Wednesday, December 16, 2015


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RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT family!  Today is Wednesday, December 16, 2015.  We are ready for this call as well as for the RV.  Let me turn on the recorder.
Good afternoon, super-fantastic family!  It’s When Will It Happen Wednesday!  It’s been a quiet morning.  Several of the good sources are still getting information from across the pond but we will give you what we have.  If something else comes in that you need to hear, I will send it out as an update.
The intel as we know it to be this morning:  the Iraqi Budget has been passed.  Everything is supposed to be encompassed within that Budget, political and financial concerns, and also the tariff situation.  We are still waiting for confirmation on the tariffs being implemented and the impact that will have.  But the Budget has been passed and we’ll see what comes from that as the day unfolds.
Some time back we shared that they started to distribute the lower denominations and they should be fully distributed by the end of the year.  Our intel sources and regular people in Iraq are out, they can see them, but they are relatively worthless.  They have no significant value yet.  If I were to pull a switch so that the lower denoms have value, then it is beneficial to have them in your hands first.  Then when they make the announcement, they would already be there for you.  “Here they are;  don’t discard them because they are your future.”  That parts make sense to me, so that the people don’t have to scramble when the value changes.
People in the US were really expecting to see the full RV here, and we are still in the ‘any day, any hour’ mode.  I see this as a progression, and to hear ordinary citizens talking about the lower denoms (not just our specialists) tells us that progress is being made.
Over here in the US, we have banking activity at the highest level, including appointments. Some were scheduled for today and I can’t wait to hear from them.  It probably won’t be the full exchange, but a lot of our questions will be answered.  Banking people sharing with us are acknowledging that what we hear is true and our information is on target. That’s exciting! Some have been told not to plan on any time off until the end of the year;  why would they do that if they weren’t expecting something to happen that makes they need their whole workforce?
Today is fine, this week is fine, any time is fine.  Are you ready?  We cannot tell when this will unfold but we know that this is going to happen.  BE ready rather than getting ready.
That’s the intel this morning – not a great deal, but a great impact if you received it correct the right way.  We hope we may have even more information that justifies sending out an update.  I’ve heard a tremendous amount of information but cannot put it out unless and until we confirm it, so that it’s okay for you to receive it without false expectations.
As another part of making sure we are ready, here is another topic, something of substance that you can hold onto and put into your bag of tricks.  First, we have some members celebrating their birthdays: FloridaKay, Toad05, youngest grandchild of member Dreamstoo… you can check birthdays on the forum. We hope that by the end of the day they may have another reason to celebrate!
For two years, we’ve been talking about the first mouse, second mouse and third mouse.  I want to talk about leveraging your way into wealth, using what you have and turning it into a wealth-building tool.  Not everyone will be a multi-millionaire after the RV – some have a few thousand or a few hundred thousand. Most will not go out and buy the world, but we can all learn how to use what we have and leverage it to where we want to be down the road.  What are the rates, what are we holding, and what strategic choices can we make?
Those with only one currency have to have more patience and perseverance than those with multiple currencies.  “If the shoe fits…”;  it’s not for everyone, so take advantage of this information if it fits you.
There are going to be rates as we revalue.  Some will have a rate and then will climb – we are looking for the dinar to do that.  Iraq has said their currency can support $16.  We are looking for expansion there, and leveraging ourselves into a larger financial position.  Some may decide to take this particular currency and use those funds to buy more and other currencies so that we can exchange again.  We can go out shopping after we have put our plans into motion.  I’d rather shop with the interest rather than capital.  That’s a better way to shop because it replaces the money I would spend, and my funds are growing rather than diminishing.
Let’s say I have a currency called BUTTER, and when it revalues, that’s it.  I also have a currency called APPLES, and their rate will grow over time.  I might take butter, exchange it into butter and then acquire more apples.  That’s what I mean by turning over your currency.  You get the picture.
Also, let’s look at tax maneuvers.  Someone knows; they are just not telling us yet.  We do expect some kind of taxable event, so how do we deal with that. Let’s say the RV happens this week and you are holding multiple currencies.  You are going to be ‘filthy stinking rich’, which means you have so much you smell like money!  We have been waiting for a month, six months, six years, or eleven years for this day.  That day shows up one day this week, and you’re going to have several million dollars.  Let’s say you get 500,000.  How much can you spend before the first day of the new year?  If it’s taxable, and we exchange it, tax will be due on 15. April, 2016.  May some will hold onto certain portions of the currency and exchange in 2016;  then the tax won’t be due until April 2016. That gives us time to position and expand on the possibilities, and time to hook up with professionals who know what needs to be done. That’s another aspect of leveraging into wealth.
You need to know when it’s exchange time, investment time or any time, be in the mind-set of negotiation.  Ask the prevailing rate, and also ask if it’s possible to get what you want. Let’s say butter is 50 cents, and you want 85 cents;  if you negotiate, you might get 73 cents.  NEGOTIATE!  What’s the worst that can happen?  They might say No, but it’s still your money.  Let’s say they offer an investment program at 4% and you want 12%;  you might walk out with 6%, but if you don’t ask, you won’t receive.  There is nothing to lose in this process, and everything to gain by at least attempting to negotiate. That doesn’t mean playing hardball or getting into an argument, it’s just negotiation.  Ask or ask not;  the choice is yours.
That’s it for the training section for today.  So while we are waiting, think about your plans and what you want to gain, and how to leverage it.  Let’s take some calls:
410 caller:  Several months ago I created a spreadsheet to judge the rates, if I have to pay taxes and all the other factors such as long-term and short-term.  I looked at that spreadsheet today, and because we have waited so long, I am able to move three purchases from short-term to long-term.  Some of us may be signing NDAs, and I was wondered about adding “all rights reserved, without prejudice.”  Is that appropriate for the NDA, or other contracts as well?  [dog barking]
RayRen:  First, DON’T do something like that unless you know exactly what it means, what you are doing and what you’re saying. Based on what I believe it to represent, I think if you do that signing the NDA you will walk out without a contract rate on your exchange. To me what it represents a powerful position of invalidating something.  If you have the power to invalidate something we are doing together, I’m not going to do it with you.
