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Article quote:  “…the central bank next year will present another new currency worth 100 000 dinars and then followed the process of deleting the zeros currency in circulation is to be one dinar and 5 dinars and 10 dinars and 25 dinars and 100 dinars…
Look who is promoting the new currency and valuation now, yes Iraq themselves. Pack your bags and get ready.  This is so “IN our faces”.  The IMF has told the world that they expect Iraq to re-enter the “market” before the first half of 2016.
Now we have a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee while speaking about future revenue happen to say “oh, by the way the 1, 5, 10, 20 and 100 IQD notes are going to be distributed during 2016.
It certainly appears to me that they (Iraq, CBI, GOI) intend to change the value of the IQD…I believe, unlike previous years, and I have never liked dates, but in this case the window of opportunity starts January 1, 2016.
This info is just huge. …the time has come and start preparing for our lives to change.


I want to crush the skepticism that’s out there.
Are they going to retire the 25k notes…are they going to lop?  Let’s go through this real quick.
If they were simply going to get rid of the notes with the three zeros on them all they have to do is retire them…that’s it.
They have been reducing the note count. Which tells you the value of what we have.  And lately what have they been doing?
They’ve been using their gold reserve to sponge up what you and I have.
What’s interesting though an article says “CBI an existing project to delete the zeros “well if they are deleting zeros off the currency why are they issuing 50,000 notes?
Does that make sense to anybody? Obviously it means they are getting rid of the zeros off the rate It couldn’t be in your face clearer than thatWhat’s the worst case scenario that can happen for you here?


Hello Everyone.
First I want to wish all my Dinarian friends in the USA a Happy Thanksgiving Day. Please do not forget all the blessings we have and how fortunate we really are to be living in this time of history in the making.
Today’s News
Today is Wednesday November 25th and just a little less than a week away from the early to mid-December timeframe. I have described the significance of this timeframe to you many times already.
Have you been listening?
I want to clarify all the talk about the IMF and the FACT they are working closely with Iraq to resolve their economic issues,  one of which is the currency reform. I firmly believe this is the reason we are seeing the recent push to get everything completed in a timely manner.
So what is their target date? I will tell you so keep reading.
The article below could not have said it all any clearer. NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.
I quote from the article – “Discuss Iraq, with the United Nations how to take advantage of IMF experts monitoring program (Staff-Monitored Program) to strengthen public financial management”
I quote from the article – “how to take advantage of the Fund’s surveillance program (SMP) to strengthen public financial management and strengthen CASH MANAGEMENT and provide the STABILITY OF THE FINANCIAL SECTOR in the country.”
Article Begins
Discuss Iraq, with the United Nations how to take advantage of IMF experts monitoring program (Staff-Monitored Program) to strengthen public financial management.
The Finance Ministry said in a statement, “The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari met, today, representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubiš and discussed relations between the two parties and the political and economic situation in the country.”
The ministry said in its statement that “the meeting saw a review of the consultations and meetings held by the government delegation with the International Monetary Fund in Amman recently, and how to take advantage of the Fund’s surveillance program (SMP) to strengthen public financial management and strengthen cash management and provide the stability of the financial sector in the country.”
She explained that the two sides discussed “issues of common interest and the efforts by the United Nations efforts to help Iraq after the liberation operations of the areas occupied by the Daash terrorist organization, as well as the humanitarian situation of the displaced people in the country and to provide assistance in the reconstruction of those areas.”
It is noteworthy that Iraq agreed, in (November 11, 2015), with the International Monetary Fund to monitor the latest financial and economic policies in the country, with the Iraqi side confirmed that the agreement was not aimed at exposure to government financial obligations over the salaries of employees and retirees.
Article Ends
For all those people putting words once again in Mnt Goat’s mouth let me clarify the news to you. I DID NOT say we are waiting for the RV and it is imminent.
What Mnt Goat did say is to tell you the process they are undertaking for the project “to delete the zeros” and where we are in the process. I hope to keep you informed as they proceed through this process. I will not guess at where they are and only show you proof in the news, as THEY release the news and tell us.
And so the question still many have doubt- Where are we is the 50k notes, are they launched and are they are collecting the 10k and 25k notes? Yes, yes and yes….lol…lol…
They are beginning to realize that they are not collecting the 25k notes in the quantities they anticipated and at the rate they anticipated. So what is the answer?
