Friday, August 26, 2016


8-26-2016   Newshound Guru rcookie   Article:  "Documentation" general amnesty law passed by the Iraqi parliament today"   PUT THIS ONE IN A GOLD FRAME!   Article:  "Jubouri: Parliament pasts passage of important legislation and wait for Justice and Accountability Act"   WOW!!...SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY 30TH...BUT THEY ARE WORKING ON VERBIAGE OF CONTENTIOUS ARTICLE WITHIN THE LAW...JUST LIKE GEN AMNESTY... THIS IS GOOD!  JUST WHAT THE IMF ORDERED...THIS IS GETTING REALLY INTERESTING!

8-26-2016   Newshound Guru Mountainman
    TIME is RUNNING OUT...The OLD PLAY BOOK will NO LONGER Hold It's TRADITIONAL Weights and Measures So to Speak...and the MARKETS are ACUTELY AWARE to the COMING Changes, they Just haven't Figured Out {ALL} the DETAILS YET...However, like EVERYTHING Else in this WORLD...TIMING Will MANIFEST that Which is HIDDEN and {ALL} Will Come to Light, at The SPEED of LIGHT...Thru TECHNOLOGY and CYBERSPACE via the IEX and CIPS. THE GLOBAL STAMPEDE and The MARKETS will...shall We Say, Have A CHAIN REACTION that Will ENSUE...INDEED IMO.

8-26-2016   Intel Guru Bruce   I am excited about where we are to our blessing. We are getting close.  The banks are ready.   As far as timing, you know as a disclaimer we don’t call it. We can’t pick a date or day.  Intel is tight because it is quiet out there.  Iraq is up and running, lower denominations out. Last part of the amnesty law suppose to be voted on this morning [Thursday]. The rates are basically good and soundly high. Hopefully we get the go signal soon.

8-26-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   I see Mosul being given to you bit by bit...counterfeiting coming to an end and being dealt with...and all the systems they are putting up and all the agencies that are there...there is a lot of policing going on...and this is what we need…the corruption has got to stop in order for them to give you Mosul...in order for them to give you the MR...and and I see the 2017 budget...they are going to have it in mid-September...I see the CBI working with banks...I see companies that are coming in...I see a lot of things that are very good.  ...they are going to come out with a 100,000 note...It is for banking business and they even made it very clear that is what it was for...these higher notes will eventually become a part of the electronic digital system that Iraq is going into...   This is their plan...the plan that was derived in December with the IMF and Iraq along with Dr. Shabibi and Abadi...and we basically said at that time the US which is basically the IMF took Iraq by the ear and said...we are going to throw you into the international world in the first half and in the second half it is up to you to raise your value and that is where we are at right now..

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