Caller:  Okay, that makes it much more clear.  All your intel sounds powerful and we should all be glad and grateful to receive it.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
202 caller:  [garbled]  Where can we download the calls afterwards?  Many are at work and cannot listen.  The last two calls we have not been able to do that.  Is there a reason we cannot download them?  Is there any callback number we can use?
RayRen:  I don’t know of any reason;  I will look into that for you.  I thought all the calls were archived so you can listen to them on the phone.  Give me a minute, or go to the website and check that information.  The playback number is 605-562-3179, 409029#.  You can play that back 24/7… that’s the most recent call.  I will look for the archive.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
623 caller:  How can I be on the list to receive a text when this goes?
RayRen:  The text messages go out through our twitter account.  Send a text message to 40404, saying ‘Follow @THE_TNT_TEAM”.  You should get an acknowledgement within two minutes.
Caller:  I’m excited!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
770 caller:  This is 404.  Any updates on the status of the contract rates on the dinar and the dong.
RayRen:  Nothing has changed from what we have already heard.  I don’t know how many currencies have a contract rate;  we won’t know until we are in the moment and see what’s available.  Nothing has changed so far as I’ve heard.  People are looking at rates and quoting different rates;  we are stabbing in the dark here, but there must be some reason for different rates, and that might be contract rates.  Time will tell.
Caller:  We hear the 2016 Iraqi Budget has passed but it has not been published in the Gazette, yet, so is it truly official?
RayRen:  We heard this morning the Budget was approved, but how is it implemented?  Is there anything retrospective?  We are waiting for our sources to confirm those points.  I’m not sure when the Gazette is published next, but hopefully someone will let me know.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
415 caller:  I’m in San Rafael, CA.  I don’t have a cell phone, so you will tweet anything in the forum or in the public section?  Last Monday, I didn’t get a tweet and it wasn’t in the forum, so had to figure it out myself from information elsewhere.  It’s really helpful if the tweets also go to the place where non-members can read them.
RayRen:  When I send out a tweet, most receive it as a text message.  We will send it out on Twitter, on the forum, the other sites, any way we can get it out apart from snail mail.  Once we know and can confirm, we will send out the message.  This switchover happened so abruptly with certain things going on with the internal mechanisms of TNT, that I didn’t know who was in charge of doing what.
Caller:  Are the banks ready, then?
RayRen:  They are ready like Freddy – folks are coming to work early, no time off for the rest of this year, this is what people are telling us, people who work at the banks.  They are READY.
Caller:  A lot of people are having health problems and I want to put a lot of money into functional medicine.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
646 caller:  I’m hanging on and waiting for the good news to happen. Do you think it will be before the end of the year?
RayRen:  It’s looking that way – there is a lot of anticipation.  I am going down that road.
Caller:  I’ve been in this about two years.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
210 caller:  Where do you think we’re going to be at?
RayRen: Where do you think we’re at?  I started this call with ‘any hour, any day’;  I’m just waiting and I’m at peace.
Caller:  What question would you ask Tony?
RayRen:  Tony, how do you think I’m doing, running this show?
Caller:  He would say you were doing great!
RayRen:  The last time I asked him that, he said that I’m not him, I’m me, and that’s right.  This is still his baby and I’m taking care of it.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
816 caller:  I’m just waiting, but getting impatient. My Christmas tree is up but there are no presents under it yet.  Do you really think we will get this before Christmastime?
RayRen:  I feel like it will happen. That’s a level of anticipation and expectation.  Maybe we should change our focus so that we are not disappointed.
Caller:  Our financial picture is so hard right now, paying rent first.  I have a god-daughter who just got currency on Monday.  I’ve had her read some of the articles on the TNT site. What would you do if you were brand news and don’t have all this information?  Would I be able to go to the exchange with them?
RayRen:  I don’t see why not.  The banks don’t want a crowd, but if she is young, you could probably get by with no problem.  Do you have a bank in mind? Wells?  Have you already spoken to someone there?
Caller:  They said they prefer you to have an account, but I thought I’d do that at the time of exchange.
RayRen:  Call them back and ask if you can accompany one or two people to exchange.
Caller:  I just don’t want them to mess up, being so new to all this.  I did tell them not to broadcast this or tell anyone.  Let’s hope that this goes through this week.  I would prefer happy grand-children.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
703  caller: I’m so glad I got in!  I listened to the intel earlier;  can you help me understand something? There’s a lot of talk about the lower denoms, which I assume they are distrib-uting them prior to the RV.  If I’m a citizen with $5 or $10 or $20, and the lower denoms are available, why would I go in and exchange them for valueless lower denoms.
RayRen:  They are not exchanging, this is more of their currency they are sending out.  If you take a $100 to the bank and you want smaller notes, and the teller gives you ones, fives and rolls of pennies.  You might not want the pennies because they don’t have much value.  However, when the value changes, the pennies will be worth carrying around. They are giving out the pennies now because they anticipate changing the value, and then the pennies will represent something different, just like the fives and tens will go up in value.  When we were kids, we picked up every penny we saw;  then as adults we might let it lie.  Now, in our financial circumstances, we might pick up every penny again.
Caller:  That clears it up, thank you.  Hopefully TODAY is our day!  Thanks for the teaching at the beginning.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  We’re at the top of the hour and it’s time to wrap this up.  I’ll close with a small message and there will be an audio accompanying it so don’t hang up.  Those who have given us financial gifts to keep this program running – thank you for your continued support.  The bills have to get paid, and we appreciate any amount, even fifty cents or a dollar.  I thank you all, even those who want to support us and just don’t have it.
I want to speak on THEM for a second. There are some people who don’t want you to succeed.  I’m not one of them.  There are some who don’t want you have wealth or to be be free. I’m not one of them.  There are some people who don’t care if you give up, or if you are bewildered or confused.  I’m not one of them.   I do care, and that’s why I’m here and why  I believe you are here.
Thank you all; if we have updated information I will get it out to you this afternoon and hopefully it will all be over.  If there is a need to come back on Friday and do this again, we will be here because I’m not one of them.


