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Elmerf123456 :  I have a strange feeling that everything that is supposed to be done is now all aligned and ready to go the first of the year that's why it's been quiet!, but in the quietness it's been very loud IMO with all the good news from Iraq, the World Bank the IMF etc. etc. etc.and now it's Ban Ki Moon with the United Nations jumping in. I see connected dots and a great painting!

Elmerf123456 :   Ban Ki Moon....whoop whoop! This is good stuff and has underlying meanings IMO!

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi, received a telephone call Wednesday from Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon.

He congratulated Ban Ki-moon, the government and the Iraqi people on the occasion of victory against terrorist Daash and the liberalization of the city of Ramadi, noting that such a victory sends a message of hope and optimism to the international community after the Iraqi flag in the city of Ramadi,

a major development in the events, while the second important step would be re-civilians to their homes and protect them after the extension of security and stability and that the United Nations stands ready to provide all support in this area.
He praised the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the efforts of Mr. Prime Minister and the measures taken to strengthen the work of the Government,

For his part, thanked Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. Ban Ki-moon on these congratulations indicating that the Iraqis are pleased with this victory and that Iraqi forces are not controlled to the city center but only grip control on the perimeter of the city is also giving it full control of the patchwork owned by a year and a half from now.

 The Prime Minister pointed out that the city is now our priority mine clearance and protection to ensure the return of displaced families after the provision of basic services has formed a higher committee concerned with the process to restore stability in Ramadi and other cities!

Angel11:  Thanks Elmer! Sounds like the stars have aligned and we are good to go!!!!!

Elmerf123456 :   Puerto Rico will default on small portion of the $1B in bonds due Monday: signs signs everywhere is signs!


OkRocks...interesting read on Iran returning to Int'l Financial System once the nuclear deal is implemented within days....When the nuclear deal is implemented Iran will be allowed to return to the international financial system, receive billions of dollars that were frozen by foreign banks, and sell greater quantities of oil abroad.

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SassyD:  The Same Pill That Costs $1,000 in America Sells for $4 in India -- De​cember 28, 2015 -- http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-29/the-price-keeps-fall​ing-for-a-superstar-gilead-drug-in-india

SassyD:  The AIIB Bank officially opens -- Dec 30, 2015 --http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-30/philippines-makes-la​st-minute-decision-to-join-china-led-aiib

Dinan:  Sassy...yes...the AIIB as well as the BRICS nations bypassing the IMF/World Bank...interesting times..

Four2atous:  The multicurrency system was hailed as a masterstroke and is still considered in many circles the best way to keep the economy afloat and stable, barring of course the challenges associated therewith. http://www.zimdaily.com/?p=40995#sthash.oU4JreXe.dpuf

Four2atous:  VietNam negative interest= http://tuoitrenews.vn/business/32468/vietnam-to-set-negative-interest-​for-dollar-deposits-cbank-governor

Fur2atous:  VietNam Banking-restructure http://tuoitrenews.vn/business/32485/vietnams-banking-restructuring-sc​heme-fruitful-with-important-targets-met

SassyD:  Puerto Rico will default AGAIN -- December 30, 2015 --http://money.cnn.com/2015/12/30/investing/puerto-rico-default-january/​index.html

Four2atous:  One industry effects another=http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-29/oil-shown-as-culprit​-for-u-s-steel-woes-as-import-threat-eases

Four2atous:  Zim opens the gate for the Chinese=   http://www.zimdaily.com/?p=40908
Four2atous:  Big deal.....esp for HSBC as they are in process of moving their HQ to​ China /central bank's suspension notice for Citi, HSBC and BNP Pariba​s= 

Uni345ty:  So Four2 what does that article have to do with zim RV which we all are waiting on? I don't understand

Four2atous:  We can see China, who is the other "big player" in the RV process, making moves to court Zim, VietNam, and others too numerous to name here setting up a system to circumvent the dollar trade system.....it has everything to do with exchange>>>


NancyK. Update - 12-30-15bbThere is a LOT of buzz going on at the various sites.    I shall summarize what I found important.


