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TNT Call notes 21-December-2015

RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Monday, December 21, 2015.  [Doing audio checks]  It’s four days shy of Christmas. Here we are, approaching the end of this year.  Didn’t think we would be here in December, but it is what it is, so let’s just address the information we have.  Then we can ponder on what we do not know, to see what will unfold before us.
Our intel guys are serious about their weekends, unless something big happens.  They say we will talk about it ion Monday and that’s what we’ve been doing. Some of the intel is hard to come by because it’s being suppressed.  We are at any minute, any hour, any day, which we were all last week.  We can’t really put our finger on it, but know that progress is being made in the interim.  All of it is exciting, but that is the part that should b eexciting.
We had indications from members sharing reports from over the weekend. One said that his bank was fully staffed on Sunday – for what purpose?  We don’t know, just know they were there expecting something. Use your imagination.  We heard that about another bank as well – employees working although not open to the general public.  Time will tell all but it leads us to some good expectations.  If they are getting ready for any hour, any day, so should we.
Some of the banking people have said Monday/Tuesday, others are saying Tuesday/ Wednesday, and some are saying the end of the month.  They are being prepared, showing up on Sunday.  We have heard of memos to the banks, and I’m trying to get my hands on a copy of one, or the actual verbiage.  It seems they are expecting some live rates before Christmas, or at least that’s what I’m being told.  We are just sharing the information – you decide.
Some people are saying the rates are being reset so they cannot see them, and others are seeing the rates and say they are still what we’ve been hearing.  There has also been debate on whether these are placeholder rates or true rates.  The rates are what some banking people are seeing because they have communicated that to me. 
The banks have been told to expect a rush of customers this week. What would be a reason for people to rush to the bank before Christmas, when most people are broke? Hmm.  When you get there, be ready to negotiate everything.  Don’t assume anything.  We are receiving information hat some people are getting bank perks even before exchanging, so dn’t be surprised if you can wheel and deal before your transactions.  Take no prisoners – go in and ask for what you want, with a steady purpose.  Say what you are expecting, with professional dress, manners and expectations.  You go in to handle your business and let them know what you want.  “Ask not, receive not”;  the banks won’t hand it to you, but the bank wants to make things profitable, and if you don’t ask, you won’t get it.
I went Christmas shopping this weekend, and I just bought one item because we are on a budget.  The salesperson gave me a price, and I said “That is out of my budget;  I need a better price”, and she went to her cash register and somehow she got me a discount.  She didn’t volunteer that discount, but when I asked for a lower price, she was able to do that.  In your banking transactions, don’t take anything for granted – negotiate.
As for Iraq, we are just getting ‘we’re done’. They are waiting to get the lower denoms, which are being distributed through some areas, and the citizens are still seeing them as worthless.  The banking guys are looking for this to unfold. I can’t wait to see the memos.  Progress is coming, and right now the banks are still looking for this to happen before Christmas.  We still have a few days yet to go, and we’ll see what happens.  We will take it hour by hour, day by day. 
I have two other good sources who haven’t reported yet, and I’ll hear from them after today’s call.  If they have important intel, I will tweet it out.  Otherwise, I will hold it until the next call on Wednesday – if we have a call on Wednesday.  Focus on being ready.  There is not a lot we can do about when this is publicly released to all of us.  A few people might exchange before then, and we can feel good for them, but there is nothing we can do about the general release.  We CAN be prepared for ourselves.  There is still an expectation of 800 numbers and I haven’t heard anything contrary, so I expect that as well.  Do you know what to do if there are no 800 numbers?  Hopefully you already know which banks in your area exchange foreign currencies, and which can verify it on the spot.  Make sure you have your checklist out, and have your house in order.
Let’s take a few questions:
717 caller:  [Appreciation]  Merry Christmas to all!  I miss Tony, Pam and DC… Just one question:  a month or so ago, someone said we all had to sign the NDA, regardless of whether we take the contract rates.  Is that still the case?
Ray:  No, the NDA only applies to the contract rates, so far as I know.
Caller:  So if you were me, not having to rush in to get the contract rates, would you wait until January to have the extra time to work things out?
RayRen:  Yes, unless the rates are time-sensitive.  We are waiting for dinar to move, so I might go to the bank if it is released this week.  The other currencies may or may not change before January.  Also, there is a matter of leverage:  if I turn over all the currencies now in order to get a better rate, then I might make another 5-6 million.
