Monday, December 7, 2015


Hello Everyone.
I am only reporting on the articles and news from Iraq. Then trying to make sense of it all just like you are. So let’s work together and see if we can make any sense of this latest news and what it means to our investment and this ongoing RV saga.
Sometimes we get into a mind set for many reasons as to when this RV is going to occur. Sometimes it is not reality but a fictional world full of dreams and only frustration. Many have their own agenda and intentionally falsify information to get you excited. Many have very good and honest intentions but still that does not make their information any more solid or escape their responsibility to find the truth. Honest intentions does not make fiction into truth. Truth is knowledge – plain and simple.
I am discontinuing the Q&A as I said I would allow only a couple weeks and that is what I allowed.
Today’s News
Today is Monday December 7th   and yes we are now into early December already. It is Monday again and so we sit without any RV once again. With all the hype last week many thought we surely should have had the RV by now. Really? I have to tell you there was absolutely NOTHING last week that could make a point that the RV was immanent, NOTHING!. All of you reading my past news letters and this news letter today should know why I am saying this.
Sorry to disappoint everyone! ….lol….lol…
Many events seem to converge on the month of December and so let’s pay close attention to what is happening this month. I believe this will be a very significant month.
I know I have not published a news letter in a week. I do not publish news letters just to hype you up. I get no “ego” kicks or thrills off my work. I make no payment of money off of anything concerning this dinar revaluation.
Composing these news letters is  time consuming and takes away from my family time. So I would not deliver them if there wasn’t something of value to bring you. I feel for all you fine folks being fooled and tricked by these charlatans of so called intel “gurus” and so I try to help you.
I am not going to hype you up today with some nonsense rumors or info about the lower denoms being launched or the RV having already taken place since none of these events have occurred.
So today I know my news letter is exceptionally long as I have to also clarify many misconceptions and lies about what is happening. Basically I have to clean up the damage brought on by these other people from last week’s misinformation.
Again I tell you to print it and sit back in your favorite chair. Pour a nice cup of your favorite hot beverage, relax and read. But do read it carefully,  since it is full of news you need to hear, if even hearing it for the second time.
Update: Currency Reform
I want to keep all of us focused on the truth always and nothing but the truth. I do not like rumors and I have no need to keep hyping people up for every weekend RV over this currency reform process. The reform process is actually a 2 year process and once stopped it is like stopping a train and so the start it again it takes effort and time. But the train is rolling once again and picking up momentum. It is almost at its destination (NO – the plane has not yet landed and no one is stuck in the cockpit…lol…lol….).
So let me clarify 4 points once again where many are still VERY confused and stuck on. This has happened because they do not take the time to research for themselves but would rather listen to these screw ball so called intel “gurus” who feed them this MISINFORMATION and NONESENSE.
1.    Lower denominations are being launched in regions in Kurdistan
2.    Clarify confusion and rumors  over the launching of the new 50,000 notes a couple weeks ago
3.    Clarification on – The CBI must find a way to increase the value of the dinar over the US dollar
4.    The new US Treasury Notes (TRNs) or movement of USA from a fiat currency to a gold backed currency
Rumor #1 – The Lower denominations are being launched in regions in Kurdistan
First let me say this is an absolute JOKE and no lower denominations have been distributed, just so I am very clear on this subject matter.
Many of these so called intel “gurus” have told you in the past the process of the RV intended by the CBI. So why don’t they now apply it to what is happening?
They told you (and I told you) that in order launch the lower denominations they must need a significant increase in the value of the dinar first. These two events MUST coincide within hours or days of each other. They seem to know the process but now give you contradicting information. Why can’t them apply this nonsense intel they receive to what they already know?
They can’t apply the currency reform process to the present situation.
Folks there is no mystery or conspiracy going on here. So why now are they telling you that Kurdistan  is launching the lower denominations?  Yet we don’t see any significant increase in the value of the dinar?
These same sources do not give us any sound FACTS to prove their statements. Thus a logical person would call them only RUMORS. Rumors have no FACTUAL basis. They can’t give you any FACTS because there are none to give. Funny too how last spring and also years ago they perpetrated these same RUMORS (I call them down right lies) on you. Does this strike you are weird? Do you remember? So just how many times can they launch these lower denoms….loo….lol…? Seems these intel rumors keep floating around and being recycled.
Seems even they can’t follow their own process and remember what they told you about the process in the past. That shows you how true they are to the process and how faithfully they bring you the truth.
I know for a fact there are some jokers in Iraq that are misinforming us. I have told you this before and I hae told them. These conference call sponsors just pass it on to you as intel. They tell you to take the information and do what you want with it. Really? Then why do we need them? What good are they?
Like you, I have the knowledge to know better?  Aren’t THEY the so called intel “gurus”?  Aren’t THEY the ones claiming their intel is the most current? Aren’t THEY the ones that keep telling you their sources are so “high up”?
So then why do THEY now tell you that their info should have no impact on you and that you should just ignore it if you don’t like it. No taking any responsibility for their own actions.
Remember that the CBI has been guiding us all along on the progress of the currency reform. Do you think for one second that they would not be telling the people what they are doing. So far they have guided them all along this currency reform journey. So why would the mysteriously now do something without even publishing it ? If it sound like nonsense it usually is.
Just as when they replaced the old Saddam Hussein notes, they will fully inform the citizens of Iraq when they launch these lower denominations. It will be all over the news.
There will be a strict timeline to turn in all remaining 3 zero notes and this too will be in the heart of the news. Has this been announced? NO-   and this recent nonsense of lower denoms be launched is all just nonsense and goes against the entire process of currency reform, a process that the CBI itself has told in the past us over and over will occur. So relax!
So let me bring to the news letter today once again an article that was published from Iraq about raising the value of the dinar and why this is very important to do and DO IT NOW.
Why would they publish such an article if they “secretly” already increased the dinar value and launched the lower denoms, but only in Kurdistan?
