Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
BILLS ARE DUE:  Ray: We thank you very much for your donations, considerations and reports.
RAY:  . . . most exciting . . . a memo that went out from the Federal Reserve bank to all the districts saying,
"they are to receive authority to release in the next 24 hours."   
  Ray commented that the memo has gone out before and then it did not happen.  He was still excited though- Sunny
Ray:  Couple of Iraq contacts have not reported.  Protests going on over there as it did not happen on the 1st like they were expecting.   One source reporting budget is in the Gazette.
Reports from members that radio is saying funds in banks for GCR.  Tier 3 bank doing private exchange activity. (this week)
The most exciting thing is a memo that went out from the Federal Reserve bank to all the districts saying they, "are to'll receive authority to release in the next 24 hours."   Memo said "they were to receive authority."  I have info from six different banks that received that memo and two agencies/departments that said that memo went out.
CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  I believe we are in the window.Things are movingNo one can put out how fast.                                                                On an any day, any time mode.  I do believe we are close.  Extremely close.
Ray: Everybody looking this week, right now. Tuesday came and went.  Now Wednesday  . . .  looking to go first thing this morning. Didn't happen. Doesn't mean it won't. Memo went out.
IRAQ:    Today is holiday in Iraq so information may not flow as readily as before.  Ray is waiting for multiple reports regarding budget published in Gazette.
  • Civil Unrest:  Protests going on as the monetary reforms did not happen the first of January

  • CANADA:  Would not show rates to people on Monday.   Just said it was slightly higher than before.   Ray: How would we know if we can't see the screen?   They are on an any day, any time mode like we are.      
  • Rates   Ray:  The rates I'm hearing are awesome.  Killer rates, but don't know we will get those. Sound great.
Caller with story of a group exchange by a 200 member church and rates he heard they exchanged for were: Dinar, $7.10, Dong, $2.40 and ZIM, .36.  Said he was going from memory and he felt the source was reliable.
  • UST:    
  • Banks:   Can open an account at time of exchange.  The bank account to exchange does not have to be pre-existing. 
  • Packages:          
EXCHANGING:   Ray: I have no issues at all about us being left out. Too many banking people being trained.  Memo went out . . . Some banks that are participating in the first wave, may not participate in the 2nd wave.  Could be some WF banks that are not participating,  that do not need to know.
RAY:  . . . I thought by Wed. we would be rolling in the dough and call shut down.  Not there yet.  While we are in the midst we appreciate those who've helped in the past so we can still be here.  We thank you very much for your donations, considerations and reports.  Even the haters who come on our site who help us with our convictions.  Never thought I'd say that.  I remain your servant here on TNT until the job gets done.  Thank you everyone.  Have a good evening.

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