We are in a new 72 hr window that looks "awesome," extraordinary." This window began last night at 4 EST and goes until Friday afternoon, which is the beginning of a 3 day weekend for the USA and Great Britain and who knows  whatever other countries.
The tariffs are due to be implemented at all Iraqi ports of entry, sea or land, on Jan 1 (Friday). This will cause inflation if the RV doesn't happen. It will also be a HUGE amount of dinar shippers must possess to pay said tariffs. It doesn't make sense to implement tariffs without the RV for at least these two reasons.
All licensed banks in Iraq have been given the authority Dec 28 by the CBI to handle foreign transactions and in particular currency transactions.
Ramadi is looking good.
The lower denominations are all poised in the banks for usage to begin.  There are those who say once the RV happens banks will start giving change and cashing checks with the new LDs and taking all higher denominations  out of circulation.
There is a FIRST time ever huge carnival planned for Baghdad starting on Friday and going all weekend.  It's a FIRST in the whole middle east.
The oil tankers off Galveston that await a new rate have begun selling oil, now that it's up $4.
The ISX (Iraqi Stock Exchange) was going gang busters yesterday allowing only countries to trade. ISX did more business yesterday than in ALL of 2015 combined.    The ISX will then be CLOSED for 3 days! 
Dr Shabibi (the economic guru of Iraq who has been shepherding this thing for many years, was in exile from Maliki, is back but not yet formally IN change) has always said he'd need 3 days of shutdown of CBI and exchanges to transition.  Coincidence?   Not likely!
I know there's more I cannot find at the moment,, but you get the gist.


12-30-2015   Intel Guru EXOGEN     ...Iraq  will become the new global "OIL KID ON THE BLOCK" soon.  Iraq is now approaching Stability for complete Monetary Reform Implementation.  The Release & Distribution Lower Denoms in Iraq will be the global indicator of the rate adjustment of the currency.

12-30-2015   Newshound Guru Millionday

12-30-2015   Newshound Guru firefly
   [...this is all planned!! everything!!]  Of course it's a plan, I proved it to you guys many times.  [well hope the plan has a very soon ending.]  I'm not hearing of ANY stumbling blocks .... nada.  Like I've said, EVERY PLAN HAS AN END!   [and we are at the end!]  IMO YES!!  Remember also, the CBI has told us recently the project to delete zeros is still planned for 2015. Why is this important? Because every time they delayed this project they told us 3 months in advance. NOT THIS TIME!

12-30-2015   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
    The federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2016:  "Article 53:  This Code shall be published in the Official Gazette and put into effect as of January 1st 2016.  Reasons: This Code has been legislated to approve The Federal  Budget of the Republic of Iraq for the Fiscal Year 2016."

12-30-2015   Newshound Guru Millionday  ANNOUNCEMENT FROM CBI:  "To / all licensed banks and money transfer companies approved all and the financial investment companies approved all and brokering the sale and purchase of foreign currencies approved all companies (foreign exchange rate) 12/28/2015"  IMO IT MEANS THAT THE REGULATIONS HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED AND ONLY MONEY EXCHANGERS AND BANKS CAN EXCHANGE CURRENCY -- THE NOTICE IS TO ALL THAT HAVE BEEN LICENSED.  THE MARKET IS CLOSED RIGHT NOW THERE AND IT OBVIOUSLY IS VERY EXCITING TO SEE THIS FROM CBI.

12-30-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  Did you guys catch the Iraqi Ambassador to the US on Fox tonite [Tuesday]...It looks like the world is ready to welcome them into the world community.

12-30-2015   Newshound Guru mike
   It won't work anymore, they can't generate enough money from oil to control everything, those days are gone.  Until Iraq can release the constraints on foreign investment, create an open market economy and allow the currency to be internationally accepted, we're going to continue to watch the slow death of Iraq's economy and it's ability to pay the salaries of it's people. Even if reforms, laws and legislation magically happens tomorrow, it's going to take a considerable amount of time for it to take effect and move the country forward.  In the mean time, these guys are spending the reserves like a sailor on shore leave.  It's like watching a car wreck in slow motion, these guys just don't get it.  IMO   [post 2 of 2]