I quote from the article – “ economic convinced strong that the decline of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate with a surplus in the balance of payments reflects the fact that the national currency undervalued real value, so there is an urgent need for action to raise the value of the dinar in the exchange market through direct and constant intervention of the Central Bank Iraq to reduce the SALE PRICE OF THE DOLLAR AGAINST THE DINAR IN THE CURRENCY AUCTION.”
But wait a second the currency auctions are going way at the end of December !
Do you see what is going on here? Can you see now what the FUTURE has in stored.
Article Begins
Dec 6, 2015
BAGHDAD – Imad emirate
There are economic convinced strong that the decline of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate with a surplus in the balance of payments reflects the fact that the national currency undervalued real value, so there is an urgent need for action to raise the value of the dinar in the exchange market through direct and constant intervention of the Central Bank Iraq to reduce the sale price of the dollar against the dinar in the currency auction.
This form-oriented basis points in the direction of strengthening the exchange value of the dinar against the dollar, by taking administrative decisions in a row by the monetary authority, this argument completely intact from the point of this analysis Aloguetsada.dmn oriented academic d said. Awad Fadhil importance of this road in the exchange rate management to be desirable high domestic inflation rate, and raise the value of national currency against the dollar from 2004 until the first quarter of 2010 was in line with the objective to be achieved, a stop the rise in the general level of prices, and strive to reduce the rate of inflation at acceptable levels economically, but who got to the monetary authority continued to approach raising the value of the dinar against the dollar (ie reduce the value of the dollar denominated in dinars) after the decline in the rate of inflation and to control it and install the official exchange rate at a level may not necessarily reflect the level of equilibrium in the market. And when you return to economic indicators easily realize that increasing the degree of intervention in the exchange market and the persistent administrative move towards the low value of the dollar or the selling price was not officially compatible with fundamentals Alkla.ooodh d.Awad when devoting the vast proportion of resources in favor of consumption this with limited capacity in the absorptive INVESTING energy, low competitiveness of industries producing goods traded (except oil), and the tyranny of service activities and the acceleration of price levels and the high level of unemployment and the decline in the relative productivity of industrial and agricultural sector and high production costs All of this leads to the effect brake on Aloguetsad.utaba development:
It is practically impossible that a single monetary tool you can achieve more than one goal has not been used other tools to achieve especially necessary adjustments both financial and structural including help to put the economy on track, the dosing sequence in adjust the exchange rate administratively was in itself incompatible with the economy as a whole as a result of this situation that eventually become the national market value of the national currency is determined in response to market forces, which in turn reflect the economic and political situation in the country is desired.
It is normal in this case to become the nominal exchange local currency denominated higher than its market value any higher than its equilibrium, reflecting the possibility of the dinar exchange in the market price moved to a lower level than the level at which settled upon by government intervention and the imposition of decision Aladarei.okhls to say:
This economic vision strengthened through the big difference between the dollar sale scheduled to price in a market auction Central Bank and its price generated in the free market by supply and demand forces of reaction, since no longer the difference confined to the rank of decimal but exceeded for up to two places decimal places, and so is no longer within the limits or economically acceptable ranges at the international level and Mahla.alomr other is that private demand for the national currency prevailing market price or the current is less than the total special offer, and that the central bank intervenes in the foreign exchange market to buy the difference in order to support the local currency internationally. This shows clearly that the Iraqi Central Bank intervenes to artificially create intentional or on the request of the national currency against the Show more foreign currency, so that the quantity purchased from the local currency, which was higher than can be purchased in normal circumstances to sustain high and stable exchange rate.
Article Ends
The next article I present below  is nothing more than more rhetoric about the recent launching of the new 50k notes. There is still much confusion in many about exactly what happened in this regard. So let me clarify it today.
Rumors #2: Clarify confusion  and rumors over the launching of the new 50,000 notes a couple weeks ago
Simply put last week the CBI halted the 50k notes since there was so much negativity about them. The people want to get rid of the 3 zero notes and do not want more of them. They want a real currency and are tired of having to carry handfuls of 25k notes to the marketplace just to purchase a small bag of groceries. The worst issue is they have been told over and over again the change is coming. So where is it? They are confused over the process the CBI is undertaking. But they do not know the entire process and so the CBI attempts to educate them as I am educating you.
The claim of hyper-inflation caused by the 50k –  Is it real?
It can be real (if it continues without an RV) and the people were told these newer notes were not meant for the general public yet they see them in the banks, in the markets and are allowed to buy them. So they ask what is going on? There is much confusion.
We know the real purposes of these newer notes as they told us these notes are dual purpose. The CBI itself told us this in many past articles. Remember? I am not making this stuff up.
First Reason – to lessen the amount of 3 zero notes in circulation and to provide more security features on the currency (almost impossible to counterfeit). To draw in yet more of the 3 zero notes that are going away. The new 50k notes are NOT going away and will be remaining post RV.
Second Reason – and later, at post RV, to be used for “inter-banking purposes for very large purchases”.
So in regards to the second reason I have to ask this question – How can anyone make a large enough purchase to make it more convenient to even have to use these 50k notes (worth now only about $22.46 USD). Why would this require a special bank to bank transaction? Groceries for an average family in Iraq ranges around $100 USD.
I give the example of buying groceries because you wouldn’t need the new 50k notes if it was just for everyday spending. Instead they are meant for buying a new home or even  a car. But at the 1166-1180 rate it would still take a basket full  of currency to make the large purchases  without a sizable increase in the value of the currency. Get it?
Now if they did launch the lower denoms, without a substantial change in the value, it would take truck loads of currency to buy just a bag of groceries. Do you get my point?  So no change in value, no lower denominations !
So commons sense tells us these lower denoms and 50k notes are really meant for use only after a significant increase in the value of the dinar. So why then would they launch them so early? This brings us back to the FIRST reason. The CBI told us why they were launched them so early. It was the CBI not Mnt Goat telling you it was to collect more of the 3 zero notes (in particular the 10k and 25k notes) and get them out of circulation. The CBI not Mnt Goat and I presented you with articles in past news letters to prove my statements. NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.
