Tuesday, December 22, 2015


TennWolfMan: Ok, I just received a phone call from a real good source of mine saying the trading platforms will be shutting down no later than the 24th until after the first of the year–
That means the rv could happen that night around midnight until in the morning some time–dont know when–no one knows but it is a great tidbit of news indeed….
This excites me tremendously
Please just remember Im not calling the RV Im just saying with the trading platforms closing it is looking good for us…. one of the trade people was the one that called me
KKitty:  trading platforms close down would mean that stock markets cant be betting on trades and making money on the RV ocurring is my guess
DriftCurrent:  Tenn it would be a perfect time for the GCR it would prevent whales from double dipping
Sivada:  Tenn is correct, my friends platform will be shut down until after Jan1st they trade foreign currency
Hijack:  I have friends that are involved with bank trades and platform trading and they always shut down trading around the 23d or 24th until the first of the year for the holidays.
Sundancer:  Sounds like the ptb want to sneak it in under the radar, that is good for us
Dillionaire:  A trading platform is the software that allows investors and traders to place trades and monitor accounts. Oftentimes, trading platforms will incorporate market analysis software as well, whereby traders and investors can chart the markets and perform stock screens.
JimBake:  Some platforms are “upper level” access only…other platforms draw from these and are used by traders using exchanges etc…it could be the upper level forex platforms will be adjusting over the weekend while forex is idle…would not be visible til forex reopens etc…just thinkin out loud
Abufarn:  A perfect time would be around a major holiday when people are distracted.
Fishkissed:  TWolfy…can you please help me understand? Why would the platforms shutting down for the holidays equate to an RV tomorrow?
OleSailor:  fish they won’t be there to drive the value of the currency up……. fish if the market price is not going up for the 5 or 6 million of us then when they do come back and drive the prices up, the big boys will be the ones getting the cheese factory
MountainMole:  Trading platforms shut down every year around this time. It’s those platforms and those involved with them that have done everything they could to keep them producing. With them not functioning could be what we all need. GCR will change the playing fields of the platforms. The RV should be the trigger of the GCR. IMO


12-22-2015   Newshound Guru Enorrste  Once the float begins the rate will rise.  Furthermore, it is clear that this is not a "panic" move on the part of the CBI.  In fact, Saleh stated that it is NOT a devaluation but is instead only an ADJUSTMENT.  I have no reason to doubt that statement.  It is consistent with the small size of the change and with the statement implied that they are buying time (6 months) to get in line with "international standards."  Remember, it was the IMF that stated that Iraq would move into the "world market" at the beginning of the new year, or shortly thereafter.  In my view, the phrase "world market" and "International standards" are synonomous.  I hope I am correct.   [post 2 of 2]

12-22-2015   Newshound Guru Enorrste  Article quote:   "lifting the US dollar selling to banks and exchange companies rate by 16 dinars any by 1.37 percent to 1182 dinars."   It seems to me that the CBI is moving in this direction primarily to stall the drop in their reserves, irrespective of any "international standards" that they reference.  In that sense, this is a good move for the short term.  The article also stated that it would give them "6 months" of time.  I don't think that that means that they will run out of reserves in 6 months.  Instead, it is more likely that they are buying some time to implement the IMF agreement to move to a float.  I therefore conclude that we will see a movement to a new exchange rate regime within 6 months and that this "tweeking" of the rate is an assurance that their financial position will be secure through that time period.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-22-2015   Newshound Guru Millionday   Article quote:  "The Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, reduced the value of the dinar against the US dollar.  According to a statement of the bank, that "lifting of US dollar selling to banks and exchange companies rate by 16 dinars any by 1.37 percent to 1182 dinars."   SO THE RATE HAS BEEN ADJUSTED AND THE INTERNATIONAL RATES ARE BEING CALCULATED FROM THIS VALUE ADJUSTMENT -- THE CONVERSION IS THE GOAL AND THEY ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON THEIR GOAL AND OURS... WHOOOPPOW.

12-22-2015   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    from CBI site - "Board Resolution No. (329) for the year 2015 (the exchange rate) So some are wondering why we saw that 1182 rate and Iraq didn't pick up on it until today...well these CBI docs show us..that the board approved the rate change on 11/30..effective 12/1 (which it changed on the CBI site).  but the actual announcement didn't come out until 12/18 (media).  They also tell us the CBI bank rate now at 1190 which means the 2% spread is 1214.  So the dinar Market Rate has to be 1214 or less than that.  And today it is 1220 which is out of compliance.  It is frustrating, but the rule is more for the CBI than the IMF.  They want the CBI to know how to manage the spread before the playing field becomes international.


