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Aggiedad77:  Here are the CC Notes from the Monday night CC.....enjoy Family

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CC Notes from Monday 12-07-2015

Frank26:  If you remember the last time we were together, practically at the end of the call, what I left you with were the words Ramadi and Mosul…..now when I said those words a week ago……there were not articles…..no one had any idea……but by the end of the week there they were….articles with how we are getting them back under control….

You know me I left you with some keywords, phrases, things that might be of some type of logistics for you…..I said the following…..as far as Ramadi and Mosul on this call I said a famous saying a week ago…..I said….Ramadi “READY”…..Mosul “SET”…..then ok let’s “GO.”

We talked a lot about the concept of security being important…..do we have security…what do you think…..last Monday we told you about the security of two cities that no one had any idea about….then two days later you see the evidence.

That is not to brag…..so please don’t throw that in my face…..I don’t have time to deal with such things……I swear being a leader, being on top of a mountain….did you see him blink…blink on your own time….teach me….feed me….ok…..well my nerves have been frailed just at the right time….but there isn’t much time left that I need them much more…..but it is important that you understand the importance of security and know that we have these two cities….or mostly.

What did Obama do last night…..well in my opinion….nothing. Here is the headlines of my local newspaper….Obama Assures the Nation of Foiling the Terror at Home……well according to last week you failed…..according to the world you failed…..Mr. President you are on this dream that you think you are a Muslim but the Muslim community doesn’t want you…..for the last 8 years you’ve opened the doors of our borders to all kinds of terrorists…..Homeland Security can’t do it’s job….because you are fighting against them…..go ahead and open both doors…..Canada and Mexico.

WSJ says today…..Obama Aims to Reassure Jittery Nation….no you are not….you are leaving….you’ve opened the doors and made some amazing laws.

But in your 8 years you have people asking….why those black helicopters up there….why is our army running down the highways….the black helicopters running down our highways chasing cars….oh they are just practicing….for what…..for what might now happen.

Look Mr. President….you are unique….you are one piece of work….how you did these 8 years with your charisma….surrounded by the criticism is beyond me….and I think the American voters realize their vote doesn’t elect a President….the electoral votes do…..that does that have to do with my vote in that booth…..oh it’s a percentage of the votes in your area…..bull…..the representative in my area will make that decision….not my vote…..you guys have one a masterful thing…..but you are a curve ball.

You talk about what you are going to be doing….but would you like to know what France is going to be doing….do you know….well I know you know….but I’m going to tell you anyway…….France closed three masques….and they have over 200 masques under investigation…..they found terrorist/ISIS documentation in these masques during their investigation.

I’ve often wondered if the police really want to put an end to drunk driving….to DUI’s….why don’t they simply park their cars in front of the bars.

So anyways Mr. President if you think you are going to snowball us once again…..as you leave and wave goodbye with one finger…..the French have already out done you….they are fighting ISIS and they are fighting terrorism….they have also searched over 250 homes and they have arrested over 230 people…..so where is your plan to defeat terrorism…..what are you steps….one two three…..oh there are none, you have no plan…..may I suggest you call the French….because they are way ahead of you.

WSJ article today…..French Right Side of Their Government is Taking the Lead in Their Elections….why….because they want a CHANGE.

Anyway Mr. President you have a good day……meanwhile Mr. President….you know that country Iran….I think they saluted you with the American Eagle too….with one finger….they basically told you “up yours”….up my what…..up your donkey….oh I’m not talking to you any more Mr. President.

Do you know what Iran did today KTFA Family….they fired some medium range ballistic missiles…..while you were at home, while you are working, while you were shopping…..but according to UN Resolution 2231 they were banned from firing these missiles for the next 8 years….but on November 21st they fired some of these missiles and today they fired more of them……

I mean your sanctions aren’t even fully lifted….up yours……you think we care….your economy isn’t even international yet….up yours you think it will stay this way…..look at all the other currencies look what we’ve done with Russia and China…..up yours…..we have weapons…..you are putting us back into the international scene….up yours…..and that is basically what our president said yesterday…I’m leaving….up yours……it was my agenda….what you didn’t know that…..TADA…..

