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HIGHLIGHTS from June 20, 2016 conference call


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 FRANK: Tonight’s call is going to be different for a very good reason.

FRANK: Congratulations Cleveland for winning a championship that you deserve!

Happy belated Father’s Day to all of you!

KTFAlways.com is a 24/7/365 live forum … always giving you information.

We are STUDENTS here at KTFA.  You must be a STUDENT of this, so that you won’t fall prey to others …….. plans.

I am a registered agent, with a licensed broker with the US Treasury.

What I tell you comes from my heart … for 8 years … (two US President terms) … we are STUDENTS together.

Please read the posts from the 3 Musketeers.(Backdoc, Thunderhawk and Mountainman)   They will teach you about oil and gold and the world economy.  Listen to them.

WalkingStick … the man gets frustrated when you don’t pay attention.  He loves you. He has made more posts than anyone on any forum.  He is my friend.

Delta … some people are trying to destroy some of the people on my teams.  Why?  What harm does it do to you?

How is our investment going?

The federal police, Interpol are arresting a lot of people inside of Iraq … particularly in certain cities.  It is part of the anti-terrorism campaign.

The anti-terrorism was needed inside of the GOI.

Lots of countries have been helping Iraq to get back on the grid with full electricity.

The IMF wants the banks in certain cities to be completely secure … which all lead to Mosul.

They will now start to tell you about Mosul … in the same manner.  It took weeks for them to tell you about Fallujah.

We don’t have a crystal ball, we are just STUDENTS of the information … very in depth information.

IMO – it’s “old news” about amending the laws.  (We gave them the original laws and now they are amending them).

Iran should be grateful.  They got most of their sanctions lifted.

Iran is suing the USA because they said we’d give them their money back.

The IMF promised … (on the 3rd week of December of 2015) … that they’d have Iraq to “International” status.

They said that they are within weeks.

Do you think the banks are ready in these cities?

Give me Mosul … (I couldn’t be any more plain than that).

The delay? … IMO … the Shiites militias caused the problems in Fallujah.  That’s why it’s taken weeks and why it’s been given to you weeks later.

When they get Mosul … you’ll find out that ISIS fell apart very easily.

INTERNATIONAL … what is “INTERNATIONAL” doing in Iraq and Iran?

Did you know that B of A, and Chase are all buying IQD on international trading platforms. 

Citibank is now doing it too.  You can look it up … but you must be a STUDENT. 

The IMF said they would introduce them to the INTERNATIONAL world.

We need to see the wording of the LOI … (does it have to take 2-3 weeks)?  No … we don’t think so.  No crystal ball.  No insider information.  Anyone that follows our STUDENTS understands what we are trying to say and what we are trying to teach.

There are too many fail-safe systems in place.  Iraq WILL NOT fail this time! … IMO.

The investors are “watching” … but the oil companies are “coming in!”

I am really counting on their “pride” and “arrogant” attitude in the middle-east.

Please understand, they don’t care about “YOU!!!”  If you have dinars ... BIG DEAL!!! …
they are not after you!!!  They are after the INTERNATIONAL WORLD.  They are egotistical, and I’m counting on that.  YOU are not on their radar!

Stop talking about a DATE or RATE as to what you want or need.  Study their MOVES and what they NEED.

You won’t see anything until you see Mosul!

In the still of the night, they will raise their currency.

To MOVE the IQD around the INTERNATIONAL WORLD … they must undock it from a PROGRAM RATE!!!

“YOU” are no concern to them!  I’m counting on their ego … not yours!

There are a lot of things going on to satisfy the LOI.  It has been presented, and signed.

Abadi said he will pay the pensions.  I’m sorry Abadi … you can’t do that until you change the value of the currency.  Abadi is doing a lot of good things.  Iran even congratulated Abadi.  Iran wants peace.  They want anti-terrorism in their country.

Iraq has 50 Billion in RESERVES … plus a mountain of GOLD!  (How embarrassing that you’re under a program rate!)

The Minister of Defense stated that the “2nd Phase” … (the liberation of Mosul) … is to tell you (the INTERNATIONAL WORLD) that they are walking into Mosul.

IMO … you won’t put lower-denoms into banks with ISIS still around … right?

If they are telling you something … “RIGHT NOW” … it’s because it’s already done!

So … let’s see what happens in the next 2-3 weeks.  Let’s see what happens with the Taxes and Tariffs.

Saleh says that things are going “according to planned”   The LOI is going “according to planned” <<< that’s how the translation came out.

That probably ticked-off Maliki – which is probably why he walked out of breakfast.  LOL
China is going to build industrial cities in IRAQ!

The World Bank said that the new LABOR LAW … they are amending it.  The World Bank acknowledged that fact.

Have you not seen the HCL all over the place for the last 2-3 weeks?

The HCL was basically hidden from the citizens for a long-long time … but now is becoming more of a vocal topic.

Are they buying time?  I don’t know, but by the 25th … we’ll know better.

The Minister of Finance said that Iraqi’s oil prices have not yet hit the price according to plan.   (It’s coming!)

When we (KTFAlways) makes mistakes … we correct them.

Barzani … don’t say too much, ok?   Go ahead to meet with the US delegation.  O doesn’t have much of a legacy.  Wouldn’t he be happy if … wow … during his watch that Iraq was liberated completely?


FRANK:  Dr. Shabibi is under the guidance of the IMF.  IMO, Dr. S has followed the plan step-by-step as GOI officials have been exposed.  He is doing what the IMF told him to do.  Keep in mind, they don’t like to be told what to do.  A lot of pride and ego in Iraq.

Remember the women that were being trained to fight in ISIS?  If an ISIS fighter is killed by a woman, they don’t get their host of virgins, and the shame is huge. 

This tactical move is very strategic. 

They will raise the value … their ego’s won’t allow them to stay at a PROGRAM RATE.  We will NOT fail here. 

I don’t know when they will raise the value … I just sense that they will … based on the evidence.  To be brought into the INTERNATIONAL world … they must be “INTERNATIONAL.”

CC ended in prayer.

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