Saturday, February 13, 2016


Ralph said:  According to three(3) different sources, I will now share what they have told me.

1. China will not re-value the Dong or any other currencies they are supporting before the Iraqi Dinar re-values. Also, the re-valuation of the Iranian Rial will not occur prior to the re-valuation of the Iraqi Dinar.

2. The Iraqi Dinar will have a globally accepted rate before March,1, 2016. This will be done as a requirement to join the (WTO) World Trade Organization.on June 1, 2016.

3. The R.V./ G.C.R. will include five(5) currencies as part of the initial offering with a simultaneous release of the Iranian Rial.

4. All worldwide currency holders will be able to exchange any currencies they hold that are a part of the initial offering after March 1, 2016.

5. All of the above mentioned items are a direct result of Iraq now concluding issues relating to laws, security, the GOI, and the CBI, which are now complete, but not yet announced as known to the global community.

6. Could an R.V./G.C.R. occur before March 1 2016 ? The answer from one (1) source was yes, the answer from the other two (2) sources was no.

7. In discussing post R.V./G.C.R. activity with the three (3) sources, all agreed that many changes for the good of all will occur throughout all structures encompassing our daily lives, but all agreed that any and all items pertaining to a New Republic and NESARA LAW are nothing more than internet fantasy, their words, not mine.

In conclusion, I have no reason to doubt the comments from any of these sources and I feel honored to pass this news along to all that are waiting for this blessing. Not much more of a wait now!!


DR. CLARKE: Just a quick update of interest on VN Dong & Iraqi Dinar……Read the article below. Like Iraq, Vietnam is enticing citizens to acquire more Dong, by paying much higher interest rates, 5-6.5%, replacing USD…..and of course, Iraq just last week announced 18% interest on their deposited money, as well.

As we’ve been saying, the amount of USD within these countries is being reduced at an accelerated rate, and replaced with their own home currency - thus RAISING THE VALUE of the currency. IRAQ’S VALUE…..coming soon. 

This is just another strong indicator, that these two countries are moving quickly, to replace the USD, as the main currency…and promoting their own - because it will soon be the DOMINANT CURRENCY within these countries - with an accurate increased Value Ratio, rather than distorted.

Oh  , and by the way…..MOSUL is WAY ahead of schedule. You’re now seeing more articles and validation, as to the huge support of coalition troops and resources……and the overall importance of this operation, to the success of the country’s economic future & the SECURITY LEVEL WORLDWIDE, which includes the Substantial Increase in their Dinar Rate, on an International basis. MARCH……


ARTICLE: Dollar Keeps Sliding in Vietnam as Foreign Investment Boosts Supplies

The US dollar has fallen quite sharply in Vietnam this month as ample supplies, boosted by strong foreign investment flows, come at a time when dong savings have become more attractive.

Following the central bank's fourth cut this week, the mid-point rate for the dollar dropped to a five-month low of VND 21,881 on Friday, compared to VND 21,910 on Monday.
Since banks are allowed to trade the greenback within 3 percent above or below the daily-issued reference ate, the country's biggest lender Vietcom bank reduced its rate by 0.6 percent to VND 22,255 on Friday. That was down 1.2 percent from early this month.
As foreign investors have pumped more money into Vietnam, the forex market has been seeing a surplus on the supply side, which in return has caused the dollar to fall continuously, a representative of HSBC Vietnam told Thanh Nien.

oreign investors disbursed $800 million in the January 1-20 period, up 23.1 percent year-on-year, according to figures released by the Foreign Investment Agency.

Industry insiders said major M&A deals, particularly the $1.1 billion transaction between Thailand's Singha Group and local consumer goods group Masan, also increased supplies of foreign currencies. In the record deal signed the end of last month, the Thai group bought stakes of 25 percent and 33 percent in two of Masan's subsidiaries.

Overseas remittances, which often come in most strongly in January, the month before the Tet Lunar New Year, are also expected to rise sharply this year, said Nguyen Hoang Minh, vice director of the central bank's Ho Chi Minh City office.

The central bank has recently taken measures to curb dollar hoarding. It cut interest rates to zero on dollar deposits by businesses in September and then by individuals in December.
Reports from banks showed that their dollar deposits have declined since the last quarter, as many customers have switched to dong savings accounts to enjoy higher interest rates of 5-6.5 percent.

