Thursday, February 18, 2016

TNT :Bruce The Big Call 2-18-16 Transcriber - mangelo BY LADYB22, 18 FEB

Bruce The Big Call 2-18-16 Transcriber - mangelo
m.  Bruce call: Kent start the recording ...Bruce is saying welcome to the big call.....I am excited!! tonight
m.  Bruce call: opening prayer
m.  Bruce call: Kent started the teachings
m.  Bruce call: Bruce is going over his plans for the future
m.  Bruce call: Before we get into the Intel part of the call...do we have any prayer request or reports
m.  Bruce call: Kent reporting on the reports from the prayers
m.  Bruce call: still on prayer reports
m.  Bruce call: make sure you have everything secure...emails,
m.  Bruce call: Don't get hacked!
m.  Bruce call: Intel we are further than we where at Tuesday night. most of you know about the live rates are at the bank at certain levels and have a gag order not to speak
m.  Bruce call: groups will be notified and us will be notified. They don't want us saying anything about when it would happen
m.  Bruce call: there are a few dates out there! But we will not talk about it and they are very good! and in fact no Q & A tonight
m.  Bruce call: this can happen at any moment now!!!!!
m.  Bruce: is n ow talking and going into health. He is talking about his own health
m.  Bruce: introducing his guest Bob on health

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