compliance after an earlier act of compliance is simply a petty negotiating "pull back" tactic in order to gain additional percentage points for handling master account hydration right before closing. However, any further non-compliance stalling activity generated by the Dark Nobility/Rothschild faction is now grounds for immediate planetary removal and/or central sun reconditioning.

Rest assured the unconditional surrender of the global monetary mechanism of power known historical as "money exchange" is non-negotiable, as increased and unrivaled benevolent assistance is actively guaranteeing the completion of Operation Sunrise (RV) in real time.

All St. Germain Trust, Matrix Funds / NESARA pool transfers, in both the existing SWIFT/Central Banks and new CIPS/AIIB banning entities, are ALL now deemed unencumbered for sovereign account holders; and at this moment are ready for distribution to the mass populous (currencies, historic bonds, PPP, prosperity packages, humanitarian funding, commercial paper, etc.).
Thus, the GCR or Operation Tetelestai will complete anytime on its new scheduled timetable prior to February 28, 2016, with or without dark nobility compliance.

Translated: The cabal used their last and final "Jenga" move, and their once impenetrable Tower of Money Babel is now irreversibly collapsing into absolute ruin.


TNT Call notes 24-February-2016

[TNT Rap]. [audio checks] 
RayRen: The internet service has been interrupted because of storms here – that’s one reason I postponed this call.  The service is still not on here.  If we have to keep doing this in the future, maybe I’ll look at some other way to set this up.  We may have to do this later in the evening or just cancel it altogether.
Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Wednesday, February 24, 2016.  Did we expect to be here today?  Sort-of, kind-of.   There is no new intel to give you, nothing new.  There is a follow up or continuation regarding the news on Monday – the cards, where Iraq wants to be, the rate of $3.41 surfacing across the board. There is a plan of action that has not yet completed itself, and once it does we will see what we want.  From what I have heard, effort is being made to meet the stated window of ‘by March 1”. That’s what we are receiving from those folks over there.
Earlier in chat, D said that this rate was given 5.5 weeks ago – that’s what they shared with me back then, and those individuals say that they still have $3.71 rate on their cards. Someone else has a rate of 1.41 on their cards.  That is the information we are being told, not decisions I’m making.  We are the messenger or conduit, so it’s difficult to challenge information that is give to you.
There are reasons for those different rates, and when the dust settles those reasons will come out and make sense – if you even care by that point.  Some others just want to know when it is done and finished. Those who want to hear the intricate details, we will share what we are told is being done now or will happen tomorrow.  Sometimes we look back and try to understand it.  But all we can do is share the information we have and respond to it.
So far as Iraq is concerned, the economic reform is underway, and we ware still looking for it any day.  We are looking for certain situations over there and then it will be show time.  It could happen before then.  Some people are saying it’s happening now, but I look at whether everything has finalized in Iraq.  If so, we are probably being moved along to where we want to be.  There have been false alarms this week.  Some say it was attempted and held up, but I haven’t heard anything about that.  The banks are ready and waiting for us.  Some banks thought it would happen on Sunday night, to open on Monday, and some others told me that they were expecting it today.  All that comes from above in some way.
We are still in a good position, a good window.  The government level people in Iraq and here are all intending to get this done by the 1st – they have reasons to get it done by the 1st.  WE listen and go with that because what else do we have to go on.  I’ve heard a lot of things since Saturday and chose not to share it with you because I only share what has been confirmed.  That has pushed my intel team to push a little bit deeper, to get more detailed information and then we can accept and go with it. Some believed the positive information and now feel disappointed.  We have to be more responsible stewards of what we are hearing, not just an open conduit for everything.  We have filters and we can turn that flow off and on.  I like to hear it all because I can handle it, but some of you cannot and you have expressed that in various ways.  I think it’s reckless to throw things at you that I don’t believe 100%.  Even the other info people cannot believe it all 100%, because they are giving you the same stuff every day.  That’s is why I don’t give you some of that same information . Some I do hear, and some I don’t hear.  Some of my intel folks don’t even tell me things because they know me so well and they think I don’t want to hear it.   And they are probably right!  And then some of what they were not telling me didn’t happen, like the President being removed last Friday at 4pm.  All this stuff about the government being taken over and we won’t hear about that for 2-3 weeks – do you want ot know that?  If so, you know where to look for it.  I’m just looking for the information that will help our lives right now.  I really don’t’ want to hear all the conspiracy stuff that gets you into emotionalf frenzies for nothing.
