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TNT Call notes 30-March-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap] [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Wednesday, March 30, 2016.  This is RayRen98 here, working the controls and going over the information as best we can.  If you received the tweet, it says ‘no new intel’, and surprisingly we know no more than on Monday. 
Everything is surprisingly quiet, like cemetery quiet. There are all types of reports in Iraq, like waiting for the new cabinet to be revealed tomorrow.  The IMF and Sadr both gave abadi until tomorrow, and after that protestors may go into the Green Zone. They are on a mission for what they are pushing for. But otherwise, it’s just a continuation, geared towards things being revealed tomorrow.  Will that be enough for everything we want to appear?  I don’t know.  To my knowledge, we are just waiting for the prices to exchange now.  Some are ‘out to lunch’ on whether the currency is international or not.  Just because you cannot see that, it doesn’t mean the information doesn’t exist.
On the US side, the banks are just as quiet, depending on who you are talking to. Some banking people are telling people to look for it yesterday and then this morning.  I didn’t receive either message, but that doesn’t mean they are not genuine expectations.  Some people have bits of information that others don’t have.  We are trying to put the information together.  Most of our banking information comes from US banks, but we get other bits from TD, Canadian banks, etc.  It’s not like we have a group sitting at a round table feeding me intel.  It comes in spurts and sometimes it’s sporadic, and that is just for  TNT;  I don’t know how other sites and provides get their information.  That does make my stuff all true and them false or vice versa. It’s coming from different sources and levels.  My information comes from a mixture of people here and in Iraq, at all different levels.  If you are restless, well, we cannot make anything more come forth than that which is already coming forth.
We remain in ‘wait and see mode’, even when we hear good information and intel you are yet to hear, we try to put together what we do hear.  Some is not intended for you to hear. That is the intel for today, and I will turn to questions from the forum.
Q:  It was mentioned Iraqi currency is now recognized to be globally traded.  I know it will take some time for everything to happen at our level but the news sounded great.
A:  I cannot elaborate because there is nothing more forthcoming than I’ve already said.
Q:  How does the Iraq currency being international at a low rate differ from the Vietnam currency being international?  A:  I am not informed on that;  certain results have not yet materialized that we are waiting  for.
Q:  When setting up a trust or foundation, irrevocable, will we be able to direct the trustees to deal with properties and assets into another trust? A:  When you learn how these entities are created and what they can do, you will be able to do that.
Q:  Are you sources confident the dinar is international?  How long before it rises to a market-driven value?  A;  Yes, it’s international, and I don’t know the timeframe.
Q:  Seeing the last several calls come up with ‘no new intel’, is it dried up or are we not seeking further intel anymore?  Members are turning negative, need positive feedback.
A:  Hunh?  We are always seeking intel, but you cannot seek what is not there.  As for members turning negative, let’s ask why… and in the end, we can only let them go.  Just because we haven’t got the RV we wanted on Monday at 9am, that’s no reason to go negative. That is childish behavior, to go negative when you don’t get what you want.  Some got disciplined as children and some did not.
Q:  If a perso has been gifted one million in currency, and pass some on to another, do they need to write a gifting letter to that other person?  A:  Yes.
Q:  Is only WF exchanging zim in the US?  A:  Did you listen to the last call?  I have NOT heard that WF is the only one to exchange zim, and I have heard of other banks that intend to exchange zim.
Q:  There seems to be some question if zim are only collectibles and not legal tender…
A:  I agree;  to the best of my knowledge it is not legal tender in Zimbabwe and has not been since 2009.  Until that status changes, we have simply been collecting it.
Q:  Is it that there is no intel, or is it that the intel you are getting doesn’t fit into what TNT is accomplishing?  I get intel every day, some good and some bad.  I try to decipher the outcome.  A:  On the tweet, I meant to say ‘no new intel’, meaning I have not received any new information that you want to know and hear.  You apparently have your own intel sources, but that doesn’t mean I have received it.  I don’t have new information to give you.  You are looking for developments from Monday and I don’t have anything new.  If you have new intel you think I should share, send it to me!  I just share from the places I get the intel from, and you may become a new avenue for that.  If so, we will add you to the team.  You know how to reach me;  my email address is in my profile.  If we still have a reason to be here on Friday and you have something, I’m happy to consider it and add it in, and even give you the credit for it.