However, speaking to news website Dau Tu on Thursday, an expert with Bao Viet Securities Company said the dollar decline is possibly temporary, as the greenback will likely strengthen and China's yuan will possibly be depreciated further.

Friends, VERY Good Things are Happening Right Now, as we speak…..Relax, no matter what you see.

I Intend the Best for ALL,
Dr. Clarke



2-13-2016   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article: "Economic parliamentary: financial and monetary situation is controlled and the central bank plans to put the task"    ...we all know parliament has tried to get involved in CBI affairs for a while. And to have them come out now in support of the plan is great news. It for sure puts an end to the controversy of sorts by saying, (I'm paraphrasing) we saw the plan, we understand it and we are in full support of what they are doing.  Which IMO, should put an end to back and forth bickering and different viewpoints.

2-13-2016   Newshound Guru FrostytheSnowman  Article quote:  "Oil prices are rebounding Friday after hitting a low not seen since 2003."    You've aligned yourself in a SWEETHEART position(s) with the LOWEST COST EXTRACTION WINNERS ...as the world's addiction to oil makes it's way towards a new reality...and soon to be...your new reality! Congrats your patience is about to pay off!!!  All in my "frozen" opinion.

2-13-2016   Newshound Guru wmawhite   ...to change a culture of greed and corruption is never accomplished overnight...thankfully, PM Abadi has taken the first steps to make those changes.   here is a question for all of us involved, "do you think that the IMF was aware of these issues back in November 2015 when they stated their expectations was for Iraq to enter the economy market during the 1st half of 2016?"  Answer: OF COURSE THEY WERE AWARE OF THESE ISSUES!

2-13-2016   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23    The market and investors do not like UNCERTAINTY...And uncertainty has hurt both the KRG and GOI.  Barzani said last month that the KRG will have it's government issues solved before the beginning of March. Abadi appears to be on the same fast track with the GOI.   The question becomes...with the reshuffling of the deck in Iraq government positions...how plausible is it to see a change in value of the currency until the new people are seated and the dust settles?



Frank26:  Whereas many Currency's are positioning themselves to do International Business with Iraq ......... SOME .......... Are being FORCED .......... Leaving NO CHOICE but to .......... Succeed.

You know what else? .............. M and Allack Know they are leaving on a jet plane ............ They also Know DRS is coming back.

God's Blessing on all ............ My Warm Aloha to all ........... \m/  KTFA Frank

PS ........... Did You ever try handing a glass of water to the car next to You as You both are traveling 100 mph? Without spilling a drop........ ? Iraq is doing that with DRS ..... Ministers ...... Military and Reforms.

AG giedad77:  I'm thinking about Abadi.....how "under-tall" he is

Then I'm having flashbacks to the Tasmanian Devil....another "under-tall" entity.....who stirs up dust wherever he seems to go

I believe Abadi is stirring dust at this moment....in all that he does....partially out of FEAR....partially out of direction from the US....partially just to prove he....can Hang 'Em High

As the hours unfold with Iraq in our current times....so does the truth of where things are headed

He's now back on home soil.....let's move forward....move it on up

Take it to God in prayer that this man can continue to handle the stress

Aloha   Randy  


Clare:  Mountainman, please I would like to ask you a question. In your opinion, what timeframe do you think this will be and for what duration? Thank you!

Mountainman:  That's THE Great MILLION DOLLAR ??? .......IMO.....It's Underway/Surfacing Currently.....It just hasn't FILTERED into ALL Areas of our Country Yet!!!!!!!!.......

We are SEEING the SIGNS=EUROPE/USA/CHINA etc......As Doc stated Last Night.......PAY ATTENTION to The Next 1 to 2 weeks w/ IRAN/IRAQ.......

Frosty had a Awesome Insightful Article on OIL/Middle East......Frank said Even I Team is looking at this MONTH......So There is NO Crystal Ball.......But We ALL can SEE and HEAR the VOICES Announcing.....A Coming WINTER Cold Front w/Potential "SNOW FALL" of 6" to Several FEET........

As far as DURATION......I don't Personally believe that The USA and Their "GOLD DOLLAR"...So to Speak will STAY Inside too LONG before the Cold Front MOVES Out and The SUN......"UNVEILS" Itself......The INSTABILITY would NOT be HEALTHY for Anyone Here or on the GLOBAL HORIZON!!!!!!!!