Yes, some progress has been made, some cards have been processed, and some banks were expecting us to be there today.  I’m not hearing anything about 800 numbers coming my way.  If I do hear anything about 800 numbers, I will tell you.  We want 800 numbers, and we will text, tweet, put it in the chat rooms and on the websites when we have it.  If they call me and say that they will give me 800 numbers at a certain time, I will wait for that and then I will tell you.  I’m not going to say they are coming, beforehand. We will wait until it IS, and we’ll tell you.
As for Twitter, there is someone out there impersonating me with a Twitter account.  If I send you information, it will come from the official TNT site and twitter account.  I have a personal account that I use to inform OM that I am there, after hours.  RayRen98 is my board name, and the imposter uses RayRen89.  Make sure you get your tweets from THE_TNT_TEAM or RayRen98 only.  I don’t even know why this person is doing that, but 300 people are following that account.  Make sure you know how to follow the true source.
Q:  Are you sure you will be able to tweet out the 800 numbers?  A:  Asked and answered.
Q:  If this goes beyond 1. March, there are numerous things that can be done.  We are the people have some power here.  A:  I don’t know what those things might be.  There is no issue WE need to resolve or to force a release.  I think you may be looking at this from the wrong perspective.
Q:  We have a large account at B of A and smaller account at WF.  What is the best policy – to use one, the other or split the two?  A:  The more you have, the more leverage is possible. You can visit both and see what they offer, or pitch your offer to both, but I wouldn’t split your funds for exchanging unless you have a gazillion.  Those who only ahvae a million or so total, you will lose your strength if you split it up. One bank might give you a better exchange rate and the other have a better long term rate, in which case exchange at bank jA and move it for investment.
Q:  Will there be 800 numbers for Canada?  A:  Yes, if the Canadian banks give them to us, we will let you know.
Q:  Tiers are based on amount of currency;  anything changed.  A:  No, nothing changed.
Q:  What kind of trust for children under 17, and when can they start to receive income?  A:  I recommend a trust where the trustees are in complete control, and they distribute money only when necessary.  That’s a trust as an entity, not a bank trust account.
Q:  Is it true that the RV has started in the  East, and coming round the world until it gets here.  A:  Haven’t heard that, so ask whomever you got this from for clarification.
Q:  I’m confused that people talk about negotiating for higher rates;  wouldn’t this only be possible before it hits forex?  A:  Wherever there is a buy and a sell rate, there is room for negotiation – even with the market rate.  I don’t know if the banks can offer a higher rate than forex.  [They can with contract rates.]
Q:  Do you know if the zim will drop six zeroes on all notes, or fewer zeros on smaller notes?  A:  The only thing official that I have heard is that the 100 trillion and 50 trillion notes will lose six zeros, so those are the only ones I have bought.  I have heard some bankers say that all zim will be exchangeable, but haven’t had confirmation on that.
Q:  Is it safe to put money earmarked for taxes to be in interest-bearing accounts?  A:  That is what I will do, I will just choose investments that are very low risk.
Q:  Since the rate is 70.04 dinar in Iraq and not on our bank screens, can we go to Iraq and exchange there?  A:  No you cannot.  I think they can do that over there, at that rate, if that is what they are being told in the bank.
Q:  Can I exchange one dong note and exchange the rest at contract rates elsewhere? 
A:  That has been discussed a lot in the chat rooms.  Let’s say you can do that, exchanging one note at the international rate and then the rest at contract rates.  How long would you have to wait?  If we can exchange all of it, we want to get into the bank within a day or so. There are too many banks and exchanges getting ready for this, and you are going to get the contract rate within 2-3 days or forget it!