Q:  Do you know anything about two clerks in the CBI for giving out information on the currency?  A:  No I haven’t.
Q:  What do you feel is the back wall for the RV to happen?  A: The last information I got is that they want this to be done by the end of the month and we’re not there yet.  IF we go past, then I’ll start asking about the next window.
Q:  I hear zim will only be exchangeable to WF? There are none in this area. A:  I don’t know there is any law to prevent you moving your money afterwards. I am not hearing that WF is the only bank exchanging zim, though.
Q:  What caused Monday’s call to be so late?  A:  I said on the call – that information I gave you on the call!  I was waiting for confirmation from more than one direction.  I was then satisfied and shared it with you all.
Live callers now:
406 caller:  I’m a little confused. They are saying there is an international acceptance of dinar, and dong is already international.  Can they go up separately?
RayRen:  I don’t know.  I guess we’ll find out.
610 caller:  Short and sweet: Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com , click on the Donation button, and make your donations today!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
865 caller:  I went to buy some dong, and the (Chase) bank manager was so arrogant and rude to me!  I paid off my overdraft, and then went to my brother-in-law and had him buy me some dong at another bank.  Why was he being such a jackass?
RayRen:  I don’t know what the manager’s problem was, but maybe you should record it and send it up the line to Human Resources.
Caller:  I was going to exchange for seven different clients, at the contract rates, and then put it all in my own LLC’s account, then transfer into separate accounts until I figured out what to do.  That is, I would send the separate exchanges into separate accounts for those clients, one each.
RayRen:  If you are exchanging it through the LLC, it is no longer their currency.
Caller:  I would set up an account for each client, with their individual SS numbers.
RayRen:  So they would be recipients from the LLC.  If the LLC sets them up as officers or beneficiaries, then that might work.  Otherwise, I don’t know.  It would be better to put all the funds into a trust, and name the clients as equal beneficiaries, that would work better.  I know you can do it as a trust, with the clients as named beneficiaries, and each on would get an equal share. 
Caller:  They also want to donate to the LLC or other charitable entity.  Would that make it too complicated?  Would they do that after the fact?
RayRen: That is a separate deal.  You want to exchange currency for them, and how can they receive it.  After they have received their money, yes, they can donate to the other entity you have set up for charitable purposes.
Caller:  Okay. Greetings to Tony and DC. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Next caller:  Prior to your announcement that they went international, do you hear that the top UN Muslim gave Iraq 72 hours to reval, and then you announced it was international. Was that a fulfillment of his request?
RayRen:  No, that is what they planned to do on Monday anyway.  It was already in the works, so on Monday, it was preplanned.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
423 caller:  On Monday, with the international announcement, Daz said that this doesn’t really mean that there will be a change in the value, just that sanctions have been raised. What good is it to have an international currency worth one-tenth of a penny…
RayRen:  Sure, that is why I said on Monday we are waiting for it to be internationally tradable and for the rate to rise.  We always thought that those two would happen simul-taneously;  now we are seeing that Iraq is doing that separately.  We had three givens:  that the currency is would go international, the rates would change, and Iraq would have a stable government.  We are frustrated because we assumed they would all three go together, and some parties encouraged us in that direction.  Now they have the results they want, and we are waiting for the rest.  I had the expectation that the international part would mean the rate would also rise very shortly.  That’s why I put the champagne on ice, and now I’ve put it in the freezer to bring it out later that evening, well-chilled.  We know it’s rolling, we are approaching the end of the month, there are rumors of a 72-hour dead-line, Abadi was told to have certain things ready on Thursday, and those might be the final pieces or another cog in the wheel. 