So what we are now hearing is the FIRST launching of the 50k notes were not widely accepted, which tells us the FIRST part of the process was unsuccessful and they told us this too when they “postponed” (or more like “halted”) the first launching.
So now why would they tell us over and over again in so many articles that they fully intend to continue distribution of them again in 2016. How can they do this? Don’t they know the FIRST launching was a flop? Oh – but wait a second ! Maybe they plan to first RV prior to re-launching the 50k notes in 2016?
Don’t forget they also keep telling us they fully intend to launch the new 100k notes in 2016 too and also even a new 500 note. So what’ this all about? Surely they will not do this either without an RV.
Otherwise would this not add more insanity to an already sour spot with the citizens if they did not intend to first increase the dinar value significantly?  Just questions you have to keep asking yourself. THINK, THINK !  Just don’t sit back and listen to all this recent info being told you in these forums or intel conference calls.
So in conclusion where do you think we are in the stages of the project to “delete the zeros”?
Can you see the writing is on the wall since they fully intend to do something VERY SOON but they have not yet done it and there is no reason to get overly excited, not yet anyhow,  but our excitement time is coming SOON! .
Remember the project to “delete the zeros” is only a small part of the overall currency reform process. We have seen many steps already. Years ago they told us that when they get closer to a significant change in value they first had to launch these newer denominations. We all assume they were only the lower denoms but what they really told us was they needed the 50,000, 100,000 and the 500 notes too. Now we have witnessed them launch already the 50k and we know the other two notes are coming in 2016. Are you excited? I am but not hyped up to tell you the RV is hear already. So let’s not stretch the truth and only talk about FACTS and what we know to be FACTUAL.
Rumor #3: The CBI must find a way to increase the value of the dinar over the US dollar
There are many rumors this had already been done. Really? Many people out there even are tracking a graph of the daily value of the dinar thinking it is already on some kind of a “float” and it is just going to “float” to the value we need (1:1). Really? They forget one thing though – its not yet international? The RV and only the final RV wll get it international. So how is it now going to “float” then? Who is telling you this nonsense? Do you know anything  about the currency reform process?
Okay so we know the dinar is not yet on a “float” and we are not waiting for the value to “float” its way to the 1:1 value we are now waiting for. If the CBI already fixed this problem then why so many articles about it not being done and the CBI trying then to find ways to do it (meaning get the dinar on par value with the US dollar)? It would have to be done already too if they were in fact launching the lower denominations but we know they haven’t and we know the dinar is still almost worthless to the US dollar.
So let me talk a little about the currency auctions and see if you can see the culprit(s) as to why the are having such a hard time making the dinar a 1:1 with the USD. Remember too I told you before that when they do achieve a 1:1 value this it will NOT BE THE RV. The full blown RV comes later to bring the true asset backed value to their currency but first they MUST be able to control it inflationary value at par to the US dollar (IMF mandate). The words of the IMF not Mnt Goat’s words. Take it and chew on it for awhile…lol…
Discontinuing the money auctions at the end of December
More FACTS – The CBI has told us in two articles already, one of which I presented to you in my past news letter, that they will scale down the money auctions to the point of discontinuing them at the end of this year (meaning the end of 2015). Do you really understand what the auctions do for Iraq?
The CBI sells dinar at these auctions for US dollars. This helps increase the CBI reserves. Countries do not keep their own currencies in their reserves. Instead they keep valuable, stable currencies of other countries. Thus Iraq wants to collect US dollars. Iraq also now wants to stabilize and diversify their reserves and will probably soon include some of the Chinese Yuan. Is this holding up the RV – you might ask?

Why would the CBI be waiting to diversify their portfolio of currency in their reserves first prior to an RV? Maybe I am missing something or maybe I am an idiot but I see no reason to wait since they are coming right out and telling us the reason. I am showing you proof by the article below. Again NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.  They must control the value of the dinar to a 1:1 first prior to an RV. The funny thing is you probably won’t even ever have any opportunity to exchange at the 1:1 rate since it won’t be out long and will soon RV afterwards. I do not believe the rate will even go international until it does RV later so how can you even have any opportunity to exchange anyhow since the banks use the international currency exchange value listed in the exchanges. Get it?
Let’s now look at a recent article I provided below. It is from a financial expert in Iraq.
The most interesting part of the article below is when the financial expert says and I quote – “calling on the central bank to the need to implement the project to delete the three zeroes instead of resorting to the issuance of new editions (referring to the 50k, 100k and 500 notes) may affect the trade balance in the market”.
It’s all here in black and white. How can they possibly be already launching the lower denoms with a statement like this or be waiting on acquiring Chinese Yuan?  Folk – these rumors just don’t make any sense. Please ignore them. In fact you shouldn’t even be listening to anyone who has not shown you proof of what they tell you. Sorry these“secret” sources for intel are just no good.  Stop paying attention and force these so called intel “gurus” to bring you FACTS not rumors from some “secret” sources in Iraq or boots on the ground.
You deserve better intel! Challenge them on their calls see how they respond with the FACTS or just more info to cover up their rumors?  It’s up to you. You can end these intel calls by simply ignoring them and not calling in to the live call. It is that simple. Only then will their intel calls dry up as they blow away in the wind, as they deserve.
Article Begins
BAGHDAD / JD / .. counting the number of experts and specialists in the financial and economic affairs decision of the Central Bank to issue a new edition the category of 50 000 dinars as a procedure Trqiei will affect the standard of living of citizens, stressing that issuance will cancel the deal for small groups as a class of 250 dinars and category 500 dinars and will become a category 1000 Smaller class dinars be dealt with gradually.
The economist said just Almnlaoa, the central bank directed towards the issuance of large groups of 50 000 dinars efficient and category 100 000 dinars will be accompanied by other measures implemented gradually cancel a small groups.
