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TNT :My Canadian Bank story....started on Dec 2, 2015, 9 DEC

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    As we all seen a few days ago there was a woman in Toronto Canada that made an exchange of her VND, ZIM and Rupiah at  a TD Canada Bank in Toronto, Canada as per what Tony said on his call. And that the rate she got was .47 for the VND.  After I heard that information on the Tony Call, I started making some inquires. I called TD Canada bank asking questions about who do I talk to with regards to exchanging my currency and was transferred from 1 department to another until a gentleman from Markham Ontario come on the line and asked me how he can help me. I told him I held VND among other currencies. I also told him I was well aware of people exchanging this currency in Toronto and I was just inquiring as to what procedure I needed to take to do the same transaction. At first he treated me like I was a member of the Clampett family, and started telling me the same things I already knew with regards to going to my local branch and having them call the foreign exchange peeps in Toronto to get the current rate and the teller would be happy to exchange my VND back to Canadian no problem. Then he asked me the GOLDEN question................HOW MUCH DO I HAVE IN VND???????

    I told him I had in excess of 200 million VND and his voice went up by 10 octaves.  REALLY He said thats very interesting. Then he said and I quote, " By my rough calculations 200 million in Vietnamese currency roughly converts to 94 million Canadian dollars. Can you hold the line please I would like to speak to my superiors and get more information for you to make sure we here at TD Canada get you in front of the right person" unquote

    A couple of mins later he came back on the line and told me that within a half hour he would have someone from the Private banking sector contact me. We hung up the phone and not 20 mins later 2 people from TD WATERHOUSE called me. Asked me a bunch of questions. reconfirmed the amount I had and asked if I would be investing my money with TD Canada. I said I was considering that as an option. I also said I would like to buy a house etc. They both giggled and told me that I would be able to buy a very nice house and that they would be in touch with me.

    We hung up the phone, and I havent heard anything from them since. Not sure why?

    The point I Want to make here is when you recalculate 200 mil in DONG to 94 mil Canadian the rate you get is .47.

    I dont know the woman that exchanged in Toronto, or her private banker and I never once mentioned a rate of .47 to the guy who's voice changed real fast either
    These events are 2 seperate things talking to 2 different banking people. By the way I live in the western provinces too Ontario is 3000 miles away from me.

    ALSO.................a friend of mine recently purchased VND from her TD Canada in Vancouver (several miles away from Toronto) over the phone and the person on the other end of the phone told her and I quote.....................Mame, you do realize that this currency is in the process of revaluing dont you? she politely replied, yes as a matter of fact I do know that, and hung up after the order was finished.

    Also Yesterday just for shootes and giggles I called a wealth manager at a smaller location in a smaller town closer to where I live and asked about exchanging this currency, and the WM assistant told me, and I quote her words..................there has been chatter of a revaluation on the VND and that I would have to wait until it revalued before I could exchange it to Canadian dollars

    Folks I learned yesterday that there is a huge difference in the knowledge between a Private Banker and a Wealth Manager thats for sure, because the WM told me there was no such thing as a private banker at TD Canada. So I googled that too by the way and found the names of 6 senior private bankers in 2 of the major cities near me.

    My detective work on this is far from over, its just a matter of finding the right person that knows what I am talking about........I believe that I ( diggity dog DONG detective) am on the right trail.

    Have an amazing day and I hope this adventure I have been on since Dec 2nd, 2015 has encouraged some of you that this is real and some know more than others thats all! 


