Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Surrender" Anonymous Intel SITREP, 6 MARCH

"Surrender"   Anonymous Intel SITREP

Prayer, Intel, Last Request

Saturday 3.5.2016 (8)  12:00:00


Redemption Centers

    Have been humming with VIP activity since last evening 8 pm EST.
    Private emails and phone calls went out to existing clientele of each bank last night.
    Know that this introductory process started at 7:45 pm EST Friday evening and still continues on at this hour.

    Redemption appointments were quietly set and are now being completed in the 5,500 off-site redemption locations.

    This pre-event accomplished two very necessary outcomes:

        1) It kept existing VIP clients away from the public--as VIPs prefer being separated from the mass sea of humanity via bad conditioning.

        2) Provided redemption staff with 24+ hours of real time, real exchange, real redeemers at their respective actual off site location. No more practice time. This was done so they would be more ready for larger volumes of redeemers.

    As of yesterday, redemption staffs have been sequestered until all private groups and internet group redemptions complete.

    Many believe a completion date for this process to be March 14 ( 9 days after March 5), with public announcements coming shortly after.

    So yes, the long awaited 10 day redemption period has indeed begun in earnest--Praise the Lord!

    And yes, all should be preparing to receive both 800#s via internet sites / private email / phone call sometime after sundown EST, as well as being ready to head into a redemption location with your currency and other related materials, and negotiate the best rate and terms you can get.

    Game on kids! Pray for help is you get lost or anxious.

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