So from the same place a wealth transfer occurred over 2000 years ago it seems like we have the same thing occurring now….but you know something a lot of you are going to need it….because IMO…..in the next 5 to 10 years we will be walking into a global change…..we know…..let me tell you it will be a global climate change…..oh yeah we’ve heard Gore and his people….listen to me….the Mayans tried to tell you that on December 21st of 2012 that a new chapter of mankind will start……

In fact it was Cshessman that brought it out and I had forgotten that I had brought it up….you are going to see water like you’ve never seen it before….this blessing may be our rescue….there is a climate change….well let me put it this way….climate change is of some human choice….may I suggest you study H.A.R.P……you know fossil fuel burning and spilling into our oceans have created many catastrophes for many decades….now this path of a plan….IMO….has reached its goals today…..CO2 is our acid of of the ‘60’s that is changing and destroying life on earth.

WSJ article today…..US and EU Seek Climate Assurance…..ok let’s see how we can help this country and that country…..as the polar cap is receding and coastal lines disappear….fish disappear…..so is that what they seek…..no….not really….they seek $$$$$......that is what they seek….what countries are doing now they are positioning themselves when there is no more of the plentifulness that we have today……we will have become a cashless society….there will be a society with chips in our hands….we are a society who doesn’t believe in a minute…but a New York minute….they are seeking to divvy up the money…..to see who will remain the powerhouses while the other countries beg us for help……that is why I believe what has happened on Dec 1st has started the end times here on earth….I could spend 2 or 3 hours talking on this…..and I believe you can research this on your own even.

We are not ignorant any more….we are a generation of such technology that we are literally rebuilding the tower of Babel…..we are reaching as far as we can in the field of science that we field we are god-like…no….we fear we are God.

That is what I fear about this investment….once you have money in your hands….you see now without the money in your hands you put your hands together to pray to God…..but once you have the money is in your hands…..will you continue to pray to God….I hope so….this blessing will be very hypnotic….men you think that a bikini on a beach is tempting….women you think that a handsome man will be there to take care of you for the rest of your life…..

The temptation that this money will give you….you will calculate every reason on earth why you will not turn to God for help….reminds me of a joke….an old Irish man driving along…..he looks up to the heavens…praying….Lord will you help me find me church…..I’m late….help me find it Lod….I’ll give up me whiskey…..nothing….Lord I’ll go to church every Sunday…..then all of a sudden…..there was the church…..oh never mind Lord I found it…..I afraid this will happen to many of us….never mind Lord I have found it.

I talked to you last night on the Prayer Call about this as well, it is my concern for you.

Do you know what Mark Zuckerberg has done….he is a billionaire….he and his wife has given their fortunes…..because they had a baby……and as I looked at the article I read and read and searching….but I didn’t see they were praising God, or giving on God’s behalf….nothing….they said nothing about this…..they said they would keep like $54 million…..why do I share this with you….be sure you give for the right reason.

Another example….here is Oprah Winfrey…..she has the Midas touch….she just hooked up with Weight Watchers…..I’m sure they will make a great deal of money together…..this woman has great influence….especially among the young black women of this world…..but they asked her if she believed in a God…..she took advantage of this opportunity and started to talk garbage…muckity muck…..but she had the chance to talk about Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior…..I thought you were a Christian…but maybe not.

Today Jimmy Carter, former President, announced today that his doctors told him he was cancer-free….that is something worth talking about….worth being thankful about….but how does he thank God….we have to be careful how we give thanks.

My wife goes to Starbucks, and sometimes in the car at the window she will look in the rearview mirror if there is one or two….she will tell the clerk….put the order behind us on my card….don’t tell them….let them order first then tell them it is paid for on my card….thank you. I tell you this to show you how we can do all kinds of little things….we just have to be careful how we give….and we need to give with a willing heart…..not as though a dentist is doing a root canal upon you.

Another example….a farmer sits next to minister who asks the farmer, if you were asked would you give all your sheep to God if he asked….of course I would….yes I would. Then a bit later the minister asks the famer if you have 100 cows would you give 50 of them to God…..of course I would sure thing….then a bit later the minister leans over and asked the farmer if you had 2 pigs….would you give them to God….yes I would sir….then he looks over at the minister and he says…but minister you know I only have two pigs. When the time comes will you be ready Family….will you be ready…..will you be generous or will there be greed….will there be need…..will there be love or anger.