My best Thoughts=.... Be Comforted "Knowing"....... "GOD" is on THE THRONE and HIS EYES are ALWAYS Upon Us!!!!!!!!.....and Be Prepared......Calculated w/ WHAT You See....Just in case....The Snow is too DEEP to Travel In!!!!!!!!    Blessings,   Mountainman

Aggiedad77:  Well....well...what a wake up call for a Saturday morning......do you know where your Central Bank governor is and what his name is.....

yet another article....actually two articles that say Allak is not getting the job done and needs to be replaced.....this time it comes from an Iraqi cleric....Sadr....so they finally see that Allak is merely a Maliki puppet.....they want someone who is capable of working in an efficient and impartial manner....

In other words someone who knows what the heck is going on and how to turn things around.....hmmmm....someone of integrity.....who should be above corruption at all levels of enticement.....that sure sounds like Dr. Shabibi to me......

Keep in mind this is yet another "suggestion" to PM Abadi and no action has been forthcoming as yet....but IMO.....just a matter of time.....give Abadi time to get home from Germany and let's watch with interest all that transpires.    Aloha   Randy


Walkingstick:  Sadr calls to change the central bank governor

Economy and tenders since 02.13.2016 at 10:36 (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
He demanded the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Saturday, to change the central bank governor and replace it with another.

Sadr said in a televised speech followed up / scales News /, he "must change the central bank governor on the Keywords and replace it with another enjoys efficiently and impartially."

Said the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary rapporteur Diwan Society, Saturday, the governor of the Central Bank did not provide any plan serve the Iraqi economy and must Tgierh.anthy 29 / D 24

http://www.mawazin.net/%D8%A7%D9%84%D8% ... 8%B2%D9%8A


Parliamentary Integrity: Keywords did not serve the country's economy and needs to be changed

Economy and Tenders Since 02/13/2016 13:01 pm (Baghdad time)

He said the Parliamentary Integrity Commission decision of the Court of Friday, Saturday, the governor of the Central Bank did not provide any plan serve the Iraqi economy and must be changed.

Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr has called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi change on the Keywords bank governor Marquis Iraq.

The Bureau's / scales News /, that "the Parliamentary Integrity Committee last week hosted the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and asked him to submit an action plan in earnest Hafiz on the Iraqi economy but can not curb the moment."

He asked, Diwan "Why is this gap between the exchange rate at the central bank and the market price and the difference between the two prices puts suspicions of corruption between the Bank and civil banks," stressing "the change Keywords and replaced the character has financial experience in the financial state administration as he put it."

The student, the Court said, "The dollar is equal to the market price for the fact that the Central Bank announced the bank and the market price of a flat rate," he said. "There are five tiger in the sale of the bank and buy the market."

He noted the Court that "the difference at the price of the dollar behind banks and points of certain figures taking advantage of the differences in the two rates," stressing that "the Governor of the Central Bank did not provide curb-minute real plan to save the financial situation of Iraq, saying Keywords inappropriate man in the right place, demanding change the character has the economic news in the banking and banking transactions away from the quota system. "

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq has announced that there are 130 trillion Iraqi dinars in circulation in the Iraqi street. "

http://www.mawazin.net/%D8%A7%D9%84%D9% ... 9%8A%D8%A9


Walkingstick:   Abadi conclude his visit and return to Iraq

By admin-ri 02.13.2016 10:45 |

Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced Saturday, for the last return to Iraq, coming from Germany.

The office said in a statement, "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi returned home early Saturday morning, concluding his visit to Italy and Germany."

The statement added that "al-Abadi met officials in the two countries attended the Munich Conference on Security met on the sidelines of a number of Arab leaders and officials and foreigners."

The Prime Minister's Office announced on Wednesday (February 10, 2016), to leave the latter to Italy and Germany to meet with officials in both countries, participating in the Munich Security Conference.



Aggiedad77:  I'm going to comment on this article..(see article below) ..not because of the threat to Abadi.....but about something buried down in the last paragraph.....Green Zone.....control of the Green Zone.....by who.....1,800 fresh faced US soldiers.....rough, tough, get the job done type soldiers....and why are they there......

"Preparation for arrest of officials AFTER their dismissal from office".....those ones being accused of "corruption and financial management and the formation of gangs and militias".....as Frank has said....."yes we are back"......we are here to help....but sure you take the credit.....while we get the work done......soon to say.....mission accomplished sir.

