Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Bruce call: talking about the blessings, didn't get the Christmas blessing, but it will seem like Christmas when it comes.
Bruce call: is excited about some Intel
Bruce call: ok some Intel now....very interesting cross roads...piece together the Intel we get...we haven't receive it yet, we know other countries got some of it
Bruce call: other countries hought by other countries ....but not usave been able to buy stocks from the Iraqi stock market and bonds being bought
Bruce call: * other countries have been able to buy stocks and bonds but not us
Bruce call: we are in a unbelievable 72 hour window
Bruce: Many countries like the Chinese, the BRICS and other world banks in Europe, Australia....they want this to go through...some resistance
Bruce: it's like some of the packages not being able to be delivered....but it's in the pipeline...don't give up
Bruce: You won't see me quit, I have been here now going on the 11 th year
Bruce: we know it's coming!!!
Bruce: everything is good, rates are god and have been locked in since Christmas


Bruce call: Bruce: Bob is going to be guest. This year we did not have the blessing we expected even though we talked about an extended Christmas. We need to consider that possibility. It will seem like Christmas when it does come. I am excited about it and where we are even though it has been difficult to define where we are. Intel segament after prayer time.
Bruce: Info I got today will share in a little bit. I am very encouraged by it. I am still in a good positive faithful mood. Looking forward to an incredible 2016.
Bruce call: Intel now
Bruce intel: We are at a very interesting crossroad. What we have tried to do is piece together the intel pieces, make sense of them, and discern the truth where we are. one thing we know is we have not received it yet. It is in progress. other countries have received portions of the GCR. we know, that yesterday and today Iraqi stock exchange was opened, and over a trillion shares were bought by countries, 15 to 20 purchased stock. where we able to buy? no. it was closed to us until Jan 4.
Bruce: bond sell? some took advantage, but not here. in the treasury certain individuals are blocked out that were expected to do with the release we are waiting for.
Bruce: got from a major top 4 banks, they are in a gag order since 11am. we are expecting in a window again started 4pm est. In an unbelievable 72 hour window.
Bruce: that would end on New YEars, Friday. We dont necessary need to wait til 4pm Friday. Could go between now and then. the description was an unbelievable 72 hour window.
Bruce: we heard the term a go around by the Chinese and bricks banks and other world banks as well in Europe and Australia in Britian and so on. they want this to go through. still seem to be some resistance.
Bruce: I cant tell you why or who. I dont think it matters we know. But matters we are patient and have faith and believe that our blessing is still on the way.
Bruce: like the orders on Amazon and other vendors before Christmas, that no matter how hard they tried, they couldnt deliever as promised because the huge amount of commerce that was generated.
Bruce: but those packages are still on way, still getting there. It is in the pipeline, our blessing is in the pipeline, it is in route. let us continue to stand on faith for it. All we can do is stand firm.
Bruce: you want to retreat now? Lose all the ground we made up so far? I dont want you to. You want to throw in the towel? Dont do that. Be tempted to press in more, add more faith.
Bruce: Have more faith that we are to be a blessing to. WE are together in this. Not giving up. You wont see me quit as I come into my 11 year I have been invested in this. 4 years on the big call.
Bruce: we are getting stronger, going deeper, who is with me? Who among you are with me?
Bruce: I think you all are with me. I dont see anybody quiting, throwing in the towel. We will continue having faith, those obstacles will be torn down. WE are living in history being made. You are part of it.
Bruce; I am part of it. Rates locked in since Christmas Eve, they havent moved. they are solid, good, really strong. You will be pleased. Do not ask me about them.



Great CC last night Frank.....hope these notes do justice to things   Aloha   Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Monday Night 12-28-2015
Frank26: Ladies and gentlemen the very first thing that we suggested that was important back in September when we got home, remember that….we even labeled them…1....2….3…..what was 1….it was SECURITY. Iraq wants to give its country and opportunity to enter the international world because they have been let out of the dog house…..it was called Chapter 7…

It  didn’t allow them to do anything because their hands and their feet were bound, their eyes were blinded, their mouths were gagged, and their ears were stuffed….and they lived this way for many decades as their punishment…..but when we went in there, what did we apply….

I taught you about this….the Marshall Plan….when we went in there in 2003….when we went in there….remember the statue of Saddam toppling over….remember the citizens running to it and smacking the statue with their sandals….the highest form of revenge they could offer….they did this to Saddam.

If that was the beginning of the Marshall Plan what happened after that…..Delarue was commissioned the next year to print their new currency…..then after that….we needed to get our laws in place…..we brought them SECURITY…..all after we knocked that bad guy off his pedestal.