Ramadi and Mosul are in a position where they are being retaken…there is no need for us to talk about it…..Ramadi READY….Mosul SET….and then I think there will be a GO….for a lot of things.
In the meantime I want to talk to you about some dates…write these down….now if you are new you need to understand we are not giving you dates where you can go and cash out….where you can go and exchange....NO….we at KFTA are not going to do something so embarrassing…..we will not demean you with such things….no one knows the rate…except maybe Dr. Shabibi…..but the fact that Dr. Shabibi and the CBI has come out and laid a few things out…..that we have shared with you such a date….what is that date…the month of December.

Let’s look at December a little closer…your notes from last Monday said….the IMF told Iraq we are going to help you with things…with everything…..security, loans….every thing…..when we go into the first quarter of 2016 according to the contract you just signed with us….you will be of international status…..Article 8 compliant…you will have a currency with a new rate…right…right….after all that is what the contract says that you signed….this not an opinion….right…..well this looks like what they are doing….so let’s tear this all apart.

Here we go….number 1….on Dec 1st IMO……we showed you and shared with you and the internet has been going over what we shared….that we showed you a 2% compliance with the street value and the CBI….and you notice it has been maintained that way since last Monday….their contract says they have to be 2% compliant with street value….and if that is the case….you know last Monday I said….if that is the case they are Article 8 compliant….but I shouldn’t have said that so boldly….I’m sorry and I apologize…..I can take it back….or not…..let’s just put it on the shelf for now.

To be 2% compliant…..to see all these laws…and on the 1st of Dec….for them to do that….I believe the float started….and the reason for the float….are you ready for this….well I don’t think it is for sharks and whales….sure they can take advantage….and I think they have already done so…

Remember I said we might not see this part of the float….they don’t hide it…we just don’t understand….sure the sharks and whales can take advantage…..it seems this may be what is going on right now……the smart people with money….they don’t jump at things like we did 10 years ago…..they study things and then they buy a lot at the appropriate time.

Can we see how much dinar is being purchased daily….if there was….then you could see maybe there was a real big bump right now in what is going on with brokers and this currency….but if you can’t see…well just wait.

So Dec 1st a 2% compliant and a float that protects a 40 cent rate to start out with….all of this IMO…..I’m allowed to do that, I’m not giving you a date or rate.

Part 2:

Let’s go to the next date….Dec 11th…is that like 4 days from now…..what day is that….Friday….it’s not on the internet…but it will be now…..on Dec 11th I believe the implementation of the 2016 budget for the United States will start…..amazing…..the US has not had a budget in some time….

Iraq has not had a budget…..but on the 11th the US will implement a new budget….that is big…..that is a significant step that was accomplished by something we don’t know about….well we aren’t supposed to know….but we do….how did Clinton do this in 1999…..it happens every 10 years after a Marshall Plan has been completed…..gosh I don’t know.

Dec 15th….what about this date……this is a date that we believe the taxes and tariffs….now this might melt into Dec 16th or Dec 17th….we aren’t sure……but that is the date frame that we believe the taxes and tariffs to be implemented at the borders of Iraq….

With the new coding that represents not only the rate but the product that is being sold internationally….because that code will match all other things being sold internationally…

Take this pen as an example….this pen will have a code 111-ABC…that is the code for this pen…when it hits the Iraqi border from anywhere with the codes being applied a certain tax and tariff will be applied....that is what the IMF wants….they want you to pay your dues to them…..they know how much this pen will cost them.

You know in Dec 2013 they applied the taxes and tariffs….but it was never implemented or used…because there was no Dr. Shabibi to give them a new rate…..then in Dec 2014 they once again put out the new tax and tariff….but once again they were never used….again there was no Dr. Shabibi.

About that time….going into 2015….towards March…..the IMF said enough is enough…..here is the green light Shabibi….well I’m not ready….how much more time do you need….well can you give me 6 months…..then April, May, June, July…..they still weren’t completely ready….security wasn’t ready….so again the IMF waits…..so this December will there be taxes and tariffs….will they be implemented with new codes and a new rate.