12-30-2015   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Iraqi state is facing the threat of bankruptcy next year"  For what it's worth, I just don't know how much effect the IMF's going to have on the situation in Iraq.  Can the IMF pass the needed laws to create an open market economy?  Can they charge, prosecute and imprison the elite who are responsible for scamming the auctions? Can they craft the legislation and get it through Parliament relating to the long overdue banking reforms?  Iraq has known for over a year now that oil wasn't going to be enough to make payroll, fund the infrastructure projects and fight the war against ISIL and what have they done?  Not much. There's been a few laws passed but in the end, Iraq is still holding tight to the old, centralized, government controlled systems they've had for years.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]



Aggiedad77:  Here are the DESSERT notes from last night.....just after this will be another post with denaridori's notes as well....enjoy  Aloha   Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Dessert Notes Tuesday Night 12-29-2015

Aggiedad: I know that last night Frank talked a while about the trifecta…..if you got your notes I hope you can find that, or if not I’ll refresh your memory…..he talked about the fact that the taxes and tariffs were a part of the trifecta, the 2016 budget is a part of it, and course the LD’s are a part…..

Frank I know you are there, so I’m just going to ask this….going to throw this out…..are you still really confident that all of this is a part of that….of what we are looking for?

Frank: Yes it is definitely….by the way great Bible Study….all glory and honor to our Heavenly Father…..

We feel those LD’s are not only in Iraq but are being guarded at the Embassy…..but I feel that now they are going to be distributed……going to be escorted to different banks….

Walking into next year…..I feel the budget that we saw on Wednesday is done and a part of it on Saturday….there was an amazing swing….the pendulum swing that we told you to look for. I was a bit surprised and even sad that no one really posted on it….ok maybe a couple of people noticed and asked me about it…but because no one else posted on it I just left it alone…..yeah, I don’t know how else to prepare somebody….it was right there in front of your face…..then it was avoided…..I avoided it too I suppose.

We feel the LD’s have found their way to the banks where they belong….yesterday we talked about how they leveled these cities….but they didn’t level the areas where the banks and institutions exist….that area doesn’t need to be leveled…doesn’t need an economic reform….they are ready…..the citizens need this….peripherally everywhere around they took care of things…..just as the LD’s are ready.

The budget was announced over a month ago….our TEAMS told us with good confidence that the HCL is in there….this is the only budget in ten years that has been made ready before the year ever started….the only budget we’ve seen that has been structured to launch these reforms…..yeah, they bragged about the budget….we saw….

IMO….evidence of the LD’s through the auctions…..and the taxes and tariffs….jiminy crickets…..they are at the borders….not only are they at the borders but they are with the dealers….not only that they are at the ports….you can’t find me a place where a mouse can squeeze in without paying me taxes….this trifecta has actually turned into a tetrahedron….a fourth thing that we talked about on Monday night…that is playing a big part in things..…..don’t ask me about that fourth part I don’t want to talk about it.

Aggiedad: So with something like the budget….I know you talked on this some last night…..how is that going to be funded?

Frank: Oh sure, yeah, I tell you don’t talk about #4 and you go and find a way…..I’ll just start speaking in Spanish and you speaking in English…that way I can get away with everything. Yeah, the trifecta is turning into this tetrahedron structure where we now have four sides to the picture…..besides the budget….besides the LD’s….besides the taxes and tariffs…we got oil now…..and IMO….this oil thing was started right around a year ago this time.

You know I like to roll play….so….knock….knock….knock…..yeah who’s there……it’s us….it’s the USA….are you going to come in Saudi Arabia…..I don’t know….it depends on what you want this time….well you’ve been seeing what has been going on with all of these strange bedfellows that we’ve been getting in bed with….yeah, you see us doing anything with Iran….no….no…we aren’t asking you to do anything with them…..do you see us doing anything with Russia…no….no…we aren’t asking you…..

Do you see us doing anything with China….no….no we aren’t asking you….but what we are asking you….can you lower the price of oil? What…..can you lower the price of oil….you might as well ask us to get in bed with Iran, Russia, and China….well come on….it’s not that bad….can you lower the price of oil…..and they finally did….not sure when they did but it did happen about a year ago…..we want you to do it next year….but lo and behold they did….sometime over a period of several months…..