This is just a hypothetical example:  let’s say the dong comes out at one dollar.  What would be the purpose of doing that exchange when the dong comes out a few days later for five dollars?  If you have one million dong, that’s four million dollars you just threw away because you can’t wait another few days.  What couldn’t wait a few more days so that you are throwing away four million dollars?  Even if you have millions more, you could have used that money to feed more hungry people. I want to squeeze every dollar value out of every note I have.  Now you have the opportunity to help others, so why would you leaven some on the table for that instant gratification.  Even if you have immediate needs, use Other People’s Money (such as a bridging loan), and then you can get the full amount when you exchange.  Then you can pay off that loan. Use every angle and opportunity to maximize your return.
Q:  If we exchange before 1. March, we will have quarterly taxes in the second quarter.  First quarter would make more sense in terms of improving the economy.  A:  You would have to spend more time looking at the options and possibilities.
Q: We heard news about positive and negative rates at banks;  does that include pensions funds, brokerages and mutual funds.  A: Call them and ask!  That way you will know for sure and then you can plan for sure.
This is for first time callers only;  I want to give new people to say whatever’s on your mind. I don’t have any new information for experienced callers, so there is nothing new.
Caller:  This is about to happen;  I believe that.  On the CBI website, there are 3-4 countries with a line through their currencies.  Then when I checked this morning, it didn’t have the line.
RayRen:  We’ll look into that;  check the chat room later.
405 caller:  I have an admin-type question for the chatroom.  I had reserves with Sterling when they folded, and suggested a theory.  We know these early exchanges have occurred, and while it isn’t all about the dinar, it seems that the courts/government seem to be stating that the RV is not real.  So if someone could show that exchanges have already occurred, maybe that would exonerate Sterling.  I didn’t say anything derogatory, but found the next morning that I was banned.  Is there anyone I can talk to about that? 
RayRen:  There isn’t really a process.  Our Mods are very experienced and they consult with each other to make these administrative decisions.
Caller:  I do have a vested interest because I hope Sterling will be released to fulfill their obligations.  There was someone else being derogatory, and I think Adept came on to shut that person up, but what I said was not.  I hope that TNT will stay up after the RV, and I would like to use it for information afterwards.
RayRen:  Let’s take that in parts.  Usually people get banned not for what they say but for how they say it.  The other part is Sterling itself.  As I understand it, the government is attacking Sterling for HOW they sold dinar, not that they sold dinar in itself.  If the government comes after me for tricking you into buying something that you then made a huge profit, I still did something wrong into tricking you into buying it.
Caller:  I do believe the RV will happen.  If those other people who bought through Sterling showed that they exchanged, it would exonerate Sterling, wouldn’t it?
RayRen:  If I tricked you, I tricked you even if you came out smelling like a rose. The product might come out well, but that doesn’t excuse them being tricked.  I don’t normally get involved in people being banned, because they are there every day dealing with this stuff, and I only come in and out;  I won’t disrespect the Mods that way.  But I will ask.
816 caller:  Sometime last year, I saw on DinarDetectives, and you gave a formula for how much you would get in a monthly income.
RayRen:  The formula was given so that even before you sit in front of your wealth manager, you have some idea of what you need to invest to get the income you want.  So the formula will tell you how much capital you need at what rate of interest in order to get the income you want.  Sure, the interest rate can be negotiated.  You only need a small rate of interest with a large amount of capital.  For instance, if you want $10,000 per month, you would need one million dollars at 12%, or four million dollars capital at 3%.  Do you see? 
So the purpose of the formula was to give you an idea of what monthly income you might get so you can then plan for the kind of lifestyle you want.  If you know beforehand, you won’t go in asking for the stars when you have two cinder blocks on your feet.
Caller:  That’s what I wanted, because my husband wants to retire.  I wasn’t sure if you would make those investments yourself or through your wealth manager.
RayRen:  Either/or.  The product is not as important as understanding how that formula works and what interest the specific product will yield.  If you want this formula, go to this website, in the URL box:  bit.ly/openmicformula
Caller:  For clarification, that message the gal said earlier said that the ping went around the world, not the RV itself.  Then they hoped it would start at 8pm last night, going east to west.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  I hope this brought you up to date and that the Q+A was helpful. We anticipate bringing you back together this week and hopefully Friday will not be a ‘usual’ call, but that we will be able to wrap it up.  Let’s get this over and enjoy our lives! 

