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KTFA Conference Call  MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2016

FrostyTheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS ...

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Tonight’s call began by playing three Christmas Carols:
#1 – “White Christmas”
#2 - “It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas”
#3 – “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”
Frank26:  What is the CBI doing?  Can you keep a secret?  It seems to me, that those inside of the CBI are keeping good secrets – (the best that they can).

here are things occurring behind the scenes with the Monetary Reform.  There is movement of “stuff” that Iraqi citizens need … hammers, computer, rice & beans.
IMO … countries are interested in doing business with Iraq … and Iraq is paying them … maybe the IMF is paying them … the international world is doing business with Iraq … and they are paying for their goods.  WHOA!  Do you understand that?  Are you with me?  Are you listening?  IMO -- if that is true … if the international world is gaining confidence with Iraq and the new ministers working with Abadi.  Do you think the WTO and World Bank is watching?  Are they impressed?  Can they pay their own bills? Humm.
A week ago, Sunday at 3:03 am Iraqi time … there was the “start” of the operations of Mosul … but I would say it was also the start of international business because they were put on a WHITE LIST.
I believe that this TRANSITIONAL RATE that is being used … (not in front of our eyes, nor the CBI … because by law, they would have to tell you they are) … is being used … to bring in these goods.
Remember … within 10 business … (normally 30) … there would be some needed info passed to the IMF or in increase in the rate to qualify with what they are doing within their budget.
May I suggest … there may be a SWAP … not of currency … but of an EXCHANGE RATE … within the SwiftNet system.
IMO -- the SwiftNet is a using a derivative … (we think) … within the next 10 days … to do a CURRENCY SWAP with the rate of the IQD against … (possibly) a basket of currencies.
And that’s the end of our conference call … thank you very much for coming … because that in itself would be more than enough to share with you. (just kidding)
Please take these “suggestions” to God in prayer.
Watch them.
Watch them possibly become real.
The citizens needed to trust the banks … but the international banks need to trust Iraq and their government. 
From black, to gray, to white … (the list) … it means they are UNRESTRICTED!!!  We told you this!  This is the freedom of movement and possibly within their capital … all IMF requirements.
    The Credit Rating
    Security of Corruption
    Money Laundering
    Financial Terrorists
    Legalities, Laws, ICC
    Banking Structures & Standards
These are NOT just movements so they can just play Tittle-De-Winks!
This is the Monetary Reform begin born in front of your eyes!
I believe that a countdown with the IMF started around that time.
We (non-Iraqi citizens) will probably never see a 1 to 1 rate … because a Transitional Rate (TR) may take it well past it!!!
The CBI and our CC Notes … are finding commonality.
Please remember … the CBI … does NOT have to tell you anything.  They do NOT owe you an explanation whatsoever.  It should be so.
Delta sends his regards and love.  He sends his patience.  He studies the CBI website for us … reads every article … interrupts them.  He pays attention to the spreadsheet … shows key numbers … projected rates … but some fields are blank.  Projected rates show 14 to 15 cents … but the 2016 is blank.  Now, some are no longer variables … they are now derivatives.  So many things … and all before November.
We believe the Abadi and Saleh are sending confirmations/documentations to the IMF within the 10 days that we talked about --- which are coming to a close … all BEFORE November.  IMO --- all an indication of their financial reform.

IMO -- each member of the IMF needs verification … before any change in rate … to be completed before November.

IMO – that includes a rate change … that deals with contract goods.

The letter to the IMF lets each member within the IMF knows of the rate.  The IMF cannot finalize the agreement with Iraq until they see documentation.

I told you, I don’t think we’ll ever see 1 to 1.  They might surprise us all with the international rate when it does come out.  In the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, it used to be around $2.80.  When Saddam took over, it was over $3 … and the Gulf Currency is launching around $2.60 to $2.70 … which is a fair number to start at.

We believe that the IMF may meet on the 7th of November to see if Iraq completed all they needed to do … but IMO … meetings are ongoing now.   The CBI will not be involved in any of this because they can keep a secret.

Please understand derivatives I’m not going to be your math teacher.  IMO -- variables that are now derivatives.

Mosul is still with/without the liberation … but the IMF does not care about Mosul. 

The IMF is in business to make money with Iraq.  There is no profit at a program rate.
The IMF does not care about 2017. 

IMO – the MR consists of the RI … and that is for the IMF.

The international world which consists of the Economic Reforms … which is the RV --- (which is not a part of the IMF).

I believe that the RI is for the IMF which is part of the MR. 

The RV is for the international investors.

This will be the FINAL letter to the IMF within these 10 days. 

It will give the IMF a good idea of when Iraq will raise the value of their currency.

Give us Fallujah … and you have the ECONOMIC REFORMS.

Give us Mosul … and you have the MONETARY REFORMS.

IMO -- I believe that we are within 1 to 2 clicks outside of Mosul. 

Therefore, we are very close to the center. 

Right now it is the Kurds Army that surrounds Mosul … that is exactly the way it should be.

The most important thing about Mosul right now is … the “CENTER.”

The CENTER … if all of Iraq was like a bulls-eye … I believe that the center of Mosul is the bulls-eye itself.
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