Caller;  We’ll stick with our plan then, with everyone trying to get in right away.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Raleigh!
313 caller:  How are you?  I’m super-fantastic!
RayRen: I am superfantabulous to the Nth degree!
Caller:  Merry Christmas!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
312 caller:  It would be so good to get this before Christmas – my family would be so surprised!  I’ve heard you talk about place-holders several time;  when the rate becomes live, will they be higher or lower?
RayRen:  We are hearing extremely high rates – are they justified or not?  Our dollar is not down, but we are seeing some very high rates.  I don’t know;  time will tell.
Caller:  Have you actually talked to any bankers about the place-holder rates?
RayRen:  They don’t know until this goes fully live – some bankers say they are place-holder rates, and other say they are not.  When you are sitting across from the banker, and s/he says “this is the rate on the screen”, that’s when you’ll know.
Caller: What about the private exchanges?
RayRen: You have heard early exchangers, and they have said lower rates than we are hearing, but most were a month or two ago, and things can change in that time.  A few Canadian folks shared what they were receiving for dong and zim.  Most of us, if we just plan on the minimal rates and build your projections from that level, anything more will be icing on the cake – you are building up.
Caller:  How is Already Blessed today?  
RayRen:  Already Blessed was sounding good earlier today… I know she is healthy.  I just took it for granted she would be here.  She knows I am mostly a one-man band, and she is trying to fit into my way of doing things after doing it differently with Tony.  What used to take two or three of us to do, I am now kicking it in by myself.  I’m getting it done!  I told her to come hang out if she wants to, but she needs a break…
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
512 caller:  have the currency auctions stopped in Iraq?
RayRen:  I heard those would stop on the 22nd, tomorrow, but haven’t checked.
Caller:  Will that determine if the RV has gone off or not?
RayRen:  I don’t’ have definitive information on that, but I don’t think so.
Caller:  Merry Christmas from Georgetown, and I hope to see you in the bank on Wednesday, Tuesday or today!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
954 caller:  It is nice and warm here.  Any changes on caps or taxes?
RayRen:  I’ve heard nothing on caps, so it’s status quo as far as I’m concerned. I’ve heard nothing official on taxes, so on TNT we say to set aside 50% and see what happens.
281 caller:  Are we going to have a jolly, jolly Christmas or are we still up in the air?
RayRen:  I don’t really know, but the bank folks are looking for you to have a jolly Xmas, and I’m going along with them.
Caller:  I did hear some info, and I met a big attorney who works in Iraq, who stays in the Abadi compound.  He knows about the dinar, and they have told him that it is revaluing. He works with the international banks, but he wouldn’t tell me a lot. However, he was very aware of it, and I hope that is encouraging to everyone.  Merry Christmas to everyone, blessings and a Happy New Year!
404 caller:  I like all your Iraqi sources saying “we’re done”, and PM Abadi certainly seems to have been busy over the last week.  Do your sources say anything about what the PM and the Secretary of Defense talked about?  [RayRen:  No.]  If they want this to be ‘done by Christmas’, how many people do they expect to exchange by then?
RayRen:  The banks are telling their people to expect a rush in the next few days, but not an expectation of it being ‘done’ or finished by Christmas.  We did hear that earlier, but it’s doubtful that they could get it all finished by Christmas Eve.
Caller:  Will bank employees be working until midnight on Christmas Eve?
RayRen: They have already been notified there will be no holidays until 1. January apart from Christmas itself. Why would they do that if not in anticipation of these exchanges?
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
707 caller:  Do you know the location of the exchanges?  My bank in northern California buy and sell foreign currency, but don’t give out any information about exchanging.  Tony said that  WF in San Francisco would be one of the centers, and he mentioned Reno, too.  It’s kind of frustrating knowing who to establish a relationship.
RayRen:  What about the ones who are buying and selling now?  Forget the managers who say “this isn’t going to happen”;  they are not the decision-makers.  Just find out what you need to know:  you don’t care what the manager thinks, but whether this is a facility that deals with foreign currency.  We have already had several members whose managers have told them ‘it ain’t gonna happen’ and now they are calling our people in to talk, telling them what they can do for them ‘at the right time’.  When the time comes, that manager will either turn around, or tell you where they can handle it.
Caller: It just seems crazy that a bank would tell you that when you want to open an account to exchange there. 
RayRen:  If the local people are being told that they won’t handle dinar, they are not going to lose their jobs for you!  The higher folks will change their minds, and then the bank will welcome you.  Will you not exchange because they changed their minds?