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


2-24-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   I know I-TEAM said...we are looking at this month...[Guru] DELTA thinks...this month...ok...what did I tell you...probably towards the end of March...but likely towards the end of the first half of 2016...and I have not changed from that.  I’m extremely happy to see what you are seeing though...the international world of investors...going ballistic right now with what they are seeing...

2-24-2016   Newshound Guru rcookie 

2-24-2016   Intel Guru Bruce   ...this thing so close in terms of intel, been asked to lay low. We are hearing very good things this morning about the initiation of what we are looking for to have begun. WE are looking for the evidence of that any time...Everything is in process. I believe it has begun, just waiting for our turn...

2-24-2016   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
   Last week I spoke a little about the price of oil and how it's likely affecting Iraq's ultimate goal of raising the rate of the dinar.  Look... this is real simple.  It certainly doesn't take a rocket surgeon or a brain scientist to see that oil is silly low right now. After you take into account for inflation, it's even more obvious that this low rate cannot last.  Now, if a bunch of numbskulls like us can easily see that oil should probably be closer to $80... don't you think Iraq can, too?   I certainly do.  As I type this, oil hasn't moved and we still haven't seen any significant news on the HCL.  The GOOD news is that it also doesn't take a genius to grasp that oil is probably about as low as it can possibly go, which means there's only one way for it to go from here.  UP.   And the GREAT news is that in spite of these ridiculously low oil prices, the CBI has maintained a very strong grip on the exchange rate, proving that they are, as always, very capable of manipulating their market how they wish.    ...at this time I think our motto is: "Watch the oil".

2-24-2016   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23  The important thing to keep in mind is the GOI is bankrupt and cannot pay it's bills... The term being used is "liquidity issue" and "financial crisis"...But by all definitions, when you cannot pay your creditors, make your payroll, and your income is way less then your expenses, YOUR BANKRUPT... Now you have assets but in the real world you enter Bankruptcy Chapters for protection... The CBI has 59 billion in reserves and the plan was described to cover the GOI expenses for 6 months with loans through purchasing government bonds... The GOOD in all this is the pressure is also on the CBI... Central Banks do not relish the thought of their reserves being depleted...And even though the GOI has a plan to open the market economy, this is no where near a quick fix that in 6 months it is flourishing...the infrastructure isn't there! Abadi is on the right path and has the support of the higher heads that matter... And that may just be enough for the CBI and IMF...

2-24-2016   Intel/Newshound Guru Backdoc
   [...what is your take on the deal the cbi has with the imf on the things that need to be done by the end of february...do you think we will see an RI at the end of february and an RV by the middle of the year...?]   BASED ON THE ARTICLES I'VE STUDIED AND THE IMPLEMENTATION THAT HAS BEEN REPORTED WITH IRAN, I BELIEVE THEY ALREADY HAVE THE RATE!  THE ONLY MYSTERY IS WHEN THEY WANT TO SHOW IT!  THERE IS A PLAN I ASSURE YOU!  ...THEY DIDN'T PASS THE AMNESTY LAW! WHY? BECAUSE ITS NOT THEIR TIME YET! ITS NOT ABOUT THEM YET!   VERY SOON IT WILL BE AND THEY WILL SHOW OFF MR. LONELY TO THE WORLD!...


This thing so close in terms of intel, been asked to lay low. We are hearing very good things this morning about the initiation of what we are looking for to have begun.

WE are looking for the evidence of that any time. Everything is in process. I believe it has begun, just waiting for our turn.



They are having private meetings for the purpose of selecting the directors of the CBI…the voting they did was to approve these directors to remove the issues that the CBI has been having…especially with their currency…

 I would like to say with the exchange rate…but I don’t want to reach that far and make you think…oh they were talking about the exchange rate…we don’t know for sure…because we can’t prove it…so I’m not going to mislead you…but I will tell you what they did talk about… 

And we do feel that the exchange rate was part of the topics…it is my opinion that the Board of Directors is making decisions on their currency…on the exchange rate…the Board of Directors now have the final say on these numbers. We believe that whatever celebration took place was not so much about…oh look we have a new exchange rate…oh look we have LD’s…no

I think the celebration was about the idea that the CBI is about to kick itself off into the international world…yes which will require all these other things we were looking for…but the celebration was very specific on their behalf… We have LAUNCHED the mechanisms and plans for what we are going do at the CBI from 2016 to 2020…do you think that one of them is to raise their value… well YEAH…they made that very clear…crystal clear… 

The IMF said… remember…by the end of February…by the end of this month…that they were to remove the distortion of their currency…they were to remove the fake numbers…why…for the investors who are to soon come in to our country… When we go into Article 8 the international world is going to flood us…and explode us…and make us one of the most powerful nations on this planet. So if the IMF said this…and you see the evidence that they are doing it…IMO…it is coming about.