Hello Everyone.
So today I am writing a short and to the point news letter. There is not a lot of new current news concerning the currency reform and the needed laws. Until Abadi solidifies his reform coalition these last remaining needed laws will just sit there on the shelf and collect dust.
Today’s News
Today is Wednesday December 9th and yes we are now entering the second week of December already and still no RV.
Many events seem to converge on the month of December, and in particular mid December, so let’s pay close attention to what is happening this month. I believe in retrospect we will say this was a very significant month.
Update: Currency Reform
I want to keep all of us focused on currency reform. Right now this is exactly what we should be watching in expectation of the launching of the lower denominations. Many sources have told me the plan of the CBI is to launch the lower denominations sometime before or by the end of the year. Will it occur? We can only wait and watch.
Can I scream it any louder,  again and again watch for ….CURRENCY REFORM….. CURRENCY REFORM !
So in my last news letter dated 12/7 (LINK), I had to clarify 4 points once again that many where still VERY confused over.  One of these items reviewed the currency auctions and I presented to you an article at that time topic.
Did you read the article? Did you learn anything from it?
So today we get yet another article on the same topic.
As I keep saying – if the government or the CBI has multiple articles on the same topic all in just a matter of days it means they are concerned and thus this is where we should then focus our attention. They are about to do something in this area.
So what are they about to do with the currency auctions?
Months ago the CBI told us the currency auctions would be scaled down and by end of the year 2015 they would end. We are just weeks away.
Now we see a member of the finance ministry,  Majida al-Tamimi, being out spoken about the practices in these past auctions and how the selling of the Iraqi currency and its corruption has held back its true value from being realized.
I quote from today’s article below –  “pointed out the need to abolish auction currency called to distance his administration from quotas partisan and political”
Tamimi also questions if other neighboring countries have currency auctions. They do not and it is a rhetorical  question.
I quote again from the article below – ” stressing the necessity to run the central bank by specialists in the economy and financial sectors and not according to the quotas that have caused the destruction of the Iraq economy”.
So we see Tamami also does not like how the CBI is now being run. She feels the need for much more expertise. She sees corruption in the money auctions. So like I said I do not believe Dr Shabibi is back at the helm. He may poke his head up once in a while, give his opinion but he IS NOT RUNNING THE CBI !  This article alone is very strong evidence of it. I have presented evidence before but many still doubt what I say.
Article Begins
BAGHDAD / JD / .. criticized a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi current Central Bank, as pointed out the need to abolish auction currency called to distance his administration from quotas partisan and political.
She said Tamimi, a statement posted on its official website and seen by Agency / KD / The quotas political and partisan confound the work of government institutions, particularly the economic ones, “stressing” the necessity to run the central bank by specialists economy and money, not according to the quotas that have caused the destruction of Iraq’s economy.
“She said al-Tamimi said the currency auction in a large increase in spite of our pleas to the many Bank Central need to reduce the sales of hard currency, especially since these sales sometimes be covered by the reserve value negatively affect the quantity, “emphasizing” the importance of maintaining the size of the reserve and in line with international standards.
“The eye that” there is a great imbalance in the auction currency “which showed that the central bank customers from the private sector are buying the dollar at the official rate under the pretext of covering imports State and this move carry an imbalance intentional, the fact that the sale of the dollar at the official rate goes into the pockets of corrupt” .ostgrepett Tamimi of the “insistence of the central bank to hold an auction of currency”, wondering “Is there in the neighboring countries of the coin auction as is the case in Iraq / end / 22
Article Ends
Article Begins
criticized a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi current Central Bank, “stressing” the need to cancel the auction currency and the dimensions of Directors of the Bank for quotas partisan and political. “
Said al-Tamimi said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq a copy of it, that “political and partisan quotas confused the work of government institutions, particularly the economic ones,” stressing “the necessity to run the central bank by specialists economy and money, not according to the quotas that have caused the destruction of the economy Iraq.
“Tamimi said and explained,” currency auction in a large increase in spite of our pleas many of the Central Bank of the need to reduce the sales of hard currency, especially since these sales sometimes be covered by the reserve value negatively affect the quantity, “stressing the” importance of maintaining the size of the reserve and in line with international standards.
“It pointed out that” there is a great imbalance in the currency auction, “noting that” the central bank customers from the private sector are buying the dollar at the official rate under the pretext of covering imports State and this move carry an imbalance intentional, the fact that the sale of the dollar at the official rate goes into the pockets corrupt.
“and was amazed Tamimi of the” insistence of the central bank to hold an auction of the currency, “she wondered,” Is there in the neighboring countries, an auction of the coin as is the case in Iraq.