Caller:  Why would Iraq need a loan when their currency should solve their problems?
RayRen:  That is all speculative until we know the cold, hard facts.
Caller: I do hope tomorrow is the magic day.  We don’t have another day in mind, do we?
RayRen:  If tomorrow comes and goes, then on the first of April, I’ll be asking those questions, to try to find out.
Caller:  Did you ever figure out why the bankers were in the banks over the weekend?
RayRen:  I was told it was to prepare for us on Monday morning.
918 caller:  Before leaving the exchange appointment, can you obtain cash if you need some?  This cash, will it be in the form we utilize right now, or in the new USN notes?
RayRen:  I believe you can get some cash, but unless the government has a very quick campaign to inform us of a new currency, then it will be the same notes you’re used to. Otherwise people won’t accept it in the ATMs or stores.  If our currency is asset-backed by then, then it will be asset-backed, and otherwise it will not.  It is said that US currency is ‘largely compliant’ with Basel III, but I don’t know what that means.
Caller:  So we are not waiting on any kind of currency announcement for this to happen…
RayRen:  Not according to the banking people I talk to.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
619 caller:  [chit chat]  What gives Iraq the international value, such that companies would want to invest in Iraq?
RayRen:  There is a lot of interest in the process.  Iraq has said that the cards are inter-national, and now we have reports that the currency is international, so they are falling into line as we wait for the rate to increase.  I can’t answer your  question without more detailed information from the other side.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! and Negotiate!
316 caller:  Since the dinar is now internationally exchangeable, but what is the point if they cannot use it internationally?  It has no value, does it?
RayRen:  Who says they cannot use it internationally?  They can use it at the current low official rate now that it has been internationally accepted.  It may take a day or two for it to become effective in all places.  There is activation or initiation, but then there is a process that needs to take place.  We may be going to the bank before this week is out. We don’t know what will happen today, tonight, tomorrow.  I don’t know the entire process.  Just because they say international, that doesn’t mean it’s usable everywhere.
Caller:  The zim will become other than collectible, right?
RayRen:  Yes, I believe it will be in the basket.  That is what we have been told, that zim would change and become other than what it is now:  a dead currency.  We are seeing zim rates on the screens, so it must be coming back to life.
Caller:  I’m grateful for all the teaching.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, although I think we’re going to do a different trip.
863 caller:  I have dedicated 50% of all exchangeable values for the work of the Lord. IN doing that, how do we deal with taxes?  Do I set up an LLC, or put it in a certain account that is going to non-profits or churches.  I want to have it less complicated.  Please could you hook up with later and talk about that with me?  I want to dump it all and have it in a holding pattern when I got to Wells Fargo.  When it goes in and sits, can it be stabilized so that I’m protecting that 50%?
RayRen:  Sure, that bank can instruct you on the tools they have available.  Ultimately I’d be looking at utilizing a private family charitable foundation.
Caller:  You mean my family or my brothers and sisters in Christ?
RayRen:  Create it with your own family name, and if your siblings want to help, that is great.  Take advantage of the tax opportunity because you made that decision to reserve 50%. That structure would give you flexibility yet unlimited control and decision-making possibilities.  That’s a “private family charitable foundation”.
Caller:  There will be training at the Las Vegas event?
RayRen:  Yes:  there will be a party and also there will be training that is similar to the eductional gatherings you might have a convention or expo, with multiple vendors.  We will get to meet each other from years in the chat rooms and have a good time, but we will find good attorneys, CPAs, wealth managers and all the rest.  They will find us, and that way you will have some good information of resources and professionals.
Caller:  In that case, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  [more of the same]
RayRen:  Let’s wrap up today’s session. We are optimistic and looking forward to something possibly even this evening, tomorrow or Friday.  We get to wait and receive.  Hold on; it’s coming.  If there is a reason o come back later today, we will do that.  If there are bankers on the line, let us know what to expect – any news that helps the process is good news.  Until then, we wait for the next few hours or the next few days.  Meanwhile…

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA  

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