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Steve & Member Q & A, 2 JULY

Steve & Member Q & A
Creed123, said:  I'm just really grounded after the number of years I've been in this. This is the only site I check. I do trust when Steve and company tells us they have direct factual information as their credibility is absolutely gold.
Steve you have mentioned you are hopeful for July a few times. Is that based on news or information from your sources? Happy 4th!

Stevel:   Here is my reasoning for mentioning July a few times.
There seems to be a very good sound agreement between the IMF and Iraq. Now I would be happy to explain my concerns.
I referenced in a post (http://forums2014.pe...nking/?p=840163) the initial "Letter of Intent" and "Memorandum of Understanding". This was dated December 22, 2015. A lot of things can happen between then and now.
One of our members posted something to the effect of the signing of this agreement I believe in March of this year. Now the so called "Letter of Intent" had some very specific details regarding the Foreign Exchange Policy.

When I read that section, among other it was very exciting to say the least.

owever, I have not seen any final document that was signed with the same conditions. It could be very possible that Iraq and the IMF negotiated various terms thought that agreement and the one in December is not necessarily the one signed in March. Do you see where I am going with this?
If we all knew for a fact that the March final agreement was exactly as the December agreement, I would pretty much say this is a done deal in July or when Iraq receives their first loan payment.
If Iraq and the IMF changed those terms and conditions and Iraq receives their first payment and the rate stays the same, then there will be some devastated people including the so called experts because they have blinders on and did not see this happening.
So you ask, is this what is going to happen? Not one of us including my contacts know the answer to this question. So if you want to be set up for a major setback and disappointment, then go right ahead, or you can simply sit back and see what happens over the next few weeks.
This is all I was trying to convey. The bottom line is, if the exact same terms and conditions were in the final signed agreement, they you all should start smiling and get ready for something very exciting. If not, we sit back and keep working on what is really going on and continue the wait letting it come to us.
I hope this helps. Happy Holidays.  Warm Regards,  Steve
The S Family said:  I was hoping for an rv at a point during these past 6 years, because a person I have planned to gift some dinar to was going to file bankruptcy. I was hoping it would rv so I could help her not have file

Well of course it didn't rv, but during these last few years, she's had to trust in and rely on God to get her through. She's a stronger person in her trust and relationship with God now and that wouldn't be the case if the rv would have happened. it is still hard to wait day after day, but it proves all things work for his good.
Stevel:   As long as this is not a life saver then all is good. It is the people who was probably sold a bill of goods guaranteeing enormous gains. Well, this is not a for sure thing. It is like investing in stock. Some make money and some lose money, regardless this appears so far to be a positive one. Time will tell.
Have a safe summer.  Steve
BANE said: On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest that this will RV. What do you think Steve?

Stevel:   What time frame?
BANE said:  oh Steve...I mean ever happening.  Hmm. time frame.  how about this year?
And 550, I didn´t notice it!  Been here since 2010 though.  The Mexicans do not celebrate fourth of July.  But we do have something planned that is pretty cool for July 1st.  At my restaurant we will have our first wedding.  They are actually getting married at my place.  What a thrill!

BANE, said:  On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest that this will RV.  What do you think Steve?
Stevel:   Put me on the spot here will you. :) On a scale of 1 to 10, I am going to go out on a limb here and say 9 for the current value increasing. The reason for a 9 is the backing of other international recognized institutions like the IMF, World Bank and others that would like to see Iraq emerge as a successful player in the global economy.
Also, Iraq is promoting their country as a place to invest in. They want foreign companies and other countries to participate in their resources. If I or any big company for that matter were to go to Iraq, I would not want to get paid in their currency but rather US Dollars.
Last I recall, the CBI is reducing the USD within their county and encouraging everyone to use the Iraqi currency. This will never happen at the current rate regardless how much oil they have. Remember, they have many other resources that are not controlled by international groups.
Now for the second part of the question, when, very confident this year so I will give it an 8. The reason for this number is that many unplanned events can consume Iraq and perhaps move plans further out into the future. 

 am heavily invested in this investment and I have no plans on giving up anytime soon. I totally understood when going into this that was a chance of this never happening, however, it is still a currency, and agree its value is weak, but never the less, it still has a value and I can at anytime cash it in.
I many not break even but for the most part with the exception of fees, get 95 percent of my investment back. I do not believe that this currency will turn into a zero value because of the various countries and governments holding it. I have no proof of what countries or how much except what has been published in past articles over the past 10 years.
Here is another question you may want to ask yourself. If the Iraqi currency is worthless and always will be worthless, why are thousands of people and groups risking prison in Iraq to counterfeit it? My guess is that they know some where down the line this will be worth a lot more that what is is today.
 If the CBI has no intentions of increasing is value, why are they talking about reducing the large notes and introducing to the citizens lower notes? Is this so they now have to carry around even more low value currency notes to go make purchases inside of Iraq? I do not think so.
If something was not going to change in the future, why is it that the CBI is pulling in all the USD and making their citizens use their low value currency? Is it to punish them? No, it is to start preparing them for a monetary reform which includes the introduction of the lower denominations. This is all positive folks!
All in all, it is an investment worth sticking with as long as you are not basing your expatiation's to save your life or future, but have the attitude and willingness to let it change your life. Only you can decide which scenario fits your outlook and attitude regarding this.
What has happened is all of the idiots that put a spin on this and promoted it as something it will be, and not could be has given this investment a very bad reputation (which by the way is not fair). Huge difference. There is one guarantee in life and you all know what that is. Most of those guys are in prison or going to prison and lost any hopes of the could be concept.
For those who celebrate the United States holidays, have a very safe and fun July 4th weekend, and for those that do not, you have a very safe weekend! Warmest Regards,Steve

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