Aggiedad77:  Here are notes from last night’s CC….sorry DELTA if I mangled your part up a bit….I think the overall message from you adds fuel to the fire to go along with the rest of the call…..THINGS LOOK GREAT…..my apologies if I missed anything…..great call guys.   Aloha   Randy
*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
CC Notes from Monday 12-21-2015
Frank26:   Early this year the CBI made a commitment to stop using the USD……we showed you an experiment….one of our ITEAM members went to get $10,000 USD from ME banks…..normally within hours they get their money….but this time it took four banks and about a week to get that $10,000.
That was our evidence to you that American has stopped sending USD to Iraq……Iraq said FINE…..by the way all you brokerage houses….banks….dealers…..money exchangers…..all you people…..you had better stop using the USD….but they didn’t……so this all around September…..during this time it was also difficult to get IQD…..
Because the CBI doesn’t sell them…..it’s getting harder to get the IQD…..
They don’t sell them to anybody…..1 + 1 is 2….2 + 2 is 3….wait it is 4……the pond is drying up…..well let me put it this way…..you could get as many IQD as you wanted for the longest time….but they decided to do the Monetary Reforms…..of their currency along with other reforms of their country to become Article 8 compliant….
One of them was to stop using the USD…..and when we found proof they had stopped using the USD and they didn’t have any liquidity left…..we said alright….alright….now my broker tells me my reserves are low…..he’s not trying to cause troubles….he’s just telling me the situation…..so it is taking him a bit longer to replenish his reserves….so it may take a little longer to get an order to you.
You can go somewhere else to buy if you need to…..go for it…..God Bless them….God Bless you……in this land we all try our best to make a profit and live respectfully.
Let me tell you what I do…..one million dinars cost you $999 and I charge a $15 delivery charge….if you buy $50 million dinars there is still a $15 delivery charge.
Also we found out that because our supplies are no longer from the CBI….about three years ago my broker was getting them from banks in Jordan…..but we found out through intel that there were a lot of IQD’s smuggled into Jordan……let me hold it up to the light…..remember though I didn’t say it was counterfeit….I said there was a lot “smuggled” into Jordan….what does that mean…..well those batch numbers are null and void…..so once we found this out…..you saw the articles….you can hear me on the phone….you can watch me on the video….you bought dinars but you have no idea how they reform their currency.
If you have questions what is my phone number….419-283-2552…..if you want to look at our menu….all the currencies that we sell…..go to our landing site….ktfalways.com…..go to the bottom of the page that comes up….there at the bottom is a banner ad…that will take you to a page that shows you our menu.
About three weeks ago I told you some things about the Iranian Rial…..I told you IMO…..which I can have here in the USA….I believe that by June 2016 the Rial will go up in value……why….because they told the rest of the world….UP YOURS….
Remember when I used those KEYWORDS…..I do that for a purpose to help you remember…..oh yeah I remember when Frank did that and I laughed at him……did you see the article that came out about Iran…..what do I mean about UP YOURS…..Iran had some sanctions lifted….one of those had to do with nuclear proliferation…..Iran you can’t do that….UP YOURS…..Iran on December 31st……you fired missiles….you can’t be doing that…..UP YOURS…..Iran is one of the most stubborn nations to deal with…..I am saddened about this….
But I told you over 3 weeks ago……IMO…..around June 2016….Iran will simply lift the value of their currency…..UP YOURS…..don’t you have to go through some steps….get approvals…..UP YOURS…..like Saddam did when he invaded Kuwait……he changed the rate to 3.22…..Saddam you can’t have a rate of 3.22…..UP YOURS…..and he did it for about 3 years……it didn’t have that much of a change in the oil industry…..but you can’t take it with you can you Saddam….so people that don’t like us in the ME…..infidels…..I will kill you….they are the first ones to say UP YOURS……then what happened just a day or so ago out comes an article from Iran…..as soon as we are done with this nuclear proliferation stuff…..then we will change our currency….Iran says around June 2016.
WSJ today…..Iranian Hacking Threat Emerges……Iran what are you trying to do….Russia tried to do that with the underground internet cables….what are you doing Iran…..UP YOURS…..Iran doesn’t care what you think about their money or their country….they have an agenda….now that their sanctions will be all gone by December 31st holy cow you better get out of the way…..I told you these are the end times….IMO.
Iran what do you want…..nothing…..no really what do you want…well the restrictions on our visas is really a bite in the shorts.
WSJ today……our Secretary of State US Reassures Iran on Visa Restrictions…..unbelievable we still kiss their butts….why….because Iran is still extremely important to many things we do with them….we got in bed with them and we have no choice but to allow them to say UP YOURS.
My local newspaper…..beautiful city….look at that….looks like the World’s Fair….actually these are pictures of North Korea….stunning….look a giant pyramid…..look at all the smog….why do I show you this…….because if this is North Korea….what is South Korea like……because I keep teaching you about the South Korean Wong that I sell.
Look at this WSJ Money and Investing Section today…..there is a ME real estate titan being born right now….that is kind of silly with no hope for the future of this country….oh yes there is great hope.
Delta will be with us tonight…..Delta has the responsibility with the CBI…..the CBI released an article today and we are going to translate it….oh yes the whole internet is aware of what DELTA posted today….they try to figure it out and what it means.
Ok, I have a 53-page report that I want to cover very quickly with you….really fast…what this is is Thursday….Frida….Saturday….the battlefield is going on pretty good….this is Thursday and Friday…..at one time ISIS controlled about 45% of Iraq….but now they hold merely 15%…..and they are on a shoe-string….this is good…..this is all because of SECURITY.
We did not see the LD’s this week as we thought…we did not see them in the auctions as we had taught you..…..nor did we see the Taxes and Tariff’s as we thought…..but the T&T’s have been activated…..they need a new rate then…..remember last Monday we taught you they were working on a calculation for a new rate…..so we also saw that the budget was approved….it was read a bunch of times, it was voted upon, it was approved and all it needs is activation…..and this calculation they work on right now.
I guess we can say all systems are GO……for a lot of activations for between December 31st and January 1st….by the way…..all this conference call is all IN MY OPINION…whether it is or not.
We called it a trifecta….look at your notes….taxes and tariffs have been activated….the budget has been approved for the first time…..we talked about coincidences….all the parallels between their budget and ours….but we talked on that before so I will not talk more on that….don’t you just love coincidences….but we are past that right now….we talk to you about the trifecta that told you would come between the 31st and the 1st….we have the T&T’s activated….waiting on the rate.….we have the budget…waiting for the rate…and tonight I talk to you about the LD’s.
We strongly believe….our TEAMS strongly believe we will see them this week…will you see them……in the way that we taught you.…in the mathematical calculations we taught you…and you know where.
We have a lot of updates tonight…..and you will be amending your notes….oh yes and some of you who will be cruel will oh look he is changing his mind…..let me tell you….I have the prerogative to change my mind….because no one says what we say.
It is important that you understand the swing…the pendulum swing….in the auctions is a combination that we are told….the USD to IQD is the RI…..IQD to IQD is the RV…..we think we will see it in this coming week…..remember all IMO….will you see it….you are a student of the IQD and you may….now we are talking about the LD’s….not the new rate the RV…we aren’t there yet….but we talk about that tonight.
What they are doing is preparing themselves to be introduced into the international world…..you saw the article three days ago that said that the IMF is training many in Iraq for the international standards…..that is about as blatant as you can get….thank you….why would you train employees of the GOI and the CBI….are you going into the international world….yes…..are you really doing it….again yes….all our evidence for the past 3-6 months has pointed in this direction.
Another article came out that caused us to say look at your notes…..I think I’m the only one to teach you about the Marshall Plan….how it works,showing you examples from the past of how it has worked….about going to war to make money….the only way we make money is to dominate oil…..they prepare themselves to enter the international world.
You saw the article about a month ago….Dr. Shabibi…….about mid-December we will float……why….we add purchasing power to our currency…..what else…..we will bring in LD’s…..not the 50k’s or 100k’s…that is the opposite….what else….we will stop using the USD….gosh it sounds like you are going through a monetary reform…..well we are.
Don’t think of all this as delays….think of it as premature statement…there are no delays….it is all becoming so transparent….Casper the Ghost may have to wear clothes now.
The banks are going to buy the LD’s with either USD’s or IQD’s….this is important this will determine the auction pendulum swing we taught you about…..we have an update about that too.
If the IQD auctions that we taught you to look for….if they use IQD’s to buy IQD’s……the auctions will be high….if the banks use USD’s to buy the LD’s…..the auctions will be low…..because the auctions are now determined in IQD’s only…..but we still are not sure….well we weren’t sure until Thursday or Friday and we know now….as you know they drag the USD’s back into all the CBI banks….to add to their reserves as they do with all their foreign currency….but how do they calculate this….this has been unknown to us because we did not know the number of 000’s that they had printed….let alone the number of 000’s they had collected or the number of 000’ they still needed to get.
They have to get to this reverse process…..in the auctions….they do a very good job overall…but a lousy job of giving us details…..8 years ago when we met I first told you “in the still of the night” is when you will find out….and we tell you again that is how it will happen…..you will go to sleep….then you wake up and find out…..you will see it….there won’t be any pomp and circumstances…there won’t be any articles…but you the student of the IQD…you the investor….you will see.
Look what we are going to tell you tonight, I’m going to explain really slow….but by the time I am done you will walk in some of the brightest lights you have seen in this investment…..it may seem complicated….and it is complicated right now….but understand they are 9 hours ahead of us….sleep well.
They have activated the T&T’s……the fact that the trifecta is waiting on that calculation…..don’t forget about the lag period we talked about 2 weeks ago….all the banks, the brokers, the money exchangers….they have all been warned and visited…wink…wink…wink….they can all be shutdown and fined if they do not follow instructions….but this is the ME…they can do as they want….but Iraq says it is time to get serious with our money.
CBI officials from Iraq met in London with other central banks to talk…..about what….calculations….but you know this….we talked about it the last time we were together…when….last Thursday.
They are officially off the USD….for them to be using their own currency….that is what we want…..for them to become sovereign.
In the middle of January on the 20th and 21st….they will have an Iraqi Stock Exchange conference….remember last month they had the Iraqi International Fair….what for…..come in and check us out…..well now for the Stock Exchange….come in and check us out some more…..did you do the calculations….by the time you get here we will….we will be open internationally.
As of late last night into this morning…..may I give you our studies…..I’m dying to give them to you……now once again you are about to walk into a light that you have not seen before….we are going to explain something that causes a lot of confusion….I’ve not explained this before….well why haven’t you Frank….why not last month or last year….it wasn’t the time…..if you are given everything all at once….well you aren’t economic professors……phi beta cappa’s…..you bought much of what you have on emotion….but I’ve been a student….learning much from Kuwait.
I’m still amazed that we get oil from the ground….remember Moby Dick….that is how we greased our machinery…..how we lit our lamps….we get oil from plants……classic huh…..the whole process is interesting….but we are kind of stubborn….we still get oil from out of the ground….how barbaric.
We told you about a month and half ago….we told you the Feds would raise their rates on December 16th.…..no they won’t Frank….we even told you they would do it at 2 pm…..that is when it was….we’ve torn this apart….and now you know how it plays into the budget being released now….historical yes…..because of how it plays into the Marshall Plan…..the Marshall Plan takes 10 years……you’ve been wasting my time Frank when you knew it would take this long…..look at your notes, every time I mention the Marshall Plan I’ve told you 10 years.
What I find more interesting is that that budget contains the HCL….that HCL needs a calculated new rate.
1166 is the program rate is it not….but they changed the rate….now an article came out today that stated they “devalued” the IQD by 1.37%….this is the end of the world….they devalued it from 1166 to 1182….what about it….it is the end of the world…..no my dear friend…we explained in great detail….
I’ve worked hours upon hours to bring you things so all you have to do is look at it and study…..what the article did today was simply explain what they did a few weeks ago for Article 8 compliance….now what was the second thing that was requested…..the IMF said…..you can be international….if you do two things……what….need you to be 2% compliant between the street rate and the CBI rate….so don’t call me with your hands up in the air…..of course they tell you they devalued the currency….this is the definition of what they do….of course they devalued the currency as we taught you about….now what was the second thing they had to do….revalue their currency….oh yes the calculation they work on.
I’ll probably see you on the 31st or the 1st……did you forget about 1187…what they used to see the IQD at to make a profit.
Be realistic…..live in the reality of now….do not count your chickens before they hatch……don’t let your emotions drive things for you now……if you can’t handle things now before the Monetary Reform how can you handle it after the fact…..they are working on this all right now….they work on the numbers….on an international rate…..that is what this is all about….DELTA will talk more on this tonight…..

