Tuesday, February 16, 2016



Iko Ward:  Stop missing the forest for the trees. If one tree falls does the forest disappear? You think this world wide event is dependant on one man or one entity or one philosophy. Wake up!

Catalina:  IKO, hate to put you on the spot...but any new intel?

Iko Ward:  Sorry, had to take a call. Yes, the rate has been set in Iraq by the CBI and we are expecting confirmation any moment. What comes after an announcement of an internal rate by the CBI? Class dismissed.

Iko Ward:  Every source out there hearing the same thing.

Jael:  Yay!! IKO... Lets see we should look for rates on the Qi cards all over....PP funded...800's out....then us!!!

Snickers:  I'm thinking the date the rate was set, and the date of the announcement of that, are two different things. Maybe they'll happen close to one another, but we don't know. Hopeful.

Tank:  Now, don't get too excited yet, anything could happen....HAHA Forget that! Laugh and cry until your backs hurt! It's going down!

Wolfy:  IKO-my cousin in Baghdad is saying it is done in Iraq--you say the same thing??? Thanks

Cool1967:  wolfy is it RI or RV?

Wolfy:  cool--im trying to find out

Rod:  wolfy...you think we havent heard the announcement yet...to give the call centers time o people into them

Tank:  Rod, I heard they needed two hours after it went live in Baghdad

Wolfy:  well, all I know at this point is what my cousin said--he said it was done in Iraq - and that was all he knew at that time--soooo I am still waiting…. My cousin didnt know if RI or RV but he did say they had the rate set now--that was good enough for me


Malefic:  GE, everyone. A little bank story from earlier today. Business associates have an LLC that owns IQD. They bank at WF(Atlanta). Last Nov. they were called to WF & swapped the IQD for an SKR at an agreed upon rate of $3.58. Their bank officer called today and said they expected to have funds in their account by the end of the month; didn't give a specific date. Sounds like things are definitely moving in the right direction.



Nohavec:   My dear friend asked me to be a PI to find out what was going on, so we drove out there and played "customer".

I posted all the info - lots of new employees, had 6 wait on me making a $50 new account, they openly talked about the currency, said they were glad I had dong, and when I left 6 of them said " good by Pat, see you soon" - no date was mentioned just instructions IF it went….

Bodi, keep in mind I've never been in that bank location, only drove by it. Also, Wells here has always been negative about it. AND, only 2 tellers normally, today 5…..

It is a 2 man small branch that norm is 2 cars or less - today over 20, packed, new employees, 5 tellers, extra management


Beamer:  Delta from Franks group >>but indirectly the IMF is telling Iraq you have to show me a new rate by the end of February….now the I-TEAM is saying a similar thing…watch for something to come from the CBI on the Arabic side….IMO….if they are following the IMF game plan then we should see a rate by the end of this month

Acdc:  On f26 call it is being reported 1-1 exchange with many celebrations. This Is what dr Clarke thought would be 1 st week of March than Rv after. He reported an update that that item has changed and Rv will be week or 3-1. Well the 1-1 had to happen. A strep necessary in methodical process of re entering into world ecomey. So imo we should here about shabbi before 2/22

Beamer:  These systems are changing. And it’s already happening. All the alte​rnatives and resources already exist >>https://www.sovereignman.com/podcast/dont-count-on-banks-and-governmen​ts-to-go-gentle-into-that-good-night-18659/



Aggiedad77:  Hello Family....here are the notes from last night...what an incredible call....my hat is off to Frank and DELTA for their dedication to this Family and to this investment....also my hat is off to TINK for her wonderful dedicated efforts to make these calls such a success as well as her long hours working on the new site and in general support and love to Frank.....and lastly great dedication to I-TEAM for all they go through and still manage to find time to talk with Frank and report what they see....priceless information from all involved....enjoy the notes.  Aloha  Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Monday 02-15-2016

Frank26:  Family let us continue our study of the Iraqi dinar…..

The last time we were together….in fact look at your notes that Randy does with such dedication and loyalty….this is a great deal of work that he does….then you are going to notice at the end I told you at the end….should I pick door number 1…..door number 2…..or door number 3….Abadi….tell me can we make a deal….those are almost literally the second to last paragraph that I left you with.

I want you to know that in my opinion…..and this whole conference call is in my opinion obviously except when I bring out some articles…..I need you to understand this is in my opinion….and I left you with this final thought too…..Thursday night….what I said to you is that I strongly feel…..well DELTA will tell you that it is happening right now…..no he won’t tell you that I’m just playing…..I feel it is going to be in the first half of 2016….

I-TEAM is saying to me…..shoot I wouldn’t go any further than February sir….well ok…..God only know….nobody knows the date or the rate….but I tell you what….the evidence that is being told to us right now is telling us they are doing something.

I want to start out by telling you…..Yes Monte….there were deals….these deals were extremely important….. in order to put together the skeletal structure….because you see a skeletal structure is just a bunch of bone…..bones are not connected…..they just bounce off of each other with a padding in between….yet some how or another….them bones were put together to create a structure of a deal…..bones get very dry in the desert….the reason why is the sun beats on them as they sit out in the sun.

The USA believes in a “New York minute”…..we don’t believe in the sands of time I’m sorry…..no we believe in the New York minute….we are very impatient…..in fact when we went over there again and you with me on last Thursday I gave you when I gave you the REVIEW…..I asked you when was the GREEN given to Dr. Shabibi at the CBI…..March 3rd…..I told you that usually things are contracted for 90 days….six months….up to a year…..IMO….this deal they have with the CBI is going to expire very soon.

If they don’t raise the value of their currency do you think that permission to do so will be null and void…..I can tell you that we are there….and I can tell you that because we are there….we can do anything we want….IMO.

