Wednesday, February 10, 2016



Crimsontide:  Iko have they stopped exchanging again? banks are quiet

Iko Ward:  As far as I know nothing has actually stopped, we're just on a world wide clock

Brigantine:  seeing what happened with deutsche bank today, I think that clock includes a derivatives meltdown before RV. Have to, or the mess will carry over to new bank system.

Iko Ward:  Brig, I believe going asset backed will wipe out the dirivatives. Economic slight of hand

Scotchie:  Iko, possible for any other currency to go before the dinar????

MacJedi:  Iran might be the only bet before Iraq and that still seems unlikely

Iko Ward:  scotchie, it's possible the Chinese could back the Dong but not likely. Mac, I don;t think they'll let Iran go first...too much room for mischief. Pretty sure it will all go at once because that's the only way that makes any sense.

cotchie:  Thanks, Iko. I heard the Chinese have itchy fingers

MacJedi:  Dong first would be great but I don't think they have the nerve to do it

Scotchie:  Mac, I heard it is possible, with the dinar constantly being delayed.

Tank:  IKO, did you hear anything about the 72 hour window?

Iko Ward:  Tank..yes...tomorrow it ends.

Steph:  Tank, which 72 hr window?

Tank:  Steph, there was a 72 hour window mentioned by Art that the RV would finally occur. No one was sure when the 72 hours started


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