One person I know went to ABC bank in a town, and they said No.  He went to another branch ten miles away, and they said Yes.  Call around – you might be surprised.  Give it a try and let me know what happens.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
646 caller:  Personally, I doubt this will be done before Christmas.  How is Tony doing?
RayRen:  Tony is doing great – I talked to him this morning.  I assume DC is working.  Already Blessed was doing great this morning;  we didn’t really discuss being on the call at this time, because we already discussed her taking the time off she needs.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
772 caller:  I like the intel you brought in this morning – intel is more flowing, sounds better.
RayRen:  Nothing has really changed apart from the spokesperson.  We get the same information as before, although sometimes the timing is off… some comes after the call.
Caller:  When you first came on today, you expressed the possibility that negotiation may be a large part of what goes on in the appointment… that the banks may be offering less than the UST is offering, and it’s up to us to prod them along – yes?
RayRen:  Go to the bank in a business-like way, ask what they are offering, and say “No, I want this.”  Don’t go in wrong, go in strong.
Caller:  There are realistic figures and some that are out of the ballpark, and you have to decide where you want to be, in percentages.  Is this a change of attitude or process?
RayRen:  Slightly, yes.  A year ago, we had no idea of the negotiating we could do;  we thought we’d have to go in, take the rate and exchange.  Now we are finding that if you have enough bucks, you will receive an additional level of respect, based on how you handle yourself, what you are asking for, and what you bring to the table. The person with one million will have a different negotiation than someone with ten million.  You are demanding some things, and what are you offering in return?  That’s how we start negotiating:  the bank will say “if you will leave X amount here, then we can look at a higher rate”, for example.  We have to be prepared to leave some there, and then see what they are offering.
Caller:  I’m happy to see this out of the box.  It’s additional intel from the beginning.  I want you out of the box where I can see you!  Is there any other information that some of us may not have asked the question about, that we need to know about this process.
RayRen:  I don’t know anything about the process itself that we haven’t already covered.  It’s more like recollecting what you’ve heard on the calls.  There are new products that the bank is creating, and just because they are offering X percent, that doesn’t mean you cannot ask for more.  Check the perks list and see what you can negotiate those perks – for example, which perks are taxable, especially if you don’t need those perks anyway.  If they offer tickets to the baseball game, and I don’t care for baseball, so I want to give them away, but then I’m taxed on those tickets as income… check every line item and compare.  That’s what I will do.
Caller:  The number 72 …
RayRen: The Rule of 72 refers how long it takes your money to double depending on your rate of interest – 2% vs. 5% vs. 9%.  If I know I want ten million in my account after so many years, and I am starting with one million, the rule of 72% will help me figure that out.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Or Raleigh!  Or both!
806 caller:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Appreciate all that you do, and like everyone else I wish it were here today!  I want to bring up a few things for the newbies. “We are the people”… does anyone monitor that?  Don’t believe anything you see on that site or social media sites.  They switch out everything with your names, and making it look real, and that hurts my heart.  They are liars and scammers, and they make it look like it is coming from you, Tony or Pam.  Any news on Sterling, that we need to know?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything on Sterling for quite some time.  I’ll look into that.
Caller:  If you want to talk further, you have my number.  Hopefully this is over with today, or before Christmas.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
RayRen:  It’s the top of the hour.  We are still on ‘any minute, any hour, any day’.  The banks seem to be looking for this to still pop out this week, before Christmas.  The banks say everything has been done;  it’s now a timing thing.  If you know someone who can put their finger on it, have them call and let me know!  While we wait, make sure you are ready when the time comes.  Check and double-check.  Many say “I’m ready”, but we had a currency fluctuation where they could pick up a few thousand, and some members were flying around in a panic.  Assess the changes in your lifestyle and have a plan (or a set of plans) for each situation that came up in your assessments, then you are ready for this.  The rest of us need to do more planning, so that when this happens, you will not have to be one of those flapping around asking everyone else what to do.  Plan your work and then work your plan. If there is a need for us to reconvene, I’m ready to drop everything to do that.  Any other information, I will tweet to you, and I hope the next call is IT.  Sure would be nice to knock this out before Christmas arrives so that we can sit back and enjoy Xmas day.  Before the 31st or after, it’s your choice.  Have a good day!
Here’s the link to I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