For example….ISIS/DAASH….neutered….actually, excuse me…..sterilized. Maliki….neutered….in fact you know what Maliki really is….he is an innate drone….you know what a drone is….and I don’t mean the one that flies and takes pictures….a drone is a worker bee in a hive….and if he is innate he is sexless and he then is simply a worker drone bee….but he’s actually useless….if he is a drone he is useful….but if he is an innate drone….and that is what Maliki is to us…..so when we went in there we sterilized DAASH and we created a neutered system with Maliki making him an innate drone where he has no power…..no ability to do anything.

So if the power of the GOI is gone because you see them stripping themselves….the power of the CBI is within the hands….IMO….of Dr. Shabibi….well then the GOI must be doing a lot of things….yeah….IMO. I really think the GOI is going about laying of a new surface….why….because we want it so…..I mean they have had all this time to do that….but we are there and because we are there…..let’s just say things are getting done….

You see the pace and we told you after a specific date of this month it would be nothing but empirical data…..look at the information that has come to you in the last 7 days….it is not a guessing game…..it is people confessing….it is people throwing up their hands and saying….I’ll take the deal….yes there was a deal…..remember Shahristani….the number 2 guy that I said should be on those cards….he said I’ll take the deal Abadi….what deal….you will never know Family.

So….IMO….there were some very powerful deals that were cut….since I last talked to you…..do you think you are going to find out about these deals….I don’t think so….I don’t think you are going to see what they are presenting in the GOI…..I don’t think you are going to see the deals they gave to certain ministers…..I don’t think you are going to see any of these ministers…..I don’t think you will see any of the JUSTICE in the direction of these ministers….in the same way you will never see the prosecution of Hillary…..I told you she would be there at the end…and there a lot more to it than you know yet….IMO.

So if we are not going to see any of this do you think we can sit next to Nostradamus and he can tell us what is going on….I think what you should do is just be patient…..I’ve been patient for many years Frank….show me that you can continue to be patient.

I believe deep in my heart there was a deal…..because there was a deal there were many resignations without any prosecutions…..I’ll take the deal sir…..hey what are you still doing here I thought you were going to be kicked out……hmmm…..and because of these deals….IMO….without any prosecution….IT STINKS…..and I am very suspicious about it.

Now right away you say…..oh no is this bad….something bad….Frank says it stinks…..look I’m suspicious because they aren’t going to tell us jack…..they are just going to do what they are doing and that is fine…we are so in control over there it is not funny.

I mean sure…..DAASH….we did it…..they get credit….the GOI scare them to death and they are all leaving, cleaning it up….we did it….they get the credit….it doesn’t matter…..Dr. Shabibi when you see him…..they can have the credit.

The combination of the SECURITY within the CBI and the SECURITY we are seeing within the GOI…..this combination is causing me and the CBI….IMO….to watch the GOI….why….because IMO the CBI is waiting for the GOI….do we still need laws….of course not…no…..do we need a budget….no….do we need to make deals with ministers….those we still want to keep because of whatever reasons…..no….then what do we need…..I’ll tell you in a minute…

But before I tell you let me ask you something Family….how does the USA raise the value of their currency….does our Congress do that…..does our Congress get together and all vote to raise the value of our currency….no that is now how we do it…..so how does the government of Iraq increase the value of the IQD….the answer is….they don’t….that is why….IMO….the CBI…the cat….is watching the GOI….in order to know when to do it…..they are independent of each other…..they are independent bodies…..I do call them Siamese twins….but you would never see the evidence of that.

I don’t really care what the GOI is doing because I only care about what the CBI is about to announce.

Abadi is cleaning the GOI…..that is good….and as far as the money laundering…..well that is what the banking structure needed….and we got that done…..that is what the international community needed and we got that done….there won’t be any laundering of money….there won’t be any wide spread from the street rate to the CBI rate….we have the banking system set up at the banks right now…we just conquered a bunch of areas and retook a bunch of banks…..we got our cities back….we are in good shape….we got all these international standards systems ready to go…..so we are cool….we know you are cool CBI because everyone is looking at the GOI….just like you are Family.

So all of a sudden you get this one guy that IMO should be at the top of the list of the most wanted people in Iraq….Jobouri, the Minister of Finance, comes out today and says….hey I’m here at the GOI….no kidding….hold on let me look at the attendance record here….says here the last time you were here was last year….what have you been doing besides stealing money from the GOI…..I have not….dude do you remember last week when WalkingStick put out that list….you know who that list is from….us….excuse me….some powers to be….and what did that list say….these people have to go….

WalkingStick if you can hear me would you please put that list back out that had all those names, I would appreciate it…..so Family on that list….and what was on that list and where did it come from….let’s just say half that list is gone and the other half has made some deals with some people to stop being a pain in the butt….or you will take your butt out of here.

So Jobouri shows up at the GOI….hey I’m here to support what Abadi is saying…..Jobouri….with all due respect we don’t care….we know you made a deal….IMO…..so you are only there for photo opportunities….you know like the other guys who talked about things they shouldn’t have talked about before….that is why you are there…..go ahead and sit down….look pretty….comb your hair….we will get you some photo opportunities….yeah you are going to look good again…..remember Zebari….you are on the list….remember Jobouri….whose shopping list is that

We are sick and tired of this method of yours of all the Middle East methods….another thing…we in America are a New York minute….we are very fast….oh no doubt about it….but we are very focused….we don’t run around like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off…..like a bunch of scandalous whore-mongers….we don’t do that….to see you guys doing these things….beating each other up and things….we don’t do that….makes us want to vomit all over you guys…an that is why we are here.

So with the CBI saying…yeah…we are going to do something with the value of our currency….but then all of a sudden when the GOI talks exactly like the CBI….well that is only to side with the CBI…that is only for the ministers that are left there who are making deals to save their butts….and that is what Zebari is doing….and that is what a lot of ministers are doing.

