Sunday, November 6, 2016


OffGrid:  Haider Al-Abadi ‏@HaiderAlAbadi 3 minutes ago PM Al-Abadi in Mosul today visiting frontline commanders and troops

Haider Al-Abadi ‏@HaiderAlAbadi 5 minutes ago Mr Premier, armed forces Commander General Haydar Abadi visits the Church of Mar gorgis in bartella

Ecubucs:  OffGrid, I'm still convinced that the US Elections have are part of the reason why this hasn't been released yet..... Should I say.... Released to our level yet! I Do feel as though it has been released to the sovereigns and are being traded on high platforms we would never see!

Dallred123:  I agree it is released just not public

Ecubucs:  dallred, that is my position now... Just don't see this happening prior to the US Elections... Please PROVE ME WRONG!!! PLEASE!!!

Ecubuc:  The GCR is moving! Some countries are readjusting both up and down! Egypt just readjusted two days ago!

Fitgerald:   ARE WE THE PUBLIC???????

Ecubucs:  firtzgerald Yes. Unless we are part of a private group we would be! We are an internet group and therefore we should find out prior to the "Public" but we are still part of the public IMO

Offgrid:  ecubucs --- if ANY of this is to go public, then imo the Public would be in crisis thinking mode since everything just went upside down on them ... So, imo, they have a script to create a national crisis - probably election related - so they can present the 'reasonable solution' to the public and let things unfold as they are required to do. ... just thinking outloud here ;)

Ecubucs:  OffGrid We are thinking very much alike!!! To me that makes perfect sense!

Dallred123:  Yes and we all thought all countries would go at the same time but they are not

Ecubucs:  dallred, each group of baskets will most likely go at the same time... Yes, some of these baskets are going prior to ours!

Dallred123:  So we wait to find the crisis

Jacksmits:  ecubucs i think the distinction there is we will get the public announcement but being informed and more connected to the ongoing story, will be able to react and engage more quickly than the average John Q Public….. I think the vast majority of the public will just ignore it as inconsequential news headlines to their lives

Ecubucs:  Absolutely JackSmits!!! I totally agree with your statement!


Ecubucs:  fitz what was known as the Admiral's group is now the Private Wells Fargo Exchange Group... The Admiral per say has NO Group... He must sign for the US to start the exchange in basic terms...

Jacksmits:  I thought, and the original website for General64 was the new Private Wells Fargo Exchange Group.....at least that's what they told me when they put me on the PWFEG list

Ecubucs:  Yes JackSmits it was the old General64 group from years ago... There is simply No Admiral's Group.

Dallred123:  Well elections is Tuesday so that means anytime Wednesday or after

Steadfast:  ecubucks, do you think it will happen shortly after the election, or will we have to wait a while.?

Ecubucs:  Steadfast, That's the question none of us can answer! I'm praying just like everyone in here that we are just That close!!! I believe before this happens that the world powers need to see who is now in the position of the US Presidency... Regardless of who it is.. I think that has to be a known factor first.. Again, jmo

Hitdoc:  ecubucs..... I’ve all ways said after the election ....but i got jumped on ......LOL

DesertJar5:  All the things Tony said would happen just before the RV happens is happening

Dallred123:  lets all just be ready…. because nov 8th is just a few days away

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