“and raised suspicions of corruption and operations of laundering money through the central bank auction where announced, specialized issues of integrity and crime a misdemeanor court Economic and money laundering, on 20 August issued sentences of imprisonment and a fine against officials in the Rafidain and North after being convicted on charges of corruption and money laundering, a banner earlier in the presence of 20 defendants in this some issues largely chairman.
“The Federal Court Supreme, announced on the sixth of July, several articles unconstitutional in budget 2015 law, including Article 50, the judge to “compel the Central Bank identifies sales of hard currency [the dollar] in its daily auction ceiling does not exceed $ 75 million a day.”
with the exception of the Governor Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords, the court’s decision as “came in accordance with the Constitution and the Law on the Central Bank, which is a great importance because of its impact in promoting and supporting the independence of the Bank and remove him from influencing the policies and decisions.”
The relationships declared in 20 of the month of November last that the bank reserves foreign exchange of 60 billion dollars, “adding that” enough for six months, “noting that” the Central Bank is working on the application of parallel policy to maintain the overall stability of prices and curb inflation, ”
Article Ends
Article Begins
Dec 6, 2015
BAGHDAD – Imad emirate
There are economic convinced strong that the decline of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate with a surplus in the balance of payments reflects the fact that the national currency undervalued real value, so there is an urgent need for action to raise the value of the dinar in the exchange market through direct and constant intervention of the Central Bank Iraq to reduce the sale price of the dollar against the dinar in the currency auction.
This form-oriented basis points in the direction of strengthening the exchange value of the dinar against the dollar, by taking administrative decisions in a row by the monetary authority, this argument completely intact from the point of this analysis Aloguetsada.dmn oriented academic d said. Awad Fadhil importance of this road in the exchange rate management to be desirable high domestic inflation rate, and raise the value of national currency against the dollar from 2004 until the first quarter of 2010 was in line with the objective to be achieved, a stop the rise in the general level of prices, and strive to reduce the rate of inflation at acceptable levels economically, but who got to the monetary authority continued to approach raising the value of the dinar against the dollar (ie reduce the value of the dollar denominated in dinars) after the decline in the rate of inflation and to control it and install the official exchange rate at a level may not necessarily reflect the level of equilibrium in the market. And when you return to economic indicators easily realize that increasing the degree of intervention in the exchange market and the persistent administrative move towards the low value of the dollar or the selling price was not officially compatible with fundamentals Alkla.ooodh d.Awad when devoting the vast proportion of resources in favor of consumption this with limited capacity in the absorptive INVESTING energy, low competitiveness of industries producing goods traded (except oil), and the tyranny of service activities and the acceleration of price levels and the high level of unemployment and the decline in the relative productivity of industrial and agricultural sector and high production costs All of this leads to the effect brake on Aloguetsad.utaba development:
It is practically impossible that a single monetary tool you can achieve more than one goal has not been used other tools to achieve especially necessary adjustments both financial and structural including help to put the economy on track, the dosing sequence in adjust the exchange rate administratively was in itself incompatible with the economy as a whole as a result of this situation that eventually become the national market value of the national currency is determined in response to market forces, which in turn reflect the economic and political situation in the country is desired.
It is normal in this case to become the nominal exchange local currency denominated higher than its market value any higher than its equilibrium, reflecting the possibility of the dinar exchange in the market price moved to a lower level than the level at which settled upon by government intervention and the imposition of decision Aladarei.okhls to say:
This economic vision strengthened through the big difference between the dollar sale scheduled to price in a market auction Central Bank and its price generated in the free market by supply and demand forces of reaction, since no longer the difference confined to the rank of decimal but exceeded for up to two places decimal places, and so is no longer within the limits or economically acceptable ranges at the international level and Mahla.alomr other is that private demand for the national currency prevailing market price or the current is less than the total special offer, and that the central bank intervenes in the foreign exchange market to buy the difference in order to support the local currency internationally. This shows clearly that the Iraqi Central Bank intervenes to artificially create intentional or on the request of the national currency against the Show more foreign currency, so that the quantity purchased from the local currency, which was higher than can be purchased in normal circumstances to sustain high and stable exchange rate.
Article Ends
Discontinuing the money auctions at the end of December
So now here is the juicy part of today’s news.
More FACTS – The CBI has told us in two articles already, one of which I presented to you in my past news letter, that they will scale down the money auctions to the point of discontinuing them at the end of this year (meaning the end of 2015). Do you really understand what the auctions do for Iraq?
The CBI sells dinar at these auctions for US dollars. This helps increase the CBI reserves. Countries do not keep their own currencies in their reserves. Instead they keep valuable, stable currencies of other countries. Thus Iraq wants to collect US dollars. But the corruption in the auctions is that the currency is being sold at an undervalued rate. This is at the heart of the problem. This is what is driving down the rate.
Let’s now look at a recent article I provided below. It is from a financial expert in Iraq.
The most interesting part of the article below is when the financial expert says and I quote – “calling on the central bank to the need to implement the project to delete the three zeroes instead of resorting to the issuance of new editions (referring to the 50k, 100k and 500 notes) may affect the trade balance in the market”.

