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BRUCE:  Welcome everybody to the Big Call. We have new numbers and we are making transition into our new lives coming up. Banking institutions requested numbers outside of the United States.

BRUCE:  What is going on and are we almost home with the currencies we hold in terms of the blessing we are expecting? What I am finding the last few days is a lot of activity and movement of funds.

There has been a high level of expectation extremely high yesterday and last night. However, today direction has not been quite as clear as far as the information coming through. The information is not quite as clear as the information the last few days.

BRUCE: One thing I noticed is as far as Iraq is concerned is we know Iraq is pretty much done and complete. What we do hear about Iraq is chaos, ISIS, Mosul back.  We are finding that Mosul was taken over bit by bit and the Iraqi flag put up every time they took back portion of the city.

Right now we hear 40 flags have been placed in Mosul, maybe more now. Our news is letting us know that in Iraq there are celebrations.  We heard there were fireworks yesterday afternoon throughout the country. Iraq did reinstate and revalue their rate.

BRUCE:  Why are the UN Operational rates not showing? They are not going to bring them up for us until they are ready for us to see them. We look for that to happen anytime, maybe tomorrow.

Same thing as with the Forex. The Forex rates are noted in Europe and Asia for a few days now, but we are not able to see them. Again, we will see them when the time for us to see them is correct. We are looking forward also to see the new bank screen rates of currencies in the first basket.

BRUCE:  Last night a lot of information came through as far as banking. There was banking reset overnight in little over in 11 minutes. Very large funds in the octillions (27 zeros after the one.  One took place 2am last night, another one this afternoon about 12 hours later. Another one we are hearing suppose to take place sometime tonight. What they are doing is going to multiple banks throughout the world as in AIIB. 

Bruce:  Rest assure that everything is being set for you as the new banking system, the new books set. November 1 is a significant date, a restart globally. Things are moving along nicely. Maybe that is why we thought we would go even as since last night.

Things are cued up, ready. Prosperity Packages are ready to go out, ready for dispersal. The private groups, sub groups from out west, those have been hydrated.  Those people are about to be emailed so they can be hydrated and get their funds that they are due.

For example: large humanitarian funding source that has been instructed by the Federal Reserve, they have a 3 day roll out plan that started today. I think that is something positioned with the timing to coincide with the shotgun start we talked about.

This include our notification, emails to some members, sub group members, also the Prosperity Packages, complete hydration of large humanitarian funding source through grants and some loans throughout the world. We will be involved in that too.

Realistically a lot of us are involved in that work ourselves. The founders of the plan we are about to embark upon designed for us to be hydrated, chosen ones to do just that. To take care of employment issues, funding humanitarian projects, help infrastructures, etc.  

BRUCE:  Right now I would say a lot is going on politically. A lot going on seems to be chaotic. Never had an election process with this much chaos. What we need to do is look beyond that essentially to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow symbol of hope and promise. We are going through this enduring our own possible chaotic situation as a way of refining.

Look at it as a refining process. Anything not pure, not needed, anything that is ready to be shed off. That is what is going on with us. A process of refinement and cleansing. I look forward to beyond this process, beyond the chaos, beyond the things that do not feel good or look good and get into an area where things are more pure.

BRUCE:  In terms of where we are now.  You guys know with the ZIM yesterday in Zimbabwe they put out their new Zimbabwe dollar being treated as a currency and bond. It validates our ZIM that we have.  You are holding something extremely valuable.

We don’t put actual high rates on this call. The rates for the ZIM are into the 5 digit range. The rate is very well into that. It is a negotiated rate. Not the true sovereign rate but certainly assessable for us.

All I am saying is the ZIM you are holding is extremely valuable regardless the denominations.  There are no zeros off. It is a bond. The banks, especially the lead bank, Wells Fargo, HSBC, AIIB, and the Peoples Bank of China are very much interested in recalling those bonds from us.

It is very important for us to set appointments and go in quickly so that we can be hydrated and redeem those bonds. They are realistically currency and bonds and validated by the country of Zimbabwe. Feel good about that. We can see the finish line but we are not quite there. Keep running the race. There will be a break through coming up. Be aware of that.  Rest assure the end is there.

BRUCE:  I do know that they are ready to let this thing go when they are ready. We can’t control that.  Keep your "A" game going, plan "A" going. Keep doing whatever it is you need even if it is a survival mode. Employment wise, don’t stop your day job until the blessing is in front of you, until you have the blessing.

We have to be responsible to say yes I will get there and it is coming, and I know fairly soon until that time I going to keep doing what I need to do to have my bills paid, take care of my family, etc. Remember that is important to sustain yourselves. God will provide for your needs and make yourself available so he can bless you.

BRUCE:  Our currencies are strong, banks are ready, and redemption centers have been ready. It is a matter of a two step call in process. One number, a call to a central call in number. Then based on your zip code, they give you a number in your region to call to set you appointment to go to a redemption center.  

I am looking forward to that. We don’t know how the numbers are coming out whether through Intel providers and sites. We just don’t know yet.

BRUCE:  I just got some Intel.  The latest bit of Intel.  The Paris Agreement was suppose to go in effect the fourth of November. It went into effect today! That is big news. The Paris agreement going in effect today.  The world is gold backed now.

TANK:  I was going to mention the 4th. I am on the UN web site right now. I want us to be aware and read their language.  (Tank read UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon statement from the website) I think that is exciting. Speaking with that kind of authority and it went into effect today.

BRUCE: Thank you Tank for finding that. This is very good piece of news and perfect timing of this Intel segment. It is saying we are really there. We are just waiting until we are notified. The notification to begin our exchanges is the last step in our process. This is a huge step in our process. 

Thank you, Robert, for bringing that information about the Paris Agreement going in effect today. That being said, I really feel we are getting the kind of information, about that much money in 100s of octillions that have been transferred though out the world today and continuing to do that from an account that is really big which is something good for us and humanity to pay off the debt of the world and invest in people lives and infrastructure throughout the world.

Looking forward to receiving our final notification. That is the best Intel we can give right now. Maybe there will be more Intel at end of the call.

ANK:  I am very happy right now. Amazing news. Be in faith and be the person you are meant to be. I am excited for everybody on the call.

BRUCE:  Thank you Bob, Sue, Tank, Robert, Yosef and all the listeners in Big Call universe. Thank you the Banking institutions. We are looking forward to being partners with all the Banks.

Not forget our hometown banks, small banks, and Abbott Downing. It is going to be a quite of an exchange. Looking forward to it. Looking forward to the notification numbers. Hope this is the last pre-blessing call. Stay tuned to the site to see what we have scheduled on our site: thebigcall.net

BRUCE:  Thank you to all those in the United States and outside of the United States, all our international listeners. Thank you all very much.  Looking forward to a wonderful future. Appreciate everybody. Good Night Everybody.


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