I am telling you they will have to launch the LOWER DENOMINATIONS very soon along with a significant increase in the rate of their currency. Why? Because the need to collect these 3 zero notes and they need to do it now thus must give the citizens an incentive to do so.
The incentive is to make them worth more than the US dollar.
The plan is to increase the value to 90 cents – $1.14.  You will probably not see this rate at the exchanges as it will happen suddenly and IS NOT THE RV. Did I say this clearly enough? THIS IS NOT THE RV !
Okay do I need to say it again for all you hard headed, thick headed people out there. NO Hype, NO Rumors just the FACTS – THIS NEW RATE IS NOT THE RV nor is it a FLOAT. It is simply the CBI determining to raise the value of the dinar and is an in-country rate increase. It is a temporary measure as the full RV will follow 4-7 days later.
The rate can not and will not stay for long and is only an incentive to turn in the 3 zero notes in exchange for the NEW lower denoms. At this time they will announce a CUT-OFF date also and the 3 zero notes will no longer be legal tender in the Middle East.
I SAID IN THE MIDDLE EAST….again for all you thick headed readers – I SAID IN THE MIDDLE EAST and not the rest of the world. They also want to convert over to the lower denominations (the new Iraq permanent currency) prior to the full blown RV as much as possible.
As I have said many times over and over to watch for the project to “delete the zeros” and other signs and our RV is close at hand. Now we are witnessing the most significant sign of all these signs as it is the final stage of the implementation of the process for their plan. Never since 2012 have they made such an announcement.
Questions and Answers Begins Here
So today I want to also answer some questions raised by readers from me recent previous news letters. I am doing this to help while we wait for the CBI to take the next step and launch the lower denoms. I am doing this for one reason. I have listened to many of these so called intel calls and the answers I am hearing are very confusing and not telling you the entire story and just leaves you more confused. So I hope to un-confuse you….lol….lol….
I will address questions now that were raised in reply to my Monday 11/23 news letter.  All are very good  questions. Thanks to GeorgeH for forwarding them to me. Hope you all are reading today’s news.
Question: Steven T : Hello Mountain Goat, I’m hearing you tell us that you expect the RV to happen prior to launching the 2016 Budget and this should happen in early December. But what does it mean when they commonly refer to “by mid 2016” This almost looks like the RV will happen sometime in early 2016? I need help on this issue.
Answer:  Don’t know where you heard this. I never tied the RV to the passing of the budget. I did say it was my “opinion” it would only make sense to RV prior to the budget being opened in 2016. I personally believe they want to target 2016 as a fresh start and attempt to get on this new currency with a new value. At least all the factors we are now seeing with the project to delete the zeros is telling us this. In fact I was very explicit in saying there was NO mandated tie to it. Please go back and re-read my news letters.  Thanks.
Question: Tom: I wonder if it would then be best for Abadi to prosecute Maliki instead…
Answer: Remember Abadi is a Sheite. Maliki is a Sheite. Maliki was heading up the Dowa party and nominated Abadi as his replacement for prime minister thinking Abadi would continue doing Iranian dirty work as Maliki did in the past. Maliki also thought that Abadi would be his puppet and he would work behind the scene telling Abadi what to do. We all know that Abadi changed his attitude once he truly learned the level of corruption going on. He saw that Iraq was heading for disaster and soon felt that the only way was to clean up the corruption and split from Iran. We see his reforms and his outward aggression towards Iranian influence in Iraqi affairs. I know this is a long answer but it needs to be.
So how do you hang someone like Maliki with still hundreds of thousands of followers without causing yet more sectarian violence and maybe a civil war? Meanwhile the USA and the UN are saying that either Abadi deals with him or they will. They gave Abadi a deadline and so this deadline has passed. So now how do they deal with Maliki. The best alternative is to have a NEUTRAL entity come into Iraq such as the ICC and take him to a global tribunal. This way Abadi is clean and can say its not my fault its all Maliki’s fault for what he did. It does not look like a sectarian act as Abadi seems to favor now more the Sunnis than Sheites.
Question: Rational Thinker: The Dinar can never be of ANY BENEFIT if it RVs at a 1:1 ratio
or at 1.19 or at 3.21 or even at $4.00 for every one IQD. The RATE will be much larger than 3.21 or 3.28 !!
Answer: Hi Rational Thinker. Hope you are reading today’s version of the news letter. Simply not true in what you say.
