Thursday, February 4, 2016


TNT : 

Yada:  Last night Hearing now that the dong is starting to float,,  it may inch up some to exchange a few notes until the RV,,,this is not the RV of the dong first, just a correction in the value since it had been on hold for so many years

It was confirmed this would not be double dipping because we wouldnt necessarily turn around and repurchase but can purchase other currencies if we desire,,,,,,,It would just resolve  serious financial issues but worth taking advantage of

And then there was some type of rumor or comment made that the adjustment may yield an increase in value of the dong to the dollar of close to 50¢

HappyVet:  the Dong is already a international traded currency

Yada:  But the value wasn't floating until 10 days ago

TBarts: Do you think if we exchanged some say at 50¢ per dong that we will be locked in to exchange at that rate later. First mouse....

Yada:  No because we can exchange at the regular exchange and this is just one that is just increase slightly that had nothing to do with the RV….. there will be a major adjustment after the RV as all currencies will,,

HH-depending on how much it floats-sell a couple of notes …pay bills…wait for RV

Inola7:  Inola7's Bro here- The Dong float may be a forcing factor of the RV. RV all currencies would go then... it eliminates that scenario

Briona:  At .50 cents I could exchange 2 million dong, which I paid $100 for and buy 1 billion Dinar. Who believes they would let this happen.
DanBlessed:  but THEY aren't counting on that briona....they are counting on people exchanging it and blowing it.

Briona:  If they want to float the dong, I will be sailing to the bank to exchange, but I just don't see it happening.

Lilypad: Good Morrning Room.  Wed CC: TIP FOR THE DAY: Keep your eye on the dong. We may just have a leveraging situation.  

PKG:  Right now, the dong has around 22 times less value than the dinar. It has a loooong way to go

Inola7:  nola7's Bro here-you would need to exchange 22 thousand VND to get 1 Dollar currently. We want to exchange 2 VND for 1 Dollar to equate to that .50 cent vnd rate.

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