We talked about in our CC’s that we got Saudi Arabia to lower the price of oil…..doing us a favor…..you sure they will go international in 2016 if we lower the price…..yeah….very sure…that is why we want you to lower the price….we are in the process of defeating an enemy…..and as you know we have been working on defeating them since last year….when they got hot…..now a year later they are being choked out…..by that which they had been using to fund themselves…..the world goes around and around….everything needs oil and everyone pays money for oil….

These pirates, these terrorists were stealing to fund themselves….but also by them selling what they stole their ill gotten booty got kicked in the booty….when you have to sell it for $35 or even half that price it’s not worth selling on the black market….on top of that you have to take another bite…..there is no money…..and it worked…..so Saudi Arabia we want to thank you….we want to thank you….because the trifecta of going into the 31st to the 1st, the taxes and tariffs, the LD’s, the budget…..you guys lowered the price of oil or we wouldn’t be able to have the budget or the LD’s, or the taxes and tariffs…..

Yes your efforts and the USA….yes our armies were the ones who defeated ISIS….but you did help a little bit…..how many times have we told you family that we can’t tell you what all we’ve done….because we have to give them all the credit…..it has to look like an Iraqi, Middle Eastern victory.

If you go to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal)  there is a big picture page A-7…..it looks like American soldiers but they are not…..but this is actually the Iraqi Army…..and it says in bold print….Victory March to Turnaround for Iraqi Army….

There will be many turnarounds and victories and one of them is for them to have SECURITY….and to show that they themselves did it…..but now this budget needs the taxes and tariffs, the loans….but it also needs what will fuel most of it…..oil to go back up in price….tell me Saudi Arabia are you guys happy….terrorism is gone….terrorism is gone

Yes……are you happy with the USA….terrorism is gone yes…..tell me Saudi Arabia how is your country, your people….we are pissed….nobody is ever going to give us the credit….I mean turn around and look at us.

Allow me Family to read you headlines from the WSJ….page A-10….Lower Oil Prices Hit Saudi Arabian Budget…..Saudi Arabia unveils plans to cut expenditures and sharply raise domestic fuel prices as the world top oil exporter to cope with a new era of cheap crude prices…..after years of spending its massive oil wealth to bolster its local economy and to provide subsidiary energies and other utilities to its 30 million people a sharp decline in oil prices has forced the kingdom to reassess their plans for 2016….

Shortly after revealing their plans for 2016 SA increased domestic fuel prices in an effort to suggest SA is willing to adopt some difficult measures…..as it deals with weaker oil prices…..a cut in subsidiary risks and a backlash within the kingdom as the citizens are unaccustomed to cheap energy prices…..no kidding….welcome to the new coalition whether you want it or not…..

Saudi Arabia wanted what everyone else wanted….SECURITY…..by removing these terrible….terrible terrorists…..what did it cost them…..the reciprocal of what is about to happen with the 2016 Iraqi budget….but not to worry Saudi…..you will be alright….you will bounce back….notice that you aren’t cutting that much….come here and let me rub your head as hard as I can.

What was your budget…..well….our budget the year before was 975 billion Saudi Rials…..what is your budget this year….oh this year it is 840 billion Saudi Rials….not much of a cut for you….just over 100 billion rials….well it is a big cut for us they say…..you guys are going to bounce back next month aren’t you….oh I don’t know.

So when you look that SA did something that no one has really paid attention and understands to what it was about….it was the reciprocal of Iraq’s budget….the complete opposite of Iraq’s budget….and on top of that both of these budgets will bounce back if the price of oil goes back up around the 3rd or 4th week of January…..I don’t know…I hope so.

Did I answer your question Aggiedad?

Aggiedad: I think you did. I know you have been out this afternoon and there was a post out late this afternoon on the thread that said Turkey is still being bad boys…..they are buying oil from ISIS….get this….at a rate of $10/barrel.

