Saturday, August 27, 2016


PinkRoses:  My Personal Thoughts this Friday evening of August 26, 2016:

The past few weeks I have stepped back and taken a breath and quiet moments to contemplate all that are going on in Dinarland. Yes, I am a newbie compared to how many years many of you have been involved and waiting for the RV to happen. In a few days it will be exactly 3 years since I learned about this Rv.

Since then I have joined several sites which I appreciate very much so to stay informed with other fellow dinarlans.
I truly miss Tony’s conference call and hearing Pam’s voice. Gosh we all rode the rollercoaster ride so many times. I had to learn to stay calm inside knowing the latest window may come and go. Intel providers have worked very hard to give all of us in Dinarland the latest up to date information.

What is wonderful is each of us still have a choice to listen to whoever we want to, take in whatever information is out there and either accept it if it resonates with you or let it go and move on.

What have been disturbing to me are the critical negative words that I read on sites about different Intel providers. I stop and think that we are such a very small part of the world’s population and yet we have this beautiful wonderful once in a life time blessing. Just think about it, someone had the heart to tell us about this blessing.
It is an honor and privilege to be able to receive such a bountiful blessing and then share that blessing with people in such dire need all over the world. That is where my heart is and what I think about each day. It gives me such joy to plan and visualize my PIF plans coming to a reality one day.

 If an Intel provider gives information that just doesn’t set with me that is fine because most likely there are many that will read or hear that information and it is just what they need to hear to stay on this roller coaster ride.
I think of Tony, DC, Okie, RayRen, Gerry, Bruce, Nancy, Fisher, Frank, Tank, Dr WC, Yosef, Bill, and others who given us so much of their life so we can have Intel. Also, there are those who provide websites for us Dinariians to go on and have a place to gain more information and talk with other Dinarians.

There is one person I wish to thank also and that is Yosef. Yosef, thank you for all your heartfelt words to keep us encouraged and informed.
There are many of us who do appreciate all you have given to the Dinarland family. Thank you from our heart to your heart always. We are all part of the Dinarland family, a group of people believing, hoping and having faith that one day we will be able to exchange our currencies that we hold and go forth and give back by helping others.

Bruce reminds us this on each of his calls that we have a responsibility to do this. As he just said last night, Thursday, “To much is given, much is required”. My goal is to live up to that to do the best I can with my blessing.
In conclusion, we all have come so far. We are united in spirit and thought with one goal to exchange our currency and go forth to whatever direction that is for each of us. If these are the last few days or weeks or months of this waiting period, it be wonderful to just honor each other, and not be cruel with comments what another person says or believes.

 Honor each other with respect and love for each other the way each of us wishes to be treated. Again, thank you to all the Intel providers, the Dinar sites, and all the Intel gatherers behind the scenes.

This roller coaster ride will be awesome to get off one day, but a ride I will never forget or regret riding on and honored to be given the privilege of doing so. Many hugs to all and blessings for each of you and your family always,

Love and hugs,    Pinkroses

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