[What is your take on the deal the cbi has with the imf on the things that need to be done by the end of February…do you think we will see an RI at the end of February and an RV by the middle of the year?]



ANONYMOUS UPDATE: "Heaven's Operation Tetelestai is Complete" - Intel SITREP, 24 FEB

Anonymous Intel SITREP

"Heaven's Operation Tetelestai is Complete" 
Tuesday 2.23.16 - 06:00:00


GCR/RV/CIPS ping successfully circled the world Monday evening before midnight EST. This digital "circle of mercy" completed for the first time in over eight months, after several hundreds attempts.

Operation Sunrise is scheduled to release out into the world on or after (8) 2.24.2016 (08:08:08 CST).

All PPP, currency, historic bonds and sovereign account contracts/SKRs are now being resolved in real time, and all debt obligations are being met in full on the new gold backed system.

Heaven's Operation Tetelestai is complete. It is finished! Thank you Heavenly Father & Grandfather! We are most appreciative and humbled by such a generous and abundant gift of love.

Benevolent assistance was requested by human leadership and ultimately required "to jumpstart" the physical completion of the GCR/RV.

Strategic Exchange Approach by Miracle Man , 24 FEB


Strategic Exchange Approach by Miracle Man 

I’m certain many people will be giving you advice during this process, and although I have 17 years of experience as an investor, a former lottery winner, and a former lottery loser, I am not a financial adviser.

All of my plans are intended to give you a different perspective-in other words I understand what it’s like to be suddenly wealthy and have no idea how to manage it, prioritize it, or grow it.  

With that in mind, I want to help you avoid some of the pitfalls I've run into with the hope that you do not have to make the same mistakes.  

My experiences have given me a unique perspective and understanding.  This is MY plan and it is not intended to offer you a path to success, and does not include any promises. 

Your mistakes are your own, just as mine have been my own. 

FI RST FIVE MINUTES-This is what you've trained for.

To start with, you have to exchange your currency.  This is just like you’ve been told your whole life, you only get chance to make a first impression, so make sure those first five minute have an impact. 

You set the tone with the way your dressed, the way you shake the bankers hand, and a cold confident look in the eyes of the individual across the table that says,

·      This is business.

·      I know what I’m doing. 

·      I know how valuable the assets are that I’m holding. And,

·      I’m not leaving with a dime less than I’m worth.
This is your opportunity to go on the offensive, without being offensive
1)        Listen: This is an essential moment, adrenaline will be pumping, thoughts will be racing through your mind of what you’re going to do, and you’ll be dying to talk to blurt out something like, “Give me the best rate!  Now!”  Do not do that.  Listen intently to what ever questions the banker asks, minute instructions he may give you, and make sure you answer all of his questions in a way that describes the best version of who you are.
They have been trained, and they are looking to see if you’re ready to have money, how well you will manage it, and if they want to be in business with you.  Your job here is to pause, answer intelligently, and ask great questions that demonstrate that you possess a foundation of basic financial wisdom and the ability to remain teachable for other opportunities that may present themselves in the future. 
Possible dialogue:
“Thank you Mr. Banker for explaining those things to me, have I answered all of your questions? (wait for his/her answer)”
“That’s great, well I did want you to know that I have been a currency holder for many years and I’m excited about the rates that are available.”
“I’m sure you know that the Dinar is backed by Oil Credits, and the other currencies that I hold are backed by Gold and various Assets.”
“What may be the most exciting piece to me is that the ZIM is recognized as a Historical Bond.”
“That being said, and as long as we are clear that I know the value of what I’m holding, I will make my decisions about where I ultimately exchange and keep my money, based on finding a common accord with the institution I am working with. “
“In other words, I’ll gladly exchange with you today as long as we both agree to the value of what it is I present.”

At this point you will take out your currency for the banker to examine, add up, and start to make offers.

