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The Chinese Elders (White Dragon Family) Master Plan of a GOLD BACK Currency to Free Humanity is ready, the USA, and IRAQ will be a GO soon.

April 7, 2016 //

The Chinese Elders (White Dragon Family) Master Plan of a GOLD BACK Currency to Free Humanity is ready, the USA, and IRAQ will be a GO soon.
Dear Brothers and Sisters, how are all of you today?
I wanted to share the GOOD news, and also provide the PROOF how
everything is going with the Master Plan of the Prosperity Funds which
is being executed by the Chinese Elders with the help of the Creator
and the Galactic Federation of LIGHT.
We all are synchronized in this Grand Event plan to liberate Humanity and Earth
and bring them to the Golden Age. So we all have our part to do in this mission.
Also all of you because you CHOOSE to be here.
When you have read the POSTINGS below you can see that everything has been
planned carefully, and every thing on the master plan list has to be executed
before going to the next phase which is the rolling out of the Prosperity funds.
The CHINESE ELDERS have been in charge of this Project for a long time, if you read
the documentation you can see that it took them many times to restart or continue
with this Project even dow the Cabal which are our Negative Brothers and sisters,
every time tried to stop this Event from being executed.
So you can see that the CHINESE ELDERS are doing everything in their Powers,
to have this GCR/RV and Prosperity Funds to be rolled out safe to every human being
on the planet.
You all have been Patient and waiting, but there are some phases which have to be done,
which is to expose all those TRUST Companies which have been used by many of our
Brothers and sisters to use as Bribery and safe heaven of taxes, and for laundering of
money, and these are not Gold Backed Currencies.
As you all know the AIIB/BRICS their new system are GOLD BACKED currency, and that is
one of the Reason that NOW we have the PANAMA Papers exposure so we can start
exposing all those brothers and sisters who have accounts in these TRUST accounts
Hidden away. There are many other countries where these FUNDS have been scattered
so they would not be traced.
You all have to understand why was not the US groups, and Dutch and many other not
reported on the Panama papers? So you can see that there is a fight going among the
Cabal them self, which is very good, because this will expose all those Brothers
and sisters which we can not trust.
But we need to FORGIVE them, because now all the HIDDEN TRUTH will be exposed
of every one, the LIGHT will expose everything, so this will also help them to come
clean them self, and admit their Guilt.
I have seen the VIDEO of the Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson
when he was confronted by the Media, how he GOT SCARED that walked away, this is
going to be happening with many of our leaders all over the WORLD.
Each one of them will have their TEST, to tell the TRUTH before the WORLD.
My brothers and sisters this is the final phase before the release of the FUNDS, in the
US the LEADERS have already been remove, and the Nesara is being executed,
Each one of us in our Countries need to also prepare when the Prosperity Funds
start to roll in these 2 Countries which are the USA, and IRAQ.
We also have to have our MASTER Plan NESARA/GESARA setup, and prepared
what we would Like to see like for example our INDEPENDENCE, or other issues,
which we you would like to CHANGE.
Many countries and islands can now request to be INDEPENDENT, which can also
be requested to the CHINESE ELDERS, so they could also help for to be accomplished.
SO my brothers and Sisters, so lets just see what will happen to all these TRUST
ACCOUNTS which are being exposed and use for WARS, and other DECEPTION projects
against humanity. These are the ACCOUNTS they use to FUND ISIS, ZIKA Virus, all
these Hidden Projects funds are funneled threw this TRUSTS.
Many of the Leaders of the WORLD have been in contacted by GEORGE SOROS and his
groups and they were the ONES who were funding them through  these Trust Accounts,

GEORGE SOROS and his group has been funding every one through  these TRUST accounts,for all this Hidden Agendas. All Governments are being controlled by these Groupsusing these Accounts, where he deposited the money on their Behalf.
Now that the TRUTH is out of the TRUST accounts which are not backed by Gold,
and used to pay for TERRORISM acts against humanity, and against the
release of the GCR/RV to delay it.
Thank you for reading my EMail, Please share with all of your brothers and sisters'


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