He Almnlaoa Agency / JD /: that the government is seeking to turn the financial crisis from the state to the citizen through the application of some measures pertaining to monetary policy in coordination with the Central Bank as well as fiscal policy, particularly with regard to the budget, noting that the decision to issue 50 edition thousand dinars will be accompanied by decisions implemented indirectly cancel a deal for small groups as a class of 250 dinars and 500 dinars category and category will be 1000 dinars, equivalent to 250 dinars in the current currency.
He added that this measure is Trqiei and will affect the standard of living of citizens and makes the society is divided into two layers rich and the other bankrupt, calling on the central bank to the need to implement the project to delete the three zeroes instead of resorting to the issuance of new editions may affect the trade balance in the market.
For his part, expert in financial matters on behalf of al-Tamimi, said the issuance of 50 000 dinars a class should not have any positive impact on the economy and the national currency, wondering what is the purpose of the issuance of this category at a time when the country is suffering from a financial crisis.
He said al-Tamimi told / JD /: There are reports that the cost of printing this new category is estimated at $ 68 per edition while 50 000 dinars, equivalent to about $ 48 which means that the print will cost the country a lot of money at a time when the country suffers from the financial crisis and the budget deficit Federal.
It was the first central bank to implement projects which they can support the national currency against hard foreign currencies and increase cash reserves instead of resorting to the implementation of the projects as a prosthesis issuing new editions of major categories.
The central bank announced earlier in the issuance of a new edition the category of 50 000 dinars.
He was a member of the Finance Committee MP Haitham al-Jubouri said earlier that the project of issuing 50 000 dinars category will be implemented during the next three years.
It is said that a source in the central bank denied the cost of the new edition of 50 000 dinars category is estimated at $ 68 stressing that the cost per Edition estimated only six cents. / En
Article Ends
Article Begins
criticized a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi current Central Bank, “stressing” the need to cancel the auction currency and the dimensions of Directors of the Bank for quotas partisan and political. ”
Said al-Tamimi said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq a copy of it, that “political and partisan quotas confused the work of government institutions, particularly the economic ones,” stressing “the necessity to run the central bank by specialists economy and money, not according to the quotas that have caused the destruction of the economy Iraq.
“Tamimi said and explained,” currency auction in a large increase in spite of our pleas many of the Central Bank of the need to reduce the sales of hard currency, especially since these sales sometimes be covered by the reserve value negatively affect the quantity, “stressing the” importance of maintaining the size of the reserve and in line with international standards.
“It pointed out that” there is a great imbalance in the currency auction, “noting that” the central bank customers from the private sector are buying the dollar at the official rate under the pretext of covering imports State and this move carry an imbalance intentional, the fact that the sale of the dollar at the official rate goes into the pockets corrupt.
“and was amazed Tamimi of the” insistence of the central bank to hold an auction of the currency, “she wondered,” Is there in the neighboring countries, an auction of the coin as is the case in Iraq.
“and raised suspicions of corruption and operations of laundering money through the central bank auction where announced, specialized issues of integrity and crime a misdemeanor court Economic and money laundering, on 20 August issued sentences of imprisonment and a fine against officials in the Rafidain and North after being convicted on charges of corruption and money laundering, a banner earlier in the presence of 20 defendants in this some issues largely chairman.
“The Federal Court Supreme, announced on the sixth of July, several articles unconstitutional in budget 2015 law, including Article 50, the judge to “compel the Central Bank identifies sales of hard currency [the dollar] in its daily auction ceiling does not exceed $ 75 million a day.”
with the exception of the Governor Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords, the court’s decision as “came in accordance with the Constitution and the Law on the Central Bank, which is a great importance because of its impact in promoting and supporting the independence of the Bank and remove him from influencing the policies and decisions.”
The relationships declared in 20 of the month of November last that the bank reserves foreign exchange of 60 billion dollars, “adding that” enough for six months, “noting that” the Central Bank is working on the application of parallel policy to maintain the overall stability of prices and curb inflation, “
Article Ends

Update: Needed Laws
Just because I have not reported for a few days on the needed laws does not make then no longer important. So I am going to let you know how we stand on these today.
All the rest of these needed laws seem to be converging on mid to late December. Even the 2016 budget had some issues and so they told us by the end of December. (I would hope since 2016 is just around the corner…lol…). But leave it to Iraq to be always just on time or be late.
On Sunday the government announced the conditions in Basra providence were stable for the issuance of the Unified National Card about 150 per day. Remember these cards are muti-purpose. They are an ID card as well as to replace the SMART card now used for paying out benefits.
Iraq still plans on mid December for the Reconciliation Conference and the point of the conference is to have all these needed reforms completed. Why have knowledge the conference if not completed, as some intel “gurus” lead you to believe? Ask them to prove it to you then? This does not mean “agreed to” behind secret doors. They must pass these laws to prove good faith for this reconciliation healing process to work. No more talk.
What are they now telling us?
-National Guard law by end of December. (Amnesty will coincide) See below article.
-Judicial Reforms by end of December
-Council law (still no news but we know this is really the Federation Council).
-Parties Law becomes fully effective mid December
-Re-launching the Customs and Tariffs mid December (need value of currency or will fail again)
Parliament is on recess until the next session beginning Dec 8th. Could this all happen in one  ‘Basket” of laws?  Jabouri himself has told us this might happen?  Remember the article months ago? Seems it would almost have to happen now if they still plan on mid December for the conference. Maybe this will all be pushed out further?
We know it comes down to a last bunch of  laws and the are stalled due the Sheite influence, or we would have already seen them passed. No –they are NOT secretly hiding them from us. There is absolutely no conspiracy to hide them from us investors to fool us or trick us. We are insignificant to this process. In fact the articles are not even intended for us and are instead to inform the Iraq citizens. Remember these corrupt individuals in Iraq work best under chaos and confusion. They are now very desperate and they know their days are numbered. This is how they gain power and try to maintain it. Abadi has put together a strong “reformist coalition” and hopes this will overcome any opposition to the last of these critical reforms.