Hello Everyone.
Today I need to give you yet more pieces to the puzzle to currency reform and so read this section very carefully. It can get confusing real fast if you don’t read it carefully and clearly.
In the section I review the currency reform exchange process with you but in relation to what is happening in Iraqi banks, the CBI and the citizens and not your exchange. This is important to know as it is how it relates to the overall planning for the ultimate revaluation of the IQD down the road. If you want to know what is taking so long to RV…..well here it is.
Today’s News
Today is Wednesday December 16th and yes we are fully now in the third week of December already and still no RV.
Many events seem to converge on the month of December and recently we heard news of also January being pivotal. How do these events relate to our inevitable RV?
Let’s pay close attention to what is happening these next couple months in this regards. I believe in retrospect we will say this was a very significant time in this ongoing saga.
In my news letter I also told you that it has been suggested to me by my CBI contact to refocus my attention (thus you should also) to mainly the currency reform efforts by the CBI and what is now happening there. So I have been doing this now for the last couple weeks. It is a very good approach and I am glad I did.
Update: Currency Reform
I want to keep all of us focused on currency reform. Right now this is exactly what we should be watching in expectation of the launching of the lower denominations. Many sources have told me the plan of the CBI is to launch the lower denominations soon. Will it occur?
We can only wait and watch. We can all get hyped up and excited about this every day / any minute RV stuff being put out there by these so called intel “gurus”. It is all just foolishness.  I have to tell you once again you will see no RV window up until the time period of mid January / early February 2016. I have positive proof this is the new target date for the CBI.
So now many keep asking me – What is the hold up? Is it really a hold up or just a delay from 2012 effort to RV? All I can say is go back and re-read (or read for the first time) my last 50+ news letters (LINK to Mnt Goat category or posts) and you will see the hold up (if you want to call it that). Also read today’s news letter for it will give you an insight as to why it is not that easy to just “pull the trigger”. Yes – there is a plan and they are moving forward with it very methodically and carefully. The timing and targets may have changed and YES they could change again. I mention these dates not to hype you up for this every day / any day crap but to inform you since this the information given to us directly from the CBI.
So let’s look at where Iraq is now and this new RV target date given to us.
Can I scream it any louder,  again and again watch for ….CURRENCY REFORM…..CURRENCY REFORM !
Pay attention – CURRENCY REFORM !
In my last news letters dated 12/7 (LINK), 12/9 (LINK) and 12/14 (LINK) I  presented to you articles about corruption and issues with the CBI and in particular about the conduct of the MONEY AUCTIONS. These issues were raised by a member of the Finance Committee in Parliament, Majida al-Tamimi. Why am I dwelling so much on the money auctions?
These money auctions now are at the heart of the stress on the Iraqi dinar that is keeping the rate artificially low. Many ask why they don’t just “pull the trigger” on the RV since so much seems to ride on it. To those that make this statement I can see you are very ignorant of the currency reform process and refuse to educate yourself to learn more. I have tried to teach you but yet you resist to learning. If this “pulling the trigger” was so easy don’t you think they would have done it by now?
So we have see in my last three news letters, and now in today’s news, one of the reasons why it is not so easy just to “pull the trigger”. Oh boy – am I tired of hearing this stupid term – “pull the trigger” !
I am presenting the article below so you can see the lost in money each and every day from the CBI reserves. How are they losing this money?
The are losing this money from the high demand for the US dollar vs low demand for the Iraqi dinar.  If you read my last couple news letters you would know this.
Oh – so you think maybe these auctions are worth  studying to see why they are losing all this money?
What could you do with 80 million? Almost every week a new article comes out from the CBI telling us they are in good shape and have 6 months of reserves at hand. Really? Of course they keep adding to the reserves from oil revenues but it will never increase due to two reasons: 1) this constant subtraction of loss of revenue due to these currency auctions 2) low oil prices at $35 a barrel. So Iraq at this rate will never realize their dream of a higher asset backed currency rate unless something serious is done to fix these auctions (stop them).
So let’s take a look at the auctions  as many of the financial experts and economists have done in Iraq. I presented their findings to you.
I quote from the article below – “Said al-Dulaimi told a news conference held by the House of Representatives attended / JD / that “the government should stop the currency auction, because of the large corruption in it,”
So what do you think they will do at the end of December? Will they stop the currency auctions, as they told us months ago or have they changed their minds again?
Article Begins
Committee the economy: central bank pulls the daily $ 80 million from the reserve
BAGHDAD / JD / .. announced member of the committee of economy and investment parliamentary deputy olive-Dulaimi, Sunday, on the sale of daily currency auction $ 200 million, while pointed out that the central bank pulls the daily $ 80 million from the reserve.
Said al-Dulaimi told a news conference held by the House of Representatives attended / JD / that “the government should stop the currency auction, because of the large corruption in it,” indicating that “Iraq’s imports of oil close to $ 120 million, and the auction currency daily selling $ 200 million and this is a disaster real “.
He pointed out that “there are $ 80 million is pulled from the central reserve”.   
Article Ends
Did you read the article above?
If not, go back are read (re-read) it because it is a lead into what I am about to talk about now.
The “program rate” of the dinar is a rate valued determined by sanctions and scarcity of the currency in Iraq.
Between October 15, 2003, and January 15, 2004, the Coalition Provisional Authority issued new Iraqi dinar coins and notes, with the notes printed by De La Rue using modern anti-forgery techniques to “create a single unified currency that is used throughout all of Iraq and will also make money more convenient to use in people’s everyday lives. Since Iraq has few exports other than oil, which is sold in dollars, there is little demand for dinars and they remain in “exotic” status.