Someone is asking Frank….how soon do we need to be talking to our international attorney….James I don’t have a date….that is not what these conference calls are for….these conference calls are for you to take to God in prayer so we can prepare ourselves for the date….now you keep listening because you have a lot of good stuff to listen to tonight.

Family it is important for you to know that DAASH/ISIS is in full retreat…you remember when the terrorists burned that Jordanian soldier….I think that is when there was a switch that was turned or something…..a know that was twisted….it unleashed the dragon….DAASH and ISIS are no more.

Shabibi….do you like that…..of course I like that….I’ve been waiting for that….that is why I left in the first place….I thought you left because Maliki was trying to assassinate you and fire you from your job….yeah….but people didn’t know that Maliki was leading the terrorists at that time….and that is why I left….I wasn’t worried about him hurting me….the Americans protect me….but all hell was coming and that is why I left….and why the protected me…..

I miss you Dr. Shabibi…..I would like for you to come back if you feel like it. Do you have any comments Dr. Shabibi….yeah….we are an independent agency…..we are independent from the GOI….yeah….but in all honesty Dr. Shabibi did not need the GOI to approve the Monetary Reform to get laws going….yeah….he moves without the GOI.

Do you think he wants to move without the GOI right now…..think carefully about what I am asking….the answer….IMO….is yeah….very much so…..so yeah we think that Dr. Shabibi and the CBI are watching from a distance because I think they have their full suit on.

And in the meantime, Abadi is clearing the playing field….see the playing field has two teams on the field…..we have the CBI out there, and I think Abadi is clearing the GOI so they can get on the field too….you see they got all these GOI people to agree….even the most staunch and anti-Abadi, anti-citizens, anti-reforms…..look at them all crawling back….Shahristani, Zebari and others….you know something…you are sorry alright….get in this room here….

Abadi is clearing the playing field and now all these people are talking exactly like Abadi….exactly like Dr. Shabibi…..come on man….the deal was made and you will never know about it…..and now the CBI is ready….even more ready….IMO….and that is crucial.

The next part……Family IMO…..let’s say that you and I are in the CBI and we are watching the GOI ok….Dr. Shabibi…..what are you looking at….the GOI….can I borrow those binoculars….no….why not….because you can see very clearly with these binoculars….well I can sort of see the GOI from here……yeah you may be able to see them….but you don’t know what their next step is do you….

Well here is what I’m thinking Family…..in my DEEP opinion….I think the LD’s are next….or let’s put it this way….I think the LD’s need to move….the LD’s should be the next step or simultaneously with the rate increase…..I feel that the LD’s are the spark of light to the Monetary Reform of Dr. Shabibi and his banks in Iraq….

there will be no life in the Monetary Reform until we have an increase in the rate….but we have no increase in the rate until the instrument for that is in its position and right now they are not in position….they are being guarded….and what is the position they need to be in….Iraqi banks….IMO….this is the next move in order to get to checkmate.

When they said the US was in the Green Zone….a lot last week in articles and me on Monday’s CC….we told you there was a bunch of troops….we told you the T-walls and the moat was a bunch of lies….we are spending a lot of time in the Green Zone…that is why these colors represent GREEN….and they also represent the GREEN light that was given to the CBI….and that is why we believe the CBI is watching patiently the GOI….

Because March the 3rd might be an expiration date for the GREEN light…IMO…..you see all the troops are in the GREEN Zone.

We told you we were going to Fallujah….but we stopped and instead we went to Mosul and claimed the flag….then went straight to Baghdad and surrounded the place to get into position…you know very well where the LD’s are at….I’ve told you….so we guard them closely….our troops are not in combat….IMO.

So we thought because of this exercise….we really thought they were moving the LD’s…..a few days ago….so we followed and you guys watched me when I communicate with my TEAMS….I have to look at a certain time on the forum….so I’m looking….I’m looking….I think they said….Hey Yo Frank….or Sir…are you on…and I said Yeah….what’s up…..they said…we are loaded and moving….so we do what we do….then we saw…and I’m thinking is that what we think…then no it’s not….shoot….but we really thought they were moving the LD’s because we went to the GREEN Zone….but it wasn’t so.

Therefor we continue to wait for the next step…which again I think is he movement of the LD’s….hence they will decide…..you see because….ok, check this out….remember when the e-commerce came out….we said….oh this is good….electronic currency for Iraq….is going to be international….electronic all over the world…this is good and we told you….pay really close attention because if you see really low auction numbers…..what did we tell you….anything around $100,000,000 is low….anything around $300,000,000 is high….I think those are the numbers we gave you.

Well guess what….because they came out with the e-commerce….we don’t have to pay attention to the auctions and look for a dramatic drop in the auctions for like four or five days…no….instead it turns out to be a chronic drop….and it was….let me try to explain it to you….to do e-commerce they have to have physical currency…..no they don’t…you know they have no liquidity….and the physical currency must have a certain amount of assets to back it up….which they don’t and they are not touching their assets….you read all that….

So we believe maybe somehow or another it is possible…..IMO….sometime in this past week because if you look at the auction numbers they have been chronically low for a long time….we believe….in our opinion….they slipped some of these LD’s to the banks that have been conquered in a private way without you knowing about it, while keeping the majority of the LD’s where they are at under guard where they are safe. Regardless of where the LD’s are this can be used for e-commerce, the LD’s, and that is why we are seeing a chronic auction that is low….I think around $100,000,000 that is really low for a long time.

And you know why they can do this….because the LD’s are still on the books as part of their math that was given to them….so yeah…that really blew us off when we saw the e-commerce….I didn’t tell you this….I don’t tell you things as we learn them because the internet just takes them and does what they want with them with their interpretations of them….God Bless them….instead we wait….you saw what I did Friday, Saturday, Sunday….I didn’t say anything to you….because we were gathering this information and we knew what we had.