Meanwhile Maliki has announced his group of goons are putting together a new coalition also. They plan to run in the 2017 provincial elections and then in 2018 major elections. Oh – but wait one second !  How can they since the “Parties Law” which goes into effect mid December prohibits anyone who is associated or even aligned with any terrorist group or militia to run or hold a political office. Got ya covered Maliki ! So this new Maliki coalition will go nowhere. It’s just a bunch of desperate men trying to save their hides.
Rumor #4: The new US Treasury Notes (TRNs) or movement of USA from a fiat currency to a gold backed currency
I want to clarify this one more time for all out there. Do you even know what the intended purpose of the TRNs are? They are for international trade ONLY between nations. TRNs have been around for a very long time and nothing new. Yes- they have been issued in the past to coincide with the Federal Reserve notes. In fact all currency in the US must say “Federal Reserve” on the notes. This is the law.
I can hardly stand it and laugh and laugh at all the ignorance of some of these forums. Some are telling you the TRNs are launched in China? What does this mean? It does not even make any sense.
Do they even know the TRNs are US currency?
They associate this to the RV being immanent too. Again how stupid and ignorant! I swear some of these people saying this stuff and continuing these rumors should be locked up in insane asylums because that is just where they belong (if even they themselves truly believe what they are saying).
TRNs have already been launched now for years already. They are being used as balance of payments in the process of international trade for the USA and foreign countries. Due to the many increased volume from the US treasury in the printing of yet more US currency in quantitative easing (QE) process, many countries have worries that the US currency would crash due hyper inflation (due to too much in circulation). Simply put their worries led to a gold backed version of the Federal Reserve note for trading. These are not meant for the general public and are not going to be ever widely circulated. This has happened in the past and is an accepted practice only you are now following currencies, know about it and are being hyped up by some so called “guru” over it.
There is ABSOLUTELY no intent to back all of the US currency with gold nor could they if they wanted to.  NO- going back to the gold standard is not even a short term goal for the Federal Reserve nor have they been given instructions to do so.
The Feds are here to stay. Sorry conspiracy people!  I challenge anyone to give me proof to back up anything I have said so far in this news letter on this subject matter. I mean solid proof and FACTS, so don’t give me just more stupidity, rhetoric  and rumors or even conspiracy stuff you heard on some intel call, from some person.
Article Begins
ABADI: WE ARE WORKING TO PASS THE ANTI-TERRORISM LAW (this is the National Guard law called something else)
6/12/2015 0:00
BAGHDAD – morning
Confirmed the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that his government is working to pass the anti-terrorism law and vowed that he will press toward approval in Parliament as called for removal of the device from politicization and maintain Astqlalath.oukal Abadi in a statement issued on the sidelines of his visit, the leadership of anti-terrorism headquarters received (morning) copy of it:
The device has succeeded in demonstrating his strength on the ground, and achieve victories over the enemy, pointing out that to maintain the vitality of the system and strengthen it is essential for the State of Alaracah.alebadi described anti-terrorism device Balehioa and basic security system which is generally terrorism strike force, returned steadfastness
Generally enemy machine restoration of trust security system because this device to defend all Iraqis, regardless of affiliation, religion, sect and Alqomah.obin Abadi, that “the importance of this device comes from the first two principles of higher training and the second commitment laws is a disciplined force is respected by all Iraqis,” pointing to ” the need to keep the device and all other security forces from politicization and maintain its independence and that its management be linked to a central.
“He stressed Abadi on the work of the government to pass the anti-terrorism law and push for approval in parliament, adding that the device HAS A KEY ROLE IN THE CURRENT SITUATION ACCORDING TO TWO CHALLENGES, EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL, He is stressing that the support device is in support of the security system and the homeland and the citizen. ”
He was surprised at the attempt of some to create a state of conflict, conflict and problems between the security forces and volunteers of the heroes of the popular crowd and the security services themselves, putting question marks about these attempts, calling the attention to the intelligence and win the citizens, stressing that this is what has succeeded its hardware, praising the “sacrifices made by the device and the importance of care of the families of martyrs and wounded.
Article Ends
Update: Fighting ISIS
Opps! Did I forget to mention that  they are cleaning house with ISIS and the Iranian militias are next but there is still much progress to be made. There are yet newer strategies everyday and if these don’t work there will be more. More and more countries are joining the coalition and now serious talks of moving on Syria. What I am hearing is the security is clean enough now in Iraq  to let the RV go, so for now this is NOT an issue and a holdup.
Article below talks mainly about USA and how it is expected to send elite forces to Iraq to about 200 numbering to Iraq to carry out raids on the militant group, which seized large areas of Syria and Iraq.
But these raids are related to any terrorist or terrorist related groups. This article is surely written by Maliki and his goons since they are fearful of these troops and how it will impact their plans to bring Iraq down as a puppet state for Iran. Yes – this battle still continues between good and evil and will continue until Maliki and his goons are eliminated.
So I believe this is Maliki’s  response to the recent judicial response to holding trial over Mosul infiltrations issue was to relate that he has many files on everyone involved in the government corruption and he was not alone. I believe these files still remain in the government office he still occupies. Would the judicial luv to have these files?
So let’s put two and two together. The USA elite forces coming into Iraq to conduct “unannounced” raiding missions on terrorists organizations or even suspected terrorists. Does this mean possibly former government officials now causing havoc in the country and proven ties to leading terrorist organizations?  Could they maybe one day conduct a raiding mission on the government building or even the home of Maliki or some of his goons?
Article  Begins
Published time: 3 Dec, 2015 10:52Edited time: 3 Dec, 2015 14:33
A British Tornado taxis on the runway after returning from a mission at RAF Akrotiri, in southern Cyprus December 3, 2015. © Darren Staples / Reuters
RAF bombing raids against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria have dealt “a real blow” to the financing of the terror group, said Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, after MPs voted overwhelmingly for war on Wednesday night.
The raids, which took place early on Thursday morning, targeted oil fields in the north of the country. Analysis indicates “the strikes were successful,” the Ministry of Defence (MoD) claimed.