Somewhere along the way though we got kicked out….the reason doesn’t matter, it just happened. On the precipice….on the doorstep of having their monetary reform and other reforms blossom….it was to the point……look Dr. Shabibi had received so many of the 000’s back…..it backfired on Maliki……you don’t try and get rid of Dr. Shabibi not then….you can’t appoint your own head of the CBI…..Maliki looked at everyone and said….”Up yours”…….so ground was lost for 2 years or so….like in an avalanche….no matter how hard you try the avalanche will kill you…..

Maliki killed the monetary reform……Maliki said yeah…yeah….did you see what I just did….it worked for my predecessor why won’t it work for me…….I kicked out the infidels…..go and take out that village….kill those guys…..Kodak moment….what Kodak moment…..yes things went crazy for 2 years….we lost SECURITY…..so be it……

Dr. Shabibi had taken in so many of the 000’s then pushed out…..there were so many articles back then that were coming out that were worth framing. But then we lost SECURITY….all our efforts were for naught….the citizens then became frightened that the GI’s were leaving….they panicked….you did this in the 80’s now you are going to do it again…..sorry but we follow orders. They will kill us…..you know Saddam’s people are still with Maliki….you know darn well they will kill us.

Then for 2 years evil grew in Iraq while evil watched in the US and did nothing about it…..until the time was right….politically…..she will be there in the end….it is important that we return now…..democracy….my donkey.

Certain debts had to be paid….certain things from the Paris Club had to be taken care of….certain loans….all these things had to get in the Long Line we’ve talked about….meanwhile the citizens just became more and more scared and harder to deal with and communicate with. They are precious people….all people are precious to God. I find it interesting that Bush would say what the Muslims worship is the same god that the Christians worship…..no sir….mission accomplished….but no….it is a completely different God.

Anyway the people wanted something really bad….and in September we told you about it…..because Shabibi since about March of this year he started talking to people and to the citizens….the citizens became aware that Dr. Shabibi was back at this again.

You see family, the citizens did not want to cooperate with Dr. Shabibi earlier this year, but they are cooperating now IMO……and they are also well educated about what is going on right now about their currency as well as for their countries reform.

It turns out over the weekend ITEAM tells me….well sir as far as we are concerned…..ISIS has been defeated in Ramadi…..we should be seeing articles on that….and today you see those articles…..DAASH has admitted defeat….they are quitting and walking away…..Baghdadi didn’t like that and has made a video….he says….we are still strong and we are going all over the world…and Israel you are next….it takes so much good to get rid of a little evil.

Ramadi…that is interesting….Mosul….ok….we’ve talked about these weeks ago…..Mosul is next….the battlefield is going very well…..would you say that SECURITY is back again…..would you say….would you say that the conditions are back again like when Dr. Shabibi was wanting to revalue their currency…..I say yes….I think that the SECURITY you are seeing…..IMO….it is weeks old…..so this is an interesting week….walking from the last week of December into the first week of the new year.

Especially if it seems like you now have SECURITY again in the places where it is needed again…..so the IMF and the World Bank say you want some loans……you know it could go a long ways because of what is going on with the price of oil….you know the same reasons we went to China to accomplish….wink…wink…wink.

Can we have those loans…..So the IMF says….ok….here are some things you need to accomplish in the next 6 days…..next 6 days….so when were they told of the things they had to do for these loans….I think it was on the 23rd and I think they are done today.

The SECURITY….may not seem like it is there….because they are just now trying to tell you about it……let’s go back three weeks ago when I think it actually happened….a couple of days ago I made a post to you…..they pancaked these cities….then a few days later I said they sterilized these places…..they gave them a gamma burst.

Most of you don’t remember that I said….back in 2003 our military was showing the world the latest weapons we were going to use in warfare…..then one day after that post that I made I said to you family….they flattened that place like a pancake like we did with the nuclear bomb in WWII……remember that post…..the thing is that when we entered in 2003 we brought in the concept of gamma weapons…..now we want you to consider that we gave you these words before you saw them in articles didn’t we….

I love the fact that something interesting was happening….IMO…..in order for them to rebuild…because that is where we are at now right…..with all these reforms…the economic reform will explode now….IMO….they brought in a demolition crew called….whatever army you want to call them…..to flatten the place….you think I am kidding you…..have you ever seen Las Vegas when they want to build a new casino…..what is that….the Sands….we are going to get rid of it…we are going to implode it…..they set charges and the whole building falls down upon itself…..

well I’ll tell you what….they flattened a good three or four cities….why….IMO….the economic reform needs to kick in to rebuild….it was time…IMO….to call in the demolition crews to flatten things….now it is time to call in the reconstruction companies to rebuild them.

Nagasaki and Hiroshima both rose from the ashes under the Marshall Plan….so shall Iraq.