So the next date we study….December 17th…..well what about that date….I’m pretty sure it is that date, it is either the 16th or 17th but I’m going with the 17th……Iraq does things on the 17th….you can look that up….I’m not into numerology…..but on the 17th the Feds in the US will be changing their rate…..hmmm…..come on man…perfect timing….you guys got a budget…..you guys have a budget too…..yes we do……you going to change your rate…yes….hey we are going to change our rate too….we’ve already announced we are going to have a float….this no one’s opinion but ours….ok Dr. Shabibi.

On Saturday and Sunday there were two articles that came out…..they were so cool……did you guys put them out….Dr. Shabibi did you do that….did you put them out…..sure they were from an economist but did you have him do that Dr. Shabibi…they talked about moving the decimal point two places….making people think you are starting at 10 cents….but you aren’t….huh…huh….did you do that Dr. Shabibi.

Then there was an article put out yesterday…..it broke down all about the denominations talking about the currency….it came from the GOI….from an economist….why are these economists talking about what you have been talking about…..but did this come from you Dr. Shabibi….well these articles are actually a repeat says Dr. Shabibi…..you know a conglomeration of what we’ve been saying…what these economists actually said back in the summer time….oh yes that is right….back just before July……so are you going to bring out the taxes and tariffs again….are you going to try…come on Dr. Shabibi you can tell us.

We told you last Monday, Delta told you….Frankie Frankie….they are talking like us.

Next date….write down…..December 20th…..F26 turns 60…..neck size 17.5….shoe size 10….behave.

December 31st 2015….why….because on that day many things will come to a culmination….a conclusion….the one though that I am interested in is Iran…..they have been acting cocky…..because they have been let out of their prison…the sanctions….well not all of them but many….they aren’t waiting until Dec 31st though to remove all their sanctions….my God if they are firing medium range missiles for the 4th of July…..they do so to put something on top of them….I think they do so to look towards Israel…..so on that day….if they are so daring, such bravado….what will they do on that date.

Next date…..January 1st 2016….why Frank….because that is a perfect date for Dr. Shabibi IMO….and if it is a float then we don’t need no 90 days…..if it is a float 90 days are null and void…..a float is going…..90 days is not necessary to wait for anything.

There is a calculation from a specific time in December that takes us to the next date….I would like to keep this to myself.

January 11th….IMO….sometime after that date….you see prior to that date it could be anywhere from 10 cents, 20 cents, 40 cents….but after that date it could be IMO….it could be 1 to 1…..but I don’t know….we shall see….now if it isn’t it is because we are almost there.

My last date then to give you is March 31…..why….because that is the date when the contracts with the IMF says that is your deadline to get this done….so there you go….how is that….it has been a piece one at a time of what has happened in the last few days.

I want to say the cities that we talked about are now to be presented. One of the things that ISIS did was to surround certain important areas….I’m not talking about bathrooms….but something else that starts with a B…..they surrounded them with mines…..they could have announced the retaking of these cities IMO….but they have to do something with these mines first…..the Iraqi army has done well with these two cities….they have vaporized ISIS…….on Wednesday last week I said that ISIS is disappearing….they are vaporizing them….then the next day an article appeared that says….ISIS is disappearing…..oh well.

We can talk about the basket or certain currencies….but no sense…..let me instead summarize. I’m not interested in opening these files today because they still deal with these two cities.

That date that I gave you the 15th…..from the 15th to the 17th….it will tell us an awful lot…..we need to see a change in the rate in this time frame….if they don’t they’ve lost the opportunity for the taxes and tariffs….and with this 2% compliance that IMO equals a float…..I mean golly…..why swim half way across the English Channel only to swim back….

Let’s finish this Dr. Shabibi….you said you wanted to float it…..so Family if they are floating….10 cents, 20 cents, 30 cents….and the article that came out hinting about moving the decimal place…..10 cents…but you don’t want the float to start there do you….no we don’t….not for the taxes and tariffs…no Frank….that is why we believe the float has kicked in…..what we’ve suggested not at 10 cents but something else….their way….no Frank that was just a rehashed article….oh no Frank that was not from the CBI….oh no Frank that was not from the GOI….well thank you for your opinion….but that is not my opinion.

