Friday, March 25, 2016


Tndr wrote
1h ago
Blackjack7 - Ok I just hung with one of my sources and not only was the ping confirmed in Europe and on a global scale but...all the rates have been locked and loaded and on the screen...the event is not going to happen but has already HAPPENED!!!!
dallred123 wrote
47m ago
I can in a round about way confirm blackjack7
elmerf123456 wrote
1m ago
I just got a message from across the pond. I have heard some news myself. Seems a party is prepared in Iraq for tomorrow. Too bad it's overshadowed by today's bombing of innocent people at a game. Hope this is really it!

elmerf123456 wrote
1m ago
All these wonderful people getting news of their own from every direction cannot be coincidental in my opinion I'm glad to be part of this family and I hope for our sake's this is it! I'm very excited ! I do not believe there are any coincidences!

GJHHonor wrote
moments ago
dallred123wrote 6m ago I can in a round about way confirm blackjack7 dallred123wrote 4m ago I agree 1000% it is done dallred123wrote 4m ago My bank buddy will confirm it as well DallasOnewrote 5m ago Dallred One queston you may be able to answer: If it's done, why are they hiding it from us? dallred123wrote 5m ago I don't they are hiding it

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