Frank: I know…that is why on the Monday Night CC we hinted to that…to the concept of the cost of oil and the funding of things be it a war or economic things….Turkey…that is just one of the things that is going on….bad things….they are just mad they are not a part of the first basket……they already got everything they need through us….they got our planes, our PX’s, our bases, food…..they got the good quality of life, they don’t need any more….but they decided since we aren’t a part of this so they decide to steal dinars.

Aggiedad: I posted to that article this afternoon…..I didn’t know what you were going to talk about….but my posts speaks to what you were talking about….how the terrorists were being bled out….how they are losing their funding…..the terrorists have taken control of 15-18 oil fields in Syria…..but they are only getting $10/barrel….it takes a certain amount of money to get the oil out of the ground….it takes money to transport the oil to the coast to load it on a ship to transport to Turkey…. so people have to understand….and this is some of my background….it takes money all these transportation efforts cost money so at $10/barrel they aren’t making any money…..they won’t be able to stay afloat very much longer and we are seeing this.

Frank: No…because even at that discounted rate you have to grease other palms….then other palms…..are you telling me that you made a post that is almost word for word of what I said…..wow….as God is my witness I did not get to read page four….I’ve been getting ready for this call….on the phone…..now talking with you….the phone has been ringing….now I have to return all those calls….that is amazing Randy…you and I…..I made a post…..that when couples live together for a long time they tend to look like one another…..we don’t live together….but we’ve been together for a long time….we tend to talk like each other at times.

Aggiedad: I need to throw this point out….you and Jan obviously have not lived together long enough because you two don’t look like….and I need to share this….she is better looking than you are.

Frank: Hey, she’s pretty….I’m pretty ugly……all we need so some background drums…..yeah it is cool….no one has paid attention to this….how the Saudi’s will make money when the oil prices go back up…..and their budget they trimmed it to meet requirements….no they didn’t….they just hid a few things….and look at Iraq’s budget…it’s crazy….they got no liquidity….they got no loans…..they only have one other option….and don’t forget….I told you….from the RI to the RV is the 31st to the 1st in our opinion and the RI started on December 1st…IOO…..

But we have to be fair….it takes roughly 10 days to 2 weeks….for these things to move into the next phase….we are looking at around the 14th to the 15th to see what happens….if we have to go any further…..we will…..some will throw their arms up and make a mess…..if they do..…we will show them the door…..just go….if you are not disciplined to study…we ask you politely…..just go…..I think some amazing things will happen this first quarter of 2016.

I leave you in peace…and I leave you the same way KTFA Family….and post….don’t be shy.

Aggiedad77:  As promised.....denaridori's version of last night's DESSERT notes....thank you for taking the time to provide these.   Aloha   Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Tuesday “Dessert” – Dec. 29, 2015

Aggiedad: Frank’s got some things he wants to share tonight. I know last night he talked a lot about the trifecta – the tariffs, the 2016 budget, and, obviously, the lower denom’s are part of that.

Frank, I’m just going to ask….are you still really confident that this is all part of that and that’s what we’re looking for?

Frank: Yes, and first of all, greetings to everyone. All honor and glory to our heavenly Father.

Yes, no doubt, we feel that those lower denom’s are not only in Iraq….and being guarded at the US Embassy… but I feel that they’re now now going to be distributed --- be escorted --- to different banks walking in to next year. I feel that the budget that we saw on Wednesday and then on part of Saturday told us that there was an amazing swing – pendulum swing – that we told everyone to look for. A surprise…

Nobody made a post about it, but because nobody posted, I didn’t respond to it….I left it alone. I don’t know how else to prepare somebody ….there it is right in front of your face and when it was avoided and I avoided it too, I suppose.

But we feel that those LD’s have found their way to the banks where they belong. We talked about how they leveled these cities, but they didn’t level the central part of the city where the governmental offices are at….where the banks are at…the institutions that keep this country are there because they don’t need to level them because they don’t need an economic reform. It’s the citizens that do and peripherally everywhere around…they’ve got that ready…the lower denom’s are ready.

The budget was announced over a month ago…yeah, we got it. And on top of that, our teams have told us, with good confidence, that the HCL is in there…it’s in the budget for 2016…something we’ve never seen in over 10 years – it’s ready before the year starts. The only budget we’ve ever seen that’s been structured to launch these economic reforms.