Ok Family I corrected my mistake…..as you take our CC’s to God in prayer….the mistake that I corrected….I can’t really say they are out of Article 8 compliance…..but it sure looks like it…..because of the 2% IMO….and the float…IMO…..that Dr. Shabibi says he will start in the middle of December.

Ok, I think we will stop because I don’t want to go into the next section….but I have something to tell you…..I believe I am praying by Wednesday…..I-Team started a new study….remember I told you we are not with you….we are teaching you these things…..about December and the first quarter and the float that is now occurring as we believe…..

We are past this though in our studies….we are deep into next year with our studies…..and that should tell you something….we have great confidence in our intel that we provide to you…..what we study is further….deeper into 2016…..that is the CAPPING…..don’t you think that will be toward the end of 2016….no not any longer….they do things now with a speed they show us….if they had the methodical or mundane speed they had before July…..if it was like the Keystone Cops that would bounce off each other accomplishing nothing….yes….but that has all changed as of July…..it is more like an atom smasher now.

Has anyone seen or heard from Maliki…..I was going to send him a Christmas Card but I’ve lost his address…..Lone Ranger theme there….oh ok….excuse me I’m sorry.

Do you have questions.

Where did Delta come up with his 10 cents prediction?

We have three teams….one is contractual, one is military, one is political….ok….so Delta’s team deals with the CBI…..where as I-Team deals with protecting Dr. Shabibi…..fireflies are mainly at agencies places like the UN, DC…places where we need to pick up little things.

So when Delta was told by his team that they may come out at 10 cents….he called and asked if I had seen it…..I replied that no one is posting, the forum is sluggish…..then I saw him post that on the forum in red…..but if it comes out at that rate we won’t see it….you know that…..maybe that is where they are at….but we won’t see that part….no it’s not because they are hiding it…it is because we don’t know how to interpret it….but the whales do….that is the answer to that question.

I thought the IMF gave them until January 1, 2016 or they would step in?

No I did not say that…I’ve said first quarter….I’ve said that clearly…..talking about the IMF contract…you have until the end of the first quarter…..but I don’t think they will take that long….I’ve not heard…..that is what I-Team is dong right now…..I think we will have this by Wednesday or Thursday….once we have it I’ll bring it to you I promise…..what is it…..to analyze this 2% into a float and into the first quarter of next year….we have the skeletal structure of this and we believe in it….now what I-Team is doing is a deeper analytical report. When I have I will bring it to you.

Doodlebug asked…..I’ve heard that Iraq has agreements to trade with 96 countries….how can they do that if they don’t have international currency?

It’s like them “setting up” the taxes and tariffs the past couple of years…right around the middle of December…..but we don’t have a rate yet….that is part of the long line….there are many things waiting for this rate change to occur….but I think this change is coming.

You said on the last CC to watch the CBI for actions on Sunday…what happened?

Nothing…unfortunately they had an auction….we did not see an auction with low figures…..we were hoping not to see an auction at all….we are looking for the LD’s…..we are with the citizens…..because they are the ones who will get them….but we don’t know how…..we would assume through the banks…but the moment we even smell that I may disappear until they tell you….because that would be too dangerous to talk about.

If the dong isn’t in the basket now why did the rate change….couldn’t understand last part of question?

The rate of the dong is constantly changing…..it has gone down 3 times in the last year or so….did it go up slightly….I heard it did….it will be pushed around for a while….because…..China has jumped into the basket…..the little brother can’t get into the basket…..what are you going to offer us dong…..we have a growing economy….bigger than China….well no….then wait.

When will we be able to exchange during the float?

IMO….this float is 10, 20, 40, 50, 60 cents in this month of December for our eyes…yes it should be….sometime after the middle of the month…..toward the beginning of next year……can they exchange during this float….yes you can….but is this float out for the international market for you….so you can exchange it…..with the new rate not the program rate….will they do it behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz…..I don’t know…..then why do you think it is floating…because we have proof of the 2%....the 2% would be cause for the float.