So what will happen when the currency auctions do end?
What will happen when 2016 comes rolling around and we have not yet seen any significant increase in the IQD rate?  Will they still re-launch the 50k notes and launch the 100k notes as they told us they will do?
So I want everyone reading this news letter to realize that the news about the revaluation of currency focus should be on the actions of the CBI and the statements made by the Finance Ministry.
The value of Yuan in China or the value of the Canadian dollar does not matter to us. No one is exchanging ZIM or any other currency at any significant increase. Jut ask them to tell you the bank so you can go exchange too and see how they fumble for an answer. This is all nonsense and only shows to me these intel providers are shooting at straws to get some news to bring you. They do not have a pulse on what is really happening in this area of currency reform. They are all bent on just giving you this hyped up nonsense news.
All these other issues we seem to be bent on focusing our attention and effort on have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with revaluing the IQD nor impact its value. Plain and simply put,  the increase of the value of the dinar is dependent on four main factors:
1.    The ability of the CBI to manage its value – must get the value to a 1:1 in order to see the full RV.
2.    The prevention of money laundering and counterfeiting – directly effects it value
3.    The security measures being taken in Iraq – need level of stability to allow it, the GOI must sign off
4.    The Reconciliation efforts in Iraq – need laws to implement resolutions to agreed promised by GOI to allow it. The GOI must sign off.
I wish I could eliminate any one or more of these items from the list and tell you any of them are “all done”. Any or all of them could still have a major impact at this timing of the RV. But let us focus on today’s news for this is what we do know for sure.
So what happened in mid November?
We witnessed an enormous amount of activity towards the movement of the “project to delete the zeros”.
Then suddenly is got all quite again on this topic. This is where we are now. So what happened?
We need to address this today since I had a very long talk with my contact in the CBI and what they are attempting to do and were driving towards since November.
When did it get so quite?
It got very quite on this topic right after the CBI announced is was going to “postpone” (or “halt” ) the further launching of the 50k notes until 2016. This was is the last week on November. Why did they do this?
All we know about this subject matter is what they tell us in the news. No one can read their minds. So what they told me is the launching of the 50k notes was not as successful as they had hoped. It did not serve its overall purpose and was met with much resistance. The citizens do not want more of the same 3 zero notes.
Now they are telling us the money auctions are driving down the rate of the dinar and is that RESISTANCE FACTOR they must overcome. There is no alternative now but to launch the lower denominations and to drive the rate up somehow for the next step in the process to work. But how do they do this?
If you have been paying attention the only conclusion to this news now is in two different, closely dated articles. They are trying to figure out what is holding back the rate of the dinar. They are indirectly telling us they know they need to raise the rate and we all know darn well this rate must be a 1:1 par with the US dollar since they have told us this over and over again [yet many of you deny it because you are stuck in your heads on the fact this is going to be the RV and I keep telling you do not mix apples with oranges. This is NOT the RV but a measure being taken to combat inflation and kick start the process. The RV comes later once the 1:1 rate is reached]. Please get out of this thinking and do mind shift. It will help you understand this entire process better.
Are you opened minded now to listen?
So by taking all this information I just told you we can see that they want to pop out these lower denominations but can’t until they get the rate under control and are able to raise its value to the required and planned rate, about a 1:1 par value to the US dollar. I say “about” because it does not have to be exact but close enough.
But if there is more demand for the US dollar (thus a higher rate and demand for USD) then how do they  overcome this?
I can assure you they are brainstorming now as I write this news letter and are dying to launch the lower denominations any day now. So I am now hearing they may wait until very early in 2016. Why?
They may wait until the money auctions are over and watch the impact  the scarcity of the currency has on the rate. Remember I told you that if you create scarcity of almost anything and the demand is still strong you will increase its value. So by getting rid of these money auctions they hope to create a shortage of the dinar.
Remember the dilemma they are in. Let me spell it out for you now. But we have to take a step back in time to understand.
Years ago they already have drawn in nearly 80-90 % of the 3 zero notes from inside Iraq. The CBI told us this so it is FACT. In 2012 they had hoped to RV. They gained the advantage at that time because the demand for the dinar was high since they artificially created the needed scarcity of the currency. The flow of US dollars had not yet filled the gap. Remember? This gap is the VERY IMPORTANT part I need to emphasize today. They need to recreate this gap somehow. This will drive up the rate of the dinar.
But now since they let this opportunity slide by them in 2012 and its almost 3 years later, the US dollar has filled the gap left by the scarcity of the dinars. So on these money auctions they tried to draw in the dollars from the economy and artificially open up this gap once again thus creating a situation to get to a 1:1 value. This has been ongoing over and over again and we have seen them even increase the money auctions in the past without any success in this area. So now the tactics have to change. This tactic did not work for two reasons: 1) corruption in the private banks sold the dinar at undervalued rates at the auctions 2) some of the dinars ended up back into the streets.
So what do they need to do now?
They first needed to draw in the dinars back into the CBI from the Iraqi in-country. The 50k notes were part of this solution. This event  is not meant to directly increase the value but was hoped to begin the cycle of scarcity. At the same time if they stop the currency auctions this will also cause yet more scarcity of dinars.
So they plan to end the currency auctions  by the end of the year.
They also just announced that they need a set of regulations to govern the future actions of the CBI and so we saw this set of regulations going before parliament soon for a vote and implementation. These regulations set strict rules for the money auctions and handling of the sale of currency. This they hope will eliminate corruption that seems to constantly drive down the rate of the dinar.