Meanwhile Abadi is so proud…..Iraq has the capacity and has achieved economic abilities…..you have….yes….why……because 80% of Iraq’s areas are safe….well….95% lately I think…..you got your SECURITY back Abadi…..yes…did you see us kick their donkeys….yes the US was giving us advise on how to do things…..this is good….yes it is good because we have our 3 B’s…..close the doors….come here…..listen to me…..did you notice where the banks were….

The banks…..I thought you rescued cities….we rescued banks…..wait a minute….I saw TINK put up an article today…..wait a minute…..and it said you guys were safe and secure in the middle….yes I did notice that……that is where these banks are back….yes that is what I said….we got our BBB’s back….our got our baby banks back……the areas that got flattened were on the perimeter….but the core where our banks are located were not damaged….the electronics…the cables….we secured those areas….

Shabibi needs this SECURITY….and I need him to raise the currency value….well actually we turned in the mathematics….but that is a different story….you know the price of oil is so low….and we can’t talk about this…that is why I whisper…..but as soon as….we got SECURITY now don’t we….yes……give me that calendar…..says here you promised in the last week….yes…..so can we just go ahead and raise the price of oil now….TA-freaking-DA.

So yes….right around the second or third week of January you will see the price of oil start to go back up…..because their mission was accomplished….long before they told you today they are secured….the banks are secured….I even made a post to you four days ago….a dog does not soil his own….he goes outside….far away.

The destruction was not in the city core….it was where the cowards ran away from….the spokes.

Meanwhile….ring…ring….ring….this is China…would like to talk to Abadi…..hello……how is your basket….you like that don’t you….let me give you five…..we would like to give you more…..we know that ISIS is no longer…that terrorism is secure….we know that the price of oil is going to go up next month…..we would like to offer you a better partnership…..we have a partnership with the USA…..would you like a partnership with US…..tell you what let me hop on the China Express…the red-eye….

So Abadi goes over there….you really want to do this…..yes…..well the whole world sort of knows what is going to happen….but this might be interesting…..you guys are so thirsty for oil…..you were going to buy your oil from the BRICS….no…..and you want to do this even though we have another relationship going on…..you do know there are many currencies swapping in that first basket…..yep…..you do know we are swapping with the USD….yes…you want to swap with us…with you….yep….why not….sure we will do it….spit in your hand….that is how we do these things….our customs.

I told you three weeks ago they would be stopping the Iraqi Stock Exchange on the 28th and they would reopen on the 3rd…..remember that….many said it would be from the 31st to the 1st…..so then today they tell you we will have a holiday on Wednesday….Frank has already told us that….he looked over at his TEAMS…..holy cow did you catch that….he’s asking for an extra day…..they will have off for a long week….an interesting coincidence.
I think it is smart when you think about it….the banks were left alone….many of the governmental processes were left alone because they are in the core of these cities…..in fact…there was an article….may have been from the 23rd it said…..Iraqi Forces Retake the Center of Ramadi from ISIS….because this was so important…this is where all of Dr. Shabibi’s toys are at…so cool.

China and Iraq sitting in a tree….kissing…..I see you guys.

Check this out….direct quote from an article……the two sides agreed to increase high levels of changes and strengthen strategic communications on international and regional issues of common interest as well as their commitment to continue to provide firm support of the other side of issues related to the sovereignty, what else, independence, get out of here, and territorial integrity…..get the Frank out of here….that is all international lingo it has nothing to do with a sanctioned country.

So China what would you call this road you are on with Iraq…..we’ve done it before….we will do it again….we will call it again…the Silk Road.

Now if you understand history…..the silk worm was very valuable for China at one time….in fact….when Marco Polo came over to steal those silk worms it cost him…..history doesn’t really talk too much about it…..he eventually he was able to get one bad Chinese representative to leak some information….

Once the Chinese government found out that the European countries were learning about silk….the Silk Road disappeared….the world discovered how good the silk felt against the skin….now China is telling the world we are developing a new Silk Road with Iraq….it is a financial Silk Road it involves economics, and filled with sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity….this is all international talk…..and it is encouraging.

Part 2

Frank26:  It’s not a coincidence….that we look at a long weekend….no coincidence…meanwhile the ISX went ballistic today…they sold 619 million shares that is worth almost 500 billion IQD’s….all in one afternoon….that is why we sense we are very close to the international world….

That is why we think there were meetings last week in London about investing in the ISX…..and that is why right now the ISX is still within their own….but if they go international next week into next month…..shoot…..they are shouting….
In all honesty if you do the math…..619 million shares….sold for 496 IQD’s…that isn’t squat…that is less than a dollar for the return….that is it…so why are you so excited about it Frank….well if they have this kind of volume at 1182 can you imagine the volume when they lift the value.

I  hope this conference call gives you food for thought…..normally I bring you intel and files….but I don’t need to do that right now….look at your files….I told you the last week of December look for an auction….we told you we would see the LD’s in the auction…..