To / all licensed banks and financial companies approved the conversion of all financial and investment companies and broker the buying and selling of foreign currencies approved all companies (foreign exchange rate)

Another piece of good or should i say great news from the CBi from Friday the 18th of Dec. regarding the Exchange Rate!!!
Board Resolution No. (329) for the year 2015 (the exchange rate)

Walkingstick:  CBI News & Announcements
The Ministry of Finance approved on 2015/12/16 conduct a public auction auction (Y16) for the sale of the treasury for their remittances (364) on
To / all licensed banks and licensed money transfer all companies and financial investment companies and broker the buying and selling of foreign currencies approved all companies (foreign exchange rate)
Board Resolution No. (329) for the year 2015 (the exchange rate)
Walkingstick:  Central bank of Iraq devalues dinar by 1.37 percent versus dollar
Posted on December 21, 2015 by Editorial Staff in Economy
BAGHDAD,— Iraq’s central bank has increased the sale price of U.S. dollars to banks and currency exchange companies by 16 dinars, or 1.37 percent, as the government seeks to compensate a decline in oil revenue, a government official and the central bank said.
The sale price of the dollar “has been adjusted to 1,182 dinars,” the central bank said in a statement on Monday.
The previous price was 1,166 dinars for a dollar, Mudher Saleh, a top economic adviser to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and former deputy central bank governor, told Reuters.
“This is a small adjustment, it’s not a devaluation. It will increase government revenue to meet local needs,” said Saleh.
A global oversupply of crude oil has pushed prices to below $40 a barrel from more than $100 a barrel in June 2014. The government depends on oil sales for 95 percent of its revenue.
Walkingstick:   Iraq Seeks China Oil Tie-Up Ahead of Iran Flood
Iraq is in talks to form an oil-marketing joint venture with Sinopec, people say
Dec. 21, 2015 7:52 a.m. ET
Iraq is in talks to form an oil-marketing joint venture with China’s largest refiner, Sinopec, according to people familiar with the matter, as the Middle East producer prepares for rising Iranian rivalry amid an oil-price slump.
The move comes as sanctions on Tehran may be lifted as early as next month, unleashing half a million barrels a day of additional Iranian oil. Oversupply has already led to a free fall in global oil prices, which ​dropped ​to their lowest level since 2004 on Monday.
Anticipating the return of Iranian oil, the people said Iraq’s State Organization for Marketing of Oil—the government organization tasked with selling Baghdad’s oil—is in advanced discussions to set up a joint venture with Unipec, the trading branch of Chinese state refiner China Petroleum & Chemical Corp., or​ Sinopec.
The partnership, which would be equally split between each company and would ​be based in Singapore, would focus on marketing Iraqi crude in China, the​ people said. They said Iraq would supply tankers from its fleet to the partnership while Unipec would provide the financing, a relief to Baghdad’s cash-strapped budget. The relationship wouldn’t be exclusive and both sides could set up competing arrangements, the people added.
Asked by The Wall Street Journal about the talks, Iraq’s oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, said Sunday that ​he was traveling to China on Monday but declined to comment further. Spokesmen for Somo and Unipec’s parent, Sinopec, didn’t respond to requests for comment.
With its production fast ramping up, Iraq is increasingly focused on China. The country was Iraq’s largest market​ last year, buying 22% of its exports, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
But Baghdad is facing heightened competition from its neighbor Iran​, on​ which oil-export restrictions could end as early as next month. Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin, the top Democrat ​on the Senate​ Foreign Relations Committee, said at a hearing on Thursday that sanctions relief on Tehran could start as early as January.