By the way they can hide these LD’s in the auctions….they don’t have to show you jack….just the numbers….now consider that for two weeks the auctions have been very low….maybe a combination of the two….e-commerce and the stealthiness of moving some of the LD’s.

Like I told you I’ve been quiet for a reason….because I really feel…IMO…there is a mouse trap that is about to spring…and that mouse trap is in the CBI…..I mean here I am talking about the GOI and what is going on and how the CBI is watching them….and I’m telling you that mouse trap is in the CBI….it is ready to go off at any moment…IMO….the lava flow….this is lava flow….this is empirical data lava flow….the progress has been given to the citizens and you know why it has been given to the citizens on a daily basis….if not the citizens would have been pointing guns at the GOI by now….show me the money….from the dudes that stole it from them….they have seen the reports….the HCL is ready to go with the oil companies….they know a lot…you know who else knows a lot….Iran.

Look there is a lot on the Arabic side that DELTA is trying to find, but we will talk about that later.

Can they continue to hide any more from the citizens…no…and that is why they are telling them…..they can hide from you….but they cannot hide from the citizens….and that is why the citizens have not torn the place apart….and that is why we have told you there is nothing but empirical data.

By sheer association that is why the GOI feels a kinship to the CBI….well they do now…..they didn’t before…they would accuse each other….they were like in-laws fighting….now they are like kissing cousins….and Jourbari is a prime example….this guy comes in there today for a photo opportunity….why….because he knows he’s guilty….going….going….gone….no I’m sure somewhere along the way he got a deal….he’s going to stay and a few of the other bad guys.

Yeah Jourbari and some other guys are talking like we want to hear them….someone scared them in a big way….you remember when Abadi wanted Allak to be gone from the CBI last year…and what did all these goonies….all these people that are now saying oh yeah we are with you Abadi….we are with you reforms….we are with you CBI….hypocrites…..because they are about to be removed….but if they made a deal with them they are not going to be removed….and you see…..Abadi wanted Allak gone….but the government blocked Abadi against Allak….but no not any more….this is a key point…..this is very myopic thinking….it is stubborn but it is good.

Abadi does not get involved in political nonsense….he’s not saying anything….have you noticed….because he is doing stuff….when they talk it is because they are not doing anything….he is following solid advice…..because we are giving it to him….shoving it down his throat if need be….thank you Abadi for paying attention….you are doing good…..we like you Abadi because you are quite stubborn…..but you aren’t stubborn with us now are you…continue to do what you are doing….

IMO….he’s not deviating from what we want…have you watched in the past few weeks….boom…boom…boom….everything you want is getting done…..the CBI is clean….the cities are clean….the GOI is clean….Good God….LD’s….this is all very good….yes they are sovereign….we are not puppet masters….we are just masters…now pay attention and get things done…and he does and that is good….he is doing it because he is being told to…but it is also for his own good.

Allawi, Shahristani, Jourbari….all these names that are on that list….what list….the list that we presented to them of the people who should leave…and all of these people are leaving or they are compromising with you behind the door where we can’t see….in order for them to stay.

Funny even Allawi comes out today, or yesterday, or you will read about it tomorrow….I’m calling for Abadi to change ministers…and I want him to have early elections for the GOI….but of course you do…..but in all honesty…..mind your own business….you don’t have anything to say for the GOI….but everybody is talking trying to say something good….those that are on that list.

I told you I called them assassins…..Family….I strongly believe the CBI is getting ready to do something…..I know your heart pitter-patters and you think…oh they are going to lift the value of their currency…..I hope so….

I don’t know what it is….I do know they are looking…..I do know they sent scouts out…..I do know their tentacles are feeling as far as they can into the GOI…..Family the CBI is getting ready for something….is it the Monetary Reform….I don’t know….but they are about to do something….they are about to have an announcement of something they are doing….I don’t know…..

DELTA is going to pay close attention to the Arabic side….I don’t know what it is….but I do feel very serious about the fact that the CBI is about to do something….I pray that it is about the reforms.

Frank26:  If they add value to their currency they enter Article 8….and by the way….many times we have said incorrectly….well actually in a lazy way….we have said…..all that the IMF wants is for Iraq to be 2% compliant and to raise the value of their currency to enter Article 8….many times we have said to raise the value of their currency to lift Article 8…..that is a mistake…

If you heard that anywhere and even from me it was said in a lazy manner….you see once they lift the value of their currency they ENTER Article 8….just wanted to make sure you knew that.

Anyways, I don’t know what it is they are going to do…..but I’ll tell you what….and it’s just…IMO….we are going to see something either this week or next week….and if it’s not that they are announcing the RI or the value yet….at least it should be some type of movement by the CBI…and to me that is important progress….

Check thhis out….you will see this either tomorrow or the next day…..around 2 or 3 this afternoon…..one of Abadi’s consultants had come out and said that Abadi had arrested 18 ministers from the GOI….

Wow….wait till you see that article….and he also arrested 100 general managers of the GOI….he’s taking them to the Judiciary….by their ears….Abadi wants qualified people in his government….remember we talked about this….he wants smart people who can do the job and this is what he will replace them with…way to go Abadi.

So Jobouri and Abadi met today around 4 or 5 in the afternoon and they talked…and IMO….they made a deal because Jourbari is a bad man….but he is more than likely going to stay according to our TEAMS….and you know….it was more minor infractions on his part…..even though he should not have done what he did….they were able to work out a deal with him.

And another thing….Abadi is scrapping the barrel…..the bottom of the barrel…seriously how many qualified people are there to be in the government of Iraq.

The crazy thing about this list that WalkingStick put out….Allak was on it….Shahristani was on it….Jourbari was on it…and even Abadi’s name was on it….why….because their Holy Man wanted him gone.

This list contained a lot of people, it was like a laxative for the GOI to clean it out….that list has been out for a while and until now we have not seen evidence of anything being done about it.

