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TNT Call notes 10-February-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]. [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Happy Humpday! Today is Wednesday, February 10, 2016.  We are pushing through the month of February. There is not a lot of new intel.
Iraqi television talks about retake of Mosul. Not all of the cards are loaded yet. Are there going to be some people saying that it is not happening in their neighborhood?  Yes.  It is limited in its distribution.  What is the delay or why has it not popped out?  It might not be a delay. I don't know.
With our US banks, it is like they've gone underground or folded up their tents. They are not talking.  I don't know what came of the meeting some of the US banks had on Monday. Some may even deny they had a meeting.  That doesn't matter. We are still waiting. I am still, “any time any day”.  Some are pushing their predictions to Friday.
So, that is the end of the intel for those who only come here for that purpose. Have a good day.
Items 4 and 5 you know about.  As for Items2  and 3, the bank memos about this coming out between now and a specific date, we are still in that window.  The date hasn’t come yet.  Apparently no one can get access to those memos as no one knows the specific date.
Item 1, the one that isn’t time-sensitive – well, I’m surprised no one has brought that out. 
Q:  Many are thinking “what the heck?!”  Especially when the banks are scratching their heads because they cannot call us in to exchange.  I thought the banks were in control to release this?  If not, what is happening when they get called back?  I would guess you don’t know, but what do you speculate?  A:  You’re right, I do not know.  We heard a while back that the banks had the authorization to go forward if they wanted to do something – that doesn’t mean the banks will push the full RV.  Has the UST given the go-ahead? To my knowledge, they have.
Q:  When we talk about the new rate on the cards, what does that mean?  If the cards have the higher rate, do they have fewer dinars on them?  A:  If the cards have new rate of $34.1, but the country hasn’t officially changed the currency, I would think the cards would have a higher number.  If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will jump in and correct me, so the bottom line is that we’ll get an answer one way or the other.
Q:  Do you have an confirmation that Maliki has been arrested?  {No, I don’t.] If so, does that confirm this RV process is happening?  It’s clearly in flow – did the events of last week bring that to an end?  Do any laws still need to be passed?  A: Iraq has passed all laws.  We are in the flow, and still in the window?  I am not hearing anything beyond the end of February.
Q:  We have been told to say ‘exchange’ rather than ‘cash out’.  As consumers do not ‘exchange’ currency.  Will it make a difference if we exchange vs. cash out?  A:  Actually we do in some cases.  In the initial training, several years ago, bankers were told that if we say ‘exchange’ they should handle us one way and if we say “cash out”, to treat us another way.  We heard that and adapted to it.  It’s not that big an issue, though.  If you go in and say exchange and nothing happens, and if you say ‘cash in’ and nothing happens, what difference does it make either way, from the banking exchange concept.  It doesn’t cost any money to say either one, but on the off-change that IF we are right and you wind up losing something in the process, where do you think you’d rather be then?  Will you think, “I should have said what TNT told me”?  The thought process goes deeper for the bank.  Saying what we told you say won’t hurt anyway, although saying what others tell you to say might make a difference that would be better for you.  If there is the slightest chance it makes a difference, which side would you rather be on?  If it doesn’t make a difference, you are still good.  If it does make a difference, why fight over it? It is not costing you money, time or your reputation to do that – better safe than sorry.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m changing this currency;  they can say ‘buy or sell’ all they want to, but that is because of the fee.  I will say exchange when I go to the bank.
Q:  Will the Iraqis who have several IQD notes stashed away, will they make as much as we do in the US?  A:  If they have a million dinar and can exchange at $3+, then yes, If they can afford to do that, why not?  Most of them cannot afford to do that, even with a million dinar costing $900.
Q:  Thanks for your tireless efforts.  Are the memos about the banks being ready ‘a unique feature’?  According to our archives, the banks have been notified for the last couple of years, to the point where some have pulled out.  A:  Depends on what you mean by a unique feature.  That banks have been notified before, and they have spent money on training staff and setting things up.  One bank did pull back and say “we’re not doing this again until it really comes”.  Yes, they have been told “this is happening” and then someone pulled the plug or it didn’t happen for some other reason.  Several times it seems to have been connected with finding criminals.  False info has been given to us regarding RV dates in the past.  So we don’t have an answer to that, but some banks have received memos saying ‘start first thing in the morning’. 