Robdel….What rate is being changed on the 17th?

What rate…..what are we studying……what do you mean what rate….we hope that on the 15th there is a new rate for the tax and tariffs….you know I’m teasing.

Do they have to be RV’ed before the other currencies can be exchanged?

Why do you talk about other currencies….we talk about the Iraqi Dinar right now….you can exchange any of them right now….you can exchange your IQD now at an 1166 rate…..I wouldn’t do that…..I would wait until it gets to at least 1 to 1….what I’m trying to tell you Family is the journey to 1 to 1 will not be so obvious to us….no they won’t hide it….but once it reaches 1 to 1…they will make it very clear and erase the 1166 and put up there 1 to 1……they aren’t hiding it……we just don’t understand the float….look at the American dollar panting as it waits.

I am about to lose my home, in the negotiations to prolong it, I pray for relief, how certain are you about these dates?

I give them all to you in my opinion….you ask for a percentage….these are the questions that stress me.

Will dealers change their rates when it floats, won’t they be stopping their selling when it floats, won’t that be an easy indication?

Brokers get their currency from inventory from reserves…..my broker has to go through 2 banks before we can get to the CBI….we have no idea what the CBI does with their rate….now if they change it it passed from them to the first bank, then the second bank, then to my broker….now my broker may get a 6 hour window ahead of others…but as a licensed agent for my broker, I won’t say jack…..I will not put myself or my broker at risk…..nor will he tell me….he will not put me at risk either.

So we are waiting for the 15th to see what happens?

Yes we do that…..and we also await I-Team’s report.

You are so right WinLady it has started, that is the key to all of this…it has started…..we have started 1 to 1 for the IMF Article 8 compliance….actually before that…..the fact that they have started the compliance of the street rate with the CBI….that is an Article 8 compliance that starts the float that takes them into the RV….then the CAP.

We broke down the month of December and walked into January, out to the far reaches of the end of March. I hope you feel comfortable. Do not worry about Iran, everyone knew they would do this…there are contingencies to deal with Iran.

Ended with a prayer.



12-8-2015   Newshound Guru firefly
   [Have you seen any current information on the taxes and tarriffs going into effect on december 15th? All I KNOW is it HAS to be VERY soon. Have faith, we are oh sooooo close.

12-8-2015   Newshound Guru wmawhite
   It is true...that individually we do not know when...but we have been that the IQD will change in value...and the IMF has told the world what their expectation is.  The IMF stated 3 weeks ago concerning Iraq:  he stressed that Iraq will return to economic market during the first half of next year.

12-8-2015   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Search our economy unique to the deployment of the central bank governor on the sale of currency and monetary reserve Iraqi window"    ...the CBI is trying to demonstrate they can manage the currency within the guidelines of the IMF.   If the CBI can't maintain a spread through the daily auctions (a sort of supply and demand) in a closed system, how in the heck would they ever manage the dinar when it floats worldwide via true supply and demand?   ...under Article XIV, the CBI is learning how to manage an exchange rate.  It is in the CBI's best interest to achieve the goals set forth by the IMF so they can join the big boys. It is in hope that happens by sometime next year.


12-8-2015   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article quotes: "Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq that the third conference to be held by the Association in the 12 and 13 of this month in Baghdad...will chart the work of private banks map in Iraq in the coming year"  THIS...WILL BE THE ROLES OF ALL BANKING FOR THE NEXT YEAR...THIS IS NOT FOR