 want you to know that IMO….from the 21st to the 26th…..Iraq will give the LD’s to the banks……then the pendulum will swing….Iraq is waiting for the international standards to give them the new rate….I don’t pause to be dramatic….I pause to grab your attention…..Iraq awaits the international standards….how many times have I told you that Iraq is not in control of this….we are…..remember tonight that I told you they work on the calculations to get the right number….we are…..wake up….stay awake…..just stay awake.

Frank26:  On December 12th or 13th Abadi came out and told everyone, he said we are going to activate our banks and our reforms and we simply need the calculations….we just need the calculations….
Family once again I’ve said it…Iraq is waiting for the international standard….the new rate….even the CBI is waiting on this international rate to come up with the right pricing right….they have the codes for the taxes and tariffs that are activated……the IMF, BIS, US….let’s just call them the BIG BOYS…..
The BIG BOYS work on these calculations….and once those calculations are done the international world will welcome Iraq into their club. Yesterday I joined a new club…..I turned 60 yesterday and I joined that club….had to turn 60 to join. Iraq has two things to join their club….remember that.
Look the IMF right now is doing the calculating with the BIG BOYS…the IMF needs 85% of the IMF organization for approval for Iraq….you think they have 85%…..oh heck yes….why……
Because the IMF is a club of BIG BOYS and maybe 12 families…..and you know….I believe it is being calculated now to be released….the 1182 was done for compliance….and to make the USD more expensive to buy in Iraq….and it worked….it was an inflationary measure….they have no inflation…..they qualify for Article 8…..who has the numbers….the BIG BOYS….next question.
1182 is a prelude to the LD’s…..my TEAMS and you KTFA students we still look for the pendulum auction swing….we are very sure that pendulum swing is going to be very low.
You ready for something else…..remember when DELTA said 10 cents……no….remember when ITEAM said 40 cents….no….remember when I said 1 to 1…..no….that is when we will first see it….this is when you need to focus and right everything down…..the calculations were not satisfactory at 10 cents or 40 cents….all of this is IMO….we have come to my conclusion that after Saturday we have determined there will not be a float…..it’s not going to be 10 cents or 40 cents….it will not a float…..it will not be a gradual float….family it will be 1 to 1.
The next thing we study as a TEAM is an entity that will make an announcement on behalf of Iraq for their monetary reform….this may be an announcement given to everyone BEFORE the RV….or it could be an announcement AFTER we know that they have RV’ed……there is a difference between BEFORE and AFTER….notice my words.
Now will they apply Article 140….what…..oh the gurus aren’t talking to you about Article 140.
Ok, I’ve told you the swing, the direction, low, the announcement before or after the RV, will they apply Article 140….that is in their constitution….the Kurds are happy right now…but on Saturday there was an issue…..we don’t feel it will be anything negative….it dealt with an area…..an area near Kirkuk…..the Peshmerga Army liberated this area, so the Kurds believe the area belongs to them….they don’t want to cause problems….they know it is about to happen…..they know the currency has their language on it…..they don’t want to cause problems but they brought this up for discussion…..I don’t care what is said…I’m just giving you what we study….look Iraq is doing studying the calculation for their new international rate.
They looked at 10 cents, at 40 cents but none of this works…..they continue to study and looking at the 1 to 1….so can you see this…no….what we can see is the shadow effect….the LD’s……in what we’ve already taught you about…the swing….the pendulum….then you walk into the next step…an announcement….don’t forget the lag period too.
The real reason IMO…..the 1 to 1 works to help ensure that ISIS is choked….remember we’ve told you middle of January oil prices will explode…..look prices at the pump should be below a dollar….but they have to make a profit….enjoy the prices you have now…..
I’m telling you after the calculations are introduced and the LD’s are introduced…..in the still of the night….there will not be a float….they talked about….even made a root beer float but didn’t like the taste….when will we get the oil prices back up…..middle of next month…..when will we get the T&T’s up….near the first of the month…..oh to heck with it….just 1 to 1 works…..hey Iraq are you buying 1 to 1……what did I tell you they await a rate….we are in control.
Tell me you’ve heard all of this before…..we just fight for them that is all.
There was much rejection for all of these things…..here is the tricky part Family….1 to 1 is the RI…..this is probably a 7-14 day period and we may be half way through that period…then in about another 7-10-14 days it will hit the global international exchanges….the RI….once it does then we will see the RV….allowing the 1 to 1 to grow internationally…..I don’t think we will see 1 to 1….I’m not saying they are hiding the 1 to 1….we just won’t see it….because it belongs to Iraq.
A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose….is that too many roses….a dinar is a dinar is a dinar….in country…..hey what is that in your hand…..a dinar….what is it worth…one dinar….oh it’s not worth 3 dinar….no….one dinar….you have to understand this Family….you must understand…..inside of Iraq there is an RI going on….the calculations are being done now…then the pendulum swings….TA-DA…..get your butts in here, it’s 1 to 1….what….really…..our currency is equal to the USD….well I’ll still use my USD…..why….well it is equal….hmmm….ok what if we make it 1.20…..oh really ok I’ll be right in…..the citizens will come in to exchange their USD for the Iraqi currency…..they will bring in a lot of the USD……wanting to sell the USD for IQD…..this was a gift two weeks ago from my TEAMS to you…..today….TA-DA.
It’s an interesting state of events no doubt…..especially for the 31st into the 1st….you see Dr. Shabibi wants to give purchasing power to their currency…..the citizens use the USD…..so they give them 1 to 1….but they hold onto the USD….so they give it just a little bit more…so they will use the IQD…….one dinar is worth one dinar only if you exchange it for a foreign currency…..does it have a different value inside of Iraq…..no….what does it have when it is 1 to 1….it is called purchasing power……there is no confusion…..simple math….DELTA kept telling us this so there would be no confusion. What is the USD worth in America…..oh let’s see….one dollar…..so the IQD in Iraq will be equal to one dinar in the country.
Oh I see….so let me illustrate this to you how it will be different for us who live outside of Iraq…..when it hits the global exchange…..let me introduce myself….I’m 1 to 1….how do you do….get yourself out here….see outside of Iraq we will knock you silly with a different value….you see outside of Iraq it depends on what foreign currency you want to exchange your IQD for…..if you exchange for USD you will gain…..
if you want to exchange for Zimbabwe dollars….then you will lose……so….it depends on what currency I exchange it for…..well I’m an American who wants to exchange….well there will be a profit….the Iraqi citizen holds the IQD and has purchasing power….but with us it is a capital gain which depends on which foreign currency we exchange it for……remember I’ve told you some currency exchange will go up, some will go down….remember these keywords.
By the way I love you….you know that in the name of Jesus Christ.
