Wednesday, January 6, 2016

TNT :My friend's bank story!, 6 JAN

    • smwhrnTexas said
      11:00 AM Jan 6, 2016
    Hello TNT! After sharing my bank story with a friend in Indiana, she called a WM @ one of the Big 4 banks. (She had spoken to several WM & WF to try and build a relationship in the past. She had been all but laughed off the phone! One thing I told her she should edit us mentioning IQN.) She left a message at an non-WF bank and WM called back. My friend told him she was looking to form a relationship with a WM at the bank to help her set up a plan for Generational Wealth because she held 3 currencies (only naming ZWR & VNN) that she strongly believed would be revaluing soon. She said, "but I assume you would have more information about that then I would."
    He replied that he may not have more information then she does, but he had in fact heard about the revaluation! He said, "we have an information call every morning (it could have been "in the mornings" so one of the two us accurate...) and that has been discussed a couple of times."
    He was very pleasant and took her name & number, promising to call her as soon as he heard anything if he had not heard from her already!
    This may not be BIG Intel, but she was SO excited after this conversation! Her hubby has been negative and pretty much believing this is a scam from his on-line research...he is now on board and so happy she purchased the currency and didn't sell it back when he suggested it!
    I believe this is yet another indication that we are closer to our blessing! s with my last post, I am sharing to give encouragement to the TNT family!

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