Fallon told the BBC he had approved the targets before the House of Commons vote on Wednesday evening, and gave permission for the raids to go ahead once MPs had rubberstamped extending airstrikes against ISIS form Iraq into Syria.
He added that airstrikes against extremists are likely to continue for years.
“This is not going to be quick,” he said.
“I can confirm that four British Tornados were in action after the vote last night attacking oil fields in eastern Syria – the Omar oil fields – from which the Daesh [IS] terrorists receive a huge part of their revenue.”
“This strikes a very real blow at the oil and the revenue on which the Daesh terrorists depend.”
The Tornado jets are based at Britain’s Akrotiri base in Cyprus, from which they flew to Syria to conduct the raids shortly after the result of the vote was known.
Some 397 MPs voted in favor of airstrikes, while 223 voted against, giving them a majority of 174. A total of 67 Labour MPs rebelled against party boss Jeremy Corbyn to back the Conservative government’s motion.
Prime Minister David Cameron said it was “the right decision to keep the UK safe.”
Fallon said the decision had allowed RAF bombers to target the extremist group on both sides of the Iraqi/Syrian border.
“They have been able to attack these terrorists on one side of the border. Now they are free to be able to attack some of their key targets on the other side of the border as well – a border that Daesh/ISIL have never respected themselves.”
He explained the planes had attacked oil fields in the north of the country.
“I approved yesterday a series of targets in the Omar oil field – wellheads from which the oil production is derived which helps to finance Daesh.
“All four Tornados have now successfully returned and we will be assessing later this morning the actual damage done. They were using Paveway munitions in an area of oilfields where there was simply oil infrastructure in eastern Syria, a long way from Raqqa itself, down near Iraq.
“It’s a very good illustration of a target that is literally one side of the border and couldn’t previously be attacked.”
However, a report for Al Arabiya published in October suggests the routes to these oilfields were already destroyed in airstrikes earlier in the year, suggesting the oilfields may not actually have been in use.
The parliamentary debate to extend airstrikes was met with protests organized by the Stop the War Coalition, a group previously chaired by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
It called the decision to bomb Syria “profoundly mistaken and dangerous.”
“A new war will not increase the prospects of peace in Syria, nor will the British people be safer from terrorism. And the record of two years’ bombing of IS in Iraq shows that it will not be dislodged by a great-power air war.”
Article Ends
Article Begins
Thursday 03-12-2015 | 12:18:36
Twilight News / says the National Alliance and the Shiite faction influential in Iraq, said the prime minister Haider al-Abadi will dig its own grave political and undermines the fight against al Daash if he allowed the publication of a new US special force operations in the country.
Washington said on Tuesday it would send troops is expected to be about 200 numbering to Iraq to carry out raids on the militant group, which seized large areas of Syria and Iraq.
Hours later, al-Abadi said that the publication of any such force would require consultation with his government statements which appear to be made for domestic consumption at home.
He said US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday that the Iraqi government has been kept informed of plans and that the two governments will hold close consultations on practical details.
However, Abadi partners politicians said they would never accept an expanded role for American forces and insisted that the prime minister would dare to act on its own after the withdrawal of parliamentary support for his program of internal reform last month because of concern that have not been extensive consultations enough before making important decisions.
Said Mohammed Naji MP from the Badr Organization and one of the local leaders to PDF crowd, which includes Shiites and other anti fighters to Daash “If the Abadi take a single decision approving the deployment of US special forces will Nstjoppe in Parliament. He knows very well that the interrogation could lead to a vote of no confidence” , he was quoted as saying by Reuters.
Abadi had faced a major challenge in November from within the National Alliance when it was approved unanimously by the House of Representatives to prevent his government from the adoption of important reforms without the consent of Parliament.
And seen the move as an attempt to curb Abadi amid discontent from his leadership style and the slow pace of reforms demanded by the protesters. The move sparked speculation about an attempt to overthrow him but those fears have receded in recent times.
The governor Zamili -oho prominent politician from Sadr’s movement, a movement founded by a man of the anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr “is not permissible for the government to give a mandate for the deployment of ground forces in Iraq even if the exploratory forces or intelligence gathering.”
Supported Ammar Tohme Virtue Party leader in the Shiite alliance that position, saying that the parliament alone is not Abadi has to approve the presence of foreign troops fighting power.
And rejection of any expansion of the US role in the country, no matter how limited or gradually stems in part to the absolute lack of confidence on the part of the Iraqis and their leaders in Washington’s intentions.
Naji said the fear is that as soon as the US Special Forces are deployed has turned its attention to the eventual prosecution of the leaders of the popular crowd, and senior Shiite politicians, some of whom are listed on the US terrorism list.
He said another deputy of the National Alliance “for Ebadi to give the green light for the deployment of US troops in Iraq may not be just a salvo wounds in the foot.’ll Be shooting in the head.”
Mission Impossible
Opposition has been forced by armed Shiite factions -alta seen as a bulwark in the face of the organization Daash which is the greatest security threat to Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, Abadi also to block Washington’s plans.
The prime minister is under growing US pressure to rein in armed factions which angers factions that enjoy a lot of support among Shiites, who make up the majority in Iraq.
The parliamentarians said that al-Abadi would not risk to go to a clash with the armed factions but it would be difficult for him to resist pressure from Washington to give US troops a broader combat role. The United States and a major donor of aid to the Iraqi army.
Said political analyst Ahmed Younis al-Baghdadi, “It may be an impossible task for Ebadi to find a compromise .. he has to careful not to provoke the wrath of his coalition and aggregates strong popular crowd at the same time responding to the Americans.
“If al-Abadi agreed to the deployment of US special forces so it offers on a plate the opportunity to opponents to remove him.”
Leaders of armed factions has already rejected any deployment of US troops and said they would not hesitate to turn their attention from fighting Daash to fight the Americans.
The armed Shiite factions have shown fierce resistance to the US occupation that followed the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.
Jaafar al-Husseini, spokesman for Hezbollah Brigades that send US troops will only aggravate the security crisis in Iraq.
