Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Recap/Excerpt Of the Big Call 10-18-16

Recap/Excerpt  Of the Big Call 10-18-16

PinkRoses CC Notes

Bruce   In Iraq a lot has happened the last five days. Iraq, as far as we know has been completed everything except in process passing the 2017 Budget. They are voting on that tomorrow [Wednesday].   If they pass that, the new in country rate for Iraq should be in the budget...Everything else is complete.

 We are in process of regaining in Iraq Mosul back from ISIS.  I also know 6 out of 7 banks out of Mosul were up and running yesterday, able to be online and good to go from what I understood yesterday.  We did hear increases of rates in the first basket.

 We are getting very positive feedback where we want to be at this time. Not calling it... I have heard any moment even tonight. We highly are expectant any moment.

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