[technical issue]  I cannot take callers for the moment. 
Q:  Did Abadi make his statement yesterday?  A:  Yes, he did, and you can draw your own conclusions based on the article of that speech.
Q:  You have said that the RV has not passed the ‘final date’ on the memos. I must conclude there is such a date or you would not have the information to make that statement. Would you please let us know the date?  A:  Yes, there is a date and No, I will not tell you what it is.  Let the other intel-gatherers tell you if they want to.  It’s not important anyway – we are in an ‘any day, any time’ window until this happen. I’m not giving you a date and then if it passes that time, you will start having fits.  There was a date on the memo, we are still in the window and that should be good enough for now.
Q:  If you only have one child, is it still wise to look at foundations, or enough to have her be POD on my accounts?  A:  Foundations are still the best way forward for your portfolio.  You are missing something big;  look into it.
Q:  Is there any ‘new news’ for Canadians?  A:  Just go to the banks when they are ready.  I have a couple of Canadians who are trying to exchange and are waiting for this to go through.  That leads me to conclude there will be no problems when this is in effect.
Q:  There are twenty people that I have gifted to, and I’m worried that the banks will offer them way lower rates.  How concerned should I be?  Is there anything I can do to prevent them?  A:  Educate them!
Q:  If I were to pay someone’s hospital bill, will that count as income for them?   A:  I don’t think so.  Call 800-829-1040 and ask the IRS.  Go to the source.
Q:  Who notifies the banks that the RV is here?  A:  I don’t know, possibly the UST.
Q:  [Didn’t catch the question]  A:  The issue is what they plan to do with the money. If you are going to pay something off, or just go shopping, you need to calculate the losses. The biggest loss is the one that most don’t know about or how to calculate – the lost opportunity loss.  Would you go in and get two million dollars today if you would get 30 million next week?  Those in the office decided that they didn’t like that deal, that it was a lot of money to turn their back on for a short wait longer.  You have to decide.  They made a decision to pass on two million now to get 30 million later.
Q:  What is the process that is underway?  A:  People turned down 47 cents for dong;  that tells us something is in process.
941 caller:  Where did you get that 47 cents from?  I need to get a little bit, not much at 47 cents, but I would do it for a little.
RayRen:  That is what they were offered at that bank.  It’s a new day.
909 caller:  I have a three-part question.  A year ago, you and the team were seeing minutes from classified meetings, etc., that were making these decisions and exchanges were being done.  You said that if it became necessary they would be used to protect “we the people”.  Do you still have that hard intel, and is the team willing to use it for our protection?  Also, we heard that two bankers in Texas were arrested for doing early exchanges, as ‘trade violations’.
RayRen:  Do you KNOW those arrests took place for that reason?  Unless it’s factual, I don’t have any grounds to address it.  Arrests for that reason would have a record somewhere with the grounds for the arrest.  That would be easy to find out and prove if it is the case.
409 caller:  [Appreciation]  All we can do is wait.  It’s the real deal and it’s going to happen. I  have a few sources myself, and everything if going to be okay.  I’m no longer getting the texts;  can you give us the information to sign up again, please? 
RayRen:  Send a text message to 40404, reading “Follow @THE_TNT_TEAM”  and hit send. You should get a response almost immediately.
Caller:  Thanks, I will do that.  Again, we really appreciate all that you do.  This is not about us, it’s a worldwide event, and there is so much that is going to happen beyond this RV.  It will change the way the world operates.  We have a lot to look forward, and I hope we will all help others and help make changes around the world.  I hope we will meet in Las Vegas and set our energy for peace and prosperity across the globe.
865 / 404 caller:   The news you gave earlier, that everything is done (laws and such)… have the laws been printed in the Gazette?  I thought Iraq required that.
RayRen:  I don’t that it’s a step that needs to take place.  My sources indicate the laws have been completed and everything has been done.
Caller:  Another rumor is that the governor of the CBI was appointed by Maliki and that we need Shabibi back in place.
