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OldSchool:  Guys I have not put out anything for a long time . I had hoped to fade into the sunset never to talk about dinar again . The truth is no matter how bad we want it or how close people think we are . We are not quite there yet .

What I am hearing is 3 weeks at soonest end of February latest . It's all power plays and none of them work out to our timing . I know a lot of people are hurting and it is to bad that greed runs this world .

There are whales swimming across the ocean for a sucker rate deal .

My take on that is it will draw in over 2.5 million notes out of circulation . And it should help increase demand and value . Every one want to give an exact date but the truth is nobody knows we all have pieces . It is rolling out just slower then anyone expected.

I said along time ago it was going to be a slow rollout . It was way slower then even I expected .

Things are moving but don't be looking for it the next couple weeks . You have better chances winning the lottery!! Just hang on a little longer we are almost there .


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Trading    1/10/2016 13:37:16  Link

We all need to keep the faith for this blessing. No question about it.

My last info from the paymaster in concert for the historical bonds is pay outs scheduled from 18 January - till the first week of February. When everything again will be pushed out it will be exactly for the first week of March. Within February will nothing happen due to the Chinese New Year celebration and that takes two weeks!.

Let us cross everything and support everybody that this finally is our end in a few days.
Be blessed!


1-10-2016   Newshound Guru rcookie  Quote:  "Cabinet Advisor for Economic Affairs Mohammad Saleh appearance on Saturday, the Government could borrow part of the money the Central Bank for help in the financial crisis..."   SALEH STATED THAT THERE ARE 50 ARTICLES SIMILAR TO ARTICLE 26 TO INVOKE FOR THE STATE WHEN IN NEED OF DIRE CASH...THIS IS HUGE...CHANGE IN CBI POLICY...AND LAWS...AND THE CBI CHANGE IN POLICY TOWARD ARTICLE 26...BORROWING DIRECTLY FROM CBI...10-15% OF 2015 BUDGET...AND CAN BE LENT IN FOREIGN CURRENCY...COULD NEVER... EVER...EVER HAVE HAPPENED IN MALIKI REGIME...OR WITHOUT IMF MONITORING AND OVERSIGHT THAT IS IN PLACE NOW.

1-10-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   
 ...3 reasons were understood by these COINS...NOT 1 of them was about...A Rate.  The net will continue to try and use these COINS to do the NEW MATH.  Too bad...IOO...They are missing the true...COLOR.

1-10-2016   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   IMO...there was an article out a day or two ago...it happened to mention a "devaluation"...articles today...are IMO pointing to that article and letting the rest of Iraq know the CBI is the one who has control over what the rate will be for the IQD...they are the authority here...any change must and will come through them.  They are letting the citizens know they are well aware that any reduction in the IQD value would mean a disaster for the citizens...again... IMO... these are all good points the CBI is making at this time.


Martha  said: I will be polite but IMO Dr. Clarke’s timetable is off and I firmly believe that China is in control .....not the US CORP.

Anything coming out of our government holds no credence at this time IMO. There are PTB way above all our pay grades that are in control.

Don't talk about sanctions since the world is ignoring them.

Also, Iraq is more than ready and is no longer involved in being controlled by the US. Dr. Clarke’s friend still seems to think that  the US is in the seat of control.

I saw the Preston James article in VT. Link

I now offer into evidence another print of the Preston James article which I highly recommend ALL READ before jumping the gun about March.  Link

Now that you have read it, it is very possible this is a creation of those who think that Russia is in control of the GCR.

Without going into detail, it is highly possible that this is a last minute lame attempt of the US to create a liason with Russia before Putin releases damning information about 911.

am sure you have heard about the new world order, a term that has nothing positive but a world government that will imprison all of us.

I see this as a last ditch effort of our government to upset Dinarland.

China is in control of this GCR/reset and if anything, I doubt that Putin is going to let the US do anything that will damage what has been accomplished at this point.

I am sure we will not hear the end of this especially from Ben Fulford and even the White Dragon Society. My bet is on Iraq, China, the BRICS and the Dragon family.

That post upset so many people unnecessarily and I hope that my letter and copy of my version will help alleviate further dispair. The US has lost the control battle and Russia isn't caving to the NWO premise.