You’ve learned so much tonight…you outside of Iraq….you inside of Iraq 1 to 1…up to maybe 1.20…but you outside of Iraq what allows you do to that….Executive Order 13303….isn’t that the same thing that the same order that says that the US would not pay a single penny for the war in Iraq….the same way we didn’t pay for the war in Kuwait….the same way that Clinton balanced the budget and paid off deficit…..the same that allows Obama is balancing the budget and paying off some deficit now.
WSJ today……Cheer Up Americans Obama’s Legacy Can Be Erased….it’s a huge article whole page….fascinating…..depending on which foreign currency you exchange for some will give you a profit but others may give you a loss.
Now we may not see the 1 to 1 RI until it hits the global exchanges…but once they hit the global exchanges…..they qualify for the RV…because they qualify for Article 8…..that RV will be 7-14 days afterward give or take weekends……then we will see a different rate outside of Iraq…..the 1 to 1 will go to whatever……IMO….especially now that we know they won’t float it….Iraq gets it’s purchasing power……the international world gets an IQD with an international value…the whole purpose…..job well done….all this makes Iraq Article 8 compliant….and internationally accepted.
All of this has to do with many factors….one we talked about an inflationary factor that is a plus for them….they won’t hide the 1 to 1 they just don’t advertise it……good God you don’t know half the things they do until we bring them to you….one day we will wake up to the RV….until then all they do has to do with their purchasing power being given to the citizens….but they feared this…..so we think they will tempt the citizens with just over 1 dollar.
It is insensitive to use the IQD…..they need to become a sovereign country with their own currency…..by using the IQD it creates stability for them….purchasing power for them….capital gains for us here in the US.
Now if they do something with the money on January 1st I would not be surprised, what they do now is so simple and basic…..we won’t see anything until 14 days….January 14th or 15th…… then it should be our turn….globally and internationally….all the markers….the pendulum swing….the announcement that is comeing….the 31st and 1st….the trifecta….what comes after that…it could be 7 days, 10 days…..could be 14 days…or even right way…..today ITEAM called it KISS……Keep it Simple Stupid…..don’t mess this up….the internet is looking for other things….China…whatever….whatever…..but remember we have it Family.
DELTA comes in.
DELTA tell them what you found out.
DELTA: We found many things out….this announcement today….a lot of you that don’t know about this article it was on the CBI website in Arabic….but all the newspapers and all the media are talking about it…..this memo I believe is dated the 20th…this letter from the CBI to banks, money exchange companies and private banks…..they are talking to these institutions we are working on the calculations of the exact exchange rate…..it is in Arabic and says all of this….this memo they sent this memo back on May 10, 2015…..based on the previous memo….the exchange rate is still under study and as soon as we get the results we will tell you about it.
Frank: That is what ITEAM told me….they are waiting on the calculations of the rate…..I’m going to go pass out…you keep talking about your report.
DELTA: This memo on December 20th……and then a memo on December 17th…..mentioned the memo from May again…..they mention they work on the numbers that must be accepted internationally…..as soon as we get the numbers we will tell you and everyone will know and they will announce it to the world…..I couldn’t explain all this to the Forum so I decided to come to the CC tonight……the original memo was dated May 10th…..working then on this situation.
Mentioned something about a transitional Article 14 from the IMF…..the time is right….the international community……Iraq must be tradable at the international level…..Iraq does not control their exchange rate….they can do what they want in Iraq….but internationally….others have control….the US has the most control of the IMF……so who is in control….the US.
China is now in the basket….for the first time now in many years US has exports sanctions lifted on oil……the CBI is waiting for the numbers….we don’t believe they have the numbers….but it doesn’t matter….the rate in Iraq doesn’t matter…..I do agree with you Frank they have changed the plan….moving to 1 to 1….this makes sense…..or maybe higher to provide incentive for the citizens to come in…..remember several years ago the government talked about a rate slightly higher than 1 to 1…..the IMF is who controls what things do internationally though outside of Iraq.
Remember Dr. Shabibi was the one who said they wanted to the IQD to be at the levels of the ‘80s……for us it will be internationally recognizable…..but this memo is the huge thing that confirms they are waiting on the calculation to be done……everything we believe to be done except that calculation….anything less than a 1 to 1 rate would simply cause confusion with the Iraqi citizens.….just as Abadi said on the 10th.……we are ready to activate things for the economy.
Just to let you know they can’t activate the banking system in Iraq unless they are internationally recognized….the ki cards….and so much that we’ve seen from them all need the international recognition….the calculation that they wait for now.
This is very good as an indication that something is about to happen, either late this month or by mid-January.
Look for a new operational rate to be published on the 29th.
Don’t forget Family that when the rate was 1166 the CBI would sell to their other banks in Iraq at a 1187 rate, that was their commission…..so now they make less commission on their sales today….they simply cut into their profits….limiting them now to 3 to 4 dinars profit.
Talked about the 2%….stating that he doesn’t believe it applies or that they got an exception from the IMF….was unclear here and hard to understand….the 2% is a difficult thing to control.
Remember everyone did not expect the US to approve China in the basket, but they did…..looks like it is all going smoothly.
Abadi, and everyone is waiting on the green light to conduct international business.
What if nothing happens by the first or second week of January….they have to have done something….the IMF cannot allow this to continue going without making a change…..they simply await the IMF calculation.
This all provides us with more and more confirmation of what is happening and what we are looking forward to in the coming days.
Frank: I’m exhausted mainly from the excitement and trying to keep things sane….we have to stay focused…..this is the ME…..but as things move along it is almost as if things are automated moving from the RI into the RV.
What we have just released is so overwhelming….the Internet will hear your translation….they will hear ITEAM’s evaluation of the next steps that we should be seeing….this conference call is so deep.
DELTA let me offer my admiration to you and my love for you….you are very astute….one day I called you a couple of years ago….I called and asked if I could get personal with you…..I asked about your education…and we both opened up with each other…..I’m excited to do things with you in the future….your consult, wisdom, and vision is very important to me.
DELTA: I feel that God has brought us together here with our KTFA Family for a purpose….we are far more than just friends…..I would like to tell the Family that we understand how it is difficult and hard to have patience….think of what it would be like if you didn’t have the dinars……this is one of the best investments you will have been involved with.
DELTA mentioned flying with a Wells Fargo employee once…..a wealth management officer for the bank….he said he knows about currency…..DELTA mentioned the IQD and the man said scam…scam before DETLA could finish his sentence…..so DELTA asked if it was possible for Iraq to come up to one penny….the man said it was possible…..so then your 1,000 investment would be worth 10,000…..oh how do you know all of this he asked DELTA.
Dismissed with a prayer.


