Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bluwolf Late Thursday Afternoon Message, 3 MARCH

Bluwolf Late Thursday Afternoon Message,

Awaiting my email or phone call as we speak and nothing else at this time. I am praying this thing in, can you join me.

If you were to reach out to all 28 million who hold dinar in the Americas and ask them to declare this GCR and rv in, by my faith in Jesus I can tell you that we would see this in the now as in right now.

Many in prayer are much powerful and things get done immediately by God's grace.
So if you guys are up to it and believe in God all mighty, I will be on my knees from 8:00 pm ast, 7:00 pm est and my prayers or concentration shall be for a hour.

Please share this to my friends at Recaps or anywhere that you may have access to, please be blessed, Na'maste      Bluwolf

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