Oh yes as a side note.....the paragraph above the last.....calling again for replacement of the CBI governor.....this makes article #4 I believe headed in this direction.
Thank you WS for the news today.  Aloha   Randy


Walkingstick:   Report: al-Abadi in Munich received a threat via a telephone call from Baghdad

Follow-Iraq Press -13 February: quoted Arab reports, on Saturday, a political source described Palmtalaa, he said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received a phone call from Baghdad, warning him not to return to Iraq before announcing the names of the ministers who intend to dismissal of his government. quoted "toss News" on the source, as saying that "partisan personal influential within the Dawa Party, specifically al-Maliki suite, discount Abadi arch, advised the latter, who is taking part in a security conference in Munich, Germany, to clarify his views on the number and names of the ministers who decided to exclude them from government In agreement with the Americans, before heading to Baghdad. "

The source added that the caller told Abadi need to be taken to that step before his return" so that the political blocs to review its decisions and processing potential replacements minister sacked. " according to the source," the caller from Baghdad is "Kata stapes "nicknamed" Abu Mujahid, "which angered al-Abadi, Madfh to admit for the first time that" there are groups spawned by the popular crowd, which sets out the framework of the state and its control, we will not allow this, we will not allow the existence of any groups outside the framework of the state, we fight it will be eliminated them. "

According to political sources, he said that" al-Rikabi, who is nicknamed also "registered Brand", is one of the most prominent figures in the Dawa party and close associate of Nuri al-Maliki, controls, right now, financially on the popular crowd, and is the godfather of the Iraqi treasury that has evaporated during the reign of al-Maliki through 6000 and placebo project that has been exposed in the Iraqi media with the participation of ministers accused of corruption Abadi inherited from his predecessor, al-Maliki in the Iraqi government,

"the report .bhsp following the call, says private sources, said that the signs of a Shiite rapprochement emerged between each of the cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, and Haider al-Abadi through connection conducted Abadi from Berlin in Baghdad, which resulted, according to the source, on the request Abadi 45 days to overthrow blocs linked to Iran with support from the Sadrists. and it really came down today as two thousand Sadr supporters to Tahrir Square in Baghdad, in a demonstration dubbed the Liberal bloc b "collar last deliverance" for Ebadi after he demanded al-Sadr to transfer elements of the popular crowd, which he described as "disciplined" to the ministries of defense and Interior, demanding accountability for negligence fall of Mosul, without exception, in reference to al-Maliki, while calling for the need to vote on the leaders of the military teams and army Chief of Staff in the House of Representatives, he is stressing the need for the formation of committees with expertise and extensive scrutiny of arms imported decades, in reference to curtail the role of the militias and prevent them from gaining access to weapons quality.

also matched two views Sadr Abadi on economic matters, where, the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Saturday called for , the restructuring of State-owned banks, calling on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the inauguration of a new governor experienced the Central Bank, rather than on the Keywords, calculated on Maliki stream. He called on al-Sadr to form a government of "technocrats" headed by current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and experienced people, giving Abadi, a full year instead of the 45 days requested by Abadi contact Muqtada al, for the application of the forthcoming reforms, and threatened to "no-confidence" with him, and the withdrawal of the entire policy in the event of Abadi failed to achieve the desired reforms, and emphasizes private sources. sources from inside the green Zone, for the escape of a large number of sons and brothers and families of Iraqi officials abroad during the past ten days.

the report quoted a political source said, "Iraqi officials who revolve around them suspicions of corruption and waste of public money and the expected dismissal by al-Abadi, entered on the alert with the arrival of an estimated US force 1800 for control of the green Zone. " He fears accused officials of corruption to be the arrival of American power in preparation for their arrest after their dismissal from office, especially since some accused of corruption and financial management and the formation of gangs and militias, were involved in sectarian killings and bombings of houses of worship and institutions, as well as kidnappings and bargain for citizens of Westerners and Iraqis inside Iraq, "he stresses sources. The deputy for the coalition of state law demanded that Prime Minister al-Abadi" travel ban ministers with their families to the degree of the fourth because of a corruption charges against them, "indicating that" The news that some reports say that the escape of a minister, "refused to disclose his name "with his sons to Turkey with the help of Kurdish dealer" .anthy (1)


Pilgrim17:  After reading again the CC notes from 02/11/16 this song came to mind that I wanted to share who may just may be "Happy"...


