Thursday, May 26, 2016



Yada:  ,With what we understand that the banks have been on high alert for at least the last 2 months and rightly so because they are informed by our treasury,,, Ray has sided with the banks,,, on the other side of the coin,, the issues with Mosul are getting someone's attention to hold the banks,,, with the successes we are hearing,, believe whoever is holding the banks are making sure once WE are released the public are right behind it,, not a repeat of 2014,,

Glajef:  Yada..Thanks. By what happened in 2014, do you mean the exchange process being released to the "elites", and not the general public?

Yada:  Yes,,, I beleive someone released it in 2014 but other agendas came in and stopped after a bit,, since then,, every declaration of was done piece by piece ,,possible to measure any fall out,,, no more pieces left and as Bluwolf stated yesterday,, the next step has to be the release.

Yada: I believe the private exchange that took place in 2014 was not to be general knowledge but was released,,,,  We had DC at that time,,,,,I believe without his contacts, we'd probably not know

Chuicy: do the elite just get the top rate no matter what it is?

Yada:  chuicy,,top rates are of no consequence,,,remember many of those exchanges were SKRs,,

KingdomWarrior:  Time will tell and we're marching closer each day to the elections.

Yada:  Kingdom,,,I remember when that thought was suggested and people have just ran with it,, we are in go position that cant wait until Nov

Chuicy:  since pres o was just in vietnam, what is the vnd looking like?

Yada:  Chuicy,,sad to say,,,O was there to release the selling of armament to Vietnam after all these years,,nothing else,,the value of the dong coujld be effected but it was not what Yosef stated on Bruces call and it wasn't a release into their sovereign status,,they were already sovereign prior to the release,,WhY,,they are in the top 5 economies in the world,,

Chuicy:  so if vietnam is within the top five economies in the world, then they dont have to revalue, do they?

Yada:  Chuicy,,,,they have gone as far as they can go,,China has partnered with them and especially with the new Oil reserves discovered off their coast,,the need to expand to tap that resource,,

Chuicy:  so 133303 wasnt for the general public, it was for the elite? correct?

Yada:  No,,it was for the general public,,it was a public release by Pres Bush and recorded several times on the net

Luvwolfs:  GM TNT !!! Interesting Pres O is in Japan now...Along with the other G7 leaders. Economies on the platter. Hang in there :)

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