Monday, December 26, 2016


CrimsonTide:  Options Post by alch11 : UPDATE: The 'public event' was the public release of the so-called 800 numbers, which was originally scheduled for December 24 @ mid-night; it did not happen at that time due to a power glitch which occurred at the moment of attempted release, so I have been advised. Stand by, as this could now occur at any moment. Best regards. Al Hodges

Dragonfly:  This thing is like a freight train, nothing can stop it once is starts, the question is did it start moving already? According to all so called gurus it did start an we are in the process of it reaching its destination...

Darky:   Dragonfly We are nearing the end that is a true statement.

Dragonfly:  Darky, yes we are....Have to have patience to wait till its comes to a complete stop,and than we can get off of it and walk into a bank the receive our rewards...

MichW628: Further Update: By way of explanation the 800#s relate only to the imminent Global Currency Reset.

As I have suggested in the past, it represents a public event by which CMKX s/h's can receive some notice of the nearness of receipt of their first payment.

 Unfortunately I am prohibited from discussing MCs payment schedule directly

I have offered the only signpost that I can find which seems helpful. In point of fact, I am able to tell you that the current protocol requires the payment to MC, and the public release of the 800#s to be coincident.

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