Okay so I can see some confusion in your mind about the coming out at a low rate. First let me say go back and re-read my 11/16, 11/17, 11/19, 11/20 and 11/23 news letters. I did not say not even once at anytime in these news letters or any news letters that they RV would come out to 1:1 ratio or something like 1.19 or even 3.21 for you and me to exchange.
This is what I DID say: I quote from my news letter – “I am telling you they will have to launch the LOWER DENOMINATIONS very soon along with a significant increase in the rate of their currency. Why? Because the need to collect these 3 zero notes and they need to do it now thus must give the citizens an incentive to do so. The incentive is to make them worth more than the US dollar. The plan is to increase the value to 90 cents – $1.14.  You will probably not see this rate at the exchanges as it will happen suddenly and IS NOT THE RV. Did I say this clearly enough? THIS IS NOT THE RV ! “
“Okay do I need to say it again for all you hard headed, thick headed people out there. NO Hype, NO Rumors just the FACTS – THIS NEW RATE IS NOT THE RV nor is it a FLOAT. It is simply the CBI determining to raise the value of the dinar and is an in-country rate increase. It is a temporary measure as the full RV will follow 4-7 days later.”
So please go back and do your homework, put on your reading glasses and read what I said. You can read, can’t you? I could  not be any clearer. The 1:1 is for Iraq IN COUNTRY ONLY! They are exchanging US dollar and dinar for dinar. Get it ? We are exchanging old 3 zero notes for US dollar, Canadian dollar and Euros. So the exchange rates must and will be very different. This is how it works.
Question: Still Confused:  Simple math tells you that one 50,000 note is equal in money to two 25,000 notes…therefore the money supply is NOT reduced. Could you please clarify your statement ?
Answer:  We are talking about the drawing in the 3 zero notes. The note count will be less. That is all this new rate is about. It is all a numbers game. A 50k notes is one this replaces two of the 25k notes. They decrease their liability in having less paper currency in circulation. I know the value remains the same technically but the decrease in liability along with asset appreciation justifies the new rate change.
Popping out the higher rate of 1:1 is to create an incentive to the citizens. Would you not want to trade in (exchange) a note for one of higher value if the new note is now worth 90 cents or $1.14. Even the 3 zero notes will be become the new value but here is the clincher – they will put an expiration date on the 3 zero notes and after that date they will be just like the old Saddam Hussein notes – illegal tender. They have to do this and do it quickly after any rate increase since the terrorist have large stashes of the 3 zero notes. This is why they are slowly collecting the 10k and 25k notes now in small batches before a rate increase. Get it ?
But the real benefit to the 1:1 increase is to get off the US dollar out of Iraq which is up to 90% of the currency being used today. They must go back to the dinar and stay within the IMF mandate. I know I gave you more than you asked but it is not a simple answer to explain unless you see all the factors for the rate increase. It is not just less physical currency.
Question: mj: If the 50k note is to reduce the number of physical notes then what does this accomplish? Why does it matter how many physical notes are circulating? How does less physical notes but same number of dinars increase or decrease supply? Or for that matter demand?
Answer:  Hi mj. It accomplishes two things.
1) it allows them to get the 3 zero note count down (draw them in  to the CBI prior to a rate change) Why would people even do this exchange now? Because the 50k notes are easier to use and carry around. Also the merchants like them since they are not worn out as much and have new security features meaning less likely to be counterfeited. So there is some incentive.
2) they want to put these notes into circulation since you can’t just give the banks FREE money. You have to exchange the notes for something of equal or more value…right? So then later when the citizens bring back in these 50k notes once the rate increases to exchange for the lower denominations the banks will hold on to them, collect them and just use them going forward for  in the long-term for large inter-banking transactions. Remember this process can take many years to come. Remember they told us these 50k notes will be part of the NEW currency since they will need a very large note like a $50,000 going forward after they launch the lower denominations. The highest lowest demon is only a $500 note. Get it now? So this 50k being launched now is very, very good news and it all ties together with the overall long term strategy of the project “to delete the zeros”.
Please, please go back and re-read all my news letters dated 11/16 through 11/23 its all in the news letters. I will NOT address this type of question again to anyone in the future. We all have eyes and can read?
Question: GJ: I do have two questions/concern: when will Maliki be arrested/hung and when will the required Accountability/Justice law be brought before Parliament for final vote and implementation? I think this will finally get me excited for the final countdown.