IMO….I think many of you missed it….last week there was an auction that was just under 10 million…..what did we tell you we were looking for….an auction between 5 and 10 million….then it went back up to 153 million IQD….then there was another low auction…..IMO…that is when that swing occurred and the LD’s electronic transaction was made with the banks…..they just tell you about it today….so please enjoy it….trifecta remember….

What is that trifecta…..this file that I’m not supposed to talk about…..let’s see…we are supposed to see the LD’s…..the budget is another part of the trifecta….they said they have the budget waiting on 2016 to activate it….the last part is the taxes and tariffs…..they said last week they activated them…..they’ve had the codes for the past 2 years and were just waiting…..they are saying now…..the T&T’s are at the borders….waiting to collect money for the budget….at a miniscule rate right now…..but when they lift the rate….then it will fund the budget….and when oil prices go back up mid January it too will fund the budget.

What brilliancy…..is this a coincidence….a masterpiece….yes a coincidence…..no one would be so insane to create such plotting on a global scale…..how is your homework….I think it is graded….it was turned in last week……

This trifecta is on the precipice…..it will have to get in the LL if they don’t change that rate….and the loans…they will give Iraq the loans….but when it comes to the big boys….these loans are different…..the size of these loans….at 1182….up yours…..no…raise the value then we will give you the loans….it is almost comical how things fall into place….even Up yours.

Like we told you, Turkey is being bad….just bad…..stop it….meanwhile…while they wait…the GOI reviews plans to sell $2 billion in bonds in 2016…..wait a minute….laughter….come on man….let me ask again…what are you going to sell in 2016…..bonds…ok James….how many…..$2 billion….oh for crying out loud….one person could buy those….especially a shark or whale….especially if you raise the value…..are you testing things out again….the same way the ISX is testing things out…..don’t give me no back talk about testing things.

Remember they themselves, the GOI said….this SECURITY has strengthened Iraq’s position and facilitates the confidence of international institutes…you mean like the BIS and the IMF and all the countries that want to invest in you…..yes…..well no wonder you want to sell bonds again for the third time.

The liberalization, the sterilization, the gamma rays, the pancaking, it is all giving SECURITY and is giving Iraq a position of strengthening and facilitating and allowing the confidence within us for the international institutions….all the big boys outside of our borders where we have T&T awaiting….you all know that this SECURITY that we have back allows us to tell you we are strong enough we are ready for the international world….we don’t have to tell you anything…..we are proving it with all that we do….we are just setting it up….and you recognize it don’t you…..

We train our people on international standards……they won’t do them any good in the bathrooms….but they will when we step into the international world…..us as a sovereign country….unbelievable……the international institutions confidence in Iraq will facilitate the bond process to continue…all due to the fact that you will introduce a 2016 budget…..many cities have been rescued….why….because we needed the SECURITY…

And this time it was done much faster….because there is an accordion compression of time because we are walking through an RI into an RV….IMO…..there are no little grey aliens that live on Mars…..no….there is SECURITY to enter an international world……so from the 30th to the 1st…that little time…the trifecta seems to have worked.

Have you noticed they cancelled the auctions…..I mean we do know they has stopped selling the USD…they only use their currency….you did notice there is a long weekend over the end of the year into the next year.

You do know the Iranian sanctions will be lifted in this same time frame….this little venture time.

You do know the budget is to be implemented in this time frame.

You do know the taxes and tariffs are ready to be applied in all ports of Baghdad….Erbil…all of them…that is powerful…that is serious for a monetary reform.

Toledo News Paper…..Iraqi’s Retake Key Sites from ISIS Control.

WSJ…..Front page….Islamic State leaves Iraq City.

If you ever see that google video where they show maybe 50 different broadcasters across America….one guy reads something….then another face saying the same thing….then another….the same thing…almost spooky to watch the video….they are all saying the same thing on the same day….why do I bring this up….all these newspapers are saying the same things in the same way….why do I say this….this is about 3 weeks old…..because if these things were happening today we couldn’t be wading into what we are….we would still need time to get those cities back.

Why don’t I start to wrap this up with a plethora of other ideas.

I want to thank Frosty, Aggiedad, denaridori, it turns out we released two copies of notes from our last CC…but it turns out that denaridori also posted a copy of notes that was almost word for word of our notes….sorry denaridori….and thank you for your effort.

I think the Rial is getting ready to be real…..I told you that you will see the Iranian Rial around June 2016 they will just say “up yours” we will raise our rate….we saw an article from them telling us this without the “up yours”….which surprised me.

This is like the starting gate of a horse rate…trying to get all these currencies into the starting gate ready to start the race…..everyone jockeying….ready I’m ready to hit the lever.