Folks I do not know how to explain this any better. In order to fully understand what is going now in the CBI you have to remember the past news and put the pieces together with what we are now hearing in the news. It does all make sense and is all very logical.
There are no “secret” sources or bank memos or screens that are going to tell you the timing of the RV. You surely don’t have to pay donations to some site either to tell you this. Instead all the information is out there for you to read for yourselves and learn. But remember it is a culmination of events over time that tells the story of this saga. If you are paying attention you can see the big picture. I am trying to do this for those of you that don’t have this ability and I resent the fact that these other idiots keeps messing with your minds to convince you it depends up some TRNs or what China or any other country is doing. How about watching Iraq?   After all it is the Iraqi dinar we are watching to RV….right?
So if you really want to know what is holding up any significant increase in the value of the IQD just follow the money, the money in Iraq. After all it is all about money and the money we are watching is the IQD !
All we can do now is sit back and wait and watch what happens next. Our focus must be on the actions of these two agencies – the CBI and the Finance Ministry.
Update: Maliki Syndrome
I thought all passports were invoked for all high level officials having any dealings with the Mosul and ISIS incident last June. How does Maliki now get to travel around and even worst receive 3 billion dinars from the Iraq people to cover his expenses? Maybe there is much more to this visit than meets the eye? We will just have to wait and see how it all works out. See article below.
Article Begins
Date: Tuesday 08/12/2015 13:43
A source in the Department of Finance reported to the Presidency of the Republic, the Vice President of the Republic asked the Department of Finance to conduct a three billion Iraqi dinars under the pretext of treatment expenses within the Republic of Iran.
The source, who did not want to disclose his identity in a statement singled out our website on Tuesday: that Maliki although relieved of his post as vice president a sovereign decision, but that he had asked the amount of three billion dinars claims he used to handle himself during his tenure as vice president.
He announced Nuri al-Maliki’s office, the latter went to the Iranian capital Tehran to visit therapeutic, will continue for several days.
“The last visit to Nuri al-Maliki to Iran was in August 2015, where he met with Iranian officials and discussed with them the latest security and political developments in Iraq and the region and as a result returned with many items on a promise list he was hopeful of regaining power and implement.
Article Ends
Update: Fighting ISIS
Iraqi government forces Tuesday evening regained its headquarters operations in Anbar from the grip of Daash.
and have now recaptured a key district in the city of Ramadi.
It’s a matter of days to control other districts in the heart of the city of Ramdi. So far they have retaken key districts like Tamim in the west, Albu Farraj and Albu Ziyab in the north, Tash and Anbar University in the south. These are key areas and this effort is looking very good.
There is a lot of recent propaganda being put out about the negativity of Turkey or any US elite ground forces coming into Iraq. I can assure you it is all nonsense since there is a huge coalition of over 100,000 soldiers frm Turkey to sweep into these regions to assist. These are coalition soldiers and not some political maneuver from Trukey to split Iraq.
The resistance (Maliki and his terrorists) of course are afraid of any assistance being given to Iraq of this nature. They will tell you all sorts of patriotic reasons why this should not happen. Oh – but what about their private militias who ran their own security forces to enforce their kind of corrupt law over the last 4 years in Iraq. Where was the patriotism then? You must put this all into perspective and know the propaganda machine is still putting out their version of the news. This is why I talked in one of my articles on how to differentiate between the garbage and reality. I hope you were listening.
Let’s keep the daily prayers coming for the success of the fight against ISIS everywhere in the world. Praying does not mean we are weak. Instead it puts God on our side for the righteous and so how can you go wrong if God is on your side helping to protect the innocent and the helpless. It really comes down to loving all of the human race but we have a right to protect and defend ourselves against evil too.
Article  Begins
Twilight News / security sources reported on Tuesday evening that the Iraqi security forces regained its headquarters operations in Anbar from the grip of Daash.
A security source said the Twilight News that he “was edited Anbar Operations Command headquarters north of Ramadi and in full control of the headquarters and raising the Iraqi flag above it.”
“The co-operation of the regiment commando operations Anbar attribution of tanks and tankers flying and the international coalition and the Iraqi” which was confirmed by other sources.
The military media cell in a statement that the Anbar operations have killed dozens and destroyed the headquarters of a number of terrorist Daash in Albu Faraj Abu Diab area during the progress of the former headquarters of the Anbar operations in coordination with the international airline alliance. ”
Article Ends
Article Begins
AFP Iraqi security forces member in the town of Husayba, east of Ramadi (7 December 2015)
Iraqi government forces have recaptured a key district in the city of Ramadi, which is controlled by the jihadist group Islamic State, officials say.
The Counter-Terrorism Service said it had cleared the south-western area of Tamim on Tuesday after a fierce battle.
Soldiers and militiamen have been preparing for months for a final assault on Ramadi, and recently told residents to leave the city centre.
Ramadi was captured by ISIS in May in an embarrassing defeat for the Iraqi army.
Last month, government forces completed their encirclement of the city when they retook the Palestine Bridge, which straddles the River Euphrates in the north-west.
AFP Iraqi troops and pro-government militiamen have encircled Ramadi in recent months
The move cut off IS militants inside Ramadi, about 90km (55 miles) west of Baghdad, from their strongholds elsewhere in Anbar province and in Syria.
‘Mobile bridges’ Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service spokesman Sabah al-Numani told the AFP news agency that after troops launched their assault on Tamim, IS militants “had no choice except to surrender or fight and they were completely destroyed”.
Anbar’s police chief, Maj Gen Hadi Irzayij, also confirmed that Tamim, which is separated from the centre of Ramadi by a tributary of the Euphrates, had been retaken. It is the first significant incursion into Ramadi since the army dropped leaflets over the centre last week warning residents to leave.
It’s a matter of days to control other districts in the heart of the city,” an Iraqi army source told the BBC.

