Friday, January 1, 2016


DAY - ENJOY THE HOLIDAY! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! TNT http://rayren.webs.com/Happy%20New%20Year%202016.jpg
 ABOUT 1:30 PM PM...
dallred123 wrote Hey are we still super excited
sun2day wrote dallred ~~ we're all holding the light for your banker's intel -- faith as we stand together knowing what is near

toddp wrote Bruce's "unbelievable " window has expired. Has anyone heard of a new window? I like dallreds intel banker friend of "wealthy weekend" fame.

REI wrote toddp, how about now till Monday night?
comeonrv wrote Happy New Year TNT Members! Anyone notice that you CANNOT purchase any foreign currency?. the ones we have been using lets you get all the way thru, except will not let you complete purchase. ... the new dinartrade (xchangeamerica), ibuydinar, teasury vault all stopped the last step to purchase... Jan 1, 2, 3 for Iraq could be the 3 days shabs talked about to allow iraqis to celebrate before the world knows. Not looking at dealers as part of the 3 day iraq rv... still says BUY but when you go to purchase, the final step to buy will NOT complete.
luvwulfs wrote GA TNT!!! HNY to ALL!!! On yesterdays call Ray had said some banks have been instructed not to sell anymore currency. I take as very good sign :)'

rojo wrote I have a call in about purchasing Dinar will let you know when he calls me back. I have his cell phone (number)
helzangel1026 wrote GID associates still has "not able to accept orders or payments at this time" on their screen
okrocks wrote I believe Gid was shut with Sterling... if I remember correctly
emon wrote okrocks, yes they were
comeonrv wrote okrocks treasury vault was an ebay dealer & when we went to buy the final BUY STEP would NOT complete the proess.     
okrocks wrote comeonrv that interesting .... cant wait to see how ebay handles that one lol
comeonrv wrote don"t know how to contact Ray. Thought maybe the members were already on this NO CURRENCY PURCHASES!


1-1-2015   Newshound Guru firefly   1190 will never work to cover the budget.  1:1 won't work either.  I don't do rates or dates. What I do know is that pre war the dinar was in the $3 plus range and oil was selling for 32 PB.   I love that opec is decreasing production effective immediately!  The higher the cost of oil, the higher the value of the currency!  Hence opec cutting production effective immediately.   Let's see if they activate the tariffs tomorrow [Friday] and publish the 2016 budget in the Gazette as promised. At least for me that will be a tell tale sign.  Tariffs will need an international rate.

1-1-2016   Newshound Guru wmawhite
   Article quote:  "Changing the currency and the deletion of zeros does not reduce the source of paper...what taken it is that the currency (the dinar) does not stop the replacement limits of the same categories, but will be Asaddarviat monetary larger so that the total number of papers will reach 1.18 billion paper instead of 4 billion paper..."  The article...shows us that the "education" program is in progress to prepare the public for a change in the size of the IQD. the term of "note count" is being stressed so that the public which is used to carrying large amounts of notes will understand that the fewer notes will buy the same as in the past.

1-1-2016   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article quote:  "Zain Cash service enables the subscriber registered in the service of conversion and receive money within Iraq and across Zain Iraq network, is Zain Cash service pioneer and the first of its kind in Iraq."   THEY WILL BE ABLE TO PAY THE BILLS FROM ANYWHERE -- ELECTRONIC PAYMENT IS VERY IMPORTANT AND VERY EXCITING -- NO MATTER HOW TIRED YOU ARE ON THIS RIDE -- THIS IS A WHOOOPOW.  THIS OBVIOUSLY WILL OPEN NEW HORIZONS.  THIS IS INTERNATIONAL COMPLIANCE.  Quote:  "and are subject Zain Cash service is also for all procedures for safe financial transactions in all countries of the world..."  ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD MEANS DEBIT CARDS BEING LOADED IMO -- THE SMART CARD AS WE HAVE WAITED FOR.

TNT :Post by efremneal...military buddy- inlaws exch DINAR in India today, 1 JAN

    • calgoldy said
      05:39 PM Dec 31, 2015
    efremneal wrote moments ago Received a call from a military buddy of mine, his inlays in India exchanged their Dinar today. He didn't know for what Rate! Money in the bank immediately. So excited, had to share. 
    efremneal wrote 18s ago I'm ecstatic , haven't heard from him in over six months. He's been deployed for two years in Korea . 
    efremneal wrote 27s ago To confirm rate Will try Part 2 
    efremneal wrote 1m ago Just sharing the information I received from my buddy, we served two Combat tours together in Iraqi. 
    efremneal wrote 2m ago He said they were very satisfied and excited.

"Approximately 78 Hours" - Intel SITREP from Deep Source(s) for December 31st, 1 JAN

"Approximately 78 Hours" - Intel SITREP from Deep Source(s) for December 31st:

12/31/2015 08:33:00 PM  .

SITREP (Situation Report) 12-31-1510:56 PM ET

Deep Source (RV/GCR):

"In approximately 78 hours from now, Iraq will have revalued their currency. If this does not occur, we will send out a SITREP."

Deep Source (Resistance): "No information available at this time."

Deep Source (The Alliance): "No information available at this time."

Note from Deep Source(s):

"Please note: Intel that is being provided from us to you is indeed accurate but completely raw and does have a tendency to not follow through. There is no denying that we are all in frustration and loss of patience. It is entirely a fact that intel being provided is real, but there are constant on-going activities that change the situation. This is agonizing but you mustn't lose hope. Nothing lasts forever."


Iko Ward:  Happy New Year, folks. I'm lurking today just like you. Most reports are saying sometime over the weekend with us in the banks on Monday. Guess we'll just have to wait. Have a great day.

BrocollySaurus :  World markets summary by CNN: This is latest update, Wednesday was the last day open markets should open on Monday 4th.

"Asian markets finished mixed as of the most recent closing prices. The Nikkei 225 gained 0.27% and the Hang Seng rose 0.15%. The Shanghai Composite lost 0.95%." 

"European markets finished mixed to lower as of the most recent closing prices. Shares in Germany fell as the DAX dropped 1.09%. The FTSE 100 lost 0.51% while the CAC 40 in France closed unchanged."

"North and South American markets are lower today with shares in U.S. off the most. The S&P 500 is down 0.94% while Brazil's Bovespa is off 0.70% and Mexico's IPC is lower by 0.08%."


TNT : 

efremneal :  Received a call from a military buddy of mine, his inlaws in India exchanged their Dinar today. He didn't know for what Rate! Money in the bank immediately. So excited, had to share.

I'm ecstatic , haven't heard from him in over six months. He's been deployed for two years in Korea .

Just sharing the information I received from my buddy, we served two Combat tours together in Iraqi.

He said they were very satisfied and excited.

FaithB52:   efremneal Thank you for your service to our great nation! .

OKRocks:  Live link Dubai news, fireworks and fire

SassyD:  The Drudge Report is just full of "Goodies" today !!!! .. http://drudgereport.com/

Rrrr:  What a Year this has been. Our dreams of abundance so close, so redundant. The lows are constant, but the highs so exciting. But our moments seems clear and so intensely inviting. The past has served as a Tudor, appreciate our knowing, that although the final moment is unclear, our resolve continually growing. So Glasses up Dinarians, Lets close out 2016 with a toast. Let our New Year begin with a worldwide commitment to make the world a better place, spreading love and contentment.


dallred123 wrote Got a text that just said have a very wealthy weekend from my bank buddy

dallred123 wrote
I am pumped
luvwulfs wrote Depends Alerrt!!!