If anything Russia will release the 911 data to the world which further implicate the Bushes, Clintons and so forth..I expect we won't here the end of this.

I confirmed again start dates of 13-15 and others have posted the 15th. I still see one more market correction Sunday/Monday.

China was to do 20%.another 7% to go.  but I will say this - the plan was to totally crash the market and that may still happen but with this warning,

I hope the GCR is a go now. The banks are safe and under control of China and the families. Lets bring it on NOW.

Thanks  Martha


Tennwolfman wrote NOTICE--I will be taking a break from chat for a while--will be lurking some--and may drop in from time to time to say hello--all is well so dont flood my inbox lol Bye for now HUGS
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 Ray said hopefully Monday will be the call... enjoy your day and lets see what happens

Sunny added this to her info: Sorry gang that I missed sharing some info.  I was about to go to sleep last night when something the WF manager said replayed in my mind.  He said  "not to exchange the first week while the value was low."  

I'm thinking this is an example of what we have been warned about so many times.  The excitement of the moment, emotions racing and the brain neurons get overloaded and your no longer calm, cool and collected and don’t assimilate information well.
 If you just want a PB or WM connection and not concerned if they know about the currency, in the past I used, "expecting an inheritance.  It's been tied up in court and I'm interviewing PB, WM to see what their bank can do for me."  Also, you can be vague and say, "there will be a closing in a month."  That terminology will have them jump to the conclusion this is property that your selling and if it is delayed, with real estate they are used to closings being delayed.   To get their attention you need to throw out an amount.  Anything about 1 - 1.5 million will work.

Then I expect he/she will want to connect you with a personal banker/wealth manager and you have the connection you desire.  Again, this worked for me and I got information.  This time it just worked out I connected with someone who has knowledge of the currency changes going on.

And the link that didnt work can now look at this one about the Iran: Iran Sanctions to be Lifted "In a Few Days" Despite Violations at: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/58463/kerry-announces-iranian-deal-implementation-in-a-few-days-despite-bipartisan-opposition-middle-ast/#hJDLljrrusFkIrTG.99
skyward100 wrote GJHonor did you see what Dutchie put up here yesterday out of the blue.
GJHHonor wrote sky no what?
skyward100 wrote Dutchie: all I know "3 banks ready to exchange 1 suckerrate". These banks in Canada, one is in Toronto that is waiting for permission to exchange, so now apparently they are aware. I guess on standby as I see it 

Raed al-Hashemi: delete the zeros will lead to queues in banks to replace banknotes, 10 JAN

Stressed economist Raed al-Hashemi, the deletion of zeros from the local currency needs to be political, security and economic stability, noting that the feminine currency will lead to the feminine economy and facilitate the process of the payments system and raises the value of the currency.

Hashemi said in a dialogue with the (Journal), that "the economic environment you need to create a thoughtful to apply the deletion process through procedures and financial and banking decisions made ​​by the financial authority in the country ".
* raise zeros from the Iraqi currency has a benefit of the Iraqi economy?

- The process of deletion of zeros is a necessary and important step comes as part of the need for the process of administrative reform of the coin contribute -lo been correctly applied with a choice of Almnasp- time in reducing transaction costs and cash transactions in the economic process, and reduce the money supply in the country's size and to facilitate the calculations and reduce the inflating figures not to mention that the issuance of small groups will facilitate policy accounts price.
* What is the correct mechanisms that must be followed until the process of lifting the zeros?

-there are several mechanisms including the selection of the appropriate timing at which the Iraqi economy (one-sided) in a state of stability and economic environment and to create a thoughtful to apply the deletion process and this needs to be procedures for financial and banking and the decisions taken by the Authority Finance in the country, and the need to create a media and psychological community to accept such a decision by the intensive media campaigns before proceeding with implementation, and the implementation of the resolution on the stages of time and leeway enough fear of the events of confusion in the Iraqi market.

* Do you think that the lifting of the zeroes will affect the economy and social stability?
- Yes affect by reducing its currency and thus will lead to the feminine Iraqi economy and facilitate the Iraqi payments system process and raise the value of the currency at least partially slow, and will affect the process in the creation of a worker and myself technician can play a positive role in strengthening the Iraqi dinar, provided that combined with a package of measures to take coordinated and good policies between monetary and fiscal authorities and other episodes concerned the economy.LINK