We have retaken key districts like Tamim in the west, Albu Farraj and Albu Ziyab in the north, Tash and Anbar University in the south.
The source said the key challenge now was how to approach the city centre, where roads and buildings were likely to have been rigged with bombs.
AP A US-led coalition has been carrying out air strikes in support of the offensive
“We are using mobile military bridges to cross the Euphrates to the city centre from the north and the west as the main bridges have been destroyed in the intense battles with the terrorists,” the source added.
the US military last month estimated there were between 600 and 1,000 IS militants in Ramadi.
On Monday, the US-led coalition against ISIS said it had carried out six air strikes targeting the group’s units, weaponry and positions in the Ramadi area.
Article Ends
One more item today:
Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe their success is in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.
“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and Coalition Soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be Victorious against them! We ask that the Victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin! Amen!
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All.


TNT Call notes 9-December-2015

RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT family!  Today is Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  Today, there is just ONE of us on the line – little old me!  The challenge is to get the recording on, because I think this is one that members will not want to miss due to the educational content.  So this is an inconvenient moment… we want you able to refer back to it.  I’m excited about today!  Let’s see if I can now recapture… it’s a bit tricky when things happen that you don’t expect.  You’re liable to fly off the cuff.  Bear with us while we re-acquire everything.  Talk about multi-tasking.  What an interesting day…
Welcome to the TNT super-fantastic call on When Am I Gonna See It Wednesday and also Wealth Seeking Wednesday.  We don’t have a lot of new information, although everything is moving along, everything is positive.  We just don’t know how long it will take.  Progress is being made.   Banks are getting excited, and members say they have appointments coming up… mostly to plan rather than exchange, but they are bringing their currency just in case.  This is a different place than we were in last year, with more expectation moving us forward. Some currencies with no value a year ago now have extreme perceived value or even real value as people have leveraged them. 
Any hour, day or week… that is where we are as we hear things popping up from different sources.  We are in progress, especially with people’s appointments coming.  We just wait.  Things we expected on Monday and Tuesday haven’t developed yet;  just hold out and believe it’s coming.
Let’s talk about being ready. Prepare yourself for this life-changing event… not just for going to the bank, but more for the lifestyle changes that are coming.  We need to prepare ourselves for the actual minute/hour/day they can process the currency, and be ready for that.  I spoke last time about POD in case something happens before you can move the money to where you want it.  Also, we were told that two photo IDs might be required, so make sure you do that now, not at the last minute.  Make an inventory of your currency – know exactly what you have, the denominations and currencies.  If you have combination of denominations, write that down so you know what you’re working with.
Some other things to talk about might include DIVERSIFICATION.  That should be foremost in your mindset.  Most are taught to diversify from the investment standpoint, but also diversify in your banking activity.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, because the bank might decide to shut down your banks and send you down the road.  I would diversify with banking so that if you fall out of favor with a specific bank, it won’t affect your lifestyle… which should be as diversified.  That goes along with asset protection. 
Also think about lost opportunities.  Most of us have not be taught that in college or in life.  Learn about lost opportunity and the impact that has on you.  AT exchange we will be all excited, and of course with all this money we want to save others, pay off debt and buy cars, boats, etc.  WE have to look at how we go about doing those things. You need to treat your exchange process as principal.  You want to let the principal create interest and live off that interest.  That also applies to paying off debt and buying new items.  When we have the money, we like to pay cash.  Let’s say you want to pay 10K for something;  what could that 10K have created for you as a sound investment creating a nice cash flow.  Compare that to what you could buy with that 10K, and decide whether to pay cash or not.  That would especially apply to buying a house: if you pay cash, there are no payments, you own it free and clear.  However, that 100K or one million might be invested somewhere to create income.  You don’t have that 100K anymore, because that is tied up in the property.  Let your professionals help you work all this out before you decide on a direction:  should you pay 100K cash for the property or take out a low-interest loan and put the 100K to work for you. Let’s say you can make 6% on the 100K and you take out a mortgage at 2%.  You are making a net 4%, and over time the mortgage is paid off, and meanwhile you are making money with the cash you would have spent.  These are all things to consider.  Rely on those professional people like wealth managers, private bankers, CPAs and strategic planners that you will be paying anyway so that you can make the best choice the first time rather than having regrets further down the road.
Lets’ also look at the RV time… time to go to the bank and do your exchange.  For some, the first, second, third mouse scenarios may be prevalent.  Do you go exchange a few small notes first because you need money right now?  How have you been taking care of your needs up until this moment?  It’s probably been sitting and waiting just as you have, so it may not be a true need but a convenience or something you want for instant gratification. How much  money do you truly need?  Some have actual pressing debts. Is that tens or hundreds of thousands?  For most of us, it’s just a few thousand, so it might be better to negotiate a small loan instead of exchanging at a lower rate.
Another area to consider before ‘show time’ is … call dropped… came back!  We don’t know if these exchanges will be taxable or not, but there are certain tools so that at least some segments are not taxable.  One is the self-directed IRA or retirement account. You put, say, $6,000 in every year into your IRA and you can deduct that from your income taxes.  That is a tax-deferred plan; you only pay tax when you withdraw the money.  In a ROTH IRA, it’s the opposite – the initial payments are not tax-deductible, but you don’t pay tax when you withdraw the money later.  The self-directed Roth IRA means you can invest those funds in whatever you deem necessary; you make the decisions.  What would be a good thing to invest in with those qualified monies?   Foreign currencies!  Members have been doing that, accumulating currencies that will be exchanged and at the appropriate time you will receive the funds.  There are technical mechanism to do that including using management companies.  It’s a good Plan B for a tax-free program.