However the new currency has sparked a multimillion-dollar industry in selling dinars to speculators. These so-called “money service” companies will sell dinar to speculators at an inflated price and push the idea that the dinar will “RV” or be revalued to greatly increase the exchange rate against the dollar. The dinar is currently pegged to the dollar at a rate of 1166/1164 (sell/buy) dinars per dollar as can be seen on the Central Bank Of Iraq’s home page. The exchange rate reportedly available on the streets of Iraq is around 1,200 dinars per U.S. dollar.
There is considerable confusion (perhaps intentional on the part of dinar sellers) around the role of the International Monetary Fund in Iraq. The IMF as part of the rebuilding of Iraq is monitoring their finances and for this purpose uses a single rate (not a sell/buy) of 1170 dinars per dollar. This “program rate” is used for calculations in the IMF monitoring program and is not a rate imposed on Iraq by the IMF.
So we see this rate fluctuate now to 1,200 but traded in to the CBI for less in exchange for US dollars. This takes place in the money auctions. Why is the dinar exchanged this way?
It gives the banks an incentive to bring in the 3 zero notes to the CBI in exchange for US dollars. Why is the demand for the US dollars so high?
There is now a higher demand for the US dollars but we must go back to the 2012-2013 timeframe to understand why. During this period the CBI , under the direction of the presiding governor Dr Shabibi had created a void in the currency in Iraq. Part of the plan from 2009 – 2013 was to collect nearly 75% of the 3 zero notes and get them out of circulation. The plan then was to fill this void by introducing the newer lower denominations with a value more than the US dollar, thus creating an incentive to hold dinar over US dollar.
Well we all know this plan did not get executed and there was no RV. So this messed up the process.
So the Iraq economy could not continue without a currency for long. They had to fill this currency gap but did not want to have to issue more 3 zero notes since they had collected them already and could not go back to this process. So what could they do?
The decision in 2013 was made to infuse US dollars to fill this gap. So this void is currency had been filled with US dollars not the lower dinars as was planned. Today this continues by these daily auctions where the banks (because of the demand for US dollars due to purchasing power being greater than the 3 zero notes) take in the 3 zero notes from the citizens and buys US dollars from the CBI. But remember there was only 25% of the 3 zero notes remaining in Iraq. So how much longer can they continue this process because soon there will be almost no remaining 3 zero notes to collect and use to buy the US dollars to meet this demand for them? How will they replenish the money supply?
Where does the CBI get all these dollars from? They get them from 1)the US in exchange for the 3 zero notes. The US is not about to just five the CBI FREE money. 2) They also get them from the CBI reserves from oil revenue. Remember oil is still sold from Iraq for US dollars. So this money makes it way to the CBI and form the CBI it is allocated to projects via the budget. So now the CBI is tapping into these reserves of US dollars just to keep currency on the streets, something they never intended to do. Can you see a problem here?
So in the article above the finance committee is telling us there is a dangerous cycle occurring since 2013 where nearly 80 million US dollars is leaving the CBI weekly due to these auctions. Every time the parliamentary finance committee make everyone aware of this, the CBI comes out with articles telling everyone it is okay since they have nearly 60 billion US dollars in the reserves and can last up to 6 months of paying Iraqi debts.
Really? Do you think this is dangerous even to think on running a country on these terms?
Remember there is not much oil revenues now replenishing these reserves since the price of oil keeps dropping. It is now $35 a barrel but takes almost $10 a barrel just to extract and process.  So can you see the  problem the CBI will soon be in (is in)?  How long can they continue the practice of these auctions? The US announced too is now reluctant to fund anymore US dollars to Iraq and so this exacerbates the situation even more since the flow of US dollars is not solely from the oil revenues. Can you see why they desperately need to get off the US dollar and it is killing their economy?
Remember also the CBI reasons that these auctions are beneficial and are taking yet more of the 3 zero notes off the streets, also part of the overall currency reform plan. Remember I said  the banks must buys US dollars from  the CBI using the 3 zero notes.
There is also another issue to consider. The CBI must now stockpile the new lower denominations in their bank vaults in preparation for the conversion someday to the newer lower denominations. There is  no FREE  money from the CBI. So how do the banks get this currency?
The banks must pay for these lower denoms and a new law went into effect in 2013 (remember?) that forces the banks to hold so much of the lower denoms. So how do they pay for them?
The banks pay for these new lower denoms from the CBI using US dollars.
But now most of the banks have their vaults already filled with these new lower denominations. So this process too is completed. Oh- but remember these lower denoms are worthless and the banks can’t do a damned thing with them until they have some real value. Can you see the dilemma ?
If you know anything about banking the banks want to make a profit and that is why they are in existence. So holding all this worthless currency and tying up so much of the US dollars is not very advantageous and caused a serious liquidity problem since they don’t have the US dollars to loan out and use for banking business.
Do you remember we kept hearing about this liquidity problem?  This the major reason why. Money has to circulate through an economy to make it robust. Remember too they are now running the economy mostly on US dollars but the banks just tied up much of their liquidity in these new lower denominations.
So another dilemma- the banks are forced to exchange the 3 zero notes to the CBI for yet more US dollars to fill this liquidity gap as I mentioned above. This is how the auctions are run. Thus the reason why it is so hard to get off the money auctions. They need the US dollars to keep the economy rolling. Businesses need capital, citizens want to buy homes, etc..They get this money from the banks. They need money to loan out.
It was told to me that some banks did begin loaning out some of the new lower denominations in the northern regions of Kurdistan but this was abruptly put to a halt by the CBI. This does not mean much other than to tell us the amount of pressure the banks are under pressure to realize some monetary gain (profit) out of this new money (the new lower denoms) they are holding in their vaults. I know there was wide rumors they are distributing the lower denoms. Really? So let’s put this rumor to rest. Can we? Seems just more rumors that are not verified and investigated buy some of these ignorant intel “gurus”.
