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05 JANUARY 2016     Notes by Frosty The Snowman:

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FRANK:  The monetary reforms of Iraq are moving.

esterdays’ cc … I shared my opinion that we would not see an RV in January … and many were disappointed.

I am emotional about this subject, and about the efforts of my Teams.

When I tell you to take something to God in prayer … take it to God … not to Lucifer.

Some have criticized me for being like other guru’s. How can I be an mirror image of the intel that is stolen from us?

Your postings today were SUPERIOR! Very deep in thought.

Tonight, I want to bring you a gift.

In my opinion … there will not be an RV in January … because they are still in the RI.

We are still looking for the taxes & tariffs.

What we brought you Friday was seen nowhere on the Internet.

We told you that the taxes and tariffs were not implemented.

The Budget LAW will be activated … and includes the Taxes & Tariffs !!!

What is so important for you to understand is that around the 14th or the 15th of January … (look at your notes from a few weeks ago) … things are happening.

The CBI is working.

They are not working on the monetary reform.

They already turned in their math.

They are waiting for numbers.

The monetary reform is a lava flow.

Don’t get in its way.

So what is the CBI working on? Corruption.

The corruption within the CBI … (I can’t talk about … nor will I).

The CBI is waiting on the IMF for numbers.

How much in reserves does the CBI have?

59 Million Dinars. That’s it!!!

Do you know that they could go thru that in just a few hours.

That is all they got. Understand they have NO liquidity.

That’s 59 Million … NOT Billion! That’s 59 Million Dinars.

This is why new math was introduced by the IMF’s request.

Please stop using the words D-E-L-A-Y. There is no delay.

Keep in mind … when an orbiter lands on the moon … the booster rockets fire to allow the craft to land smoothly/softly.

This is the process of this monetary reform.

With 59 million IQD … may I suggest that this is THE END?!!!!

The reserves have NEVER been this low before.

So … for those who ask … “well, if we are in charge … why don’t we just go in there and just raise the value?”

I ask you the same question. You should know the answer to that question already. You don’t go into the final exam without the answer.


Please understand … the phone calls into me have gotten so out of control … I just can NOT return all of the calls anymore … nor do I have the time to try and EDUCATE people in this MR process.

Why can’t we replace Allak? Is he the reason for the delay? (The IMF picks the governor of the central bank – NOT the country’s government). You don’t mess with the Governor of ANY central bank!

Right now … Allak is serving a purpose. He’s is just there to stand and look pretty. Unfortunately, we are not done with Maliki yet. In my opinion … M wants Dr. S arrested or killed … and we can’t have that.

SA and Iran … it’s even deeper than you know … (and I can’t talk about it).

The media will eventually tell you.

Iraq is very close to removing its debt. What is the debt of Iraq as a nation? It’s only about 30 Billion.

Zabarri (the former Deputy Prime Minster) … he is now the FINANCE MINISTER of IRAQ … he said that 80% of their debt has been removed. They are going to make installment payments on it. The math is being worked on with Dr. S and the IMF right now. Our Teams were surprised to learn that those debt numbers were so low.

Remember the 1.2 Trillion that was allocated to be given to Iraq? Guess what Abadi did with it? He paid the Kurdistan Army. Smart! (You’ll read about that soon).

The 2016 Budget … Zabarri said that it was only the 2nd time they’ve put one out on time.

The oil prices … many “organizations” that make up that PRICE … that control SUPPLY and DEMAND … are watching things very closely. The Chinese economy is really related to this.

No country like Iraq can only have OIL … (remember it was $130 a barrel last year) … and it went down to like $35 last year.
So how will it go back up? (I don’t want to tell you).

We need to consider this activity right now … so please stop looking for a date/rate.

Zabarri said their EXPENDITURES should not exceed their REVENUE.

IMO … Zabarri has no credentials to be FINANCE MINISTER.

Abadi said that the budget is ready for Kurdistan.

Abadi also said they have removed the weaknesses in their budget.

Did you see the front-page of the WSJ? “Markets Begin Year With a Thud”

Zabarri said that 2015 was tough … but 2016 will be tougher … BUT NOT THE WHOLE YEAR!!!

Oil prices are going to climb back up 90%. IMO … oil prices will hit between 60 and 70.

Now … IF … you are a student … these numbers can only make you HAPPY!

CC ended in prayer.

** Family ... Guru's ... look for it ... it's in there ... it's in the math!

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