Thursday, February 18, 2016



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We are very close. Immanent even. And moving irreversibly closer by the hour. 

Still waiting on the private group bank redemption 800# release. 

This weekend US bank memos were handed out telling executive staff to be ready to exchange as early as Wednesday 2.17 through Sunday 2.21.

5,500 off site redemption centers and select banks are ready to receive redeemers,

New ATMs were delivered. 

New USN physical currency was delivered and is currently available.
New digital gold backed TRNs are live worldwide (back screens).

Old USD notes will be exchanged 1:1 for new USN currency (front screens).

Current back screen rates (WF brokerage screens as of 8 PM, Tuesday):

1 ZIM = 0.65 USN
1 VND = 4.89 USN
1 IQD = 7.22 USN

ZIM redemption face value adjustments: 

Trillion notes lop off 6 zeros (then multiply by rate)
Billions notes lop off 3 zeros (then multiply by rate)
Millions notes no zero lop off (then multiply by rate; i.e. redeem at face value)

There are no limits to how much you can redeem. 

Higher contract rates are available if you're willing to leave your money with a redemption bank for a period of time. The longer you leave it with the bank, the higher the contract rate. 

Also, the more currency you are redeeming, the higher contract rates you will be offered. Non Disclosure Agreements will accompany all contract rate terms. So there are a few negotiating variables. Be prepared.

As mentioned in previous updates, the longer the public was made to wait the higher the Chinese drove up starting redemption rates. Guess it paid to be patient:)

Bank redemption 800#s will be sent out via email and tweets. Please wait for the 800#s to come out before approaching the banks, most tellers and branch managers just don't know. 

Trust that you'll have plenty of time to redeem, so take your time. Go slow. Pray for guidance if you get lost. Stay quiet after your redemption appointment. Choose your core professional team methodically. Remember humility is strength, and most of all protect your redeemed principal and live off your earned interest!

Best of luck. Pay if forward. Service over self.

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