Hopefully these points will help you as you get ready or BE ready so you don't have to get ready.  Let’s go into Q and A…
703 caller:  I’m now rethinking my plan because my daughter has been saying similar things to me.  I’m older and don’t want to have debt, but she’s showing me that there can be ‘good debt’.  The old site was supposed to go static when this goes;  this new site, will it still go static or will it stay live now that you are running the site?
RayRen: That part of the plan will still probably be the same.  Even though there is new sheriff in town, this sheriff will still be riding the same stagecoach.
Caller: Will there be 800 numbers or will it be shotgun?
RayRen:  We are still waiting on that – we don’t know what they want us to do to assist them.  We don't know any of the details, lead time, or anything else.
Caller:  They’re doing a good job of keeping us in the dark but we are educated enough to go either way.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
602 caller:  I’m impatiently patiently waiting, as the song goes.  In reference to the banks loaning on currencies, are all banks doing that now?
RayRen:  I didn’t say that, I meant just taking out a loan. Let’s say you are at the bank, and you say that you intend to exchange with that bank, and soon this currency will be worth millions.  Meanwhile, you have about 5,500 worth of bills to discharge.  What can the bank work out with you?  We know of three members who have new vehicles based on the perceived value of what is to come, based on verbal contracts. That is pre-RV, and when you go in post-RV, there will be no question of the value of what you hold.  If you tell that bank that they have your business, and in the meantime you need some cash flow, then possibly you can cut a deal.
Caller:  Is there a new window?
RayRen:  There certain information that we tried to share on Monday and Tuesday, because we figured it was in the public domain.  It wasn’t from our team, and I didn’t subscribe to the bond intel anyway, but as my window is already ‘any time, any day’, so I don’t see there being a NEW window. I would be inclined to expect this before the tariffs kick in on the 15th.  That would be nice;  if it's already in progress, why wait until the 15th?  I’m on a day to day basis, looking forward to this today, tomorrow.  I support any day.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
646 caller:  I presume everything is pretty much in good order…
RayRen: Last we heard it’s all status quo.  We are waiting. 
Caller:  Let’s hope we get this before Christmas.
RayRen:  I’m highly optimistic.  Let’s count on that.
941 caller:  So basically we are where we were the other day.
RayRen:  Moving along, waiting for something good to happen.  To my understanding that rates are about the same as they have been, although some are quoting other rates from what they’ve seen on bank screens.  We have not heard of anyone holding this up;  it’s a progression and no one is interfering so far as we have heard.
Caller:  so the banks are taking whoever they want?
RayRen:  There is a progression, and it is going through the last progression.  No one has given us specific details on the step by step process. All we can rely on is what we are hearing, that the RV is in process.  A year ago, we weren’t told it was in progression.  The only thing similar to last year is that they both have Decembers.  Don’t hold onto the past;  look to the future.  Let’s be ready for what is about to take place.  My plan is to wait.  It’s coming down the pike and I’m holding on for that.
707 caller:  One question from my group is whether there is an expiration date on the zim.
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything official on that. There were dates in the past and when we went past them, Zimbabwe extended them.
Caller: I set up accounts at my local WF;  they don't have any interest in exchange now.  I’m thinking San Francisco might be a better possibility.
RayRen: I feel 100% sure that when the time comes, those same banks will open their doors and extend their arms and welcome us in. 
Caller:  Thanks for the tips at the beginning.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
719 caller:  I’m a lady-in-waiting… from the Twelve Days of Christmas.  You aren’t saying much about Iraq – have they done everything?  Are they waiting as well?
RayRen:  On the last call Iraq said that the RV has begun and it’s trickling out.  I don’t know where it is on any given day, or what they need to do to change the value of their currency. They are implementing it, however slowly. There is not a lot to share;  it is in progress.  It’s moving and I’m good with that.
Caller:  Everyone says that, and not to be cynical but we’ve been hearing similar statements for probably a year and a half.  It’s happened in April, we’ll have a great Black Friday, a terrific Christmas… it feels like every time we go near the food bowl, we get shocked.
RayRen:  We hear certain words and take them to mean the meanings we perceive them to have.  It can be the communication is not linking up from person to person;  we need more information and sometimes that information is not available.  We can look back at those dates and see some truth in them, but we want the totality – the results.  In my view, anything moving is better than not moving, but some of you want it all to be done, completely done and at the bank. It’s not there yet.  The process is underway, but along the way there are little things we had not accounted for and those are now taking place.  It’s the peripheral things and we are looking for the totality.  The bank called and said “We want to talk about something that is going to happen”;  we didn’t have that a year ago or even six months ago.  Banks are sending limos for their clients to come in and have a conversation. Those are big pieces to show progress is coming.  We just don’t have the whole deal yet – at which point the little pieces will be unimportant.  Banks are paying overtime to their personnel – they don’t like doing that, so it’s significant. Things are happening!  We just don’t know the whole timeline.  When the banking people say they are working until 11pm or told not to take vacations, that is all important and they indicate things are taking place that were not happening 12 or even six months ago.  So no one can convince me we are in the same place as we were a quarter ago – we’re not!
Caller:  I hope you are right and we get this before Christmas.  We all want to pay it forward and to plan for the holidays.  Some people I know are not planning to have a holiday, and it’s a bit discouraging.  I hope we are all done.
RayRen:  Just keep holding on!  It’s time;  I get caught up speaking with you all, and giving what information I can to get you through the day.  We need to sign off. Thank you to many members who already answered the call.  When you become the new sheriff, you take over the debt as well, so thank you for everyone who has donated.  If you haven’t, come on!  Let’s all help out so that we can take care of the things here that need to be taken care of. 
When will we see it?  We don’t know;  time will tell.  Keep holding on and we will be here with you.  Hopefully there will not be a call on Fantabulous Friday, but if there is a need, we’ll be here to help.  Take care and have a good evening.