So another dilemma – the banks are buying the US dollars at more than the IMF program rate since the demand for US dollars is do high they are willing to pay more for them. This inflates the value of the US dollars to the Iraq dinars. Can you see the problem?
So what do they do?
At some point they MUST STOP THE AUCTIONS since 1) there will not be enough of the 3 zero notes in circulation to pay for the US dollars, so how will they buy them? 2). At some point the cycle must end since the banks will not want to keep all this capital tied up in the lower denominations for forever.
So these problems are recognized and there is a plan.
The CBI has told us they will begin scaling down the amount of US dollars sold in the auctions and then eventually stop the auctions altogether. They told us this event is planned for by the end of December 2015.
If you have been watching the auctions you can see the amounts are have been much less as the scaling process had begun months ago.
How does the launching of the 50k notes in early November fit into all this?
Remember the 50k notes launched already did draw in some of the 3 zero notes and I believe this was intentionally done to quicken the pace of the elimination of the remaining 3 zero notes in anticipation for the December deadline. I believe the plan was to continue to push out the 50k notes but due to administrative and public opinion reasons they discontinued them for now. We have not been given any other reason. I do not know if this really effects their overall plan very much.
So the situation at the end of December will look like this –
-The CBI can not afford to sell off any more of its reserves consisting of US dollars, regardless with what the CBI is telling us.
-The local banks vaults are stuffed with the new lower denominations already.
-There is only a couple more steps to take in the process. One of which is they must launch the new lower denominations but first they must create a demand for them. How do they do this?
-They will create the demand for the new lower denominations by coming to par value 1:1 with the US dollar (actually probably just over 1+ dinar to 1 US dollar). Then the banks will begin taking is the US dollars as they are exchanged for the new lower denominations by the public.
-As the demand increases for the dinar over the US dollars the banks will take the US dollars and requisition yet more of the newer lower denominations from the CBI to meet the demand. Note-this is not to be confused with more money auctions. The auctions will end! Instead this process is to be much like the Federal Reserve and Central banks in USA, Europe and Canada where banks can order money and pay a slight interest on the money to the CBI in order to borrow it. Then they can loan it out at a higher interest rate (to be determined by the Central Bank). Iraq needs to get to this point in their banking system and can only do it by stopping these auctions. It will be modeled off the western banking system.
When this final process begins the demand for the dinar will increase quickly as they will begin to enforce the 2013 law to use dinar over the US dollar. As the rate increases they predict it will take between 7 days to a week to get to the point where the IMF will let them revalue this new currency to it asset backed value.
Note: I DID NOT SAY THEY HAD TO WAIT FOR THE RATE TO RISE TO THE $4.00+ RATE we expect on any kind of a float. Do not mix apples and oranges here. The currency at this point is NOT on the global exchanges. It is not yet in a currency regime such as any kind of an IMF sanctioned / defined float.
Then after it is determined that Iraq can hold the increase in value and have worked out the inflation issue then comes our RV, the currency is reintroduced to the global exchanges and will be placed on a float with a fixed cap. This is really what we have been waiting for so long.
Can you see how there is no Reinstatement?  Did I mention reinstatement? Please don’t put words into my mouth. If you are going to talk about this process I just described and can’t remember it then print this news letter out and read it. You can read? So please let us put this idea of a reinstatement vs revaluation to rest. It’s really a moot point. It is getting very boring arguing over this point.
Can you also see how we can be in the mid to late January for this process to unfold fully to the point of the RV?
I hope these details clarify this process yet more for everyone.  It is not my theory but a summation told to me by the CBI. They also told me they are guiding the citizens through the entire process and so we should be looking and watching for more news on this topic of CURRENCY REFORM. This is where our attention should be right now. Remember these articles out of Iraq are not written so much for us than for the Iraqi citizen. We are just indirect beneficiaries of this information. If you weren’t an investor you would not even care or be paying any attention to these articles.
Update: Needed Laws
So Monday 12/14 came and went and no budget being passed in parliament. Then later on Monday Iraq told us there were still some necessary changes and so they postponed it until Wednesday 12/16. Let’s watch and see if they actually do it this today.
Article Begins
Parliamentary Finance: We will put the finishing touches on the 2016 budget and approval next Wednesday
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed a member of the parliamentary finance committee pros Hamadoun that the Commission will end today the final touches on the budget in 2016, in preparation for approval in parliament.
She said Hamadoun in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News}, that “the Finance Committee held a meeting to put the finishing touches on the paragraphs of the federal budget for 2016”, likely approval in the House of Representatives session next Wednesday.
He said a member of the Finance Committee that the meeting will put legal materials and additional to the draft budget order to be approved, and voted on at a meeting Wednesday.
The Congress has revealed that the budget will be approved and passed by the end of this month, and stressed the seriousness of it back to the government, what would cause a delay longer, and thus a direct negative impact on the lives of people in the country.
Article Ends
Update: Fighting ISIS
Coalition forces are moving through regions of Ramadi and clearing them of ISIS. They predict this could be completed by the end of next week.
One more item today:
Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe their success is in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.
“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and Coalition Soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be Victorious against them! We ask that the Victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin! Amen!
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All.


