Friday, August 26, 2016


SITREP  Friday  4:00:00 EDT    August 26, 2016

Abbot Downing now is receiving 15 separate tranches to hydrate all US ZIM redeemers this coming week.  Then disbursing funds out to their 17 separate locations through out the US. 

Tranche sizes have ranged from 8.5 to 11 Quad--with all going immediately into T1 sovereign roll over programs that generate 100 times the principal in 24 hours.

Yes that equates into quint trillions of USN being generated to hydrate all ZIM redeemers no matter the amount being redeemed.

For some these numbers are hard to swallow let alone believe.  However to those who work in this field these return and investment numbers are everyday events.

For their part Abbot Downing gets 0.0003 commission on all redemptions as well as long term management responsibilities in conjunction with Wells Fargo.

The RV will make Abbot Downing the largest assets under management investment firm in the US (maybe the world), and Wells Fargo the largest retail bank overnight.

Word at Abbot Downing is that they are working on September 5th--Labor Day--when the general public is scheduled to be allowed in to bank branches as to convert their first basket currencies.

And that private redemptions would go sometime before that date--which includes those paying close attention via the Internet (like yourself).

Toll free 800# release time is still unknown, but ever immanent given the performance actions taken prior to this weekend.  Look to late Saturday night between 8pm - 2am as the optimal RV go times--when all global markets and banks are closed.

We're still however in an any minute, any second alert status through this weekend.

God is with us.

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