There are no more delays, no more posturing, no more twists in the path.
We are in the position of waiting now, waiting for a certain timer to finish its countdown and the act to trigger.
All the tests have been done
They are standing by for what must be one of the most momentous events in our personal history.



Bruce call: INTEL............INTEL we are in the moment now....getting confirmation rates are very strong
Bruce call: the bonds going over tonight, humanitarian funding is suppose to begin tomorrow
Bruce call: we are just about to get our blessings! it's a slow roll out!
Bruce call: Wish I could say more but we are in good shape now


Bruce call: Guys, I have to tell you we are hearing some good reports what is going on with these currencies around the world. We are in the moment now for all this to come about. WE are hearing confirmations of rates that are strong, very good.

Bruce call: things that are transacting like these various bonds, going over tonight. that is happening in conjuction with the actual revaluation of currency. humantarian funding is suppose to begin tomorrow. some of this depending on the bonds transacting.

Bruce call: guys we are in the moment right now for this to go down. It can take place as a slow roll out. We do believe hearing very very good things. Things moving in direction of the groups. Just about to receive the incredible blessing we are looking for.
Bruce call: Wish I can say more, but it would be insensitive and a mistake to put it out. This is to fold out as a slow roll out. We do expect to roll out through this week, and a great place to begin seeing it.



Bruce call: TRNs will be live tonight/ tomorrow
Bruce call: telling caller stay on plan A and be ready for plan B which will be our blessings


Bruce: Yes, we will have this before Christmas, They want this completed by the holiday.

Bruce: dont compare this year from last year. completely different. So much more happening now, everything is coming through very much more quickly right now actually
Bruce: i am not a guru, but I will give you the most straight up truth i can give it

Bruce: we know the Iraq is done, China is pushing this thing through. WE are the last country getting it. Dont set it by the numberics or the moon. I know it is the 8th, dont be surprised something will happen very soon
Bruce:  No one is holding it up.

Bruce: the trn i heard alive at midnight last tonght, then heard they be alive tonight.
Bruce: stay tuned, things are moving and shaking out there in our world of our blessing. Really feel we expect to be celebrating on Thursday. We are there.


9:00 am CST

Iko Ward wrote
2m ago

Almost a carbon copy of yesterday. Forex at 1077. Markets red. Unconfirmed bank stories. Let's give crude the day off and play with gold instead, back up to 1082. We were supposed to have the 800's this morning. It's when am I gonna see it Wednesday.

chillimac wrote
1m ago

TY Iko, lol crude may take a week off , vacation, that might help lol

Iko Ward wrote
1m ago

Actually Chilli, I want it to take a nose dive and force the RV.

KeithN wrote
1m ago

IKO Thanks for the update, Yep, lets follow the Metals for a few hours. Market sure is RED
countrylady wrote
2m ago

Thanks, Iko. So.....we wait. I now have a PhD in waiting. We all know what PhD stands for - piled higher and deeper....

Iko Ward wrote
1m ago

Country lady, I think we should all get additional doctorates for each two years we are in this. The 12 year folks get a Nobel Prize.

countrylady wrote
1m ago

That works, Iko!

JJF wrote
15m ago

Good morning Iko! can you shed some light on the Chinese Dragon family and the signing of an agreement? Heard about it a couple of weeks ago and again last night. Thank you for all your work and knowledge!!

Cici wrote
6m ago

Iko, just a question about plunging crude prices will cause the RV to come about: could there be any other outcome instead of the RV? Some other solution, heretofore unseen?
Iko Ward wrote
2m ago

Cici..good question...let's just say no one wants to go there. The RV solves the majority of the world's financial problems, but will cause pain to those who have been in control these past 250 years.

Cici wrote
moments ago

Thanks, Iko. The downward spiral is darn painful right now. Will the Fed's forthcoming announcement of higher interest rates have any effect on this? Rates are in the toilet and can't go any lower, they have to go up.

Iko Ward wrote
3m ago

JJF...I have heard several variations. The one I believe is true is that it was signed a couple weeks ago, then the Chinese have sent a couple of letters clarifying their proposed actions if the west doesn't get out of the way.

JJF wrote
1m ago

Iko - that's what I heard too. Thank you for all you bring to us!!!

Heavenishome wrote
4m ago

from my research.. a lot longer than 250 years

Iko Ward wrote
16s ago

Heaven...I was trying to be gentle. Ever since Macartney (George, not Paul) did a drive by in 1793 I think the Chinese have had on their thinking caps concerning the west.

toomuch wrote
1m ago

Iko Ward the sad reality is that the Chinese NOW REALIZE that the west do not keep their treaties or agreements. Just ask the American Indians

Heavenishome wrote
25s ago

i have taken all this into consideration when thinking about a house and car to buy.. the expensive house and car have expensive upkeep $ and how will inflation and interest play into that

olesailor wrote
2m ago

IKO 1793 or 1973, jejeejej

Iko Ward wrote
57s ago

ole..I was mixing contemporary metaphors with historical events. My sister the high-school teacher claims it has great effect.

ilypad wrote
3m ago

Iko Frank26 on his call actually clarified the IMF contract agreement that Iraq actually has until the end of the first quarter. The question was posed to him about the end of the year 2015. Do you know if this was concerning Article 8 compliance and if not, what you and him talking about? It may be two totally different things?????

Iko Ward wrote
20s ago

lily...I think all these things are important but they are not what is holding us up. There is a particular group that is slowly being dragged under and it is just taking more time than anyone thought. Pam has asked we not get into detail here in chat so that's all I will say. The good guys are winning, for all we know, they won last night.

Fishkissed wrote
31s ago

Iko I'm pulling for the good guys!

Iko Ward wrote
moments ago

The good guys are winning. As Russel Crow's captain says in Gladiator. "Why won't they admit they are defeated."

Fishkissed wrote
34s ago

Iko, I've been wondering the same thing myself

olesailor wrote
3m ago

IKO I know what you are referring to. Do you think after the fall that there will be any recognition in the public of what has happened?

Iko Ward wrote
19s ago

ole, nope, we will know, we will have NDA's. Some of us will go on and do great things and no one will ask where we came from because it would expose them as well. Arrogance, the best descriptor for the entire 20th Century

Fishkissed wrote
moments ago

In the meantime...visualize completion!