The Iranians were telling everyone last week…”up yours”….you can’t fire missiles….up yours”….you can’t do the nuclear proliferation…..”up yours”…..you can’t raise the value of your currency….”up yours”…….so I see the Iranian Rial that is about to get real….I see this like a Black Friday at Best Buy….all those people in line…those tents…..down to the last 10 seconds before they open the store….they will crawl over their Mom and Dad to get to the sale….the Iranian Rial is about to do the same….they will cause trouble.

Do not be surprised if you see Iran right after the first of the year starting to tell the world what they intend to do….boasting….but you don’t do that Iran.

So Parliament announces right after Christmas we are forming sovereign committees….what for…..oh come on…..that is impressive.

Did you see the Rafadain Bank…..they came out and said we re-affirm….re-affirm the commitment to international standards on money laundering…..what for….you know what for.

You know….all the things that Iraq has done….from March of this year….to now….and from August to right now….they don’t tell you everything….Dr. Shabibi came out and told you they would free float…and all the internet ran with it….then when we found out from our TEAMS…..they threw out the 10 cents, the 40 cents, the free float…..1 to 1 let’s get this thing going…..all IMO of course.

Well during this March to where we are now….it reminds me of the first time TINK and I went swimming….we had to go and change into our bathing suits….a closed area…..she told me TURN AROUND….I said ok….let me know when you are done then we can get out of here…..but that young teenage mind kept saying….just one quick look…she doesn’t have a gun….but out of dignity….I didn’t give in….this is the girl I’m going to marry.

When you think about it….Iraq is that girl…..kind of personal and private…..turn around…..I don’t have to show you all that I’m doing….don’t be watching as I do my monetary reform and other reforms…..turn around….give some dignity. They seem to be bragging about international standards…moving into the international world…..about moving from a reinstatement which has nothing to do with numbers…..into a revaluation which has everything to do with numbers…the mathematics…..God willing it was approved and God willing we something new going into next year.

Remember I told you there as a lag period….consider this seriously…..because if they really do go from an RI into an RV….because 13-14 days….middle of January….if we don’t see this direction from them….if our TEAM doesn’t see this activity we will have to rethink things.
I know the IMF gave them until the first quarter to get things done….but they are short on many things……What they are doing with their budget, the reforms, their SECURITY it is all for one thing….to enter the international world with an international rate 1 to 1….but if they take us into February and March….it will only get louder and louder…..all those things they dreamed of…taxes and tariffs….yes….SECURITY….yes….unbelievable….because the year is coming to an end…..I just can’t see them wasting this….can’t see them prolonging things….all of this IMO….IMO…..China and others would not have hooked up right now if they were not ready to enter the international world.

Questions from Chat

$1 to 1.13 to 1.20…..then the full RV….yes I like that….I wish I could tell you why I like that so much.

Frank what would the exchange rate look like at 1 to 1…..1 to 1…not being silly…that is what it would be…then it would climb.

Let me tell you about Maliki…..it is time for Maliki…..it is so interesting….we do need laws…some of those laws give the jurisdiction and power to go after Maliki…..they may have asked the US to help go after Maliki…..but we don’t want to lose any personnel in such an effort…..IMO….laws were created to deal with him same way Saddam was dealt with…..if he is captured he is worth so much more….you want and need laws that will make him scream and squeal to make deals in trade for information.

Iran will not follow anyone….they want to lead….they will tell everyone to jump in the lake….Iran will be the reason why Jesus Christ will come back.

Will Iraq join the AIIB…..they should….but not right now.

Did you ever think you would live during a climatic change to this planet….you are about to witness storms and floods….climate conditions that can only be found on Saturn…..Iran is about to screw everything up…..I believe this blessing is the way for us to protect ourselves and our children until Jesus comes back.

You think the wise men brought gold, frankensense, mirth….three of the blue chip stocks of that era that took weeks maybe months following that star to give to baby Jesus.

It is not that as Christians we love money….no….we would give it up if we could…..but we need money to share the Lords Word with others.

Dismissed with a prayer.



12-29-2015   Newshound Guru mike
   Article  "Iraq Stock Exchange traded more than 600 billion shares worth about 500 billion dinars"   What stands out to me is how small the ISX really is, total months trading equaled just $495 million and it's total worth is only $7.5 billion dollars.  I realize it's not a fair comparison, but the NYSE is worth over $19 trillion and average daily trading in 2013 was $169 billion.  Iraq desperately needs foreign capital to get these guys off the ground.

