Saturday, December 3, 2016


12-3-2016   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke   [If Mosul is not finished in December, will that delay this longer due to “security” concerns?]  As of “Right Now”, the TIMING of Mosul, is irrelevant, as to the increase and International status release of the Dinar. Nothing you hear or see about Mosul, will be an accurate description of what’s really going on there, especially from here on out - and that’s why you hear so many reports that conflict with each other. It’s supposed to. This is war. Forget about Mosul and the timing of the Dinar.  We’re now past that stage of concern, and strategy. ISIS is already contained enough, and has been for a few weeks now, in order to increase the value substantially and make it International in status - OFFICIALLY - which means it’s FORMALLY ANNOUNCED & printed on the CBI WEBSITE. Until this happens, it’s ALL just hearsay, and means nothing - BECAUSE, you can’t go exchange it - YET. 

12-3-2016  Newshound Guru Breitling 
  Here’s the difference between Iraq and Turkey…the one thing you need to understand is that Turkey got rid of the three zeros on it’s notes.  In other words their note count never changed.  They never took any notes out of the market…why is Iraq taking physical notes out of their market?  ...Turkey took three zeros off their currency, they didn’t take any physical notes out…they pretended they reduced the note count by taking the three zeros off the notes.   We know Iraq is not doing the same thing.  Why?  Because they physically took notes out of circulation.  They already retired the 50 dinar note.  So they went from 9 billion notes to 6 billion notes.  Did they take any zeros off in that process?  No!  They went from 6 billion to 4 billion.  Did they pretend there were any zeros off their notes at any time?  No!  Did they retire any notes that they had out there?  Yes…they retired the 50 dinar note.  How people don’t see the difference..either they don’t or it’s just too much to handle.  This isn’t for everybody…It can’t just be on hope and prayer cause you end up loosing.  There has to be logic somewhere.  

12-3-2016   Intel Guru Blondie
   Article from Iraq surfaced within the last number of hours quoting U.S. Secretary of Defense Carter Ashe as saying "he was confident that the days of a few Daesh in Mosul." Great news! Formal Mosul liberation appears to be close at hand!

12-3-2016   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  
...they are working with us, the IMF, the UN and the world...they need international acceptance.  Iraq's currency situation is getting better and better - ISIS money being destroyed. AND - we've got the major players hunting "smuggled currency"... DAILY.  My guess...there is likely 10-20% of the outstanding currency there was a couple of years ago... Economic and monetary reform is already on the way (started)... HANG ON!!

12-3-2016   Intel Guru Bluwolf
   We are close people. All the loops both on the political as well as in greedy established ones have been dealt with in its entirety.  One last word, just have everything ready.

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