Sit back, be calm, wait for this question?
“What rate did you expect to get for your currency?"
Make sure you know what you want, and ask for three times more.   Don’t blink when you say it, and make sure it’s within realistic parameters that have you  confidence you just might be able to get.

Listen carefully to the offers, make sure you understand the stipulations attached to each offer.  Repeat the offers back to the banker so you and he/she are clear as to what is on the table.
Listen for your offer, if it’s not there, go back on the offensive, and get it.

Know your options:
“Mr Banker, if I leave 10% in your bank for 2 years..would that qualify me for a higher rate?, and what kind of interest rates could you guarantee if I made that commitment to you and your bank?”
“In addition, if I commit these funds to your institution I’d like to make sure they are covered with an insurance wrap.”

“ Mr banker if I leave 15% in your bank, what rate can you offer, and interest from your bank?

INSURANCE WRAP always included

“Now mr banker if I leave 20% in your bank for 5 YEARS what rate can you offer, and guaranteed interest return?”

“Mr Banker if I leave 25-30%  of these funds in this institution (MY PERSONEL TOP % in ONE INSTITUTION) for 5 YEARS..

what rate can you offer?  And what would be the guaranteed interest?”

If they have to leave the room to get approval, you just closed the deal.
Demonstrate intelligent business acumen with the ability to compromise and listen.  You don’t want the banker to get offended, but you want him/her to fight for your business, and want to business with you. 
Be confident with the assets you hold. 

That principle extends beyond your currency, it also applies to the value you bring to the world with projects you will use that money for, the depth of your character, and the impact you will have on the lives you serve.

Highlights from The Big Call Tuesday Night 2-23-16, 24 FEB

Highlights from The Big Call Tuesday Night 2-23-16
PinkRoses:  Bruce: We are having this round table discussing because this thing so close in terms of intel, been asked to lay low. We are hearing very good things this morning about the initiation of what we are looking for to have begun. WE are looking for the evidence of that any time

Bruce: The concept that ? put out, that Chinese sunrise is a good one. I think you may have heard some info about that. The concept is it goes east to west. In a position to be initiated. over 300 separate bond holders been called to come in to initiate the bond funding for humanitarian projects.

Bruce: Everything is in process. I believe it has begun, just waiting for our turn i believe to set appts, get 800 numbers. Our site we will display any bank numbers 800 for the internet public

Brce: That will be on our site as long as we are allowed to post those. We hope to have numbers for US and Canada. It is relatively quiet. Major money moving …..primarily thru the bond funding.

Bruce; All getting in position. We do believe we will be initiating sometime this week with our exchanges. Just looking forward to that.

BRuce call: Sue read an intel email

Bruce; Sue: intel: email. about 6pm. GCR successfuly circled the world Monday evening. after several hundred attempts... schedculed to release to the world after ? All skrs are now being resolved in real time, and all debt obligations being met in gold back.

Bruce: asking Sue, the guest speaker, how we can regulate what we will do after we exchange. Sue, giving example is getting path clear is to get quiet, 5 minutes in morning or evening, pay attention where your heart is calling you.
Bruce CAll: Sue: notice if there is two or three things, write them down, does your heart resonate with this. as you pay mindful attention, you will be more centered in your body. pay attention how you can expand and extend your boundaries, where you feel really good, connected, start out small. the mind can handle only so much.

Bruce: asking Bob how he will prioritize when this blessing comes.

Bruce call; Bob, have a team of people whether hire or volunteer, be careful who they are if you want their energy helping you. You want the ones who bring the most positive energy.

Bruce call: Bob, prioritize people who will be around you.

Bruce call: Sue: You want people who are self directed. positive energy. Make the list of qualities you want, healthy, good mood, well behavior. You get to pick the people you want around you, lift you up, inspire you, no negative nellies, no drama queens

Bruce call: Sue: Pay attention what you feel. Do you feel possibility, do you feel it can possibly happen? Bruce: Yes, people with like mindedness, positive, forward thinking, self starter, being of one mind if I have a concept and we bring this out, this is what we want this to look like, I want everybody to grasp that and say I see that concept, I am not only there with you and expand on it.

Bruce call: Bruce: We will announce several calls on the Bigcall, get caught back up waht we are doing conceptually, national meeting at a location we can come together to meet and discuss concepts.