Elmerf12346:  US dollar IS losing ground against the CNY, INR, IDR, PHP, KRW, TWD, SGD, HKD and NZD. Of course the Asian markets will rally with a WEAKER dollar!!! this whole game is called a GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET. It’s ALL about the currencies, the stock markets can ONLY react!
Elmerf12346:   Let’s just say that the world is lookin in at the US and the pressure is being applied and globally all things will change without any exemptions including our little corner of the world. Reactions are everywhere.
Isabelle:  For those that want to know facts about the world banking system(s), there is plenty of education at http://www.themoneymasters.com/
It even includes a recommended list of books which includes “Jekyl Isand” as mentioned by Tony. Warning: Lots of reading – go for it!
BrocollySaurus:  France market to close in 3 min the rest of Europe is in red.http://money.cnn.com/data/world_markets/asia/
[sunny] Dec 21 7:12 AM ON Open Mic this morning. Iraq article about paying Sept. salaries. There is a damn about to break and other countries coming in to help them repair the dam as it threatens highly populated area. Water from the lake is too acid and does not supply the needs of the people, animals or agriculture. Iraq in 3rd place for oil reserves and 4th in exporting oil.
[sunny] OM: Articles out that Mafia minuplators are messing with the auctions. So want to eliminate the mafia from the banks and why they were exploring stopping the auctions.
[sunny] OM: Release of loan 1.2 billion expected by end of year. (IMF or World bank loan, I expect)
[sunny] OM: laws being put into effect to protect independent investors and other countries investing in Iraq. People coming from other countries for a reconciliation conference and security is an issue. So conference location may be moved.
[sunny] OM: European banking laws recommendation to be changed to protect investors, and back their businesses to be sure money is at the bank level.
[sunny] OM: Japan is going to buy 2.5 billion of something that does not exist. “strange story.”
[sunny] OM: Germans cheering Janet Yellen for the FR raise of rates. It allows Germany to raise their rates.
[sunny] OM: Negotiations with Arab petroleum nations regarding the $20 brl. US passed law last week to allow US to export oil. Big glut of oil in the world, so how is OPEC going to raise the prices.
[sunny] OM: Dollar gained against the JYN.
[sunny] OM: Juan advancing and strengthening.
[sunny] OM: China is speculating this is one way to reduce their debt by strengthening of their currency.
[sunny] OM: Art cashin says from floor of stock exchange says don”t look for a Christmas Rally, but the market can turn on a dime.
[sunny] OM: Plan to unify the Iran Rial with the USD. Iran has a stable currency market and are calling for a unified exchange rate and it can only happen once the nuclear deal is finalized. Sanctions expected to be lifted in 1st quarter of 2016 and Iran connect to Swiff banking system. (side note – articles were out back in July that Iran connected to the Swiff system – so when it comes out of the middle east hard to believe what’s what)
[sunny] Om: cbi update 1182.
[sunny] OM:All the sources, even the goat, are all on the same page. Official Gazette publishes new salary scale as issued bythe gov and effective retroactively into Nov. That means it’s law. Value of dinar lowered by 1.37%. USD selling to banks/exchange companies rate that equals 1182. Exchange rate still understudy but it has changed the base rate of the dinar to the USD.
[sunny] OM: CBI on Nov. 20th listed reserves of 60 billion
[sunny] OM: Corruption in Dash and two of their leaders were executed.
[sunny] OM: Beauty queen crowned in Iraq. 1st one in 40 years. Isis invited her to join them.
[sunny] OM: It wasn’t nice they way they worded the invitation
[sunny] OM: pre- market pointing to higher open. West TX. crude is $34-34/barrel. Gold 1074 (gold is higher than last week at this time)
[sunny] OM: many currencies of other countries used in Iran. HUGE what is going on with Iran. Top oil producer. Flood the market when they come back into Int’l fold. Looks like sanctions lifted by the end of the year or in the 1st quarter.
[sunny] OM: Everything we are hearing is so very positive. HEard US banks doing private exchanges over the weekend. Multiple banks and multiple people in our groups that work for banks reportin gthe same thing.
[sunny] OM We pray this happens before Christmas. It would be a blessing.




It is show time… Make the most of the days ahead and prep for the big tent to open with the full out show. The rules and the regs are being taken down and the means for assuring that people get what they are to get and will keep it are being handled and are in expert hands. 
The name of the game is to receive and then Retain. If retention isn’t handled now then you won’t know what hit you later. It is vital and plain common sense to pay attention to every snippet of support that has come your way.

 Make a game out of asking all the right questions; make it smart and plan to keep 90% of what you receive You have to get ready to wear the cloak of upstanding responsibility. That will become quite important in the not too distant future. That’s all. Let ‘er rip…P…


Iko Ward wrote 
25m ago
The Nikkei wasn't happy tonight, but China seems to be. So far so good. If we believe all the intel it's a moot point. Next big indicator will be the European Markets. Happy markets could mean happening RV.

Iko Ward wrote 
17m ago
Dear Santa, Zim at .57, Dong at 4.62, Dinar at 7.36, Fiat exchange, 180 days to set up Tax Shelter, no taxes, Tony in Vegas. Rate upticks until April 30th, No Caps. Thank you, your friend, Iko.