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Bruce: Welcome everybody to the call.
Bruce call: Guest speakers Sue and Bob, maybe Pastor Steven, and Robert going to try to come on also.
Bruce call: Bruce opening call with prayer
Bruce call only 1 hour tonight
Bruce call: Kent lesson now
 Bruce call: Kent lesson on still
Bruce call: Bruce and Kent discussing lesson
Bruce call: Guest speaker Bob chit chatting
Bruce call: Teaching lesson done
Bruce call: Prayer requests on now
Bruce call: Praise reports and Prayer requests now
Bruce call: Praise reports and Prayer requests now
 Bruce call: Prayer request over
 Bruce call: Want to talk about leadership tonight. What I am sensing this as this comes through for us, and we have this blessing, we need leadership. We need leaders that listen to this call. Leaders to your families, communities, leaders in general throughout US and beyond.
 Bruce call: Everyone that believes they have leadership qualities, Bruce wants you to take a step forward and assume that role.
Bruce call: All of us on this call are leaders, and many of you have leadership qualities.
Bruce call: Asking for ones to step forward to help them in the future.
Bruce call: Sue speaking about leadership

Bruce call: Intel now
Bruce call: Bruce: 22 points of Intel
1) SKR redemptions been happening last 3 days. Bruce: Yes that is right guys. What we are hearing been happening since Saturday. SKR redemptions are people that had safe keeping receipts, been doing in various tiers. Past exchanges taken place
Bruce: those skr have been brought in and made liquid. so these people have money in their accts.
2) once skr , then 800 number notified Bruce: yes tier 5 is us
 3) WF sent out memo on Sunday, private redemptions would occur first part this week.
 4) Possible another active window tonight for 800 number notification
5) We anticipate 6 days to redeem currency at high rate than after that for about a month lower rate
 6) very high rates are on screens at all redemption centers now
7) very high rates continue to climb higher on all currencies
8) the high rates will get majority of fiat paper currency off the street at a very short time.
9) off site redemtpion centers are now on lockdown
10) staff are on no outside contacxt until redemptions are completed
11) security are also on 24 hour patrol at redemption sites
12) WE are anticipating an early May public redemption with international rates on screens
13) high rates will require a skeleton trust and payout program
 14) International rates and terms are more flexible
 Bruce: how you access your funds and lack of nda going to be just more flexible and easier for those who wait
15) Iran is replacing Saudia Arabia as power source of entire middle east
 Bruce: We thought Iraq would be, but it will be Iran
16) Opec (?) is being challenged by lower oil prices and compacity other oil producing nations.
OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)
17) Sale of oil in US is being challenged for same reason above.
18) spot oil price will increase lightly, China not want to limit prodcution, but reached agreement spot oil price, not on production to the point they are limiting production.
19) General electric found new agreement with Iraq and Iran for energy
 20) AIAB (asia infrastructure bank) bank only accepted members with reformed currency. They working with Wf and others, major force They are working with nations making internal changes so they can be members of that sturcture
 Bruce: Switzerland just joined Aiab. That system they using the sips is being used. All these international money transfer are occuring in 53 seconds now.
  Bruce: Bruce getting last minute intel
  Bruce: on phone getting last minute intel, he will be back on shortly
Bruce: I got little intel.
21) new technology new to be replaced to make oil production non for transportation. Bruce: technology been hidden. there is hydrogen, other stuff I cant say on call. things coming out will essential be better than gas and diesel.
Bruce: you know about electric and other cars like that. push to get into green energy. not overnight thing, but when these technologies allowed will be widespread, technology go crazy next 20 years
Bruce call: Intel he just received on phone.
Bruce:  Here is the thing, that was Robert. He was telling me that this was passed on to hiim. conditions very favorable for notifications to come out later on tonight!!!!
 Bruce call: Intel over
Bruce: We know the proximity of this,. We are next. You have a lot of info from the last 4 years, from this call and others. Hope to see you on Thursday night. Look forward for everyone to be blessed. Thank you for listening everybody.
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Thank you Natok for copying and pasting the notes, hugssss

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