12-29-2015   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat   ...after all is said and done - it is still, in my opinion, the ONLY solution really to this dilemma is to REINSTATE the Iraqi dinar first to just over the value of the US dollar 1: 1 creating the incentive to exchange dollars for dinars. Pop out the lower denominations quickly (as planned in 2012-2013) thus starting the de-dollarization process. I believe it could move very quickly from that point. Then later, once inflation is under control, they would have to fully RV to pre-war values plus equity, rolling the currency back out to the global exchanges and placing it on a floating currency regime (as Iraq fully intends to do since they told us so in...articles...).   [post 3 of 3]

12-29-2015   Intel Guru Hub   the dinar was instituted in 1932 and was valued at 4.75 plus, in '49 devalued to 2.50 or so...in '71 till '93 was about 3.30...hussein had it 3.22, UN stepped in and it went 3000 dinar to 1 usd.  ...why would a country have one of the most valued currencies in the world and are now only ahead of VN ZIM, and a few others in that caliber.  we know the answer, just do it...i just know eco 101 says it has to happen to stay in the forefront of the world economy.

12-29-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   [With all that has been done to date, laws, corruption security, loans promised, Can this go on at 1166 past Jan 1st when 2016 budget is supposed to be opened?]  Simple answer - yes.


Iko Ward wrote
8m ago

Well guys, Forex seems comfortable these days below 1070. WTI/Brent Crude remain near parity. The tankers are moving (down to 56 from 72). Markets are up. Gold is trading and staying around 1070. Commodities are still down but they don't turn on a dime. All this means is the stage is still set and we're waiting for the curtain. The house manager says any minute now.

Iko Ward wrote
7m ago

Abadi says he needs three days..like this weekend? That will solve all our tax issues

shane wrote
6m ago

IKO thanks this seems importan toohttp://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t61399834/look-what-the-cat-dragged​-in-jan-123-cbi-shutdown-a-new-rate/?page=1#comment-61399834

Iko Ward wrote
5m ago

Yes, Shane. I agree

Iko Ward wrote
4m ago

Could also be smoke. Don't forget they said NO RV in Kuwait's morning paper and 3PM that afternoon they let her rip.

LH wrote
4m ago

gm and if this thing doesn't start to happen for US after this upcoming three day weekend, I don't know what I'll think.....it is TIME
Iko Ward wrote
2m ago

LH - I think the rest of the planet is right behind you.

Iko Ward wrote
20m ago
London took a couple of swipes at Gold this AM. Now we'll see what New York does. It well only take one of these indicators to go off the rails to pull the rest of the train off the track. So it's anybody's guess. Follow the money, see the RV.

Iko Ward wrote
17m ago
Pearl, I'm thinking July 4th picnic to make the announcement.




NetGlobal:  What does Poppy mean by the statment " the CBI is going to remove the exchange rate for 3 days"? Does he mean that for 3 days the dinar will have no rate, no value?

OKRocks:  Net 3 days of rest and then bingo

NetGlobal:  So these three days are suppose to begin when?

OKRocks:  For them Jan 1

CherryBerry:  Net remember for years we have always been excited about a 3 day time frame that Shabibi need, well it seems we may finally be correct with this window

RVAlready:  Jan 1 is a bank holiday in UK and US systems. If they need a 3 day holiday for the public, this works for me. Of course, I'd like to exchange prior.

The RV and Iraq bank holiday - from Martha, 29 DEC

The RV and Iraq bank holiday - from Martha

Let's look at this backwards. For argument sake, Iraq has RV'd and did so on 12-22 (the 8th month of the original RV 4-22-2015).Now suppose we had 10 days to exchange before it goes Public and I mean truly public.

Okay well, we all hoped for Christmas but we are still in the season so to speak.

Iraq and the US are entering 3 day weekends. Also back in November there was an Eid holiday and  some Intel Providers said look for official RV at the end of December?
Iraq is now using the Gregorian calendar and also world business hours like banking on Fridays and lining up with markets East to West.

They still continue to honor their religious beliefs but realize that like any country, they are not only Islamic, with majority of the people are Sunni and Shia but there are Christians and perhaps in the near future the return of the Iraqi Jews.

Okay, so come 1-1-2016 when New rates should be on the forex coming out and international status.

AH, but this is a holiday that is celebrated in most parts of the world. Banks and markets are closed.

Now enter the holiday weekend, so that Iraq is fully ready to come on line 1-4-2016. At this point we are still hearing that the whole world is going to know.

Now as far as we go, we may not actually see this on the forex if the platform is down for trading, but we are hearing that the banks already have the rates and have been funded by China already to cover specific currencies like the Zim and even the dinar with debt forgiveness in both cases and in specific sovereign bonds.

Realize we, the US are broke. There has some band-aid work done and China and the BRICS hold the key to our future.

IMO China doesn't want to "own" us but help wake us up to what we have become.

China PTB also said in the past that they would not bankcrupt us either but we certainly don't have enough to fund this venture, so hearing that they have  given us "several gifts" to start us on our way. "Don't look a gift horse in the face".