Answer: No one knows when for sure but we do know one thing –he will NOT escape accountability and justice for his actions and input into the Streiker AFB massacre. This was a n outright crime against humanity and the UN and the USA will simply not let this one get brushed off.  My personal opinion is the ICC will eventually get him and his goons. I think that if they shoot their mouths off again and make another major disturbance in Abadi’s reform plan this will happen much sooner than later. When we see the final breakdown of the Dowa and State Law parties (as the were under Maliki control) we will see Maliki fall.
As far as the expectation to a “final countdown” – we are now in it.  You can chose to believe it or not. I don’t care. I can not present you with any more evidence than I have done over the last month. Simply put –if you are not yet excited by now and if you do not believe by now that this project to delete the zeros is underway you are not listening to the right channels or are you just so “numbed” up?
Question: YRMALL: I have one more question, since you said to not travel with the dinar notes to exchange. It will be possible to exchange in any location of the world? Like the BRICS countrys, mexico, germany, japan? Because i am not a us citizen and do do not live in the US.
Answer: Yes any bank dealing in international exchanges will exchange it for you. That is the law. DO NOT travel with dinar through customs or airports ONCE THE VALUE INCREASES. So now is the time to plan this all out.
So what do you do if you will need to exchange and you local banks do not have exchange? First question is this – do you own a car or are their trains running where you live? Can you locate a large main bank office in a large city and travel there without hopping on a plane?
Next question is how much dinar do you have? If you have less than  $10,000 worth (your countries value not Iraq value) pre-RV you do not need to declare it (check with customs). If you have more than that you can still fly with it just declare it first. There are custom agents at every airport. Its just a matter of filling out a form and showing them the currency. Bring all your receipts too to show them.
You can also NOW (before the RV) contact a customs office and ask them what to do and how you can safely get it to the bank.
The points are:
1) do not try to break the law or hide the currency  in any way
2) do not travel with it post –rv since if you do get caught you might get jailed but worst yet get the currency confiscated and you will lose it all. The agents will be on high alert and looking specifically for the currency.
So plan NOW before it RVs. You seem to be thinking about it now and that is good. I hope I gave you some pointers. Remember all these intel calls and forums don’t have all the answers. You must rely on your own THINKING.
But if you have an issue and can’t think clearly on handling the money now then what will you do in handling it post RV?  Seems you better find a good, honest wealth manager to help you.
Think about it. Sounds like you need some serious help in the THINKING process. Luv ya dear and not meant to be condescending in any way. Just want to see you succeed. XOXOXO
Gosh I feel like a Dear Abby…lol…..
Question: Butterfly Contessa: Do you know anything about supposedly “quadrillions of overprinted dinars”? I recall quite some time ago there were stories about counterfeit dinars and that seems to have been resolved; but now some people are talking about “quadrillions of overprinted dinars” and that some purchasers may have the overprinted ones and will be s.o.l. come time to exchange. What does “the goat” have to say on this topic? (You’re the only one I trust.)
Answer: Hi Butterfly! Have you been reading all my news letters? Shame on you since I reported many times on the efforts of the CBI and the IMF to combat money laundering and the counterfeiting schemes. Many have gone to jail already. Most of this currency never leaves the Middle East.
Yes to answer your question that there are enormous amounts of dinar that has been confiscated to be found to be counterfeit. They simply burn it. Simply put – check you dinar yourself if unsure. Do a google search and you can find the security features. Also most dinar seller sites have the features to check. A black lite also will show them if you have a hard time seeing them. If even one feature is missing it is not good currency.
Where did you buy your currency? Most USA dealers have checked the currency and only purchase from the CBI auctions so it should be all good currency. Also remember there are these constant thorns in the @ss people that keep surfacing. Their goal – to get you in to a FEAR based mode. They tell you half-truths and you believe them and go off halfcocked all worried and stressed. Why do they do it? The only reason I can suggest is they are IDIOTS and have a hidden agenda. Maybe to sell you more dinar or maybe a black lite or something. Relax if you bought it from a reputable currency broker in the USA or from a bank you are safe. If you bought it from a shady offshore source online then you better worry and check each one out.
Questions and Answers Ends Here
So please feel free to ask questions from my news letters. GeorgeH was so kind as to volunteer to forward them to me to help you in my future news letters. But this will not last forever only for the next week. I will try to keep this section open in the news letter for you.
So ask away! I hope I helped further today.