They bragged about the budget and IMO we saw the lower denom’s…IMO evidence of the lower denom’s is the auction.

As far as the tax and tariffs…it makes up the final phase of the trifecta. Jiminy crickets…they’re at the borders…not only are they at the borders, but they’re with the dealers…the exchangers. Not only that, they’re at the ports. You can’t find me a place where a mouse can squeeze in without paying taxes. That’s interesting…

And this trifecta has turned into a tetrahedron….there is a 4th thing that we talked about in our Monday night’s call that’s playing a big part of that is right now. Don’t talk to me about that right now because I don’t want to talk about it right now. LOL

Aggiedad: So how’s it going to be funded.

Frank: Sure…don’t talk about #4 but you found a way! LOL The trifecta has turned into a tetrahedron where it’s now turned into 4 sides..besides the tax and tariffs. They have oil now…IMO this oil started right around this time last year…you know how I like to role-play so…

Knock, knock, knock! Who’s there? --It’s us…USA! Can we come in Saudi Arabia? -- I don’t know…it depends on what you want this time. Well, you’ve been saying we’ve been with these strange bedfellows we’ve been getting in bed with. – Yeah, you see us doing anything with Iran? -- No, we’re not asking you, Saudi Arabia….Russia? China? No, we’re not asking…Look, we’re asking if you can lower the price of oil. What? You may as well ask me to get in bed with China and Iran…Come on…can you lower the price of oil? NO…are you crazy? Tell you want…we want you to do it next year…around this time of the year.

Low and behold…they did it when they agreed upon it probably over the 7 months…We talked about Saudi Arabia…and OPEC on our conference calls…doing us a “favor” – look at your notes…the words.

So, you’re going to go international in 2016? – Yeah, but you’re going to lower the price. See we’re in the process of defeating an enemy and we’ve been working on defeating them right around this time last year…So a year later, they were choked out by removing that with which they used to fund themselves. It goes around and around….because everything needs oil and everybody pays oil. So ISIS and DAASH funded themselves like pirates…and selling what they stole. Their ill gotten booty got kicked in their booty because it was almost worthless…it’s $ a barrel now – it’s not even worth selling it on the black market if you sell it a half that price. On top of that you’ve gotta take another bite…there’s no money…and it worked!

So, Saudi Arabia – thank you because the trifecta going into the 31st-1st for the taxes and tariffs but if you guys hadn’t lowered the price of oil, we wouldn’t have had the budget to lower the denoms or taxes and tariffs if you hadn’t done what you did. Your efforts and the USA – our armies are the ones who defeated ISIS but your guys helped a little bit…

How many times did we tell you, family, we can’t tell yu what we’re doing but we have to give them all the credit. It has to look like an Iraqi middle-eastern victory….In fact, if you go to the Wall Street Journal on page A-7 you’ll see under world news a big beautiful picture of Iraqi’s – they look like Americans but they’re not. They are the Iraqi army – it says in big bold print …the turn around for the Iraqi army. Yeah…that’s what’s supposed to happen right now…IMO.

One was to have the security and show that they themselves did it…I’ll tell you what…this budget now needs the taxes and tariffs, the budget needed…and also what needs to fuel most of it – OIL…the price.

Tell me SA….are you guys happy? Terrorism is gone…Tell me SA, are you happy with the USA that terrorism is gone. Tell me – how’s your country? How’s your people? -- We’re pissed. No one is going to give us the credit…we’re always the bad guys, but no one is actually going to ….STOP STOP…turn around and look at us.

Allow me to read you headlines again in the WSJ – World News Section today – on page A-10 –





(No kidding…welcome to the new coalition, Saudi Arabia, whether you like it or not…but you did want to, didn’t you?)

Saudi Arabia wanted the same thing everybody else wanted – SECURITY. By removing these terrible, terrible terrorist…what did it cost them? Well, the reciprocal that’s about to happen with the 2016 budget of Iraq – don’t worry Saudi, you know what’s going to happen in January…you’ll be all right. Your budget will bounce back. You’re not cutting that much, you son-of-a-gun…come here! Let me rub your head a hard as I can….come on!