He said “any party, including Prime Minister al-Abadi allow the existence of US forces in Iraq must take responsibility for spark all-out civil war.”
Such warnings are premature and may be increased but direct military activities of the United States, albeit on a small scale may lead to instability and undermine the chances of containing the sectarian conflict.
The last US troops withdrew from Iraq in 2011, but some advisers returned in 2014 after the organization view the progress of Daash Baghdad at risk and now numbering about 3,500.
And it raised the growing military role for Russia in Syria and their participation in security coordination cell in Baghdad also includes Iran and Syria fears in Washington that it is losing ground in favor of her former opponent in the Cold War in the Middle East.
Naji said the MP from the Badr Organization that the deployment of US troops in Iraq if there will be a “pull factor” for more interference by foreign powers.
He added, “We will be yard and other powers to liquidate own accounts.”
Article Ends
One more item today:
Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe their success is in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.
Thank You TJP –
“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and Coalition Soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be Victorious against them! We ask that the Victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin! Amen!
All these prayers seem to be working.”
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All.


Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#
RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT family!  Today is Monday, December 7, 2015.  This is RayRen98 and with Already Blessed we will get this show on the road. It’s almost show time on this Marvelous Monday.  We have information updates.
Did we think we would hear the same information as Friday?  There was an early meeting that afternoon, discussing why certain things did not come through.  All was good and interesting, and we went through the weekend with high expectations.  News came from Iraq that the RV has begun… that’s consistent.  This currency can now float.  We had more indications of lower denoms, erratic from different regions.   A video when viral saying dinar was a 122 for 100 dollars, meaning each dinar is worth about 80 cents.  That is true in Iraq.  We connected with our best contacts, and lower denoms are in people’s hands in some areas.  We believe it is taking place, just not widespread  yet.
We hear the RI took place on the 1st but not a ton of confirmation.  People are counting the days it goes to RV, with lots of projections.  Time will tell.  What are bond holders getting?  Information went out to them, similar to what we are looking for.
We have information that TRNs are active.  We project that bank codes will be active on Tuesday, then on Wednesday green light for RV activation.  We don’t know why it didn’t take place over the weekend.
When a person says “we are in same place as last year”, I say NO!  So many things have changed. There is a computer on sale for 175 dinar;  how much would that equate to? Members are looking on Craigslist and seeing ads for 10,000 for a car;  what would 10K dinar have to equal to buy an automobile? There have been people with three separate stories of getting loans for cars based on the perceived value of their currency.  This is very exciting information.
If you are sitting on the fence, too many things happening and too many open door not to realize this opportunity is within our reach.  People have been calling me saying they are being called by their banks and told all five currencies will be exchanged.  Some Canadians are being able to exchange zim.  We still don’t know the exact hour or day, but will all this information, we have to believe we are very much in the week. Time will tell what day – any hour of any day looks good for this process, with the information we have received.  More info will flow after the end of this call, with confirmations as the day trickles by.
Are we prepared for this lifestyle change?  I’m not telling anyone, but people close to you will know that something has changed.  If you don’t spend any of this money, what is the point?  So people will know something is happening. I want to help people, my family, friends and neighbors, and those will have ramifications as well.  So when I say “Are you ready?” I don’t mean are you ready to exchange, but are you ready for how your whole life will change?  There are ways that we do certain things, and also how we live our lives.  Are you ready?  The time is very close.
That’s it for intel at the moment.  Let’s take some questions.
508 caller:  Merry Christmas!  [Appreciation]  I live on Cape Cod, and none of the banks here seem to know anything or have a machine;  they have to send out for currency if you want any.  We don’t have a WF, and the BoA doesn’t deal with currency.  I’ve talked to the WM at WF in Boston and he is out to lunch so I wouldn’t trust him with my money.  Where there will be a bank that exchanges near here?
RayRen:  Did you speak to them about exchanging?
Caller:  yes, I said I had some Chinese money, and they said they didn’t know, they’d have to send it out and verify it, etc.
RayRen:  Yes, you will have to look for a bank that is more favorable to your conditions.  I have no idea how far you will have to travel, but that would mean nothing to me in terms of maximizing this.
Caller:  Connecticut? New York?  I don’t want to deal with the currency dealers.  Do you hear of anyone exchanging on the East Coast?  I’m traveling to NC for Christmas?  Where would I go if it’s after next Wednesday?
RayRen:  If the banks don’t provide 800 numbers to us all, I’m sure all the members will post numbers in the forum.
Caller:  I’m not a member of the forum.
RayRen:  There is a link you can click on to show the information even if you are not a member. If available, if the members start reporting their locations, we’ll try to put it in the public sector where non-members can access it.  I’ll try to get that done for you.  There will be someone looking at for you, some way, somehow.
303 caller:  Regarding the website, I was on tntsuperfantastic.com forever, and you had a display for the 800 numbers, and that has been removed.  How do I get that again?  Also, I cannot seem to work the tntshowtime link.
RayRen:  That has been removed because they haven’t given us that information but as soon as it’s available, our web techs will make sure it gets on the sites.  You have to be a member to get on tntshowtime.activeboard.com.
Caller:  Ah, I’m not a member;  I always looked to stage3alpha and then they closed the TNT site.  I do look at the latest Blasts and tweets, and the latest one is on 2. December.
RayRen: That is the public part, that you don’t have to be a member to see. The rest of the forum you have to be a member to be there.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
512 caller:  Looks like everything is coming down the track.  I thought they transferred the RV release to the IMF a few weeks ago and then we expected it to happen pretty quickly. Now we understand there is a three-letter agency involved, probably within our admin-istration?  How are they circumventing the IMF, Iraq, etc>
RayRen:  I don’t see a delay taking place. All the information indicates that this is moving – adverts at ridiculously low prices, loans, etc. We are waiting at the bus stop and you know that bus is coming.
Caller:   Tony said that there were various delays from that three-letter agency, after the agreements with Iraq and so on. I’ve tried to get on the calls several times to address that situation… that there were eight different delays.