Quote:  “Frank26:  I want to tell you something…..I-TEAM and I had a conversation today….in that conversation I expressed to them that IMO we are looking at a very serious potential of them removing the program rate, lifting Article 8 by the end of March….and I really feel that…..they said to me….we read your reports….and what you are telling us is nothing new…..

I actually thought I had something for them…..but when we were done and they were in conversation they said to me…..there is nothing new….I said what about this….we pointed out three things and they said….we know about that…..it’s not like we tell you everything….and I said ok…ok….I said I feel good about this possibility of sometime in March….and they said…..Frank more than likely it won’t be March…..because in their opinion they are looking at February.”  Quote



EdwardK:  The launch of thousands of helium balloons in the skies of Baghdad cel​ebrate "Valentine's Day" | Saturday 1​3-02-2016 | 9:13:47 9:13:47   Link
Lilypad:  Our neighbor works on an oil rig in Saudi Arabia.  He is their four weeks and home in the states four weeks.  he flys in and out of the Behran Airport.  Thinking the Iranian Rial would be cheaper there, we asked him to check on the exchange price at the airport.  

We had prior purchased some for us and him in the USA so he knew the price here in the states.  To our surprise, the exchange rate was $756 per million.  He also checked on the IraqI Dinar.  They could keep no more than 500,000 dinar at this exchange center and he said the exchange rate was way high.

 He said the best bang for the buck was the Saudi Arabia Rial which was $37. per 100,000.                                                                
On another note some of the men working on his rig in Saudi Arabia had been transferred there from an Iraq rig that had been taken over by  Isis.
These men have already been asked if they would return to iraq To work on the rig when it was safe.  The salary to return to work in Iraq was signifanctly higher.  So much increase that the cannot say no.  They are waiting on the move in from the oil company.



World peace has been achieved (at least on paper); including Israel & Palestine, Turkey & Syria, Saudi Arabia & Yemen.

Peace is one of the non-negotiable requirements for joining and remaining in good standing with the AIIB (Chinese Elders).

Islamic State funding has been eliminated from all private and public sources.

Buying illegal Islamic State oil is now internationally illegal.

All oil transactions must now be paid for in either: Euros, Rubles or Yuans.

NATO will be disbanded as it exists currently (less USA), and reconstituted as a European Peacekeeping Force.

Turkish President Erdogan surrendered all his personal/illegal Islamic State activities in northern Syria, northern Iraq and Turkey

He did so in exchange for a percentage of the new Turkish Stream (gas pipeline) that will connect Russian gas with European population.

Both Erdogan (Turkey) and Assad (Syria) will be allowed to remain in power.

Rome's Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill are meeting in Havana, Cuba tomorrow, they will sign an agreement transitioning Christianity into the new Aquarian age.
 This agreement will settle a 1,000 year old schism in both Christianity and the Vatican papal structure.

Peace talks in Munich, Germany between Syria, US, Russia, EU, Turkey, Iraq, Armenia and Kurdistan have ended with a cease fire agreement and humanitarian aid package to refugees.

New boundaries have been drawn to split land and take oil fields away from Islamic State/Turkey/Ottoman Empire.

Kurdistan will be given Sovereign Statehood, breaking free from both Turkey and Iraq governments.

Iraq will be announcing Mosul's release from Islamic State forces next week.

IMF's Christine LeGarde received a second term by Chinese Elders, who own both IMF and World Bank now.

Chinese New Year ends Sunday Evening 2/14 in China (Sunday morning 2/14 in USA)

World Markets are being gently positioned to exact RV algorithm starting points the Elders have pre-set for each.

Do not be anxious about the wild market swings, as they are final adjustments in a larger macro strategy.