Update: Currency Reform
I am presenting an article to you today, another one of those GOLDEN NUGGETS and I have to say this article if packed with just want we need to hear from the economic commission of parliament.
So what does this article tell us?
I quote from the article – “the issuance of the big currencies, whether of class 50 100 000 dinars, or is PART OF A LARGE PROJECT TO RESTRUCTURE THE IRAQI CURRENCY”.
Now not only is the CBI saying it but now we see that parliament also on board with the currency restructuring project (project to delete the zeros). We already have confirmation that the CBI and the Ministry of Finance is onboard. So not all sectors of the government have spoken out.
So now we have it. We confirmed once again that any holdup in the past or now going forward in the “project to delete the zeros” is in FACT linked to these events/situations.
 FACT  #1 – the security situation in the country with DAASH as being able to distribute the new currency to the banks and worry that it might be taken by DAASH. Also DAASH is interrupting the process of collecting the 3 zero notes, destroying them and replacing them with the lower denominations (afraid to launch the lower denoms since them too might get in the hands of DAASH).
I quote from the article –“ that it” has been postponed because of the situation security is stable “in what it said that” the application of the project to delete the zeros needs to assign by the government and parliament to make it a success after the stabilization of the situation in the country”
I quote again from the article – “the subject of deletion of zeros is linked to the security situation closely because it will include all operating in the country banks to receive the old currency and replaced by the new and the old collection and destruction of pointing out the difficulty of the success of that process in the provinces experiencing control Daash parts of them.
FACT #2 –  the raid on the CBI by Maliki in 2013 when he accused Dr Shabibi of corruption. I quote from the article – – “stressing that “the change the Central Bank of Iraq administration caused the postponement of this project,”
FACT #3 – we confirm once again the project to delete the zeros was given the “go ahead” or green light last March 2015. They also are telling us it may take 2 years to complete once started. What does this exactly mean? We don’t know for sure. It could mean they are planning to allow 2 years or until March 2017 for the collection of the 3 zero notes before they are no longer legal tender. They just have not told us this yet in this article but they will and soon. Be watchful for this information.
I quote from the article – “governor of the bank on the Keywords in the (3 March 2015) that the project to delete the zeros existing project has been put into practice and that gave light Green to start with, “he said.” The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more.”
I presented to you the FACTS in today’s article and what they are telling us. NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.
I warn everyone to take this article on its merits and do not read into it. Remember it is Arabic to English and much gets lost in the translation. So what I mean is this. Are they talking all about the past only, as most articles from the gov’t of Iraq tend to first give us a brief summary of history then the facts going forward.
So are all these hold up a thing of the PAST or PRESENT situation?  My opinion, from what we have see the CBI doing in the last couple weeks, is it is all PAST obstacles they are explaining so the citizens know why the project was held up and it is not now all moving forward.
So relax we all should expect this project “to delete the zeros” to move quickly now.
We have see the improvement with the physical security situation with DAASH ( I presented you with many articles on the progress in this area) we have see the clean up of the CBI and we were told all the lower denominations are now delivered to the banks. We were told the 50k notes are now launched. So this is no longer stalled.
Article Begins
A commission parliamentary economy, on Saturday, for the issuance of class 100 000 dinars cash currency early next year in order to market need to handle them, pointing out that legal action properly and in conformity with the laws of the central bank, while stressing specialists in economic affairs that the issuance of the big currencies, whether of class 50 100 000 dinars, or is part of a large project to restructure the Iraqi currency.
Said committee member economy parliamentary Najiba Najib said in an interview to the “long” that there is a tendency to issue small groups also categories of 50 and 100 dinars.
And for the project to delete the zeros confirmed Najib said “the Iraqi Central Bank completed the previously all preparations for the project, indicating that it” has been postponed because of the situation security is stable “in what it said that” the application of the project to delete the zeros needs to assign by the government and parliament to make it a success after the stabilization of the situation in the country because the ground current is suitable for the implementation of such a project.
“said Najib that” the subject of deletion of zeros is linked to the security situation closely because it will include all operating in the country banks to receive the old currency and replaced by the new and the old collection and destruction of pointing out the difficulty of the success of that process in the provinces experiencing control Daash parts of them.
“The central bank announced in the (November 11, 2015) for issuing new cash paper category 50 thousand dinars, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high-class value in circulation.
