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TNT Call notes 21-March-2016

RayRen: [TNT Rap]. [audio checks]  Greetings, good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to our call on Monday, March 21, 2016.  This is RayRen98, on the TNT super-fantastic update call.
Nothing’s going on.  We don’t have any exciting updates. There were some calls for the RV over the weekend.  My sources did say that testing has taken place over the weekend.  However, Iraq’s status is still the same.  I was trying to find out if they went into the Green Zone, and it seems they haven’t yet but they plan to.  I think I shared that with you on Friday.  They are still talking about doing it.  Parliament is supposed to return on Thursday, and Sadr is supposed to give a televised speech today.  He’s the driving force behind the demonstrations.  There was supposed to be a deadline of the 18th, and they had a peaceful demonstration on Friday, where thousands marched TO the Green Zone.  There was no violence.
Banks over here are just as frustrated, from what I’m being told.  They had indications looking for the weekend, and now for the first part of this week. Some are almost at the “I’m fed up with false alarm stuff”, and there are rumblings.  They may resort to some other measures besides spending money getting people lined up.
That’s it from our side.  I know many of you heard other things, about the RV being released and 800 numbers going out.  This is what my sources have said, though.  If the groups have 800 numbers, they are not even letting that out to their members.  If they had 800 numbers, we would have them as well.  Let’s talk to a few members, and see how the rest of the day goes.
Q:  Thanks, Ray. Is this our week, and will there be four choices of rates with different lengths of time on the NDAs?  A:  I feel that it’s this week, with the tests on the weekends, so maybe this is our week. I know nothing about four choices and lengths of time.
Q:  What is the status of codes released eight days ago?  A:  I haven’t heard anything from the banks – they have not mentioned that the codes expire.
Q:  Do you think that there’s something specific the lead bank is waiting for to call us into the banks?  Is it someone above them who has to give the okay?  A:  I would imagine so.  I don’t think they would want that responsibility or liability.
Q: What about demonstrations in Iraq?  How will that affect us? A:  I don’t know.
Q:  What exactly is the Green Zone?   A:  It’s the safe area in Iraq.  A lot of the decision makers live in the safe area, from my understanding.
Q:  In lieu of all the indications that the RV is happening now, what do you say about the rumor that it will be extended to November after the elections?  A:  We are presenting facts that support what we are saying, with people calling it this past weekend.  Let other present what backs up their position about November.  People don’t run tests for something that’s not going to happen for months.
Q:  Last month you talked about an RV by a certain date… A:  No, I said that the memo said the rate would change, and it did change.  We naturally assumed that there would be an RV as well.  But they did go from 90 to $1.05 on their currency over there, and we had rates change in the banks here, but we still could not act on it.
Q:  One or two generations ago, when they revalued it was different.  You could buy  ten million widgets, you would bring them to the bank and have them exchanged for ten widgets.  How is it different now?  A:  I will put that out for others to answer.
Q:  Is there any information you were told not to tell us about in the past that you are now able to tell us?  A:  No, some things are still in ‘don’t say anything’ status.
Q:  Are fils and lower denominations being used freely in Iraqi markets?  A:  I haven’t asked that in a while.  They won’t be worth much until the RV is released.
Q:  And you talk about non-interest-bearing (NIB) accounts and interest-bearing account?
A:  With an interest-bearing account, your money makes money and with NIB accounts it does not.  I don’t see any advantages to an NIB account.  IF there is a banking person who can shed more light on this?  If so, please email me at RayRen98@aol.com.
Q:  Will they take billion zim notes?  A:  My intel is that they will exchange all zim notes.
Q:  Can I sign an NDA for one currency and exchange the rest at international rates.  A:  Yes, you can, but why would you do such a thing?  If I sign an NDA for one, why not take the contract rates on all of them?  That’s what I would do.  I don’t see the reasoning for taking the contract rate on one when others are available at contract rates.
Going to live callers – first-time callers only.
573 caller:  When we have our first meeting at the exchange, we are not used to the bank’s language.  Would you suggest taking a financial advisor or something similar?
RayRen:  When you call to make an appointment, ask what will take place.  If they say “this is for exchange only”, then you will just drop the currency and roll on out. Then you go back a day or two later to talk to banking people who want to interest you in their products.  If the first appointment is for more than the exchange, then you might want to take someone with you to look after your interests. You have to look after your own life;  the bank is looking out for themselves.