TNT Call notes 12-February-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]. [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Friday, February 12, 2016.  It’s a Fantastic, fantabulous Friday – welcome to the call!
To some this may seen like déjà vu, because the information hasn’t really changed from Wednesday to Friday, just some minor things.  We are still waiting for certain things to fall into place;  we have the same window we are working within.  So I’ll give some short intel.
The card-holders promised to have their cards funded by the 7/8th are now being told their cards will be loaded and funded any time between the 15th to the end of the month. The 15th is Monday.  It seems like things are being pushed to the end of the month to be in place by the 1. March.  That’s how it appears.  What else is happening across the pond?  They are still demonstrating, and the CBI has pulled the license on at least one of the currency exchangers over there.  There is some information I cannot confirm yet, but it makes me believe we are in the final phase of this process, if it pans out.  It feels like the final phase has initiated, but let’s see where it goes before we jump to conclusions.  It has no timetable before it completes itself, but it is the final phase and if we think/act accordingly, it will be okay.
There are reports of some bank screens flashing.  Quite a few of our bank sources have clammed up, so I’m not getting as much information as I would like.  You will remember that on Monday the top banking people were in a conference, and information will be forthcoming as well.  It got quiet after Monday, and I guess that has been their instructions, to say nothing.  Even some of the agency people are clamming up. Could that be just because?  Or because something else is about to finally take place?  I do believe the final phase has commenced.
Items 1, 2 and 3 are as prevalent today as they have been.  We’ve had some bank info come to us, with some people meeting with bank representatives to discuss which currencies they will be accepting.  According the bank folks, zim will be wide open, clean and green.  They haven’t given us firm information but they are excited about seeing us as individuals. There has been no mention of groups, or of taxes being withheld on exchange.  Nothing has even been uttered about those topics.
I’m seeing some parts of Item 1 manifesting now.  Items 2 and 3 – we have not reached the date of those memos about revaluation.  They indicated ‘now until X date’ and we’re not there yet. 
Item 5 was about the memo that went out last weekend stating that banks would exchange on Monday.  We shared that with you almost immediately. O f course, they are baffled that this thing did not roll out and here we are on Friday.  Some folks did have appointments to exchange, and the newer ones just talked about plans.  They were told they would exchange, but it was more like setting things up to make sure the clients come back. 
Other information I thought would get here before we go started has not arrived yet.
Looking at questions from the forum…
Q:  Is it true our US banks are offering insurance on bank accounts over 250,000 dollars under the FDIC?  A:  I don’t know;  call the banks and ask.  I haven’t asked the bank.  I haven’t see anything about that, and that doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Q:  Thanks for all the assistance. Is there a website that goes over the trusts and how they work?  A:  There may be such a website, but I don’t know of it.  Do your searches.
Q:  What is the best question would you ask Tony and DC?  A:  I don’t really have a question to ask them at this time that we could not answer on this call.  The information is just not that much right now – not a lot of issues for us to deal with.  We just wait and see.  The only question I have is ‘what’s holding us up?’ and that is not going to come out, not on a call like this.
Q:  What is the best scenario for those of us who cannot afford to buy a trust or LLC before-hand?  A:  The best scenario is to work with what you have.  Most will not be able to put together any entities for asset protection, philanthropy, etc., until you have funds – after the RV.  Is there a need to have these entities established before the RV?  Need, no… although there is an advantage.  Most of you cannot do that, and when the time is right you can start your new life and go forward.  It will be okay.
Q:  How do we negotiate for higher rate with only 20 minutes to do many things for new accounts.  Negotiation would seem to be the first thing, if they offer lower rates.  A:  You can always get up and leave, and they won’t want you to leave, so they may afford you more than 20 minutes to do your exchanges.  We have been told that the first appointment will be short, and then you go back to talk to your wealth manager about how to deal with the funds.  The rate negotiations should be first.  If you want the contract rates, deal with that first;  if not, or if  you don’t like what they are offering, then you can always leave.  The rate may go up, and it’s unlikely to go down.  Just remember that you are in control, and go in and talk the talk and walk the walk.
Q:  Do you know that banks are hiring for foreign exchange jobs?  A:  I did not know that.
Q:  I’ve heard you telling others that Zimbabwe exchange into dollars will be capped at half a billion or maybe a billion.  A:  It’s not that this cap is the most you can get;  over that cap they will pay it out as a structured payout over so many months and years.  So you will get one billion and then receive anything over the cap as monthly distributions over how many years it takes to get it to you.
Q:  What happened to the cards and Budget, etc.?  A:  I don’t know why they disappear from view.  The cards are now coming out from the 15th to the end of the month.
Q:  Can you tell us about Prosperity Packages?  When will they come out?  A:  I do believe there are some Prosperity Packages that are going to be paid, but before or after the RV remains to be seen.  I thought some Prosperity Packages were to be paid with monies from the RV.
Q:  I thought Mosul had to be secured before the RV?  A:  The news this morning is that Mosul has been secured, so…
Q:  I’ve been watching all the events unfolding, such as the US markets sliding, the dollar dropping against the yen, China becoming a reserve currency, etc.  Anything particular we should be watching for?  A;  I will have to think about this one.
Q:  Does the window extend past the end of March?   A:  No.
Q:  You are handling questions so carefully that it makes me wonder if you are keeping us on the line until the main call.  Are you flying under the radar?  A:  No.  I’m being careful because I say something and people run with it.  I’m not worrying about being pulled off the air because we are not saying anything that sensitive or about national security.  The care and caution is because some of you cannot handle what’s going on.  We see that in the chat rooms, on skype, and even on this public call.  So we are being careful to keep you on the ride until it comes to a complete stop.
Q:  The State of the Union Address talked about the deficit being paid down.  How?  A:  If the President couldn’t explain where it’s coming from, I certainly can’t!
Caller:  Someone asked earlier about setting up trusts and such.  Would it be possible to exchange one note and then have money to set up your entities.  Shhould you send a friend or relative to do that? 