Hello Everyone.
Today my family and I are traveling on de Bahn to catch the last days of the Christmas Market or christkindlesmarkt  in the city of Nuremburg. This city has one of the largest Christkindlemarkt in Germany and is fantastic. We are always enchanted by the special and festive atmosphere of the city. With its hundreds of years of history, the traditional market has to offer many things for us to do and enjoy. Over the years we have made this one of our Christmas traditions and so we once again look forward to the event. Meinen Kinder are already anxious and talk much about it in anticipation.
This will be my last news letter until after the holiday season. Unlike many, I do not strap myself to technology and make it my ball and chain. I will not have access (do not want access) to PC and so will not know what is happening until I return. In fact it will be a pleasant journey to forget all about this dinar stuff. I do, however, expect to see some surprises in the news upon my return home.
This period there is not much news from Iraq. But I firmly believe we are about to get a flood of information very soon. So today I just wanted to drop in quickly and review with you the latest news.
The news will probably stay very quiet throughout the Christmas season since after all it is Christmas too in Iraq.
So for all these so called intel “gurus” who persist on telling you or suggesting to you the RV will happen before Christmas all I have to say is “take a hike” – it will do you some good !
Merry Christmas Everyone and may you have a Happy, Prosperous New Year !
Today’s News
Today is Tuesday December 22nd and yes we are now fully in the fourth week of December and still no RV.
Oh- ….. I thought every “guru”’ was saying the RV was already “all done”? Really? They said this years ago and still say it now. Funny how this is always “all done” but where is the money? You go tell it to the Iraqi people too that it is “all done” and see if they agree.
How many RVs did we have already…lol…lol…?  So why can’t we go the banks?
Of course these are all rhetorical questions since we all know the answers before we ask them.
Today we are looking at these currency auctions again. Why again?
My contact suggested very strongly that we change our focus to the CBI and what they are doing with the currency reform. So this is what I have done. I also know there are still some outstanding reform laws that are needed so I am not downplaying these laws but just refocusing our attention for now.
So what is happening with these currency auctions and why so much recent publicity on them?
We know that Tamami, a parliamentary finance committee member, was asked to look into these currency auctions and she reported back to the parliament on what she found. The news she reported was not good and two main points she has kept emphasizing ever since were 1) the corruption involved 2) they are artificially keeping the value of the dinar low. She has published many articles on this topic reporting to the people what she had found. She suggested they discontinue the auctions and wanted to know why they auctions even  continued and if the are common practice in other Middle Eastern countries. So we can see the conflict between what the government of Iraq thinks and what the CBI is doing. So they are NOT on the same page when it comes to these currency auctions.
So now we see the CBI speaking out (see articles below) against her accusations (evidenced) that the CBI lowered the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar. However the CBI did, (indirectly) lower the value of the dinar against the dollar when they made it more expensive to purchase US dollars by charging more dinar to do so. Remember I told you that currently Iraq is almost entirely a US dollar economy since 2013 and so if the banks need more US dollars they must go to the CBI to purchase them. How do they  pay for them?
What else is left? They must use the 3 zero notes and the purchasing process established is the currency auctions.
This is a measure by which the CBI is using to draw in the remaining 3 zero notes but more from the banks than from the citizens. We can see they raised the amount of the 3 zero notes (thus lowering the value of the dinar) needed to purchase 1 US dollar from 1166 to 1182. This is not coincidental. There must be a reason behind it.
Of course the CBI, in the next article below, is telling us they deny that they reduced the value of the dinar against the US dollar. However we see in another article ( also presented today)  from the CBI that they themselves are telling us  that in fact the CBI board had made a decision to adjust the official rate auction price of the US dollar. Do they not know that this will indirectly impact the value of the dinar? Of course they know.  This has been Tamami’s point all along. I think it is time the CBI made it clear to the government of Iraq just what they are doing.
So what is going on here?  Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?
This is not a dead topic and I expect to see much more come of these currency auctions if they do not end at the   end at the end of the year, as the CBI told us months ago they would.
As we move closer to the end of the year and into 2016 this is going to get real interesting.
Article Begins
The Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, reduced the value of the dinar against the US dollar.
According to a statement of the bank, that “lifting of US dollar selling to banks and exchange companies rate by 16 dinars any by 1.37 percent to 1182 dinars.”