754 caller:  NOT first-time caller, but I do have some information and thought this would be a good place to impart it.  This has to do with taxes, which people are constantly asking about.  Why is it important for us to let them know how much money we want to give out for humanitarian purposes? What does that have to do with the rates they give us?
RayRen:  You’ll have to ask the person who gave you that information.  I’m a business man, and if I were a bank, I’d been wanting to know how much you can leave in my bank, so that my bank can make money.  Humanitarian projects are giving money away, not making money for the bank. So ask the person who suggested that.  And this call IS for first-time callers only.
480 caller:  I am a citizen of the US, Canada, and a European country.  I have been listening and also making my own contacts and sources – one in Phoenix, and one and Toronto and one other place.  Three let me look at their screens, and one was not able to help.  Three managers said they have not received any memos on this topic.  I’m in a financial crisis, and thought of selling back my last dinars.  What encouragement can you give to hold onto my currency because we hope to go to the bank?  With all possible respect, we have heard many times that we would be going to the banks.  What is different now? 
RayRen:  Do you not believe any of what you heard?  If not, then sell your currency and be done with it.  If you do believe in the information, then you will have to wait and be patient like the rest of us.  If your belief system isn’t in place, you won’t believe in this anyway.  Do what you have to do… and I wish you well.
Next caller:  I have some stocks that I cashed out and thought I would pay long-term capital gains @15%.  However, I got conked by the alternative tax rates, and ended up with 28% tax plus the local state tax.  Instead of cashing out stock and giving it to a charity and then deducting it, I contributed the stock, and the receiving agency then has 48% to monetize that stock, and then they give you full credit for the value of your donation.  That was a couple of years ago, so I recommend that people get tax pros who are used to working with high-value individuals to work that out.  Of course, there may be some special provision for this, but I assume currency will fall into the same slot as appreciated stock. 
RayRen:  Thanks for your advice.
240 caller:  If you belong to a group and you have accumulated extra currency, will you be able to exchange all you have or will you have to wait until the public exchanges.
RayRen:  Check with whoever is running that group, they can answer that.
484 caller:  I’ve been in this a long time.  Where are the funds coming for the exchanges?  I’ve done a lot of research of my own, and I can’t work out where the funds are coming from.  Some say it’s digital, but…
RayRen:  The dinar is supposedly being funded by the petro-chemical deal for the next 50 years.  I never studied other currencies for that.  China is supposedly bankrolling this and that;  there is a lot of information out there on this topic, so do some research.
865 caller:  I have a thought for the lady who was concerned about selling back her dinar.  Some seeds get planted on good soil, some on the rocks, some get eaten by birds, etc.  That lady needs to be one of the good seeds, the mustard seed of faith that grows into a big mustard bush.  You have to have a little faith.  You have to walk it out.  When you go through opposition, you get stronger.  You and Tony are my brothers, and we need to impart that to each other.  There is a purpose, plan and reason we are in this.  My pastor said the other day that something he likes about me is that I’m all in or not at all.  And I agree – either you are or you aren’t, it’s as simple as that.  Everyone out there, just keep your heads up!  God bless, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
919 caller:  I’m like him, we’re all in or… thank you for picking up the mantle and doing the best that you can.  You go to Vegas, and if you come to North Carolina, do look me up!
757 caller:  I like that you don’t put out information that you cannot verify.  Many people take anything they hear and then try to rush the situation.  Live life, and do what you have to do.  Be patient.  Keep on doing what you are doing, your way Ray!  Not everyone thinks the same way and all that information from others puts a burden on some people. 
619 caller:  I’m in San Diego, first-time caller.  I am ready, and I’ve been listening for the past three years.  I know this will happen in God’s timing.  With regards to the exchange, I have several currencies;  will it be better to open a separate account for each currency?  I heard that it might be important for tax purposes…
RayRen:  We were told to have a separate account for dinar because it MAY be treated differently.  It doesn’t cost anything to do that.  Now many of us are holding five, six different currencies, and although it wont’ hurt to have a separate account for each currency, I’m only keeping the dinar separate from the others.  Yes, this is about the tax situation, whatever that turns out to be.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
519 caller:  This is a wonderful growth process, for us and for you.  I appreciate everyone who shows up in dinarland for us, every day.  I work at GE Canada, and I have two accounts – one is Canada, and one is a cross-border account for when I visit the States.  I am looking at going to California for some health issues.  I though of asking to exchange directly from dong to US dollars in that cross-border account, so I don’t have to pay further exchange fees.  Can I do that?  Would that be the time to negotiate where the money goes?  What extra value does it place on that exchange?