I just checked around the news media and all seems quiet. Asian markets are closing and Europe is next.
From what I am seeing …It is a false hope on the Fed raising interest rates. Even 0.25% won’t do anything and it looks like the EU is about to collapse the Euro – this could be a sacrifice for the financial world.
As the GCR continues, IMO now you could see England, Greece, and several other countries break from the Euro.
England wanted a Brexit but total separation is not what China wants. IMO….. All these countries can still benefit from the European Union ….. just not the currency part . Sovereign countries need to stand on their own (with their own currency); we are hearing that this was the intent of the GCR.
IMO…..China had no intention of bankrupting the US. Like I have been saying they have been shoring up countries and even businesses that provide services like electricity and water and ecological.
Still hearing that today is our day or no later than 2 morrow.
Then add the final signature needed and funding of the Hong Kong banks and then release of the banking codes on Friday, we should be a go for today.
We have been told that one group says they will be paid BY Wednesday AM  and the other by Thursday AM.
These are SKR’s… thus the  money has been cleared and individual money will be deposited and available….usually by 8am.
I know that at Wells Fargo my monthly direct deposits are usually posted by 5am EST but are done from PST..
Now as far as the email deal goes the verdict is still out on that.
I spoke with several people who had signed up with this group and even did the email update so time will tell……we will see.
Well, that’s it gang. watch and wait cause when this go it will be so fast we won’t know what hit us.
Have a great day and perhaps tonight will be Bruce’s celebration call.
P.S> Boy, everyone is out to destroy Turkey.Are you aware of the messianic prophecy about Russia, Crimea and Turkey?
Interesting premise.



Elmerf12346:  Intel Lite: We’re here, but not here but we are certainly over there somewhere when we should be over here so we’re there I think or are we here? So I’m happy to be here or there with you! Are you there?
CODreamer:  elmer that about sums up how I feel today…lol
Elmerf12346: I ‘m having some fun….. I believe we are really upon it.
Elmerf123456:  You gotta have fun during the ride folks. There really is so much good stuff coming out it makes one scratch their head. I’ve never seen as many positives at one time. I expect it to just Pop up and say you waiting for me?
Elmerf123456:  However I heard a lot of bank stories and appointments set this week. Some of our own here.
Sun2day:  Elmer if the oil tankers of Iraq crude is being accepted & internatiinal banks are over ther consulting, isn’t that an open market?
Elmerf123456:  Sunday that’s my thoughts
Sun2day:  Elmer – why would the largest building in the world be planned in Iraq w security issues & travel warnings? Who does that make sense to? Or are peeps blowing smoke & Iraq will open like Cuba?
Elmerf23456:  Sunday I don’t trust all media bites we are fed. I agree with you too many positives in Iraq. Short answer to you…. They woundnt.
CoDreamer:  elmer any intel on how the people of iraq are feeling about all of this? Have they been pacified enough to stay calm or is the mood getting challenging to keep peaceful? If you know, thanks.
Elmerf123456:  CoDreamer. They are  not protesting
Elmerf12346:  There is really great info all around. Just too much stuff going on not to be confident. I really think it’s gonna just pop and show up
CODreamer: Elmer are you of the opinion that the popping could be at any time of the day, or a specific time?
Elmerf123456:  Co that’s the multi million dollar question.
Elmerf12346:  Lots of countries stating their plans to go gold backed. That sounds like proof positive where the world is heading.
Elmerf123456:  From Cramer: Crude prices gave up gains after steadying not far from seven-year lows on Tuesday as China reported strong commodity imports despite economic weakness, though global oversupply compounded by OPEC’s decision to keep output high led analysts to predict further weakness.
KMAN:  The case for $20 oil is getting stronger by the day……Global stocks aren’t too happy about things this morning, and that includes U.S. stock futures as investors still come to grips with the notion that OPEC really is just going to stand by and watch crude prices keep tanking.
Rocky49: Treat all info as rumor until you get to the bank. Then treat this this for it really is, a blessing from God.
Sun2Day:  IKO & Elmer – we’ve seen the big banks paying large fines for multiple types of market manipulation concluded over the last 18 mos., as well as concern over the gold & silver markets. if the oil market was in the same boat wouldn’t the adjustment look just like this?
Elmerf123456: Sun2day those theories are certainly plausible. That’s what makes the technical squeeze in all this so strange. Somethings gotta give. It will and we need to wait. All we can do!

TNT :Iko Ward in Chat -- Tuesday, December 8, 2015 around 7:30 AM (CST)

Archangelmick wrote
19m ago

Archangelmick wrote
18m ago
Said Hashem Mohammed Hatem, Director General of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry of Trade to the reporter (and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA) that "Iraq has concluded agreements with more than 95 countries in the continents of Asia and Europe and the United States aimed at developing economic and trade, scientific and cultural cooperation as well as protocols modified of these agreements. "

……………………………. IKO STARTS HERE………………………………..