The statement noted banks and the conversion of financial, investment and banking offices that “the exchange rate by international standards is still under study and will report results if completed, knowing that he has changed the base rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar by the Bank to the (1182) dinars per dollar. ”
The bank was selling dollars at 1166 dinars, it reported statistically the bank sold more than $ 42 billion in the auction of the currency since the beginning of this year until last Wednesday.
Article Ends
Article Begins
According to the CBI Board decision #329 of 2015, the official FX rate (auction price) was adjusted as the following: 1) The USD selling price became IQD1182 and the USD buying price became IQD1180 starting from December 1, 2015. 2) The USD selling price and the price used for paying correspondent banks will be unified starting from January 1, 2016 at 1190 (=1182+IQD8.0 (commission)).
Article Ends
Article Begins
2015-12-21|(Voice of Iraq)

Baghdad denied the Iraqi Central Bank, on Monday, news that talk about doing to reduce the value of the dinar against the dollar. The bank said in a statement that “news stories about the bank to reduce the value of the dinar against the dollar baseless,” denying “the news “.He added that the bank” sale price of the dollar has not changed.”
A number of media have picked up earlier, the news that the central bank reduced the value of the dinar against the dollar
Article Ends
Update: Currency Reform
We still await for the “official” word from the CBI to allow the distribution of the new lower denominations. We know this must first be accompanied with a significant increase in value and we are told it will be a 1:1 par value with the US dollar.
This is NOT the RV but an inflation adjustment and only an incentive to  “dedollarize” the economy and reverse the trend in demand from the US dollar to the Iraqi dinar thus increase the demand for the new lower denominations. This would thus allow Iraq to withdraw or “de-dollarize” their economy as they would suck up US dollars are replace them with the lower denominations. This would happen because the citizens would migrate towards the new dinar since it would be worth more than the dollar.
Do they need a very significant increase in order to do this?
NO! All they need in-country is a value to the new dinar to be just over a dollar to create this incentive.
Is this the RV we have been waiting for?
NO! – this move to a 1:1 par with the US dollar is just an inflationary measure they will undertake. The full RV ($4.00+) we are waiting for will come later in about 7-14 days and will depend on how stable the economy is and how this whole process works out. It may take longer or it may be shorter.
Is this 1:1 a float and we must wait for the value to rise from $1.00+ to the $4.00+ before we see the RV?
NO! This initial process will NOT be put on an “official” float as many so called intel “gurus” will try to convince you that it is. The time to the full RV has no significance to any float. How can it since the currency still not even be on the exchanges at this time.
So when can we go to the bank and exchange our 3 zero notes?
First let me say it again – We may never realize this $1.00+  rate at the banks since the new rate will not  yet even be on the global exchanges (thus be able to go to the banks and exchange). The IQD will not be reintroduced to the global exchanges until after the full blown RV $4.00+ occurs which will come later.
Will we see the RV before Xmas?
I personally believe we may see the 1:1 value pop out as the lower denominations are circulated sometime before now and the end of the year. But I do not expect to be at the bank before sometime until mid to late January 2016. I have already told you why this is the timing.
Will us, so called “internet” conference call investors, be privileged to exchange prior to the final RV?
NO – ABSOLUTELY NOT! That would be illegal !
Everyone holding these 3 zero notes outside of Iraq will exchange at the same time as the rates show up in the global currency exchanges and this will not happen until the full RV.
This has nothing to do with bank screens or any other secret bank currency books at the banks. It must be a legal rate on the global exchanges prior to the banks allowing the general public to exchange this currency.
I am telling you nothing new here. I have explained out answers to all these questions over and over again to you in my previous news letters. This is the state we are in and we just have to wait.
The fact that the budget is moving along now is great news. Now we need the National Guard and Amnesty laws and I do not believe we will see any next move in the currency reform until we get these laws – at least I would be very surprised if we did….lol…lol…
Update: Fighting ISIS
One more item today:
Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe their success is in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.
“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and Coalition Soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be Victorious against them! We ask that the Victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin! Amen!
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All.


