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TNT Call notes 6-May-2016 -- truncated

TNT Call notes 6-May-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to the super-fantastic call on Friday, May 6, 2016.  This is RayRen98 here.
Sorry the call was late; I was chasing down some info.  We’re here in May when I thought this would happen last December, before Christmas.  Well, it should happen pretty darn soon.  We’re on the last leg, so thanks to the Mods, transcribers, and anyone who had to do with pulling this program together in the last 3-4 years.  We’ve had a lot of fun, and no one expected to be here in May 2016.  We are here;  we’ve stayed the course, and for those on the TNT calls at the weekends (in chat), there has been a message that we always put out about ‘are you ready to walk in your season’.  We start the call with that song, like we wrap this one up with I Believe.  The lyrics remind us that “it’s your time”, and “the waiting is over”.  We’ve had some members challenge that because they didn’t understand what was being said because they are focused only on the RV and going to the bank.  That’s just a small part of what we are involved in.  It encompasses all we have learned on this journey, waiting patiently (or otherwise).  We cannot make this thing happen;  all we can do is sit and wait.  Most have learned as much as we could, but we still cannot make it happen any sooner than it will happen.  I do believe we have reached the stage where we can join in unison and start thinking and saying “the waiting is over;  it’s your time.”
If the information holds true, I think we are very close.  The intentions are good, and if the follow through, then the wait is over, on all levels.  Then we complete this process and begin a new one.
There is no new news – yet.  We send out a tweet to 250,000, and if the tweet message says something of interest to them, no doubt they will make a move.  We take that responsibility very seriously.  We could get on this and say anything we want, but someone has to be the sentinel for the group – what’s in our best interest to know, and what gives us no benefit to know.  If this were an easy job, everyone would do it – some have attempted it, and we have seen them crash and burn along the way.  Having info is one part, and then knowing how much to share, that’s a different question. We’ve had people participated in helping us stay so far to the right (or to the left) for their interests as well as your best interests.  Now that we are on the way out, something that might have been important NOT to say six or twelve months ago, now it may not have the same importance in May 2016.  I have to turn these questions over in my mind about what to say and what not to say.  Nobody is calling me with help and advice!
Everything is so quiet.  In Iraq, we see skirmishes and threats;  Sadr’s followers are saying “Get reforms done by Wednesday, or what took place last Saturday, you ain’t seen nothing yet”.  Last Saturday is child’s play compared to what they may do this Saturday.  The PM made announcements to calm everyone down, saying violence doesn’t solve anything. Peaceful protest is okay, but otherwise…
But the things we really want to hear – let’s see if we hear them tomorrow, because I believe it will.
On the US side, which I have not 100% confirmed, but putting it out there will accelerate getting it confirmed.  I had some information that I received incorrectly the other day, about the banks doing some rate activity, and was not able to confirm it.  This next piece of information is something I don’t know is 100% true or not, but we will know if we put it out. This should be showing up in the East Coast banks very shortly – I got the info an hour or so ago) --- and they are supposed to be posting the real rates plus authorization to exchange.  This is what I’m getting:  dinar = $3.47, which I’ve also heard from Iraq on the cards.  Dong = $2.17;  Zim = 11 cents – I’ve heard some other things but this is what is on the screens, and that is what the banks will work with unless the receive other instructions. We’ll see!
Q:  Is the ‘senior statesman’ who stood up for us with contract rates and fair treatment still in contact with us?  A:  Not with me, but I make some new banking connections and contract rates are still in play.
Q:  Internet information says this will be done by the 22nd, and I am traveling to my son’s graduation over those dates.  I’m not a traveller and am worried – is it problem carrying currency through airport security?  [No.]  What about exchanging in the state I’m traveling to and transferring it afterwards?  A:  Neither should be a problem.
Q:  CNN has an article on the Zim, saying the 100 trillion note is worthless.  A:  Well, it is right now, we are waiting for that to change!
Q:  Can I exchange my currency into a self-directed Roth IRA post-RV and then place it in a trust of my choice?  A:  No.  If it’s in the Roth IRA, it’s already in a qualified plan.  Leave it there to do its work.
Q:  We hear reports of where Iraq is in the process;  can you speak about how that relates to the GCR?  [long question]  A:  I don’t think fixation on Iraq is insignificant;  if it were, why would the others not have moved on without them.  Iraq is waiting for economic reform and action on corruption;  what the excuse for the other countries?  Maybe Iraq is more significant than we think, otherwise the other countries would go around them and get it done.
Q:  What about the banks wanting you to leave 75% in the bank for humanitarian projects? A:  I haven’t heard that from my banking contacts.
Q:  Does Abadi have the authority to change the rate of the dinar?  Has the RV already happened?  A:  I gather he has the right to seat a government if Parliament doesn’t get its act together, and that government can then change their currency, I guess. I don’t follow the politics that much because I’m interested in remedies.  Has the RV happened already?  Not publicly, not yet.
Q:  Do your sources believe the internet group will go before the public?  A:  Yes.
Q:  Will Iraq have to get straightened out first?  A:  I don’t know.
Q:  Do you believe the RV will be announced in the middle of the night?  A:  No, but who knows?
Q:  It is true 2.1 million people have exchanged across the world but not in the US?  A:  I haven’t heard any information like that.  Whoever is saying that, have them give you data to back it up.
Q:  Why are we last in line?  A:  I don’t know that we are.
512 caller:  It sounds like we are heading to the last roundup tomorrow.
RayRen:  Sounds like it to me!
423 caller:  [can’t understand the caller]  Could you send an email to Bruce and get together with him?  It sounds like he has some great information.
RayRen:  This is a Q and A for specific information;  something like that you could sent to me in a PM.
Caller:  It looks like it is moving today?
RayRen:  Some banks are gearing up for today and some are gearing up for tomorrow;  we are just watching the clock at this point.  It could be any time they decide to do it once they have authorization.  They could move at once, or perhaps some timing thing for the banks themselves.  I stay calm because intel comes and goes and doesn’t materialize…
941 caller:  I just found a great house in South Carolina, and we’ll have a big party.  My banking gal who knows about this said yesterday that it’s looking really close.
[I have a meeting now, and in any case, there is no new information or even new questions.]

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA 

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