For his part, counting the economic expert on behalf of Anton in an interview with the “long” that the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency requires a political and security are conditions stable, stressing that “the change the Central Bank of Iraq administration caused the postponement of this project, “said Anton that” the issuance of large denominations will reduce trading in foreign currency and facilitate the transfer of large sums of money from one place to another process.
“He explained that” the current currency consumed much of it because of dealing directly without relying Visa card, as in most countries and that a large currency will facilitate banks and companies work and reduces the number of Trustees of the Fund in.
“He called Antoine” the central bank to explain the cause of the issuance of the large cash currency through educational seminars to prevent cases of concern in the Iraqi market and the fear of issuance Because of the weakness of the culture of this topic “, stressing that” the currency and medium of exchange nor a target and weaknesses and strength are linked to the country’s economy.
“said the governor of the bank on the Keywords in the (3 March 2015) that the project to delete the zeros existing project has been put into practice and that gave light Green to start with, “he said.” The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more.
Article Ends
Next I present an article by one of the economic experts in Iraq. He is talking about the currency restructuring project. He is telling why they issued the 50k notes (so we know they are issued as a FACT).
He is also telling us that the former Saddam Hussien regime was printing fiat currency banknotes without any confirmed US dollars, gold or cash reserves to back them up. Also a lack of contact to other countries (meaning global trade and currency) was an issue. This new restructuring of the currency is not the same as the old regime and they items he listed he is telling us will change and not repeat themselves in this new currency.
I quote from the article – “Ulkipaia explained that the lack of possibility of currency issuance in the countries responsible unless offset by stocks of the dollar, gold or cash reserve pointing out that at the time of the former regime was printed banknotes without that there will be a stock of hard currency from the fact that the country was trapped and has no contact with other countries
He is also telling us the goal of the issuing the new 50k notes was to decrease the money supply in Iraq by collecting the 10k and 50k notes along with some other 3 zero notes. So this goal is confirmed once again if you didn’t believe me.
I quote from the article – “that the aim of the new edition (meaning the 50k notes) is to reduce the quantitative content (numerical)”.
He is also telling us it is crucial to get the old 10k and 25k notes off the streets and replace them now with 50k notes since the 50k has more security features and is less likely to get counterfeited. Butwe can see this is only true if someday VERY SOON they make the 10k and 25k illegal tender… right? Otherwise what good would be this strategy of these new 50k notes?
So any 10k and 25k that are counterfeited after a deadline will be bogus illegal tender anyhow. Get my point?  These 50k notes will remain in circulation afterwards as part of the new currency (but for inter-banking transactions, high sales mostly). The 50k notes are a tool being used in the currency reform process.
I quote from the article – “The issuance of cash and paper of class 50 000 dinars using super quality of the quality of the printing paper with a number of signs of security, technical and compositions to prevent counterfeiting”.
So we must now sit back and let the current process of collecting the 10k and 25k notes take its time.
Then they will move on to the next step meaning to launch the lower denoms and increase the value (not an RV) to give incentive to turn in (to exchange the 50k, the rest of the 3 zero notes and US dollars) for the higher valued lower denoms. Right now they are attempting to “sucker” citizens into getting rid of the 3 zero notes without any change in the value. But eventually we know they will launch the next step as to pop out a higher rate as they must convert over to the “permanent currency” and they can not launch the lower denoms without a higher rate otherwise it would literally take suitcases of currency to go shopping.
Article Begins
11/24/2015 0:00
BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi
counting researcher d. Hamid Ulkipaia modern edition of the class »50« thousand dinars normal procedure intended to restructure the national currency, and to facilitate the shopping process currencies and traded in the local market, pointing out that this is not about politics  cash.
He Ulkipaia that this measure will facilitate the calculations in a country like Iraq disappear in it credit card and Visa card prevailing in other countries, where forced people to carry cash and attendant risks.
He pointed out that this measure is part of a project to restructure the currency, pointing out that it is long overdue fact that the need has become urgent for the issuance of the biggest and high Akiem categories such as 100 and 200 thousand dinars, similar to neighboring countries and the world and put them circulation has been suspended as a result of rising incomes Mayshl banks and people work to end  either.
In a question »Sabah» whether there are stocks of the dollar offset the new currency Ulkipaia explained that the lack of possibility of currency issuance in the countries responsible unless offset by stocks of the dollar, gold or cash reserve pointing out that at the time of the former regime was printed banknotes without that there will be a stock of hard currency from the fact that the country was trapped and has no contact with other countries.