Iko Ward wrote
9m ago
Ever see those videos of the guys riding the giant tortoises on Easter Island? That's how I'm feeling. Forex only polled up 1.4 which is fine, just not the big dip we are looking for. ISX looks like it's going to lose another 1%. All the markets are red from last night. Good, in a perverse way for us. Crude is on it's way down again, 37.42 at the moment.

Iko Ward wrote
8m ago
There was a rumor last night the RV had begun in Singapore. Glad i didn't say anything. But still lots of bank stories and any moment projections and all positive except for you know who. It's early, right?

buckmaster wrote
7m ago
IKO ... I saw where the markets were all Red at the closing Yesterday , However they did Rally a Bit before then , because they were way Down at about 2:00

buffydinar wrote
8m ago
Iko , Why is the price of oil dropping?

Iko Ward wrote
6m ago
buffy, all the OPEC countries wwere trying to keep the market high through their usual manipulations and not pumping but couldn't take it anymore and went every man for himself, so now there's too much out there which drives the price down. Goldman says it's going to hit 20/brl.

buckmaster wrote
5m ago
IKO ... 20.00 a Brl would be a shocker ...would it not ?
Iko Ward wrote
5m ago
buck, I was exhausted and fell asleep. Supposedly some weird stuff on the currency markets around that time as well but I missed it.

COdreamer wrote
4m ago
Iko if the rumor is true, do you think it's just a matter of waiting for the banks to open to see if it has arrived here??

Iko Ward wrote
4m ago
buck, yes, but 30/brl might happen IMO.

buckmaster wrote
3m ago
IKO ... It is way above my pay grade ... I lean on you for that info , I just dont know enough about it to speak on it ...... In this case ... I know what I dont know !!!
Iko Ward wrote
3m ago
CO, I just don't know anymore. It really is just a matter of flipping the switch at this point so anything's possible.

Iko Ward wrote
1m ago
buck, the nice thing about discussing crude is there are the big guys out there openly discussing it, but they're all biased on their positions. Put em all in a jar, shake, and see who's on top any given day.

MARTHA UPDATE : "looking for the magical date", 8 DEC

"Okay, so you’re looking for the magical date" - from Martha 

I guess, I will give one more Crack at it. RAYREN gave some interesting clues today and I will add a few of my own.

Yes we hear the RV had happened on Dec 1, 2015 for the umpteenth time this year. Now we are deep in it and a very short process prevails.

Hearing China wanted it done TODAY! But I'm not sure that will happen.

 Markets in the Asian zone closed flat with no true indication of what is about to happen.
Yes the TRN 's are live but actually have been for quite a while.
Next on Tuesday the bank codes are live. Guess what, they have been since Friday with the transfer of codes as posted by Scorpio.
Two down, one to go. The forex- are we going to see it or is it going to not show just yet?

How many times have we seen movement in that direction, then it returned to 1166 but it seems luck is on our side for the moment.

Now, did Iraq really just R/I or was this brief increase in rates happen because WE weren't ready and promises are promises and this is a show of what is about to happen for their country.

Iraq has been ready for so long, that all expected rioting in the streets. All I can say is PM.ABADI is on great diplomatic leader.

Now enter 2 back wall dates.

The 15th of December is when the tariffs are to be implemented. It is also mid- month for UN operational report and we hear it will be when the public will be able to go into the bank.
Now let's add the 11th.

I may be wrong on this but if congress doesn't get our budget completed, they may be closing down again.

Ok, now I will add some personal intel.2 groups that I am aware of that have skrs have been told no later than Wed and no later than Thurs. Now that doesn't mean it can't happen sooner.

Lastly, are we going to be a "non-event" We are considered private and one for all and all for one.

I wonder if the forex won't change till next weekend, long after we have exchanged.

I would say we are in it …around it …and standing on it and THE SOONER THE BETTER!!!

Also, this is a bank event right now but that could change in a snap of a finger.

I hope this makes sense because I am retiring, effective this week, not 2016 or 2017 !