You saw that article that they said the Conscript Law is now going into effect….I told you it was not the National Guard Law….I told the internet but they wouldn’t listen….now what does this law mean….remember the last time we were together I told you we were paying the armies……the Kurd Peshmerga….the Iraqi Army….we the US have been paying them.

DELTA come in I want you to talk about your report on the banks and then we have some articles that you and I should talk about.


Hello Family, there has been many good articles out today that caused much excitement. I want to remind everyone that we talked that after the 8th the articles would be telling you exactly what they are trying to do and today we see that.

The biggest news is centered around the CBI….by the way they did have some kind of celebration within the CBI…no one knew about this celebration…it happened behind closed doors…..the Arabic article that talks of this was a bit vague….they talked about 2016-2020 but what is going on….they basically admitted to doing the bonds….6 trillion dinars of bonds in 2016 that will be denominated in dinars…..

But why this big celebration….simply for that…..so we think there is something bigger than what they are showing us….we don’t think this is a coincidence….you remember the big news last week when the IMF met in Lebanon and there were 6-8 countries in the meeting and Iraq was one of them and they stated we finished the study we finished the numbers…

Also remember what the CBI stated a long time ago to the banks…we are waiting for the calculations….we are waiting for the math and as soon as we get it we will let you know what it is.

So we really think that part of this celebration is that the CBI is really ready to move forward, not only within Iraq…but they are following the recommendations that the IMF told them by the end of February they have to eliminate the restrictions in their exchange rate and they have to make it easier to move capital from Iraq into other currencies of the world….basically moving towards Article 8.

Now a year ago, remember Family there were things that the IMF was looking to get from Iraq….but that didn’t happen….but does this relate to this celebration that happened…..many high ranking banking officials were there….the acting governor of the CBI was trying to show his hand because he had no choice….remember the people are asking the government to remove him because they don’t think he is doing his job….

So he puts this party together to show exactly what he is doing…and the financial committee and others got a look at his plan and they appear to be happy about it….

We as a team feel though that the CBI would not be throwing such a celebration unless there was something really big about to happen.

Many thanks to I-TEAM, my TEAM, Frankie, we had told you something was going on…..everyone from the Market Economy to the Private Sector are trying to activate things….but as we told you a while ago they cannot activate anything if the CBI does not move forward.

Then 2 weeks ago we hear the CBI is about to launch e-dinar….and we all know that they cannot do this unless they lift the 00’s and move to Article 8….we saw proof of this from the head of the Rafidain Bank we cannot do electronic banking….everything is hooked up and ready to go…but we wait on the CBI to lift the 000’s and move to Article 8…without Article 8 we cannot do it.

If you go back and look at the notes from the last time I was with you, look at the notes that we gave you from I-TEAM, from Frank, from me, it looks like Iraq is ahead of schedule to do something very nice and something that will surprise everybody.

Remember too the acting governor Turki before Allak when he was asked at a conference if the CBI could support any exchange rate….he said, with what ever the CBI would use as an exchange rate the CBI can support.

Again this celebration is a huge event and there have to be things going on that they are not telling us about.

We got word that the rate was done in Lebanon in that meeting and that the CBI does indeed have the rate….we just don’t know what it is yet.

Looking at this celebration it does seem to support the idea that the math with the IMF is complete and that the CBI should be ready to come forth with a true exchange rate.

Remember the time frame given to Iraq from the IMF…no later than June, first half of 2016, Iraq has to go international, Article 8, and they need to come up with a true value of the IQD.

The contract with the IMF was also very clear that by the end of February Iraq has to work to remove the restrictions with the exchange rate and also make the movement of capital easier from within Iraq to the outside.

It is time for Iraq to make the decision to help themselves….is it possible this could go past the end of February….it’s Iraq….anything is possible…..but in this case not likely.

Another good article that came out was from the US Treasury that stated they would not deal with certain Iraqi business people and they would not deal with any Iraqi bank….but here is the problem with this….how can they deal with Iraqi banks if they are not Article 8 compliant…..the UST knows exactly what is going on with Iraq….have they let the cat out of the bag….or the dinar out of the bag….

They know what Iraq must be ready to do…..why wait until just now to blacklist businesses and people….they have known about the money laundering for a long time….why now….they must know Iraq is close to announcing Article 8 compliance, that they are poised to go global with their banking, that they are ready to raise their currency value…..on the verge to go international with their markets, with their currency, and move to Article 8 compliance….this is all very big information.

This is the two reports that I wanted to share with the Family.

Frank: How about this one DELTA….I told the family that Jubouri is trying to win favor with Abadi….I love how he is talking….we need to raise the value….we need better ministers….oh yeah whatever you say Abadi I’m all for it….he shows up at the GOI just to make himself look good, he knows he’s on that list, but I-TEAM told me they believe we made a deal with Jubouri and a few other people to stick around….then the next thing you see is for Jubouri calls for banks to monitor and combat money laundering….well isn’t he the one who was doing the stealing and now he wants to stop it.

DELTA: They know all these people may be corrupt but it is really hard to take them down so fast…and if you take them down this may create more problems….this is one of the last things they want to do…create more problems…..let me give you an example….Maliki….he is no longer a Vice President but they have not yet put him in jail because he still has a lot of power, knows many people with power….

With the impending rate change, them moving into the international market soon, it is in everyone’s interest to just stay silent for now….and they will deal with these problems after that….right now there is more urgency to go international so that Iraq can survive…they will take care of the corruption issues after they make this move…..

There are so many indications of where they are headed……the auctions that have been so low…one indication…today’s articles are another….the bombing of the CBI branch in Mosul is another good point….gets rid of so many dinars that were in the hands of DAASH….gets those 000’s off the streets….even the number of countries that want to loan Iraq money for reconstruction has to be an indicator that something good is going on, they would not be doing this for nothing in return….and we know what it is.