Article quote: “lifting the US dollar selling to banks and exchange companies rate by 16 dinars any by 1.37 percent to 1182 dinars.”
It seems to me that the CBI is moving in this direction primarily to stall the drop in their reserves, irrespective of any “international standards” that they reference.  In that sense, this is a good move for the short term.
The article also stated that it would give them “6 months” of time.  I don’t think that that means that they will run out of reserves in 6 months.  Instead, it is more likely that they are buying some time to implement the IMF agreement to move to a float.
I therefore conclude that we will see a movement to a new exchange rate regime within 6 months and that this “tweeking” of the rate is an assurance that their financial position will be secure through that time period.


TNT : 

platinumrunway (Per SassyD:  :  1. If you're talking about the exchange a little now and the rest later, it's pretty simple....

2. Trying to stay positive with this, but when you know someone keeps letting the air out of your tires just to make you late for work, it's rather annoying.

3. I still believe before Christmas ... today is still a great window..
4. My wealth manager has not spent much time with his family. He says "If it does not go this week, there are going to be individuals willing to tell all."

5. Plus - they hold currency.

6. It has become a boiler room situation world wide... no one is smiling at the U.S. any further.

7.. They cannot do this much longer.

8. The excuses they can't use any further: timing, Iraq, Obama, documents need to be signed, running test. China is not buying it any further.

9. Think about it who has the power to single handed dump 1 trillion into the market to make it appear to stabilize.

10. Also every time it's a crisis and it is financial, all of a sudden it's stabilized with a financial band-aid.

11. The markets, for example... we have been waiting for all hell to break loose and POW!... someone dumps money into the market.

12. Oh mom's done talking, the belt has come out.

marduk5656 L So plat - are you saying that the process has been stopped again?

platinumrunway : I'm saying the process is moving, but someone keeps placing thumbtacks on the street.

platinumrunway :  well guys - take care, off to (work).

Tennwolfman : OK, here is what I have gotten this morning so far -China is pissed and fed up with delays, China knows who are the ones that are holding this up.

Personally, I don't expect this to go before Christmas, but I do think it will go before the end of the year. (However) I wouldn't place money on either one.

I am still waiting to hear from two other sources on this.

 I hope I am wrong about "before Christmas" - it is just my opinion based on what info I have received so far.

Tennwolfman : "Wealth Manager says they are still on standby/alert but banking as usual...I am more confused, after this weekend, than ever."

Tennwolfman : What I get is only info and its not intel... so anything can change or be totally different (a day later) ...Have a great day - I'm gone.

Iko Ward wrote:More of the same, guys, varied movement, crude markets merging, Forex a bit more extreme. Forget what Abadi signed with China, it's what they haven't signed that we are interested in.

12/22/15 - Zimbabwe announced the adoption of "the Chinese yuan," an official currency in the country, after Beijing exempted from its debts, which amounted to forty million dollars.

In this context, the minister Patrick Chaanamaza said that "China has confirmed the cancellation of all debt owed by us and we are in the process of ending the recent financial accounts."

Patrick added, "The Chinese yuan Zimbabwe adoption as the official currency in the country, will contribute to the lifting of trade exchange with Beijing proportion"



MF Executive Board Concludes 2015 Article IV Consultation with Iran
Press Release No. 15/581
December 21, 2015

On December 7, 2015, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultation1 with Iran.

The sharp decline in global oil prices, tight corporate and bank balance sheets, and postponed consumption and investment decisions ahead of the expected lifting of economic sanctions, have significantly slowed down economic activity since the fourth quarter of 2014/15. Real GDP growth is projected to decline from 3 percent in 2014/152 to somewhere between 0.5 to -0.5 percent in 2015/16. Twelve-month (point-to-point) inflation has declined to around 10 percent in recent months, largely reflecting lower food and beverage inflation, and the inflation rate is expected to remain close to 14 percent by year-end....................
Directors welcomed the authorities’ commitment to unify the foreign exchange market by end-September 2016, and encouraged the prompt removal of the foreign exchange restriction and multiple currency practices. While welcoming recent progress, Directors advised further improving the timeliness and quality of official statistics.

 Mon, 21 Dec 2015 18:34:19 GMT Tehran hopes sanctions removed in January
Tehran hopes sanctions removed in January
Iran’s foreign minister has expressed hope that the sanctions imposed on Tehran will be lifted by the end of January and that Iran and the P5+1 group will move toward “more logical” relations.
Mohammad Javad Zarif made the remark in a press conference Monday with visiting Bulgarian foreign minister Daniel Mitov, Press TV reported.
The top Bulgarian diplomat, in turn, said he hoped the sanctions will be removed soon....................

SpaceX Falcon rocket nails safe landing in pivotal space feat
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Florida on Monday with a payload of communications satellites before the reusable main-stage booster turned around, soared back to Cape Canaveral and landed safely near its launch pad in a dramatic spaceflight first..... 



Iko Ward:  OMG 1069.2. We have broken the speed barrier….. And Crude about to cross.

The eyeguy:  iko, is this the stab we are looking for?
Iko Ward: eyeguy, let's call it a slash in the right direction

platinumrunway wrote My WM stated that no one worked late tonight due to extended hrs all weekend. They are preparing for exchanges this week. One twist to this, rates disappeared then reappeared again. Rates appear to be actual exchange rates. 
platinumrunway wrote Bank employees are still not in the know. The rates are unbelievable (described by source). There is another sleeper currency and it has been mentioned, not Zim.

platinumrunway wrote There is going to be an opportuity to exchange a little this year, and capitalize big in 2016
platinumrunway wrote You can exchange a lil now take care of bills etc, then remember Tony said it would be greater later. Everyone will have to make their own personal choice. Im not an accountant or tax attorney.

platinumrunway wrote Call centers and exchange centers not staffed currently. 

platinumrunway wrote Banks are not scheduled to be open Christmas...Call centers and exchange centers not staffed currently.