I honestly hope that we do start today or tomorrow to get us all in before the 4th because… walking in off the streets (street rates) won't get you the higher rates that we hear have been arranged by China.

Sources say that Iraq has been 1:1 for awhile and coming out of the shoot next week she should be 3.41 + / -.

I send my thanks to Poppy for his great post . Link

Also remember that today, the 29th holds a lot of promise especially since Iran is TOTALLY OFF SANCTIONS for the how many times? on the 31st.

Nice to see they are shipping uranium and not "blowing up the world with it" ( a little sick humor) but IMO we need to give these countries a chance to prove they can be trusted.

We, the US have created these situations to start wars to gain thru monetary greed. Hopefully this will now end.

 Think about it this way - we have almost 200 countries that DON'T TRUST US! What is wrong with this picture? Enough said.

Also today, is supposed to be the release of the world settlement funds or what is called the MATRIX, a road map of funds filtering down to various entities .  January should truly be a month of Jubilee.




Iko Ward:  Well guys, Forex seems comfortable these days below 1070. WTI/Brent Crude remain near parity. The tankers are moving (down to 56 from 72). Markets are up. Gold is trading and staying around 1070. Commodities are still down but they don't turn on a dime. All this means is the stage is still set and we're waiting for the curtain. The house manager says any minute now.

Iko Ward : Abadi says he needs three days..like this weekend? That will solve all our tax issues

LH : gm and if this thing doesn't start to happen for US after this upcoming three day weekend, I don't know what I'll think.....it is TIME

Iko Ward : LH - I think the rest of the planet is right behind you.

Iko Ward :  London took a couple of swipes at Gold this AM. Now we'll see what New York does. It well only take one of these indicators to go off the rails to pull the rest of the train off the track. So it's anybody's guess. Follow the money, see the RV.

ALLonghorn:  IKO Listen to you last night and I have a question: Did you say you thought the money in Zim would not revalue?

Iko Ward:  Al, no, just the opposite, ZIM was the sleeper in this crowd.

Famous13:  Iko are you feeling like we'll have to wait till this weekend before we see anything?

ALLonghorn:  IKO Why a three day weekend to pull this off?

Iko Ward:  famous..I just don't know, but it's all set to go. AL, the banks want time to process people before the news hits the general media.

Elmerf123456:  UN, US, UK, France & Iran officially congratulate Iraqi government on victory in Ramadi against Daesh terrorists

Skyward100:  I was in chat early morning and I will repeat what I said.... Soon the world will be blessed in many ways and the ones (s) or greed of this world will stand in shame. Until we wait patiently a d be glad because we are part of this historical event

Gita:  A Dinarin friend of mine who's cousin just returned from Kuwait for the holidays stated when in Iraq what use to cost him a dollar now cost $3.00 + change. I found that interesting something has happened in the country…. Just not international yet

ALLonghorn:  IKO on OM is currently watching several elements on the markets which will indicate to him that the RV is at the door. He feels like once one falls they will all move and the RV will happen very suddenly. Great anticipation right now




Q: [what date did the CBI state they would not show the rate for 3 days?] 

Poppy3 :  JANUARY 1, 2, 3. 

Q: [are you a fan of the 1:1 Ri and later an RV or get er done at 1 time?] 