FRANK: I told the Family about these deals that are doing on….you see you tend to do deals when you need something to happen really quick….let’s make this deal…quick….ok….and that is what we are seeing….nothing but advancement…that is why we said nothing but empirical data after the 8th and that is what it has been. I like that the US Treasury published a list of names of Iraqi people and banks that are prohibited to be handled…..in other words you cannot be involved at the CBI any longer….go away….and this list comes from the UST.

The General Amnesty Law and the Courts are awaiting the final touches from the heads of the blocs….once again ministers….some of them will be protected….some will not….here’s an amnesty law that will come in to be a part of that protection….they are making deals and I think because of this the lava flow is faster….and I told the Family that we are really anticipating that the CBI is about to do something….

Now I pray it is the Monetary Reform and I pray it is to add value to their currency….but whatever it is….it is a movement in their reform in the CBI….I-TEAM told me to tell you to pay as much attention as you can to the Arabic side of the CBI….they feel there is going to be something released from the CBI very soon in Arabic that will eventually catch up to the rest of us.

Another article…..Banks Struggle to Attract Forex….well because there is no value to the currency….the article says….the unification of the foreign exchange rate and that means ending the multi currency regime….it says that banks should not rush to open foreign currency accounts as these facilities rely heavily on floating exchange rates….in other words….just concentrate on our currency that we are about to add value to.

DELTA: Let me comment on each on real quick….regarding the US Treasury article…..my concern is with the banking entity….if someone is already on a blacklist….why put them on the list again…it is my opinion that with this Treasury article we are very close….more proof of how close we must be to something happening…what else could be going on except their movement into Article 8.

The next article about amnesty and the courts…you are right there are many things going on behind closed doors…we will be watching closely to see if this passes on Thursday….this does not really affect the Monetary Reform but is extremely important to Iraq as a nation.

FRANK: Here is another article that says they are going to allow banks to use 50% of the reserves they have right now to buy treasury remittances….this appears to be yet another move or step.

DELTA: Yes this was another part of all the CBI celebration…this was talked about by the President of Parliament….how it works….remember when the CBI came out and told every bank if you want to continue doing business in Iraq you have raise your capital to 250 billion dinars….some o that 250 billion dinars has to be deposited in the CBI….so the CBI is basically telling them you can use up to 50% of that 250 billion dinars to buy remittances, like a money order from the CBI in advance and then earn interest….what doesn’t make sense is that in the past the banks were told to raise their capital to 250 billion dinars….now the CBI is saying you can use 50% of that….it makes no sense.

FRANK: Good analogy on that….check this one out….to me this is the cherry that sits atop the sundae….Abadi Led the Reform Program and the Winds of Change to Come.

DELTA: I agree more than one cherry really….Abadi, the poor guy, even though he doesn’t have control over the Monetary Reform he is trying his best to get it done…..Frank why do you think there are so many demonstrations….not just the corruption….people need money, they need jobs….and Abadi is an economist…the guy he knows what the people want and need…..

Right now it appears that everything is moving very fast….like we told the Family a while back….after the 8th we get real data and information and no more BS and smoke/mirrors just reality…..remember what the IMF told them about in that contract…you have to show investors you are really committed and really serious about whatever you are doing…..so basically the IMF is telling the government in order to get investors to trust you….you must show them something….

Both the GOI and the CBI are laying hints for the investors of what is to come…..IMO….what they are going to show in the article on the Arabic side is what they sent to every bank….because every bank has been waiting for what they were told they would receive once the IMF communicated with the CBI….again IMO…..what I-TEAM is saying to watch for on the Arabic side of the CBI is the letter that was sent from the CBI to the banks announcing the rate…..they do have to announce this before they send to the banks….

But just think about it….what is left….telling the world they international….then Article 8 compliance….then we move from there.

FRANK: And that is why I told the Family the CBI is not doing much of anything, they just watch the GOI and I said it is like there is a mouse trap that is ready to spring inside the CBI….they are not even saying anything….it is the GOI that is doing all the talking….I-TEAM is telling me they are just watching and the moment they feel it is right….BOOM….they are going to spring something and they are going to do something….and I pray it is adding value to their currency.

Check this out DELTA….I’ve always told the Family it is NOT the National Guard Law….we teach our Family it is the Conscript Law….well sure enough over the weekend there was an article that says the Conscript Law is being passed…..we explained to the Family that this is because of the militia….there are many different militia types running around in Iraq like a bunch of chickens without their heads on….they are not under one command, no leadership, these guys are doing whatever they want….this nonsense has to end…we need one command….

So last year the US started to pay the armies…..we told these armies to just watch….the next thing you know the terrorists are leaving or gone….now you see the Conscript Law……what that means is that Abadi is going to pay his soldiers…..all militias will be under one command, Abadi will be the Commander in Chief and I’m paying you through the GOI….how can they get this done unless they raise the value of their currency.

DELTA: Excellent point….all these articles and points in fact they can’t make it any more clear….they have so many things interconnected…Abadi knows the problems…..the CBI knows the problems…..the meeting in Lebanon….the CBI knowing the numbers….the IMF contract that should make investors more comfortable….people can’t withdraw their money from the banks….they want to demonstrate in front of the banks….

Can they afford to wait another 3 or 4 months…..no…..Abadi has to act….Iraq hangs in a very dangerous economic situation….but they are doing things, moving very fast with their efforts…in Iraq’s situation they must have money to have security….they have to move towards and into Article 8 to gain what they need….they need this as quickly as possible and I think they are moving in the right direction.

FRANK: Let me talk about the Iranian Rial for a bit….it turns out that Iran came out and said….look…we are not going to raise the value of our currency….until Iraq does…now they just recently said that….and that was an interesting article….but I’m sorry….I don’t trust Iran….IMO….I see Iran has a tendency to lie in order to get what they want…..I don’t know….maybe I’m misjudging them….maybe it is different now with the sanctions lifted….but the fact about this Monetary Reform that is occurring….Iran should not be talking about that…..