12-16-2015   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   The BUDGET, and also HCL - there is reason to believe that we have some HUGE progress on this as of TODAY, but it's too early to give an official statement. It appears that the BUDGET was passed today in Parliament, but please everyone... give it a day to simmer and see if anything else comes out.  Don't take that as a negative! We have a good chance to see BOTH done before the end of 2015, which could be absolutely amazing!   If you've been involved with the dinar for long at all, you might remember that previous budgets weren't approved until well into the year they were actually focused on. To get a Budget done this fast is GREAT for us! I like it.

12-16-2015   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article: "the House of Representatives decided to postpone the vote on the ninth paragraph own balancing the province at the end of today's session."  I do not think the budget is done until they agree and vote on the Kurdistan share.   I don't see this as good news. There is little to no chance during 2016 this will come back into parliament to get resolved.And as we know the Kurds would not accept less than 17%. What this did was in essence give permission to the KRG to pump and sell their own oil since they know there is no chance of getting any funds from the central government. It will only alienate the relationship.

12-16-2015   Newshound Guru rcookie   Article:  "President of the Parliament congratulates Iraqis approve 2016 budget Wednesday 16 December 2015 16:42"   2016 budget approved by parliament majority.  2016 BUDGET COMPLETED IN RECORD TIME! 11TH HOUR ATTEMPTS TO PARE KURDS SHARE FAILED... Parliament voted to give Kurdistan 17% of the budget in 2016.

12-16-2015   Intel Guru Delta
    ...it is about time for Iraq to move forward...whatever the plan was before they do want to move this faster...in my heart I believe this is the month we should see things happen...this year is totally different...so many things are going on...what all started this was the contract that Iraq had to sign with the IMF...that was the trigger...there is no nation on earth that gets the support that Iraq gets from the IMF, the World Bank and others...why...they do not want them to fail...the authors of the plan do not want them to fail...   Abadi came out and said this is the time to activate the monetary reform.  IMO the rate has to change...if I’m the CBI...if I’m going to put those LD’s in the banks...I have to have a rate for the LD’s to be sold to the banks...they have to have a good value for later to make money...bottom line...the CBI has to offer a rate that is good for the CBI and the banks as well as the citizens and for us.  We are very close, expect the unexpected...on the verge of something big happening... IMO we will see the rate before the end of the year.