The academic pointed d. Falah Thuwaini that the aim of the new edition is to reduce the quantitative content (numerical), saying not all modern edition is a new cash issue increases the amount of money supply, explaining that if it were printed will alone billion dinars from the category of 6000 dinars, or 10 000 dinars, or even 25 000 dinars possible that this billion itself is to be 50 000 class or 100 000 dinars, adding the possibility that there is a Ward acceptable to lead such a move to inflationary expectations in the case of a new version for multiple purposes to Aadamh up or cover concern  appropriately.
The central bank, It said in a statement, Al-Sabah received a copy of it, that «for the purpose of completing the Iraqi banknotes structure and the development of high-class value in trading.
The issuance of cash and paper of class 50 000 dinars using super quality of the quality of the printing paper with a number of signs of security, technical and compositions to prevent counterfeiting .
also revealed to the parliamentary Committee of Economy, yesterday, for the issuance of class 100 000 dinars cash currency early next year in order to market need to handle them, pointing out that legal action properly and in conformity with the laws of the central bank.
Article Ends
Article Begins
11/23/2015 0:00
BAGHDAD – Al-Sabah
said the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq and the President of the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq, Jan Kubis, during a meeting with the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, prepared the international organization to help Iraq recover his money smuggled abroad and the fight against money laundering and the arrest of wanted men who are abroad and extradited to eliminate Iraqi cooperation with Interpol.
(note there is more to the article but you get the point)
The UN is now fully engaged with Iraq and this is all very good news for us!
Article Ends
[Update: Much Needed Reforms]
Many of you readers asked if the Reconciliation effort still matters. I am telling you now it matters very much and just because I do not talk about it in every news letter does not make it still important. How long do you want my news letter? Do you want a book each time? It is too long already and I keep trying to find ways to shorten it but there is so much important news to bring.
As I said in previous news letters there are strong coalitions being formed and deals are being negotiated to complete the necessary laws. This will give the support needed in parliament to finalize a “basket” of laws.
Which laws?
I listed the list of the needed laws in many of my past news letters. They include: the National Guard law (although already activated and staffed it is still not officially passed as a law), the Amnesty (must be passed  or no RV), the Federation Council law (must be official and passed to be fully implemented is a strong part of the reconciliation), the Accountability and Justice law. All of these laws are part of either the constitutional requirement for Decentralization (need a fully implemented constitution to get fully out of sanctions Chapter VII) or they are related to the Reconciliation efforts (need a full Reconciliation between the Kurds, Sunnis and Sheites).  Did I miss any laws? Please see my past news letters for more details.
So what is the current update on these laws?
First let me say months ago they told us they want to hold the “National Reconciliation Conference” in mid December. Then now we hear they want to implement the new taxes in mid December and also revive the Customs and Tariffs in mid December (both of which I find it hard to be successful with a real currency).  Then just this week they tell us they are going to vote on the 2016 budget in the parliament session beginning on Dec 8th.  Did I mention that over the last 2 weeks we are hearing dozens of articles about the project “to delete the zeros” and the launching of this project in force once again in early December (but we already know for a FACT they did launch the 50k notes already). We are hearing nothing but very good  news in the fight against ISIS. Could they now have the security level they needed for currency reform?
Seems lots of events converging on mid December. Do you THINK maybe, just maybe they are targeting mid December for a major breakthrough of some kind? Doesn’t it seem that way?
What does this all tell us folks?
To me it all says that they are converging on a common date of mid December as a target. It is my strong opinion they are moving towards beginning the new year (2016) with a fresh start with their economy.
Moving fast forward into 2016:
So we see in this article below the kind of reforms Abadi plans to implement next. It appears they are all focused around tax revenue and creating a tax structure to generate this revenue.
Do we need this new tax structure for the RV? NO- absolutely no impact. As Abadi has told us that reforms will be ongoing for years to come.  I just wanted to inform you that it is the IMF pushing so hard for them to implement taxes as a found source of revenue in the diversification efforts. If you haven’t noticed they are plunging into all forms of unfound, unrealized revenue sources. Why?
This is all coming about at the STRONG advice and consultation of the IMF. So the reforms are not all completed but the reforms we needed  to see for the RV,  such reforms on corruption, banking, investment, etc (as agreed would be completed by mid Sept) are all now completed.