What’s your budget?...Well, our budget the year before was about $975 BILLION RIALS…Saudi Rials.

So, what’s your budget this year ..your cutbacks…Our budget is $840 BILLION RIALS… $840B? -- Yeah…You only cut over a $100 Billion? -- Yeah…Not much of a cut, is it? -- A big cut for us. – You guys are going to bounce back. – I don’t know. – LOL

When you look at Saudi Arabia who did something, paying attention to it – not what their budget is but what it cost them, the reciprocal is the complete opposite with what Iraq did, isn’t it? On top of that, both of these budgets – Iraq’s and Saudi Arabia’s – will bounce back very nicely if the price of oil goes up around the 3rd or 4th week of January anyway. I don’t know…I hope so!

Did I answer your question, aggiedad? I hope so! LOL

Aggiedad – I know you’ve been out …there was a post made on the old thread just before it closed this afternoon where it shows that Turkey is still being the bad boy…It basically said they were buying oil from the terrorists with ISIS at a rate of $10 a barrel.

Frank: No, that’s why on our last CC call we told you that the concept of the cost of oil for a budget and for funding, be it a war or economic reforms. That’s just one of the things they’ve done, but it’s a nasty one…they know darn well …because they’re not part of the first basket…they’re kinda pissed off. They have things through us – Good God! They’ve good food, basis…the good quality of life…they don’t need anymore. They decided since they can’t be a part of this, we’re going to steal them.

A: I posted to that article as well, but my post speaks to what you mentioned how the terrorists are bought out and how they’re losing their funding because they can’t afford…they’ve taken possession of 15-19 oil wells, primarily in Syria. They’re moving this oil through Turkey but you can only pay $10 a barrel for it and people have This is a little bit of my background, but it takes a certain amount out of the ground – a certain amount of money wherever it is whether it’s Syria or Iraq to the coast to put it on a ship to take it to Turkey.

All that transportation adds up and if they’re only getting $10 bucks for it, they’re not making hardly anything and they’re not going to be able to stay afloat much longer. We’re seeing evidence of that.

F: Discounted rate – with another pump and it’s not even worth it. Are you telling me you made a post today on almost word for word of what I said? Wow! As God is my witness, I haven’t read page 4 – being on the phone and talking with you…the phone’s been ringing since I’ve been talking to you and have to reutnr these calls now. That’s amazing, Randy, you and I – I made a post that when couples live together for a long time, they start looking like each other. We don’t live together but we’ve been together for a long time….we tend to talk a lot like each others.

A: You and Jan don’t look alike, and she’s a lot better looking than you are.

F: She’s pretty – I’m pretty ugly. LOL

Anyways, it’s cool…and nobody’s paying attention that Saudi’s been willing to do this. Wait till you see the oil check right now….and their budget. They trimmed it down to meet the requirements. NO, they didn’t – they just hid a few things.

Look at Iraqi’s budget…it’s insane! It’s crazy! And they’ve got not liquidity – they’ve only got one option. And, don’t forget..the RI to the RV is on the 31st to the 1st IOO…and we think that the RI started on Dec. 1st but you gotta be sure about this. It takes roughly 2 weeks for these things to move into the next phase. We’re looking into the 13th or 14th to see what happens. And if we have to go any further, we will. If someone throws their arms up, I’m sorry, we show you the door. Just go….if you’re not disciplined to study, we ask politely, just go.

I think there’s some amazing things that are going to happen in this first quarter in 2016.

A: I’m 100% with you on that.

F: I leave you in peace…don’t be so shy—POST! Take care and talk to you soon!

Aggiedad said he’d post notes in early morning. Hope you’ll be with us next week for our bible study and have a good week.

Landa Global Conference call Today 5PM EST, 30 DEC

Landa Global Conference call Today 5PM EST

Landa Global has been hosting a dial-in conference to inform holders of assets and intermediaries of the current status of the historic bond processes, and general information in respect of procedures.

In addition, Landa and Humanus host Guest Speakers that offer a glimpse into the various Project sectors Humanus is actively supporting, as well as funding.