Iran should not come out and say we are going to raise the value of our currency the moment the sanctions are lifted….and then a few months later come out and say…..ok Iraq….we are not going to lift our currency value until you lift yours….Iran….Shut Up….that is what I see….that they don’t care….they are trying to speed up the process of them being able to lift the value of their money….if anything you believe that Iran is going to be polite and say….ok Iraq you can go first….they should….but these guys I don’t trust them….

I know they told Iraq ok you go ahead and go first…..who is talking about raising value….well we are…..well shut up about it…..the fact they are saying Iraq can go first they are telling you they are raising the value of their currency….and if Iran goes first….do you think they are going to say…..oh I’m sorry….they could care less…..they are not pegged to the IQD….Iran bothers me when they say these things…and they should shut up….it reminds me of the China Syndrome….when China raised their value around 1995….they were denying they would then the next thing you know…..BOOM.

DELTA: Iraq needs this….Iran does not need this as bad as Iraq….they are due to get $150 billion back in frozen assets….Iraq needs to go first….this is the only thing that is going to save them….remember the Rial is Article 8 compliant….Iran has money to survive on for a while….but Iraq has no liquidity….they can’t….right now Iran has a credible currency….they can use their currency to make payments….Iraq can’t….I just think we are getting very close…that the IMF plan is working.

FRANK: Remember when I-TEAM told us….after the 8th of February you are going to see a lot of pinpoint information….I gave it the title of empirical data….in our conversation today they told me something else…..

They said….after the 18th….Thursday….the progress of what you are seeing right now….will go much faster….wow….that says to me it is the CBI who will make the next move.

DELTA: This is all exciting indeed…..it will be exciting to see what that next move is going to be before the end of this month….looking back at the IMF contract and all the things they are telling them to do…..to be Article 8 compliant….they have a couple of hard fast things they must do by the end of February….not just with the Investment Law…..but lifting restrictions on the exchange rate….

So basically they need a true rate….what else is left to do…..Allak threw this party yesterday….why….to show his hand….to prove to people he can do the job….he’s going to look like the hero now….I’ve read this contract maybe 10 times and maybe I’m reading it wrong….but indirectly the IMF is telling Iraq you have to show me a new rate by the end of February….now the I-TEAM is saying a similar thing…watch for something to come from the CBI on the Arabic side….IMO….if they are following the IMF game plan then we should see a rate by the end of this month….if this doesn’t happen they are the losers.

DELTA out.

Dismissed with a prayer.


 TNTRAYREN98 @THE_TNT_TEAM  Exciting information  banks seeing "everything" and rate changes across the pond? TIME will tell ALL!! #wearethepeople 


2-16-2016   Newshound Gurus Backdoc & Mountainman  Article quote:  "Iran has started implementing SWIFT codes in its banking transactions since yesterday..."  IS THERE ANY DOUBT NOW WHETHER IRAN WAS TELLING US THE TRUTH ABOUT THE 18TH?   NOW C'mon ABADI/IRAQ...Let's GO!!!

2-16-2016   Intel/Newshound Guru Holly
  [new Guru]   Iraq Source Quote:  "Did you know that the value of the Iraqi dinar less than the value of the Somali shilling???  with this Anhab our currency and we hope back and become the highest currency in the world he said a couple days ago central already has fix exchange rate...stable 1-1.  I know he has been telling his peeps about the exchange rate...and talking about currency change.

2-16-2016   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   "...Central Bank Governor Ali al-allaq, on Saturday, more than 140 billion dollars in State institutions including banks, stressing that the increase in the dollar exchange rate is not in the interests of the citizen..."  Which means...1st - Alaq talks as though an increase in the Dinar "has happened, is happening, or will happen... - 2nd - they may have to throw this idiot in JAIL - which also sounds like it might be on the way...  In summation - think on this...for those who imagine they are being duped...and this isn't REAL... THE CURRENT GOV OF THE CBI - is displaying an opposite view... (3rd option - he's just throwing up smoke - like the Chinese did - 48 hours before they amped up their currency by 20% - reference WSJ)...this guy is a POLITICAL APPOINTEE - NOT QUALIFIED! 


FROM ART 02/15/16: The Chinese are in charge. They’re really ticked off so we’ve been told . They’re going to go around us. Period! The US is still making demands of Iraq that they shouldn’t be and still trying to hold this thing up. We know it’s been stopped a couple of times by the US. We don’t know who exactly but the Chinese are tired of it and they said you get this done by today or tomorrow or they‘ll go around us and do what they gotta do.


TNT : 

Geebs55:  I can just say that my group contacted me over the weekend to confirm an amount I have and cross checked that to a paymaster list. Its sounding soon 

KBoom:  geebs- that is encouraging. I have heard from high-end group members being told to be ready, but that has been ongoing for some time now I do believe everything that needs to be done is in place. That’s why I think it CAN go at any time. I think our markets and the global economy is in a very precarious position- that’s why I think it NEEDS to happen soon.

 Geebs64:  I trade Currency pairs and I have checked numerous times on the USD/IQD and see nothing that indicates anything we need. It is going to follow the RV, not lead it.



Micah:  2/15/16 WSOMN Conf. Call  Wing It Call notes for 1st hour 2/15/16

I hope this is alright to post. It got too late for me to do the 2nd hour.

Jerry: It’s Valentine’s Day. Who would’ve thought we’d be here? Not me. I’d rather be explaining to the officer why I’m doing cartwheels in the front yard, naked as a jaybird.


Iko: I’m not ranting. I’m simply stating what I think is the obvious. So, we’re all focused on the market today bc they supposedly didn’t crash and you have to look at these things for what they are.

China basically just announced to the entire globe that they are in charge and they did that by announcing that they weren’t going to screw around with the value of the yuan anymore.

