Monday, January 25, 2016

Wolfy’s Bank Story, 25 JAN

Wolfy’s Bank Story:   Walter asked me to post this--It a few days to weeks old but here goes..

Got called by my bank that the dong was fluctuating and they wanted me to know that.  Said they would call me back. I decided to get dressed and go on down to the bank. She (WM)was very busy and I had to wait in between her other customers.

Yes for some of you that think WM have nothing to do except help us all day--they do have a job to do with other customers.  Now, The dong was still showing "pending" but from time to time the screen would blink and the "pending" would go away.

It was then we would try to push thru and exchange. Let me tell you this because most of you probably havent gone thru this.  

It was the most stressful thing I have done lately--I am physically and mentally exhausted..

Several times the screen did not show "pending" but most of the time it did. It was rough for several hours. I am not supposed to quote the rate but I can tell you it was over a dollar,,even over more that that but I cant say any more that that and yes I did see the screen.

Once while I was waiting on the WM to work with someone else--one of the tellers came over and asked if she could help in some way. I told her no thanks because the WM had told me it wasnt showing on their screens and they didnt know anything about this at all.

Well I finally had to leave because I had to pick up my son from school. I left knowing the rate was there and that I almost had it but---DRAT -I spent all that nerve racking stressful time trying and failed.  I was hoping to bring back incredible news but I am sorry to say I failed. 

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