SassyD wrote Plat - Did they do exchanges over the weekend ??
platinumrunway wrote Sassy - just prep as far as I know
platinumrunway wrote Good night everyone, tomorrow is another day.


platinumrunway wrote If ur talking about the exchange a lil now and the rest later its pretty simple
platinumrunway wrote Trying to stay positive with this but when u know someone keeps letting the air out of your tires just to make u late for work its rather annoying. platinumrunway wrote i still believe before Christmas, today is still a great window
platinumrunway wrote My wealth manager has not spent much time with his family, he says if it does not go this week there are going to be individuals willing to tell allplatinumrunway wrote Plus they hold currency platinumrunway wrote it has become a boiler room situation world wide, no one is smiling at the US any further platinumrunway wrote They cannot do this much longer
platinumrunway wrote The excuses they cant use any further, timing, Iraq, Obama, documents need to be signed, running test, .China is not buying it any further.
platinumrunway wrote Think about it who has the power to single handed dump 1 trillion into the market to make it appear to stabalize.     
platinumrunway wrote Also every time its a crises and it financial all of a sudden its stabalized with financial bandaid
platinumrunway wrote The markets for example we have been waiting for all hell to break loose and pow, someone dumps money into the market.
COdreamer wrote platinum so when will Mom slap the child upside the head???
     platinumrunway wrote Oh moms done talking, the belt has come out.
chatter wrote Urgent Iraq and China sign five agreements in various fields incl​uding military http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=24871
fullofhope wrote Plat before the end how safe i how safe is it to exchange a li and wait till next y I think we're all a little nervous that on I think we're all a little nervous that once it happens it couldn't happen if something goes wrong and then we are stuck with our currency and no ability to exchange it next year
platinumrunway wrote Im saying the process is moving but someone keeps placing thumbtacks on the street
Iko Ward wrote More of the same, guys, varied movement, crude markets merging, Forex a bit more extreme, forget what Abadi signed with China, it's what they haven't signed we are interested in.     
coyotehunter wrote Isn't anyone paying any attention to those having been caught with their hand in the till.     
platinumrunway wrote If jonny has 1 trillion apples and suzy has 30 trillion apples, how many more apples does steve have to equal a quadrillion?
Tndr wrote 969 Trill.....that's a lot of apples!

platinumrunway wrote well guys take care off to make models out of monsterz.
Four2atous wrote Future oil= http://globalriskinsights.com/2015/12/the-future-of-oil-production-in-​iraq/     
coyotehunter wrote China is locking up everything the West has ignored.     
IWFG1818 wrote Perception is reality. The perception of power and control is manipulated and maintained by division and fear. When perception shifts, so will reality. We're in the midst of the shift...     
coyotehunter wrote If an area has no military or economic (oil) advantage, the West has not been interested.     
okrocks wrote World War 3 is not fought on land, its fought in the global financial arena      
coyotehunter wrote Follow The Money folks. okrocks well said

okrocks wrote unfortunately like any war its the citizens who suffer... will it go down hard or harder is the question
Tennwolfman wrote ok, here is what I have gotten this morning so far--China is pissed and fed up with delays, China knows the ones that are holding this up, personally I dont expect this to go before christmas but I do think it will go before the end of the year. I wouldnt place money on either one. I am still waiting to hear from 2 other sources on this, I hope I am wrong about before christmas it is just my opinion based on what info I have received so far
Tennwolfman wrote what I get is only info and its not intel so anything can change or be totally different at anytime 
cookiecutter wrote you know there has to be some people that really knows what is going on... the real story... I am surprised someone hasn't exposed it yet..     
Heavenishome wrote the bigger picture and who and what info is out there is why i said earlier there are many layers to this control
IWFG1818 wrote Cookie - people are exposing it little by little...at great personal risk

IWFG1818 wrote War games for global dominance and control
coyotehunter wrote Our distinguished leaders are letting the PTB paint us into a corner. Plan and be prepared. Follow The Money
IWFG1818 wrote Coyote - who do you think controls the distinguished leaders?     
coyotehunter wrote IWFG Who has the money?     
IWFG1818 wrote Exactly ... Leaders have no power. Who controls the military machine?
coyotehunter wrote IWFG Same answer. Corporations, also big banks, none of them want to lose what they have had in the past.
IWFG1818 wrote Coyote - yes of course, but who owns and controls them?     
coyotehunter wrote IWFG I shall not name those of which you speak, but I am aware of who they are. LOL
IWFG1818 wrote Coyote - yep ... Someone is in control but it's not our distinguished leaders letting the PTB paint us into a corner.... And if a leader tries, well he's 86-ed pretty fast
IWFG1818 wrote But the good news is that more and more good guys are coming together to take a stand. It's risky business because the system is fragile..     
okrocks wrote Those who have run the world are being taken to task... we will win...in the meantime hang on to your faith and your currency... our day IS coming
IWFG1818 wrote Yes, this is ultimately a spiritual war of epic proportion and a page turner indeed. Yet the ending has been written in the wind!
Uni345ty wrote It is spiritual warfare time........time for serious prayer.
coyotehunter wrote IWFG Yes, look at history, it is undeniable. My superpower leader will prevail overall. Be Blessed
Tuttles wrote 
12/22/15 -  Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing ways to develop bilateral relations between the two countries.This will meet Abadi during his official visit to the People's Republic of China with a number of Chinese officials, to discuss ways of cooperation in the economic, military and security field, which is one of the main topics in the Chinese Iraqi talks, Iraq and looks forward to the expansion of economic cooperation with Beijing by increasing the presence of Chinese companies in order to invest in oil and energy and the development of services and infrastructure areas.

Tuttles wrote Zimbabwe and Iraq are in China talking Economy now...
Four2atous wrote OK boys and girls what approach is being used? CPA (Critical path analysis). Why is this important? Knowing the "HOW" will lead us to the WHAT" and "WHY".
Four2atous wrote Every State Department program will use a Straightest to complete a seres of task....this being one of them.     
queenbea wrote four2...where do you think we are in this model     
Four2atous wrote Queenbea Final quarter     
Four2atous wrote Queenbea here is an important Definition gig economy - The gig economy is a business environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.     
Four2atous wrote This is so in the middle of the fairway!     
Four2atous wrote Africa matters to world ecconomy.....from third world to second is a b​ig step= http://sbeta.iol.co.za/news/politics/finance-fiasco-trevor-manuel-spea​ks-1962346    
Four2atous wrote Yellen and the bulls= http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-21/yellen-bull-markets-​and-extinction-in-a-seven-year-stock-rally
REI wrote Ok, they are back at my exchange center now! Going into an appointment will be back later.

lilypad wrote On Abadi's Facebook page, there is a video of his reception in China--very impressive-almost positive he does not get that reception here in the US.--worth watching.--China and Iraq going to be BFF/

Newcreation wrote China+Zimbabwe= BFF - China +Iraq= BFF China + Russia= BFF ...China + India= BFF China + China + ...getting the pattern? US + Who =???
Houston wrote I read an article a while ago that Mr. Rothchild had an arrest warrant for banking irregularities. I'll see if I can find it.

jimbake wrote The time for seeking "others" to blame is passed! WE ARE the ones who hold the power and when we finally realize that fact, then we will see the world we want to see! Imo :)
K Boom wrote An attitude of Gratitude makes the day bright
Tuttles wrote 12/22/15 - General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced that on Wednesday a public holiday to mark the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad.
elmerf123456 wrote Elmer is great. Just waiting like you but investigating and hearing good stuff also.