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Intel highlights From The Big Call Thursday Night 5-5-16

Intel highlights From The Big Call Thursday Night 5-5-16
Transcribers are LadyB22, Locofelipe. Artneto

Bruce said big energy tonight.

Bruce; alright.. what a day, what a night... big energy!!! welcome everybody thrusday may 5th... I am glad we are celebrating SOMETHING...

Bruce; we have to finish this race that has been set before us.... all together. everyone finishes....

Bruce intel; 24 points

Bruce; #1-rv happened on Tuesday morning.... but with authority still pending

Sue: Rv happened on Tuesday, but some issues still pending

Sue #2 - system glitch occurred and fixed this morning about 3:41 but was fixed within an hour

Sue #3 New financeial system runs on worldwide, real time system, 24-7 so that banking is high speed and transparent

Sue/Bruce #4 new financial system will not allow price fixing, manipulation - set up so its fair

4- in the past blantant transactional manipulations... now it is designed to be fair, much faster, and transparent

5- all sovereign nations have agreed to live under laws and protocols under BASEL III and BASEL IV

#5 - all sovereign nations will agree to be hard asset backed - Basell 3 and 4 - Basell 3 we are going through NOW, and then we will start basel 4

6- signed treates for policies, securities, banking, war, all encompassing....

#6 - new financial system will include war, conflict resolution, geo-policitical treaties will be upgraded globally

Bruce- the entire system is intertwined

going from a dark web to a light web.... financial deceptions are now exposed

7- ancient historic bonds dating back several hundred years are being reconciled now
bruce; talking about the golden age of jubilee

#7 - Ancient historic bonds of all countries, including USA circa 1776 will be reconciled, released and ??? sorry I did not catch that part - called Biblical Golden Jubilee

8- puerto rico played a part in this.... many companies were able to get hidrated due to the default that happened Monday

#8 - Puerto Rico Monday defaulted and it will be positive for USA

#9 - USA economy will NOT collapse! USA will do extremely well because new TRN

9- those expecting or predicting that the us economy is going to collapse... is either cabal or manipulaters of the industry....

Bruce; we have already seen the dollar to .92 since the recent past.... 2014- to this past december.... raised 20% and dropped to only 8%... people are simply spreading fear

#10 - all transaction checklist required by China has occurred so we will no longer be indebted to China

Sue; the east and west are beggining to partner..... and it is a good thing

11 - Chinese Elders and BRIC alliance require all govts be corruption free - Brazil is now working on their political situation regarding govt and olympics

12- china will not fund the olympics in brazil unless they have compliance in place

#12 - Brazil must be corruption free or no Olympics - tourism must be safe

13- it is possible that we are in a strong position right now, that we will see redemtions will be here very very shortly

14- high rate redemtions will be offered for 6 days only... through 800 number process... bruce; that is what we are looking for.

#14 - high rate redemption appointments will be set up by 800## ONLY, followed by lower redemptions will be held at certain banks = 110-130K people expected as internet group alone

#15 - high rate and international rates will be very rewarding both during 6-8 days and after

#16 - higher rates will require skeleton trusts at banks tied to a structured payout with 3-4 basic options that will be simple for people to choose

q; how many options for structured pay outs? Bruce; I have heard of three.

#17 - Tier 4 private internet redeemers are anticipated to finish by May ?? - public will be ongoing after May

17- tier 4 redemtions is expected to be completed by the 22? of May..... and then the regular payouts will continue

#18 - ask for exactly what you need to complete humanitarian, and personal needs - Ask for DEEPEST desire at redemption appointment

18- it is ok to ask for the highest amount possible to provide adequate funding to help with our plans, needs and desires

#19 - However, wise not to take on more wealth than family can handle, so take time to calculate your short and long term ramifications of your actions

20- over2.4 million redemptions have occured and continue by the hour.

#20 - over 2.4M redemptions have already occurred internationally within the last week and ## are growing. Everywhere except N.America. We will be last

Bruce; this has happened everywhere else except in north america....

21- over 200 native american indians has reclaimed their lands as sovereign..

#21 - over 200 Native American lands have been reclaimed from USA as sovereign within the last 2-3 months

22- as these fiat currencies are collected with all banks... they will be repackaged as bonds to be purchased by central banks and held as assets.... it is a clean up of past debt and held by central banks

#22 - As fiat currency is collected, all outstanding debt will be immediately repackaged and resold to tier 1 banks, international banks and eventually held by central banks around the world as reserve assets - this is meant to to rebalance and reset global debt

Sue; this whole system has been redesigned -- negotiated from top to bottom..... and it is amazing how it has worked out

Bruce; it has taken a long time

#23 - pay masters, private group leaders, prosperity package leaders and 5,500 offsite redemption centers are waiting and ready for over 20M currency redeemers with full military security

23- pay masters -private leaders- all leaders- 5500 redemption centers- etc. are fulling secure and locked out and waiting to see the switch the be thrown.

#24 - once the process begins, there is turning back. That is why there has been so many stops and starts

24- once this process begins -there is no pulling it back. this is why there has been so many starts, stops, trickery, false starts etc...... remember to take a few moments to enjoy this time and the journey we have been through

Bruce; takes care of the inel portion of this call

Bruce intel portion is ending. He has Yosef as special guest

Bruce; we are trying to tell people where we are... and we should be here . I mean 2.4 million so far and I believe we are next

josef; think about the rv as your car keys.... we are looking everywhere for them and they are in your pocket the whole time. we are there.

Bruce; I am in my twelvth year....

josef; don't want to get into the process, I think it is wise to think about the journey after this is over

josef; start getting into the arriving instead of striving.... car keys really are in your pocket.
bruce; the nest step of the journey..... how do you view it?

josef; I have had the advantage of knowing this was a certainty for 8 years now. given that, I have been able to study it instead of wondering

josef; there will be a period of shock.... the banks know this. that is why they have these trusts and pay out schedules planned.

josef; you need to build a team of stewards around you... in the short term, and definitely in the long term... go past your own life and look into generations long term
sue; I have been practicing of who I will be after this even is over.... and who I want to be. how am I different etc.

josef; characterr is built over time.... it is like a muscle. it is the same thing with mind sets, character, and a action

Bruce; talking about mind sets and embracing the new you. take the time needed.... don't feel pressured to make decisions etc. take your time

josef; I am more concerned with the people who have been gifted. that they be prepared to be able to take the next step, and offer them the oportunity to be able to succeed in this as well

Sue and Yosef are talking about the mental and emotional response to such large amounts of money. Post RV there should be a special class or seminar for some people. I know people saying that they will keep there jobs, or even become hermits post RV. I have tried to council them by saying that God put them in this position in order to do more status quo, and definitely not less.

Go Beyond who we are today

Yosef/Bruce be more selective in who we spend time with, how we travel, what we eat (must be healthy in order to live longer and do more good with money)

Bruce/Yosef/Sue - Once you have the Blessing, use it to fulfill your dreams. What would you love to do? How would you love to feel? Give yourself time to think about this and use your imagination. For some, it will be difficult if you have been beaten down with bills, health issues, family issues, etc.. But the RV will allow these people the time, money, opportunity to explore their wildest dreams!!

Bruce; we would love to go all night with this --and we could- but you have brought up some points that we can consider... such as thinking of others. i am going to ask that pastor Stephen take us our in prayer. call it over

Bruce; I would say we are in a position that we will see this very shortly.

Bruce call going out in prayer

The Big Call/ Bruce replay is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456

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