12-15-2015   Intel Guru Frank26   What they are doing right now with their banks, auctions, and LD’s is all that matters...they will stop the auctions on the 31st...the 31st is a Thursday...Friday off...Saturday off...the beginning of the year...this is not a coincidence...they will need to start selling their own currency through the auctions to make money...they do auctions because they are not international...so they sell USD to make money.  But now they will be international with an international currency and rate...out of Article 8 which will do something phenomenal with their reserves.  If these LD’s are purchased by the banks do we then have to have the rate...no...it means they are now in position to introduce the rate.

12-16-2015   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   The agenda of the meeting No. (45) Wednesday 16 December 2015:  "Second:  The vote on the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2016. (Finance Committee,Legal Committee,The economic and investment commission), (Article 38)."  Be interesting to see if they can pull this off or if they will have to wait to another day for lack of quorum.


I think that it is safe to conclude that withholding the 50k note distribution until the end of January or even in February is because if they did issue them now the locals would just squirrel the large bills away in their mattresses just as they are doing with the 25k notes.
Having said that, however, it is also my view that the CBI/IMF must have plans in place to get an FDIC type of law in place prior to the end of January.
Once that law is passed and in place then confidence in banking will return.  As the people bring their 25k notes out of the mattresses they can be either deposited or exchanged for 50k notes.
In either case, the 25k notes get released back to the CBI who can burn them, thereby reducing the total money supply and allowing for upward pressure on the value of the dinar.
I conclude, therefore, that we should begin to see a rise in the value of the dinar by early February, including, hopefully, a change in the exchange rate regime to a float.
Economist: 77% out of cash liquidity for the banking system due to lack of confidence   
2015/12/13  [Baghdad-where]  —  He called economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine to restructure the organization and development of the civil government banks and methods of work in accordance with modern foundations in line with the requirements of the market economy.
Said Antoine told all of Iraq [where], that “the banking system is the backbone of the economy in any country, and if this system intact and deal well with the home it leads to a sound economic system.”
He added, “The banking system has faced big mistakes and shortcomings and challenges he faced because of the separation of administration from the capital and the domination of some bankers and capital to the banking system and harnessed to serve them, which led to a loss of confidence in banks.
He continued, “rather than a banking system inspire confidence and be a magnet for investment, has become the banking sector in Iraq suffers from a reluctance to deal with it by citizens, prompting people to deposit their money in their homes,” noting that “some banks are today powerless the payment of market need and the citizen. ”
Antoine called “civil and government banks to restructure and develop the organization and methods of work in accordance with modern foundations in line with the requirements of the market economy.” Uncertain “This step is an important need to reform and a serious political decision to implement it.”
He added, “The central bank has tried to contribute in the development process by providing 5 trillion dinars and 1.5 trillion another dinars for loans to small and medium enterprises, agricultural and industrial projects, the housing sector, but it hit the big handicaps of the most important of rampant corruption in state institutions.”
He revealed, “The lack of private sector confidence in banks and the reluctance of the private sector to deal with it cause the exit of 77% of the existing cash from the banking system.”
He continued, “We have proposed to open letters of credit in accordance with the import license Alkmarki pass through the system and remarks Kmarkip to all who wish to obtain hard currency for the purpose of import, in addition to the activation of the tax system to control the exporting currency abroad” .anthy


It is about time for Iraq to move forward…whatever the plan was before they do want to move this fasterin my heart I believe this is the month we should see things happen…this year is totally different…so many things are going on…what all started this was the contract that Iraq had to sign with the IMF…that was the trigger.
There is no nation on earth that gets the support that Iraq gets from the IMF, the World Bank and others…why…they do not want them to fail…the authors of the plan do not want them to fail.
Abadi came out and said this is the time to activate the monetary reform. IMO the rate has to change…if I’m the CBI…if I’m going to put those LD’s in the banks…I have to have a rate for the LD’s to be sold to the banks…they have to have a good value for later to make money.
Bottom line…the CBI has to offer a rate that is good for the CBI and the banks as well as the citizens and for usWe are very close, expect the unexpected…on the verge of something big happening… IMO we will see the rate before the end of the year.



Iraq Parliament Agenda Wednesday
The agenda of the meeting No. (45) Wednesday 16 December 2015
First:      Read verses from the Koran.

Second:  Vote on the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2016. (Finance Committee, Legal Committee, The economic and investment commission), (Article 38).
Third: Vote on the Committee of Experts for the selection of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights members. (Commission on Human Rights).
Session starts at:  Ten in the morning.

Urgent House of Representatives vote on the ending paragraphs of the b​udget and approved by the full!!

the House of Representatives approved the country's general budget for 2016 after the vote on all its clauses. The reporter said the agency all of Iraq [where] that "the House of Representatives voted on all the paragraphs of the budget, including the Kurdistan region's share amounting to 17%

Expert (time): We recommend activating the taxes and customs 
Cabinet cost-effective team to overcome the decline in oil revenues
BAGHDAD - Tamara Abdul Razak

Economic expert advised the government to activate Kaabi taxes and customs tariffs on imported goods in the face of the Council of Ministers to take measures to counter the perceived risk due to lower oil revenues.

