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      10:23 AM Feb 10, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray: Don't have a lot of new intel to share with you.  going to do a review.
    TV talked about retake of Mosul; cards not 100% issued and funded.  
    From Monday banks here in the US, would think, they had gone underground and folded up their tents.  No results from their Monday meeting.  Some would even deny they had a meeting.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  I'm still any minute, any day.  Have heard some information that wants to push it over to Friday.  Have not reached the memo specific date. . . Thought others would've told you about that. At least date and rate. All they have to do is use their sources and say whats on memo. Surprised that hasn't come out as that will be a biggy to some of you.
    MEMO:  Ray:  It's not a final date.  It's a time slot. . .It's not important anyway.  We are in an any day, any time window until it happens.  It says between now and such and such date.  When that date comes and goes we'll still be in the window.
    BACK WALL DATE:  Ray:  I'm not hearing anything beyond February.  I only know what we are getting from Iraq,what the information says, is we are not getting out of February.
    IRAQ:    No confirmation that Maliki has been arrested. Ray has been told all the laws are completed and everything done. Ray: Iraq is saying all is done that needs to be done. . .we can only go by info that they give out. . .PM Abadhi made a speech yesterday.  It's out for people to read.
    • Cards:  Not everyone has received and not all are funded yet.  Some will say they have the card and some will say they don't. 
    • Banks 
    • Demonstrations taking place in the streets.
    • IMF    
    • Rates    
    • UST:  Ray does not have any knowledge or information the US Treasury has given a "go."  
    • Bank Exchanges:   Ray: That to me is green light for them to do something.  Doesn't mean banks will push full RV.
    • Banks have gone quiet.  Ray said it would seem they folded up their tents.         
    • Packages: 
    Bank Story:
    Q & A:
    Q - Does paying someone's bills qualify for taxes as income to them?  Ray:  Call the IRS and they can tell you if that would be taxed.
    Those who rejected the offers last week?  Ray:   Some of you would do that. For those folks who rejected the offer it wasn't worth it to take $3 million today vs $30 million tomorrow.
    EXCHANGING:    Ray:  We received information along time ago for exchanging.  If they say, "exchange," it was to be handled one way and if said, "cashing in," handled another way.  We were never fully told how that would be.  I'm going to say "exchange" and I'm going to mean exchange.  As far as I'm concerned I'm exchanging this currency.  If it doesn't make a difference I haven't lost a thing.
    Arrested Texas Bankers for early exchanges (story in TNT Forum):  Ray: I've read what it's supposedly for. I don't know what they were charged with.
    The news earlier that everything is done, all laws and the like.  Printed in the Gazette?  Final remaining step?  Ray:  Don't know that that is a step that needs to take place.  Indicated all the laws are completed and everything done.
    What are sources saying refer street demonstrations?  How wide spread and violent are they?                       Ray:  Nobody's been giving that information.
    Callers tax attorney says the RV is going to be taxed as ordinary income rather than capital gains.                   Ray:  We have other members, professionals, telling them a bit different.
    To receive TNT text messages:  Send to # 40404 this message exactly: follow @THE_TNT_TEAM
    Wish we could have all of the answers all of the time.  We are not that kind of program.  . . We get information out of Iraq – consumer level and government sources.  We get information here.  (same sources).
    We make every effort to get information.  For those that is not good enough, that is the best we get.  Here is what we are hearing and what they will allow us to hear.
    In some cases we get mis-information intentionally.  We make effort to see it is as factual as can be.  As we get closer and closer, frustration gets higher and higher.  Intel folks too.
    Sometimes the best thing is to say, “Thank you for the information” instead of saying, “I need more.”  No one is on the payroll.  No one is being paid for the information.  No one is being compensated for anything.  It is what it is.  If it’s good enough for you you’ll continue to be around and be part of the solution not the problem.  Continue to be around until it’s all said and done.
    We bring the information to you as best we can so when we get on the other side you won’t be one of those lottery winners or “toothless crackhead.”
    We’re what we can until there is no longer a need to do that.  Wanted to get through this week so no longer need funding or phone line.  Think it doesn’t cost that much, why don’t you contact one of these companies and see what it costs to set this up for a week.
    Otherwise, whatever you donate we appreciate it.  Thinking one more call.  If it doesn’t come on Friday, then we will reconvene to up date you – here is what we are doing; what we are expecting.
    If that “Last call” does not show up between now and Friday, we’ll be here. 
    I’m still excited because banks are so quiet the last few days.  I’m still in the happy place:  Any minute, any hour, any day.
    I told you earlier.  (sound lostIf need to come back – (too low to hear but he will be back)   You guys have a good day.  Thank you everyone.

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