I ko: They thought the yuan was stable so they weren’t going to devalue. They came back on board last night and the entire world took the bait and dove back into the stock market. What’s interesting to me is that with that one gesture they were saying that they are in control of the world market. If they came out tonight ­­to say,

You know what, we were wrong – maybe we are going to revalue, everything would go red within two hours.

It shows 2 things: the fragility of the market and the people invested and trying to control the market, and it shows how fickle they are and how weak they are that they would move that quickly and that much in volume and value just from a single statement from China.

 When you look at the markets, look at the commodities and how low they are. You’ve got to look at the Baltic index and see how weak that is. That’s all the shipping world wide. Forget about the maritime – the marine watch. That program tells you one thing

But the Baltic index backs that up with hard information. I saw an article today where somebody tried to justify the Baltic tri-index being so low because ships got bigger and What the index does is it measures traffic so that you’ve got more goods shipped on fewer ships. There might be 30 or 40 mega bulk carriers now out of 50k ships.

It might be the same thing with the super-duper tankers that are 15-1600 ft. long and  carrying 6 million barrels of oil. It’s just that there aren’t that many ships that justify that reasoning but nobody simply wants to say in black and white the world’s in trouble and the reason the world is in trouble is bc it’s all based on the US dollar and the US dollar is in the crapper.

Just a reminder when you look at all these reports. They’re just measuring against the Euro. They’re not measuring against the Asian. If you just measure the dollar against Asia, I think it was around 3 or 4 cents –I think that’s what I heard—against the Asian.

So there’s still a ton of manipulation. In the European banks, you could just walk in and push a brick and Deutsche banks would just fall down. Deutsche bank falls down, Citi Bank falls down. All that weakness is still out there. The only way to cure that weakness is to eventually go to an asset backed economy and that’s what we’re all waiting for.

We’re all hoping it will take a little more time so we can make more money out of it. The bottom line, guys, is if anybody out there is concerned that the RV is never going to happen, don’t be, ok? There’s 193 countries out there that need it to happen and they ARE going to make it happen.

The fact that it hasn’t translated down to us so that we can go to an exchange center that’s just our tough luck. We have to wait with the rest of the world to line up and get it together. It’s a huge complex thing and it IS going to happen. We’re all going to be wealthy even though there’s 16 million of us now according to the US Treasury. The world econ. Can endure 16 million more millionaires out there.

 You gotta understand the market is all over the place and so easy to manipulate. They are so weak a single statement from China can change the whole market.

 Art: Everybody knows there’s a lot of information that comes through but Iko said it, the Chinese are in charge. They’re really ticked off so we’ve been told and Mr. Dunsford has been told to get this done or else.

They’re going to go around us. Period! The US is still making demands of Iraq that they shouldn’t be and still trying to hold this thing up. We know it’s been stopped a couple of times by the US. We don’t know who exactly but the Chinese are tired of it and they said you get this done by today or tomorrow or they‘ll go around us and do what they gotta do.

That’s about all I’ve got to say about that. We do know the PPs were supposed to go out last night and are waiting to go out.

Matter of fact we had a person on our call explaining everything she knew about them. She had been in them ever since the 1990s and we don’t agree with everything she said so we won’t get into that. All we know is that they’re going out.

People should be ready to receive them and when they do there’s always the question Can the RV happen before the PPs go out? We’re not sure. They said we’d be given 48 hrs from the time the Prosperity Packages start to go out and we’d have 48 hrs to get 70% of them delivered and then we can go to the banks and exchange centers. I’m not sure it’s gonna work that way if they haven’t gone out yet.

We’re told we could very well be at the exchange centers tomorrow and Wed. at the latest. TRNs are live. The rate has to be said and China may be setting the rate on that as a matter of fact.

Now addressing John to confirm his info.

Blondie wants him to verify or discredit this idle rumor – Dunsford was on his way to somewhere on Thurs. or Friday in his motorcade and he switched cars. The one he was riding in got blown up?

Art: Yes, and the bad guys are the ones who got killed for the most part. Then they tried again as we understand, a second time, a single shooter, and he got killed, too, I believe. And Judge Roberts life was tried last week. They’re claiming Scalia had a poison dart shot in his heart and that’s what caused his heart attack. I don’t know whether that’s true or not but that’s just stuff that’s going around out there which I’m sure you already know.

Blondie: You’re pretty sure about Dunsford and the car blowing up, though?

Art: yeah, but he’s ok. He went overseas and got signatures on the peace deals and came back last evening some time and then told everybody Get this thing done or else. We understand he’s got a crew of people working on this. The admiral signed everything he was supposed to and all the SKRs are supposedly being paid today. We’re next and probably go a week from tomorrow.

As long as we exchange, it’ll be about a week later and that’s pretty much it. China can crash the whole thing and go around us. They’re pretty ticked off and they won’t put up with this any longer. They’re tired of it. That’s about it as far as anything goes that I can tell you. Asking John if he agreed and he did. The US wanted Iraq to jump through more hoops but the Chinese said, nope that’s it. Get it done or else. Everyone is chomping at the bit.

 Dunsford said 40,000 banks and exchange centers would be open today and all together Bruce said 5500 exchange centers and the rest were banks. He had about 18,000 banks but Mr. Dunsford jumped that up. I don’t which were correct but there’s plenty that’s for sure. Nobody should lack for a place to do their exchange.

Guest Speaker from New Zealand:  He’s from US. Talks about family getting in. He asks, When this rolls out will there be a difference in time bc I’m wondering about the banks in New Zealand? Should he exchange there first before returning to the states or would there be a delay?  His 2nd question: Will there be a basket of currencies or just dinar and others to follow after a brief time?

Art: All are coming at the same time. Iraq and Iran made a deal. So they’re all coming out at the same time:...

2-15-16  Wing-it CC Replay Link