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TNT: Ray's CC Cliff Notes, Wed., April 27, 2016, 27 APRIL

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      10:29 AM Apr 27, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  Tony said to tell everybody, "Hello!"  Want to do a special shout out to all those who make this call possible.  Not going to call out names, . . . just going to say to the mods and those who keep this going,  Thank you for all you do in the back and in the front.  And everybody who has had a part in helping this go along and continue . . . so we can be better informed . . . prepared for what ever tomorrow brings to us.  Posting in the forum, chat rooms, tweets, whole 9 yards.  To all those who have a part, Thank You!
    What did the Tweet mean?  It's definitely going on a ride and that's when we say, "buckle up."
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Showtime between now and Friday. Banks looking for public exchanges to begin this week. . . I'd like to be excited along with the banking sector. . .Can't see us rolling out before them (in Iraq).
    IRAQ:    Abadhi has made six cabinet selections and Ray thinks they have from tomorrow to Saturday to make the remaining 11 selections.  Bonds still a question mark.  April 15th to pay on the bonds has come and gone.  There is an article out the bonds would pay 50% of what is owed to the contractors.  Ray:  But without a value on the bonds . . .?
    • CBI     
    • Bank Memo -still unknown the content of the memo that came out over the weekend. 
    • Parliament:  200 representatives attending and Ray says that is enough to carry on the GOI business.  
    • TV /Mosques 
    • IMF:  Q-   Article 4 and 8 status by IMF?  Article 8 clears them to have an International currency.  Ray:  As far as I’m concerned all done anyway.  What they are doing now is just cake decorating. . . falling into place.  Don’t believe those things needed to be done for Iraq to RV their currency.  Article 8 would have been mentioned if it needed to be done.  They've already taken place.  We are just waiting for them to make it public. 
    • Canada 800 #'s  are ready.  Ray cannot reveal what Canadian bank(s) are involved at this time.    
    • 800 #'s  Ray says it is still a BIG question mark on US 800#'s.  He does expect the 800 #'s will come out 30 seconds prior or following the RV going live. Ray: The banks won't release them until they are waiting for the call to come in. There is a concern of giving the 800 numbers too early. They will wait until the last minute.
    • Banks:  possibly private exchanges today and they are looking for public exchanges to begin this week.  
    • Contract Rate:  Ray:  Don't know why some of you think it won't be available to the public.  We even fought for that.   
    • NDA:   Ray: A NDA is a non-disclosure agreement so you won't go out and tell what you did.
    Structured Settlements:  Caller called two banks and asked if they do structured settlements.  One said, "No, you need an attorney."  Another said we have a wealth adviser who will direct you to a brokerage that will do that.      
    Q & A: 
    Q. - Forced to exchange at Wells Fargo and/or get a lower rate elsewhere.     Ray:  No, I have not heard that.
    Q. - If bank is listed as a Trustee on Trust, do you think this is a good idea?   Ray:  No, I do not want the bank as my trustee.
    Q. - How does the bank know who we are - internet group?    Ray:  We are known by information and structure.  The internet group is steps ahead, more on top of the information, than the general public.
    Q. - Retired.  Should I focus on growth or philanthropy?   Ray:  I focus on growth and family needs, then what’s left give to philanthropy.  I can't tell you if you should be more focused on one area than another. 
    Q. - ZIM only exchangeable at WF?     Ray:   I've not had any WF people tell me that.
    Q.    I'm hearing, being told, I have to use the bank trust.    Ray:  Don't know how they can say that.  "Have" to is a powerful word.  Anytime somebody tells you, you have to do something, ask them where the law is that supports that.  Anything else might be strongly recommended or encouraged.  When they say "have to do it" find the statute that supports that.
    RAY:  Let's recap.  Not sure what is going on over there just yet.  The 11 remaining positions going to be revealed tomorrow or wait till Saturday?  Will have to get more information.  We await a little more coming from Iraq this evening.
    On US side, banks thinking they are going to see you this week.  I'd like to be excited along with the banking sector.  It's better than nothing.  
    Waiting to hear more from Iraq from a governance standpoint and see if that moves out of the way.  In the meantime, in between time all we can do is what we've been doing.  Sit back, relax, wait on it and just believe.  (played "I Believe")
    After the music ended:  
    RAY:   Again, a special thank you to all the mods, the transcribers, the auxiliary, intel team, anyone who has anything to do with this call.  Those who monitor the chat rooms.  Anyone who has helped us get to this point and beyond.

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