RayRen:  If that were a real factor, that one person had to be in a particular office, I think we would have been told.  Then we could have addressed it.  Iraq is saying that everything that needs to be done has been done.  We can only go on the information they give out, and they are saying ‘we are done, we are done”.  That is the info that comes out so this is what we give you.
Caller:  Street demonstrations? 
RayRen:  They don’t give details and I don’t ask. I t doesn’t make any difference to me, because we still don’t have an RV.  In general, they are staying there are demonstrations.
Caller:  It sounds like you are saying that if doesn’t happen today it will be very soon.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Next caller:  Could the dong happen before dinar?  It felt like you were saying that last week.
RayRen:  I said to keep an eye on the dong, and look, some were offered 47 cents, which is more than we paid for the dong.  The dong will happen along with the dinar in the RV. I just didn’t want you to be blindsided by not seeing something coming.
951 caller;  What’s the replay number for this call?
RayRen:  Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and you’ll find it there.
Caller:  In your heart of hearts, do you think we will see this before the end of February?
RayRen:  The information the banks are getting here and also in Iraq, they are saying that we are not getting out of February.  That projection could change in a quick minute, but that’s what I’m getting and what I’m passing on to you.
501 caller:  I was talking to someone I know at the Fed, and he thinks this RV is a scam. The rumor is that President Obama will not allow anything good to come through reflecting on President Bush, and also that he is not going to let anyone like us to have money that might end up funding the Republican party. 
RayRen:  Well, we all have our own opinions.  This is not the call to discuss politics.
Next caller:  I’ve talked with my tax attorney who has researched this tax business, and…
RayRen:  Do you believe him?  If you do, why are you bringing it on the call?  If you believe what he told you, I’m not going to say anything against it.
Caller:  In his opinion, this will be taxed as ordinary income rather than capital gains.  I think it’s one more thing our members should be aware of.
RayRen:  Okay, we have other members whose professionals are telling them other things.
Caller:  Everyone should make a contribution because there is considerable expense involved in running these calls.
RayRen:  They will do whatever they choose to do if this information is helpful to them.  When the well runs dry, we will shut this down and say, “We had a good run!”
Next caller:  [Appreciation]  We went to our local bank last Friday and a new guy there sat down with us in a friendly way.  We asked about dong and dinar, and he pulled out all this paperwork from his recent training, with handwritten notes, etc.  He is learning how to get to all the currencies.  He said the dinar is not tradable yet, and the dong might be a little while, but not as long as some might think.  We’re isolated here in the mountains, and it was so encouraging to talk to someone who knew about the dinar and dong. Keep up the good work, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  I wish we could have all the answers all the time, but that is not the kind of program we have.  We give you what we are hearing from Iraq, on many different levels, and also information we can acquire in the US.  We cannot make anything happen, we can only tell you what we hear, confirm what we can, and share it with you.  For those for whom this is not good enough, I don’t know what to tell you.  I will give you information that we get and pass it along. We may get misinformation. It has happened in the past. We try to make it as factual as possible. As we get closer and closer to the event everyone has levels of tension and frustration. We try to make sure that what we tell you is factual;  otherwise we would be promising things we don’t know.  That is the best you can get short of promises tht might not materialize.  We don’t always get the specifics.  No one is being paid, regardless of rumors on the internet.  This is about more than the RV, and we give you that as we get along so that you will not be like the lottery winners who have money for a little while and then it left you.  We will continue until it’s with us, until there is no longer a need.  I hope we can get through this week without asking for donations.  Some say that it doesn’t cost much to host a phone call, but you should try setting up free calls three times a week for 20,000 people.  Whether we donate any amount, we appreciate the thought, effort, and support to keep this going.
We hope there will be one last call, and if it’s not here by Friday, we will be here with more intel.  The banks are being very tight-lipped and quiet, which is exciting in itself.  I am in a happy place and looking forward to this any day, hour or minute.  Enjoy this update.  If there is a need to come back between now and Friday, I am happy to do that.  In the mean-time, hang in there.  Have a good day, and we will come back together whenever needed.

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