Friday, September 9, 2016


Bruce:  Welcome Everybody. Nice date. I know we are at the right place at the right time and excited where we are believe it or not tonight.
Bruce:  What is going on right now?  Let’s start with Iraq. We heard yesterday that Iraq’s financial and monetary reforms have been announced by Abadi in Iraq.  This is what would serve as the international announcement that their currency is internationally tradable.
Their key cards funded, pre paid debit cards can be used anywhere in the world. Some in US received key cards.  We knew one individual received with back pay on his key card all the way back to January. We knew he had rate over $5.
Since then the rate has gone up higher. So we are encouraged Keycards are being used all over the world through the CIPS system and maybe couple of other systems through Chase. We are excited about that for the Iraqi people.

Bruce: There was administration hold on large funds in this country, but that hold was let go yesterday morning, very early in the morning.
We know some humanitarian funders have received their funds.  Some other people received funds in result of that. That is a very good thing for us. Really we understand those were the last pieces of the puzzle we referred to on Tuesday night call. Glad that has been taken care of and world collateral accounts moving and funding moving throughout the system.
Bruce:  Paymaster accounts have been funded. Activity took place at the G20 is coming through. The 30 different treaties are beginning to take effect. We are seeing evidence of that now.
We are in situation now we are in the calm before the storm. We know even though we don’t have specific dates and times, we can talk about or know for fact that there has been things said that indicate we are exactly at the right place at the right time. That we are truly, (based on the evidence,) at the end of the ride to receive this blessing very shortly based on evidence even through tonight.
Bruce: In terms of the tiers we believe we moved through some of the Prepaids that have been handled, the SKRs and even the beginning of the prosperity packages have begun to go out. We thought it happened week or two ago, but it appears more signatures to various treaties needed to be handled.
Hot spots at the time of the G20 meeting have been handled. The hot spots minimize now so there are no hold ups for events around the world.
Bruce: The possibility of numerics.  We know coming up on 9/9/2016.  There are 3 9s (9) (9) (2 +1+6=9). We know those numbers are important.  Possible we will have those in sequence. Those are meaningful for our friends in the Far East.
Bruce:  I heard positive things in the timing where we are at.  I can’t tell you definitively we have it now, but hang on there a little bit more.  We will see the results. I am excited, encouraged. Some things new that has happened and not happened before not even on Tuesday.
Some things happened yesterday and today. Some in financial world are on blackout and not able to communicate as freely as they did is good sign for us. We are excited because we know we have a very interesting life changing event about to take place. We need one more thing: a toll free number so we can proceed. 
We will put that out so everyone can gently set their appointments to go in and exchange with the redemption of their currency. We are getting down to that point… highly expectant for that toll free number to come. We will move into a new paradigm in our life to help ourselves, families and millions and even billions to help people to reach their dreams.
That is our hope. we have talked about our plans for humanitarian efforts to hydrate the world to employ people, feed people, build entire cities and villages, schools, health and well being, energy projects, etc. We have all this in front of us.
Many of you listeners will participate in this with partnering with Well Fargo, Abbott Downing, RBC, TD, Scotia AIIB, People bank of China as well, HSBC, etc. to achieve our humanitarian projects as soon as we receive this blessing. It is not about us, not about us having things. 
Yes, we can have a few nice things, ride, home, clothes.  All of that is great, but also is hydrating the world. If they don’t have a dream we will teach them to have a dream.  There is poverty all over the US.  We will help those people to make sure they have employment, decent working wage to feed their families.  
This is an answer to history and prayer, and we are about to witness to all of it. I am excited as I ever been. I am not that excitable, but I am excited now. That is all I have for Intel section, but may have more later on the call.

Bruce: (later on in the call more Intel) All I can say things are happening out west that are affecting what it is we are looking and waiting for. Some things are happening with the money moving, certain individuals that are key to this to get things done. Monies, packages are moving into the que to be handled now. Things are lining up to get into the payment stream if you well so we also are in que not too far behind these things.
I am excited about the timing.  I think we should pay attention to tomorrow’s date and keep an eye on it. Stay close to whatever you use for your information about the blessing.  
Obviously if we get heads up whether in early hours of the morning or later on in the morning, we will put out a call which will be recorded. Also a link for it which we will put out on our website and it will show up on various other sites which you know about.  
Also a link to the celebration call, and post of toll free number to set your appointment. Don’t know exact timing, we are approximately, things moving forward to the direction we want it to move to. This is another nugget for you.


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