RayRen:  I know of no activity stopping anything. I see it in effect, and our Iraqi contacts are saying the same.  I do believe it’s in progress, and I don’t think any agency is slowing it down or stopping it.  It’s just taking its natural progression and we don’t know how long that will take.
Caller:  Like everyone else, I’m frustrated that we are so close to Christmas and I don’t want the same thing to happen as last year and the year before.  Now some gurus are saying March 1st!
RayRen: Based on what?  If there is no substance, don’t receive it!  What I am receiving is that we are anticipating people exchanging this week.  On Craigslist, cars are being listed at 10,000 dinar, and that doesn’t make sense if the currency hasn’t changed value.  The same is true of the lower denominations.  If there is something back up 1. March, then I will receive it and make plans accordingly.  If not… if they don’t tell you why, then so far as I’m concerned it’s come out of thin air.  Don’t believe it unless there is substance to back it up.
Caller:  [same again]  We want to see this come through before Christmas.
RayRen:  We expect this before Christmas but there are no guarantees – no one has promised this before then.  When I see the information, that is reality to me and it’s on the move.  We can be there any hour or any day.  If it happens by March 1, then I’ll see you there.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
313 caller:  No question but I also read the IMF is in Iraq, I think that is a good thing.  Is Tony going to be back for the last call?
RayRen:  I don’t know.  We’ll see what the future holds for us.  We’re very optimistic.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
312 caller:  I dial in as early as I can!  I have a small bank story.  I called my bank contact just before the call;  we haven’t talked for a few months.  In the past, he said that they had talked about the currencies a little bit, and we bantered a bit.   This time he was much more informed.  He is a private banker, and they had received the memo and they will be doing exchanges… including the Iraqi dinar.  He was glad I had called and said he will put my number in his “to call file” when the time comes.  He said he might be calling this week!  I said that if I don’t hear from him, I do have another bank contact, but he said, “Oh, no, you will hear from me!”  So he had a lot more information than when we spoke last, and that is more confirmation that the banks have received memos and are knowing and doing things.  I’m excited to have this confirmation on a personal level.  I look forward to hearing from him this week.  He sounded excited and knows this is happening.
RayRen: We haven’t heard any other confirmations so far today, but look to get more of that kind of banking information as the day unfolds, as to what happened (or didn’t happen) on Friday and over the weekend.  I am anticipating their receiving us this week. Some have dropped information into chat, OM, texting me of their first-hand experiences talking with bank people and being received.  The bank people are even saying “send me some people”.  That is new, and that should have some meaning to you. They are ready! I think they are ready for right now, not 1. March.  I don’t think they are getting excited now for something four months down the road.
Caller: This guy this morning sounded like he was talking to a long-lost friend. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
770 caller:  This seems to have been moved down the road so many times.  How far as we away from NOT getting the cheese moved again?  Where is the truth at?
RayRen: The truth is in all of it!  Monday/Tuesday was an expectation, not a promise, at least not from TNT.  It’s something to look forward to.  Then hearing what took place over the weekend… I’m feeling very good about the progress that it is moving us forward.  I don’t think the cheese has been moved, we haven’t got close enough to see it!  It is as it is.  Hang in there and we’ll see it through to the end.
954 caller:  Good afternoon!  I forgot to put my hand down.  All my questions have been answered.
816 caller:  I was curious about something on DinarDetectives yesterday that said that if it didn’t happen by today, there would be hyper-inflation.
RayRen:  We’ve had some conditions like that in the past, like when the US’s credit rating dropped and we were all going to hell in a hand basket. We got it back, everyone still went to work, and life went on.  Whenever I hear “or else”, I know life will still go on.
Caller; Do you think we will have this before Christmas?
RayRen:  Based on things that happened this weekend, I do believe and feel this IS in progress. We were told it started in Iraq, with lower denoms being distributed in some areas and exchanges at 122 dinar to 100 dollars.  So I have every reason to believe we will see this before Christmas, although I don’t have definitive information.
Caller:  I talked to Bank of America last year and they said they would NEVER trade in those currencies. Then a few weeks ago, I went to the head lady and asked about exchanging foreign currencies. I told her which ones I have, and she said that until this is  lifted she cannot, but afterwards she can exchange those currencies. I wonder if I should go in again and ask if she can exchange now.
RayRen:  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  It’s showing on the screens, and some people are getting loans based on the perceived value of these currencies. That is in the USA, and all across the US.  Just think of the ones who are not coming us… we just hear certain things, and not others until the events are in the past.
Caller:  My son knows they are exchanging in Canada, and he asked if he can go there and exchange…
RayRen:  I don’t know if Americans can go to Canada and exchange, what conditions are involved.  All a Canadian bank and ask their requirements.  Keep in mind that the US rates are supposed to be better than anywhere else, so I would prefer to exchange in the US.  You do want to shop around, but that is what I’ve been told.  Remember also that the Canadian banks will be exchanging to Canadian dollars;  ask what that would be in US dollars.
Caller:  There are many people I want to help at Christmas time.  RV, RV, RV!
RayRen:  Time flies when you are having fun!  Pam?
Pam:  I’m all set – thanks, everybody.  I hope this is our week!
RayRen:  I hope this is our week.  Are you ready? Are you really, really ready?  There are many things that need to be included in that.  Check your IDs, that you have photo IDs and that they are current.  If you are exchanging in your  personal name and plan to move the currency over to an entity, make sure you have a POD (payable on death) so that if anything happens to you before you can move the funds, your beneficiaries can receive those funds smoothly.  This is for single folks;  married people will have each other.  Talk it over with the bank and make sure you have a POD so that your beneficiary would only have to show a death certificate to receive those funds without going through probate.
Also, make an inventory of your currency, especially if they bank has to send it away for verification.  Hopefully most will verify it on the spot, they will sign off on it and give you a receipt.
This is Marvelous Monday. I’m not looking forward to doing a call on Wednesday because I hope we will have it in our hands by then. It sure looks good or this to be our week. Thanks for spending this time on the call with us.  TNT wishes you a good day!