RayRen:  Sure, be in negotiation mode 24/7 – negotiate anything and everything, especially if you are doing constant border crossings.  The mental processing is a load in itself for that.
Caller:  I am sure that I’ll be spending up to $100,000 in the US, so to me it seems smart to exchange directly into dollars.
RayRen:  Some believe that the US rate will be higher in any case, so it might be better to exchange all your money in Canada, or all of it in the US.  Do the numbers!  Look out for fees and see where it will be better to exchange.
Caller:  We are going to change the picture of money from a negative connotation to one of love and helping each other.  
561 caller:  Tony and DC are doing alright?
RayRen:  I spoke to Tony yesterday, DC this morning, and Pam last week. All are well.
Caller:  [can’t hear]  Iraq being paid?
RayRen:  I don’t know.  There’s a lot of ‘mum’s the world’ over in Iraq right now.
When I get a call and someone asks me to talk them into staying into this – and I will call that lady and chat with her – but when that happens, I cannot do that.  We have spent a lot of time equipping you with good information, but YOU have to believe.  I cannot make you a believer.  If not, what’s going to keep you going the next day.  You have to run on your own faith. I  try to give as much information as I can bring into that system, but I cannot be the faith for you.  You have to believe in the information.  If you look at Iraq itself, the lynchpin in all this, and you look at their history, then you will see that this is what is taking place.  Iraq exists, but was under a dictator.  We took out the dictator, and then Iraq had no government or structure.  When the restructuring is complete, their currency will come back to something similar to their neighbors. People told you to buy currency, that this would done in 30 days.  For some of us, 30 days turned a year, five years, ten years, but we were first told to hurry up.  Most of us had no understanding how this would work – not currency dealers, but people with jobs or retired, who wanted a little money to help matters.  A few were rich and lost that status and are now trying to get back. This became the way out or the way back, with the feeling that when this comes about, they can be rich again.  Others saw that they could get very rich, and as a result we put too much into this.  Some have lost people, cars and homes behind this, but it wasn’t the fault of the currency.  We saw it as salvation and we wanted/needed for it to happen in 30 days.  Life continued on, and some of us on this call right now don’t have cars, or have lost their homes;  we’re doing whatever we need to do to make this work as we wait for this elusive date.  Yes, that causes frustration, but you need to hold on in faith that this will happen in its own time.  To go along with that faith, study what took place and is now talking place, until you have the conviction that it is going to happen, even if you don’t know when. That is what we are bringing:  that information about Iraq and all the rest, the card activity and other movements. 
Every site and call bring you in some segment of truth.  There is some truth in what all of us are saying, to some degree.  You have to sift out what IS the truth, and if you’re not sure, ask the person who gave you the information.  I do believe it is real;  there are people over there and over here who have exchange their currencies;  you may not have heard about those.  We cannot share every  little thing to you, but we bring enough for you to establish some sense of conviction.  “Yes, this is real;  it’s just not my time yet.”  I wanted this RV a couple of years ago when I really needed it to happen!  You have an asset in your hand and if you believe (faith) or know (conviction), you can look at Iraq and see signs that this is developing. In the US, the wheels of progress are turning slowly. We wanted this yesterday, and they are moving at the pace they require to get what they require for their people.  We are on the outside waiting for this to happen.  We have to rely on that information and wait.  You have a asset, which is something that grows and makes you money.  You have this asset – do you believe it is what it is, or not.  If you do believe, hold onto this asset and get rid of everything else in my house that is not making me money, before getting rid of something that will create revenue and an income stream for you. 
This is real;  believe that it is coming and meanwhile, find something that will keep you going it.  Some of us have gone back to jobs that we didn’t want, making the sacrifice.  I cannot tell you when this is going to happen.  I do hear the bank people are excited, and they are thinking today or tomorrow.  They are optimistic that it’s coming up!  We see progress coming from Iraq;  announcements and appointments are forthcoming, and that is all progress.  Anyone who told you this would happen in 30 days was clearly mistaken.  There are other things we can do to keep us going.  The last thing I would do is to sell an incoming-producing asset like these currencies.  That is what these are to me;  do you believe that’s what they are to you?

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA  

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