TNT :Summary of Earlier Remarks - Trusts, LLCs, Etc by Mother, 29 DEC

    • Mother said
      03:38 PM Dec 28, 2015
    The signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement – does not bring criminal sanctions for breach only civil sanctions as spelled out in the Agreement. Read the agreement if you want to know the sanctions.  
    Loose Lips Sink Ships
    Never go into a Trust with the attitude or stated purpose of avoiding income taxes. The reason why is that today’s IRS considers avoidance the same as evasion.  No attorney/financial planner/CPA ever sets up a plan for tax avoidance.   They set up plans for.  (Planned Giving, Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Business Planning) the ramifications of each of those can sometimes and more likely than not brings about some tax savings.   (Remember: How many times have I said, “Be as Wise as a Serpent & as Harmless as a Dove)?  You want to bring scrutiny on yourself – go out and advertise you set up a trust to avoid taxes.
    Trusts pay the highest rate starting at $12,150 income.  The ideal is to shift that income to a beneficiary that is in a lower bracket.  However, the beneficiary will pay taxes on what is received and the trust will pay taxes on any accumulated income over 12,150 at the highest rate.  You have to work the math to make this come out right or you are getting hit with personal and then taxes on the trust plus all the fees and interests associated with generating the income.  Don’t just assume a Trust is a panacea for tax avoidance.   
    Most trusts are set up by wealthy people to reduce or eliminate “gift” or “estate taxes”
    The use of Family Limited Partnerships are a tool used by many to maintain control of assets during lifetime while gifting various property rights to heirs while the General Partner retains the power of disposition of the assets.  This allows a concept called “Discounting” of property because any property (real estate, corporeal, incorporeal, cash, brokerage account) each one has a bundle of rights that when broken up allow the gifting of a component of those rights at a discounted rate.   (This is very complex – as the commercials say on TV – Do not try this at home by yourself) This involves CPAs, Attorneys and Appraisers to perfect. It is however how the really smart savvy wealthy move assets from one generation to the next without incurring estate or gift taxes while maintaining control and disposition during lifetime.
    Limited Liability Companies.   Any income generated within an LLC through a transaction – definition of a transaction is important here and you do not want to get in a spitting contest with the IRS because their definition will rule the day.   So if you exchange within an LLC then 100% of the proceeds will be subject to your personal income tax rate because all the income will come to you at the end of the calendar year of the LLC.  Whereas doing the exchange personally, the jury is still out on whether the exchange will be taxable.   I know there are many who insist there will be taxes but I have not seen anything to say there will be – the last time I was overseas and came back and exchanged currency no government agency charge me any taxes on the exchange.   In the abundance caution do what Tony & Ray have suggested (set aside estimated taxes) If we are all fortunate there will be no taxes.  
    Understand what a trust is:   Understand who can be the Trustee who cannot be the trustee.  An irrevocable Trust is not effective unless the Trustee is independent of you meaning arm’s length and not related by affinity. Know what a Grantor / Settlor is, Trustee or Trustor, Beneficiary.  Know what separates them, their duties and responsibilities.  Know the governing law in your state. 
    There are many trusts but they all do different things.  
    Seek counsel from your Wealth Manager, Private Banker, Financial Planner before you go out and create a bunch of entities.  Unless you are “expert” how do you know what you need?   Right now you have no idea how much money you will have or the type of assets so what are you thinking.   
    Ray and Tony said plan.  What they mean is know what your going to say.   Be humble and not condescending to the bankers and or professionals.  But by the grace of God you would not know about this.  So be respectful.  I think the key to having understanding is realizing no one knows everything and if you are willing to humble yourself, ask questions and take your time you in partnership with your advisors will come up with a plan that is unique to your situation.  That when truly perfected after much thought and implementation will run like a well oiled machine because everything will be cohesive and work together to maximize the stated objectives and goals.  

    I applaud Ray and Tony for working to educate everyone.   You know more than you think you know now.  However, when you start to implement now without any assets and without someone playing devils advocate and running hypothetical situations, meaning tax scenarios, or liability scenarios then all you are doing is creating things you may or may not need and if you use them you will more than likely have to go back and amend. And amendments cost as much as original filings.   

    I once had a client come into my office and say Mr. _______________, I am 67, my wife is 62, I am worth XYZ I need this and this and this..  I looked at him and said then why do you need me, go out purchase the forms call Legal Zoom and do it yourself.   Don’t waste the professionals time being a know it all.   The client’s wife was much more savvy or judicial than he was and apologized for his pretenses.  In the end he did not need everything he thought he needed to accomplish the objectives.  And there were some things he had not even considered.   Again trust the advisors where you live in the jurisdictions you each live in.  What works in North Carolina may not work in Florida or North Dakota or Idaho.   Each state has its own Trust and corporate law. So trust your local people there are good people and your Wealth Manager or Private Banker will have people they trust and remember these Wealth Managers and Private Bankers have a self-interest in helping you preserve and protect your wealth and grow it.  

    Dynasty Trusts – I know there are some states that have these. These are designed again by states where the law has been codified.  For instance South Dakota allows Dynasty Trusts but the trust must be domiciled in the state and you must use a South Dakota Trustee, you must use a South Dakota Registered Agent.  You must use a Bank in South Dakota to manage the assets.  And last time I looked there is a limitation on what can be initially used to fund the Trust. So you cannot simply go form a Dynasty trust and say you have one.   You must follow the codified law in the state that allows them.  The Trusts have to be domiciled in those respective states, they can have beneficiaries outside of those states.   

    Lastly I am not open for business I do not want any clients.  I am here on the field of play and will be here until the score board reads “We Win” or until I sink the last putt on the 18th green.  I will do my best to guide and direct intellectual “thought” on certain matters. I cannot answer every PM.  And if I think the answer has already been given I will merely suggest by my silence that the answer is in the forum.  And many times it is by others – I suggest you go back and read some of what Ray has shared and OKRocks/Daz and others.  

    There is no one size fits all. That is my biggest beef with a lot of things.  I do not believe in generic instruments for customized situations.  And I grew up with a Father who said if you do anything do it right the first time not “half- _ _ _). You can fill in the blank.   And as an attorney my first rule of thumb is “Cause no harm”.  

    Best to you all.   
    Mother, Esq.