RayRen:  No I think you should take in a small note yourself, set  up the entity, and then exchange into the entity’s bank account.  At that time, we thought that the rate would be $3.41 and stay there.  So you could exchange one small note, transfer the  rest into the entity, and then exchange at that same rate.  There have been changes, with contract rates possibly at double digits, so you cannot use the same strategy.  It’s a different thought process.  We thought that went the green light came on, everyone would roll, just at that one rate.  Then others started speaking for the banks, saying that we could do better than the international rates, and that changed the strategy.  Then we looked at first, second, and third mouse.  It might come out at $3.41 on Monday, and what will happen when the markets get hold of it?  Will it be like Kuwait, where the currency went up and came back down, but in the interim someone made a killing.  We also have to factor in ‘lost opportunity’ and that is something else to consider.  So I no longer see exchanging one note as the best strategy.
Caller:  For those not interested in the contract rate and the associated NDA…
A:  You still have first mouse, second mouse, and third mouse, and the whole issue of ‘lost opportunity’.  It’s complicated. 
Caller:  Not everyone wants to go for the same thing.
RayRen: Yes, and at the same time, everyone should try to squeeze every ounce of their currency and out of the US dollars they exchange to. Some people need to change their thinking.  Most of us don’t know to handle this kind of money – if we did, we’d have already done it.  We are ordinary citizens, and this is a spring board to big change.  We need to change our thinking to support that.
Caller:  A friend said that having the bank set up a trust was a nightmare for him.  The other night, there was something said about a rock on the zim – have you heard about that?
RayRen:  There were some dealers selling zim that had the word ‘check’ on them, and those are not right.  They had an expiration date on the currency.  That paper will not be exchanged;  you should send them back and exchange them out for the others.
Caller:  I was reading something by Dr. Clark, and he said not to expect anything until 1. March, with a back date of 22. March. 
RayRen: Based on what?  Check the credibility of those making claims. [Mtn Goat has to throw in how terrible the other gurus are]  If that is how they want to play it…
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
512 caller:  I’ll be short and to the point.  You mentioned the Qi cards being moved out in Iraq.  Does that have to be completed before the RV happens?
RayRen:  No, they have been started, not completed. However, when it is completed, then it will have to be an at international rates.  They have announced that the cards can be used internationally, so it will have to be at an international rate, inside and outside.  They can modify that rate in-country, but internationally it will have to be an international rate.
Caller:  So we don’t have to wait until the end of the month…
RayRen:  We were expecting it before now!  Certain things have to be in place 90 days prior to what Iraq wants to do by 1. June.  That takes us to 1. March.  It looks like they want to get this done by the first, and sent out notices to the currency exchange centers over there that this will happen before 1. March.  I hope they are not going to wait until the end of the month to get this done!  The information suggests that they will get it done before then!
I am waiting for others to bring out the information as to exact dates.  People have read that memo who don’t have any rank, so I figured they could announce it.  I’ll meet you halfway -- I’m hearing it will be sometime next week.
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Next caller:  What was Abadi talking about last week, as an overview?
RayRen:  It was so NOT what I was expecting to see or read – just the usual stuff a politician would say to keep people calm.  So I didn’t really recall anything specific about what he said.  There was nothing about dates or rates.
Caller:  What was that website you mentioned?
RayRen:  It was www.coinmill.com, NOT ‘cornmeal’. 
Caller:  Say hi to everyone!  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
206 caller:  There are records indicating cards have been loaded, with banks being ready over there, and so on.  I can’t find the article right now, but we are right there. It would be amazing if God could get you everything you need before you need it, but it does always come.  Here is it, from 10. February.  [reading too fast, cannot follow]
RayRen:  Most of those articles are encouraging. The problem is that we are trying to draw distinct conclusions from the information and we are being too quick with it.  When the CBI shut down one dealer in Iraq, by the end of the day people were calling me saying “The CBI is shutting down all dinar dealers in the US!”
Caller:  In your patience possess ye your soul – focus on the real issues there.  The money is not the goal, it’s the purpose for which we are being given this money.  What is the reason for this money being transferred to us?  Don’t just buy everything in sight!  Seek the mind of God as to what you are to do with this money.  We need to listen and obey what we are instructed to do on all that.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
610 caller:  Remember, folks, these acalls are not free.  Ray and Tony have put in their money to pay for these calls;  we should step up today and make a donation to help defray the cost of these calls.  Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com, and click on the DONATE button. Make your donation today – you’ll be glad you did. 
As long the Iraqis are still fighting for what they deserve, they will get it, and we will as well.  Have a dynamite weekend!  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
865 caller:  I want to run a figures by you, see I you agree.  I heard the dong is running $2-8.  Does that ring a bell for you?
RayRen:  Some people have seen $2 rates. The numbers you are quoting are the rates on the screens, which may be placeholder rates.  People who went in last week and had offers, the banks said 47 cents, so we’ll have to wait and see.
Caller;  I heard another day closer to Valentine’s Day…
RayRen:  It could pop out with an RV on Monday the 15th;  the Iraqi people have been told anywhere between the 15th and the end of the month.
Caller:  Thanks!  [Appreciation]  We’re in the middle, and the storm is about ready to pass. [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen: Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, so to all the single ladies, we will sing Happy Valentine’s Day to you.  As it is a holiday, we probably won’t be here with our regular call. We may not need to be here on Monday if what we hear takes place at the weekend.  If not, we will take President’s Day off, and see what day it happens next week.  We are still in the window, it could still happen today.  I’m sure there are some scheduled times this could come out.  All we can do is sit on the sidelines and watch this game. We are just spectators;  all we can do is sit and wait until the end of the game.  Have you noticed that at the end of the game, people rush down to the court to hug the players, coaches, etc.?  We aren’t players, but we are the ones to rush down onto the court and shake hands.  We then go on with our lives.  That’s what we will do, and think back and reflect on these times.
Let’s wait, watch and be ready.  At the end of the game, we get to celebrate!  Enjoy your weekend, and Happy Valentine’s Day to those who need to have someone say that.  I do believe the final phase has begun.
RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA



Wolfy Says Post RV
Most of us know when we RV and come into our new wealth, that we will be new creatures. To become a new creature or person, you must first lay down the old person or the old way of thinking..

Being wealthy is a whole new way of life that most of us are not used to living.. To succeed we need to put on a whole different way of thinking. 

For example--would we go to a department store to by a NEW coat and try it on over top of our old coat.. No we would not Because it would NOT fit..

First to try on a new coat we must take off our old coat. After taking off our old coat we will find that the new coat fits just fine.

Same way with being a new wealthy person.. Before we can fit into our new life we must lay down our old life.. God wants us to take up our new wealthy life and go forth in his holy name..  To be able to do his holy will for our lives and the lives of others, we simply must take off our old coat and put on our new coat. Think with a brand new attitude that God wants us to do.

Our new wealthy lives are about to start for all of us so get ready to remove your old coat/old way of thinking... Wolfy


Blondie:   JUST RECEIVED THIS PM FROM A MEMBER. MAKES SENSE TO ME. FEEL FREE TO REPOST. Just a little more info. on why Iran will not go before Iraq. Maliki illegally shipped pallets of dinar to Iran and there was much negotiation to get that back as well as other dinar that was smuggled into Iran that would have hurt Iraq big time....It took years.... So if Iran went first...the same thing would happen...Iran could buy up dinar like crazy....citizens and govt....the US will not let that happen again.