To access the weekly conference, please observe the following information: 
Date:  Each Wednesday

Time: 4:00 p.m. CST (USA) or 5:00 p.m. EST (New York)

Conference Number:   641-715-3580

Access Code:   484-959#

International:   See international call numbers below.  Access code is the same as above.



hebiam :  Hi, I just spoke to 1 of my other friends who was called. The packages for the PPP's went out last Fri/Sat for delivery on Tues with Fed Ex.

There will be a NDA on the outside for you to sign before you get the package. This makes more sense than having the US Marshalls delivering all of them.

The release is set to go after midnight. People will be able to start making appointments to go in on or after the 4th. And there is to be the announcement sometime this week.


KTFA Frank26 - Tuesday Night Bible Study and Dessert Playback Link

FRANK STARTS AT ABOUT THE 33 MINUTE MARK WITH INTEL - IMO this was one of his best calls ever.  He said plenty in his 20 minutes.


Martha:  I just got done listening to "The Big Call" and I'm not surprised to hear that Bruce has been told that we are in a "forced" 72 hour window which goes to 4pm on New Year day. IMO This doesn't mean it will wait until the first though . It seems possible that there is still an unknown entity blocking this for us all . China and the BRICS as well as several other countries want this done NOW but have been circumventing something or someone and buying stocks and bonds from Iraq!

Believe me when I say that Iraq has an international rate. Like I said, come Monday 1--4 the world should see the RV...... Stand firm. Dont give up. We are there. The RV has happened. Let us pray that we are in the banks before the first.
It seems the platform is working against us and come Monday, we may be part of the chaos and confusion the banks won't want.

Other news of interest:

Will Saudi Arabia now abandon its dollar peg? http://www.cnbc.com/id/10326916
2015's top metal could see more gains next year   http://www.cnbc.com/id/103269297



1. The Global Financial Architecture Has Changed
2. China Now Has What They Want (SDR Basket)
3. Russia has TOTALLY disrupted the ISIS Oil Profit Machine that sells oil globally via Turkey & other countries
4. The C.I.P.S. Will gain additional exposure & influence globally in 2016
5. The Global Circumvention of the FIAT U.S. Dollar is 100% LIVE
6. Follow the INCREASED activity with BRICS, MINT, & Next 11 Countries along with other E.M.'s as more countries go 100% A.B.C. (Asset Backed Currency)
7. Many Countries Globally have eliminated the need and use of the PETRO-Dollar for global oil settlements circumventing the USA Influence
8. Iraq is now approaching Stability for complete Monetary Reform Implementation
9. Saudi Arabia dropping oil prices also creates problems for ISIS global black market OIL Empire.  This also cuts of the INCOME Stream used to pay many ISIS Fighters salary
and this is why many are now defecting back to their country and leaving ISIS
10. The YUAN being added to the SDR was the 1st phase of what many call the G.C.R. Note: The acronym GCR and word "Global Currency Reset" is not a banking work or term
and is not used in banking journals with organizations like the IMF, BIS, Central Banks, G20, etc
11. Select elite individuals connected to the AOP/PTP who have much influence globally have completed IQD transactions. These transactions are not Currency Exchanges at all. These transactions that have taken place are Oil Credit Leverage Transactions where currency was used as leverage. These Oil Credit Leverage transactions are 100% real and the Oil Credits can be SOLD to oil Companies Globally, Auctioned, Leveraged WIth Banking Instruments, & Sold or Liquidated on Exchanges no different than
the selling of Tax Credit, Gas Credits, or Solar Energy Credits.
12. The Release & Distribution Lower Denoms in Iraq will be the global indicator of the rateadjustment of the currency.
13. The budget of Iraq & the Budget of the USA mirror each other.
14. The Oil Price drop in Saudi Arabia as a strategic military Economic Terrorism move for the "Good"
15. Iran is in the final process of circumventing the USD for Global Oil Settlements & Iraq will become the new global "OIL KID ON THE BLOCK" soon.
16. Pay close attention to articles and press releases on the following websites
A.) Bank Of International Settlements B.) The I.M.F. C.) Central Banks D.) The World Bank E.) United Nations & United Nations Security Council
17. The Khazarian Cabal Is Losing Power & Global Influence