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01 MARCH 2016
*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
FRANK26: Please don’t forget the 3 articles that WS posted.
That is what the IMF is saying.
In the future … information / intel / articles … that will come out will continue to be very, very tight.

The  Information that the media is putting out is VERY old.
Remember … if it’s in print … it already happened. ;)
The media is using “source files” – (mixing old articles / photos and releasing them as new).
There is a clamp down on info going out from the GOI.
We believe that the media is being “sanctioned” … mainly due to corruption.
Abadi is controlling what is being released – (which is good).
There are too many false stories.
IMO – Abadi clamped down
The whole internet depends on WalkingStick … the man is the best … but it’s even getting harder for him to find things.
WS is going to different places right now … so many sources are “sanctioned.”
Many information doors have shut-down.
Falseness is causing problems if it gets out to the citizens … it’s trying to be controlled.
Maliki decided to run from the protesters. He can’t leave Iraq. He is a cornered rat.
Zabari’s location is “known” and “unknown.” ;)
The 3 Musketeers are good! Follow and study.
The FEDERAL COURT LAW … Mahmout released a portion of the federal court law.
Parliament is going to take it … they have it now … and the next session (next week) – they will deal with it.
If they vote on it … you know all of the ministers that are being let go and running scared? “Who’s your daddy?” LOL! ;)
This law will be used against the ministers. It’s all good for them to reach the goal of becoming international compliant.
Abadi is having a private contractor/company to audit the auctions of the CBI … that just give me chills.
IMO … going into March … as oil goes up … you’ll see that the auctions will get smaller.
IMO – it’s been a chronic introduction to get the LD’s into the banks … and I think they should be getting toward the end of that. Therefore … auctions lower.
Every developing country is E-COMMERCE. That’s where it’s at.
A lot of international standards are in Iraq right now … that is very encouraging.

The word we got out of INDIA yesterday … (it’s just like our cc notes).
All of these “gates” (think horse-races) are getting ready for the IMF requirements.
Did the CBI accomplish everything the IMF required by the 28th of February? IMO … just like hearing the supper-bell ring … dinner is ready … food is cooked … we’re just waiting to be served. Give it a good week before we find out any results. They sure are getting ready for international standards.
The E-COMMERCE CARDS … there are many of them. ;)
That “report” about the DELTA … that WS put together … DELTA translated those from the Arabic website. It’s like a “white-paper” – very analytical report. Please add that to your reading. There is a lot of good stuff in it.
Iraq does things very deliberately.
By the way … we were told … when you see these documents … look for those that reference those documents. ;) Specifically the three articles.
CC ended in prayer.

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