 He said al-Kaabi (time) yesterday that the (country's dependence on unilateral source of funding for building and his will cause fragile budget). Calling (government to activate the taxes and customs tariffs on goods Almistodh Brphi even contribute money and reduce the budget deficit). As the face of the Council of Ministers to take the necessary risks to cope with the expected measures due to lower oil revenues significantly. Prime Minister's media office said in a statement yesterday that (the face of the Council during its meeting yesterday to take the necessary measures face potential risks because of significantly lower oil revenues, despite an increase in oil production and exports).

 He added that he (decide to entrust the work of a team of senior economic advisers to provide paper deliberate economic measures to address the effects of this decline on the federal budget for 2016 and on the economy). He pointed out that (the Council discussed the creation of Dhi Qar Oil Company and the Basra oil and a request from the Ministry of Oil to provide full proposals at the next meeting). The statement added that (Council discussed a number of issues in the forefront of victories security forces in Ramadi and cleanse large parts of them and the continuation of purges of terrorists and explosive). He explained that he (was brief the Security Council on the request from Iraq for a session of the UN Security Council to discuss the complaint for the violation of sovereignty and to take a decision calling on Turkey to withdraw immediately from the Iraqi territory and the necessary measures to ensure the non-recurrence of this


BRUCE CC REPLAY (605)562-3198 Pin 123456#

      Bruce call: Bruce: Where are we? We are in the midst of it. Midst of a perfect storm. WE are in the middle of it. We are seeing the roll out of this GCR, rollout of the exchanges taking place for some specialty groups. Will see our turn shortly. Exchanges taking place for specialty groups. Banks received TRNs as of today all 4000 banks had receive their currency and all exchange locations included in that number. the banks are flood with the currency we needed for our exchanges. they are set up and ready.

Midafternoon today. Banks have receive their funding including exchange locations. This currency was needed for our exchange. Banks are now ready. Within an hour of that, specialty groups for humaitarian projects started. These groups are small. this afternoon, within an hour the vip groups tied in with projects. small groups, 29 of these started to be funded this afternoon. i dont know how long it take, small groups, mega funds for each one. funded for humanitarian projects. you know some of the names.. we believe we are next. hope to have celebration call tonight. but we believe our turn next.

believe get notification maybe late tonight. hate to call it, but we believe hours or couple of days. I am encouraged what we are hearing. Can't say everything he hears. But very encouraged. They do want us to have this before Christmas.We are in a position to receive and have this come thru. Rate are good, higher.
couple days ago everything was set up for 1st basket, last night set up for UN rates. all currencies are there. i dont know if reveal yet, but lock and loaded. all currency lock and loaded. that is all you need to know, our turn coming shortly.

 Celebration call may be Thursday.

bruce: it to us its deadly slow, something more to it than we dont know. like funding these groups for humanitarian projects, we go behind them.  the timing we are in now was scripted in a document. we are right on track.

Watch your emails and tweets from TNT. He understands TNT will be able to do a final call and will get the 800#s.
Basic plan is for everyone to go in an orderly manner. The toll free numbers will keep us from going willy nilly to the banks. Hang in. More info will come out when the 800#s come out.

Bruce: We are in a really good state of expectation. Stay patient. Expect it so that we can have a good Christmas. We seem to be in the midst of the rollout with our turn very shortly.
  concern the ZIM, will they not be touching all the denoms of the country?

Bruce: only thing we heard about the zim is they taking the trillion notes, 6 zeros off, billion notes 3 zeros off. i dont know how they going to treat the million, hundred thousand notes. we will have to see.  We are looking at 2008 AA and AB

Are the smaller groups part of the historical bonds?
Bruce: The historical bonds are to go right before or right after the rV.

Is there any cap on the dong? No. Only limit is that you can not walk out of the bank with more than $9,500 US dollars.

China wants it done. They are driving this. They want us to see this before Christmas. they wanted us to have it 10 days before Christmas. today is 10 days. we are good to go to exchange before Christmas. that is the goal. that is what China wants. I believe it will be carried out.

caller: not rates, but given this is coming out as asset back, will that change any contracts rates?
bruce: not to my knowledge. i believe all the rates prenegotiated are still locked in.

Are we expecting it to be on a weekend? Not a factor anymore. It will continue rolling out with our notifications. Hopefully we are next.

We aren't sure if there will be any announcement.
Caller calling from Alberta Ca. Will Canada have 800 #?
Bruce said the RBC and TD bank are doing the exchanges. Scotia will only do zim. Bruce will do his best to get the numbers on thebigcall.net under the bankng tab.

royal canada bank, td bank exchanges for all currency. Scotia bank only handle the zim. we will get all the numbers for those 3 banks for Canadians


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elmerf123456 wrote We've been telling the news all along. Have you been sleeping? My eyes are on the Fed and how the market reacts and now Iraq passes budget in a record time! This all sounds good to me
elmerf123456 wrote Every page has been written every chapter has been included the backing on the book is already there there's nothing left to read no more chapters left to do no more signatures needed! This in my opinion is a timing issue and I think the time is come ! We are all involved spectators waiting to see the final curtain call that's it !