The other needed laws to fully implement the constitution and for full national reconciliation, as I described above, are to be implemented very soon. As I told you they must work in tandem (multi- task) on currency reform with these other laws as the currency reform is a multi-step process and so it will take some time. They are now collecting the 10k and 25k  notes. So they began yet another step in this project now too and are moving forward.
Article Begins
Detection Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the existence of other “real” package of reforms, calling on Iraqis to put their differences “small” aside and benefit from international support.
While the President of the Parliamentary Finance Committee said that tax evasion and fraud on earnings and the lack of responsibility towards the nation of the most important challenges facing the tax sector in Iraq.
This came during a workshop on the reform of the tax system in Iraq, held in the Council of Ministers, and attended (range Press).
He said Nofal Abu Barns, Associate Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, in a speech during the workshop, “The reforms begun and will not end and we are on the cusp of another real ones package”, noting that “part of the reforms linked to the social structure and the political system or the financial or economic.”
and saw Abu Barns “Such reforms can not be carried out by one government or party or person, but continue for successive governments, “and urged” the necessity of a real participation of the components of society, whether political, religious or social, as well as activists and businessmen legislative and executive bodies to put the details of the reforms. ” The official close to the Prime Minister that “there Amehdoda support for the success of the reforms of the East and West,” calling on “all Iraqis to develop a small aside their differences and take advantage of international support”.
For his part said Faleh sarees, Chairman of the Finance Committee parliamentary in his speech during the workshop, said that ” tax evasion and fraud on earnings and the lack of responsibility towards the nation, of the most important challenges facing the tax sector in Iraq, “noting that” the Finance Committee is working on a reform of the tax system through the amendment of some laws. ” Sarees and said that “in the current 2015 fiscal witnessed find new vessels,” and expressed hope that “specialists contribute new proposals to find other tax vessels.”
He called on the President of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, to the need to “improve tax collection and raise awareness of the importance of that so that every citizen expensive” In turn Kazim Ali, head of the Tax Authority, said during the workshop, “The Tax Authority laws still are old and need to change because some of them do not meet the requirements the current economic situation “, calling for” the tax administration reform. “He explained that” tax revenue accounting for 1.5 percent of gross domestic product, “pointing out that there is” a lot of tax breaks such as those involving the agricultural sector “is noteworthy that since the first piece of legislation Law taxed in Iraq in 1927, and until the completion of Law No. (113) in 1982, there has been no development or change in the tax legislation, as a result of preoccupation with the former regime of war more than economic orientation, and after the change in 2003, the CPA issued Order No. (49) that the tax cut that was between 40 to 60 percent in the case of companies, to between 3-15 percent, but it seems that it “did not achieve justice,” social tax system, as it did not add only one percent of the value of GDP
Article Begins
November 23, 2015
Our economy / Baghdad
The parliamentary finance committee confirmed that the next parliament session scheduled for next month will be critical to the adoption of the budget next year.
Rapporteur of the Committee, said Ahmed al-Haj said in a statement seen by the news agency of our economy today, “The Finance Committee received all the reviews of Representatives, and the competent committees, and is competent on the General Budget Law, and will discuss it.”
He said the “next parliamentary session scheduled to be held on the eighth of next month will be critical to the adoption of the general budget for next year.”
He pointed out that the general budget encountered some obstacles such as a change of the paragraphs of the law by the government, and private income and expenditure.
He pointed to the formation of three committees to follow up the 13 ministries, and the board of independent scrutiny with ministries on expenses.
The House of Representatives ended its session by the usual Sunday was held to discuss the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016 Act.
Article Ends
[Update: Fighting ISIS]
Article Begins
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The leader of the Supreme Islamic Council and Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi, Tuesday, that Iraq will witness the last breath to regulate “Daash” over the next six months.
Zabdi said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that “the Middle East region, particularly Syria, Iraq and envelope on a Hot Tin”.
He added that “Daash in continuous collapse of the international coalition succeeded fragmentation of this terrorist organization economically and militarily after the entry of the French and the Russians strongly is clear and progress achieved by Iraqi security forces and the popular crowd,” adding that “Iraq will witness the last breath of Daash in Anbar and Mosul during the next six months.” .
It raises attempts to “Daash” to impose its control over Syria and Iraq concern to the international community, as expressed several countries, including Arab and foreign “concerned” about the attempts to organize this, before THE INTERNATIONAL COALITION LED BY WASHINGTON with air strikes to sites organized in different parts of the two countries
Article Ends
One more item today:
Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe their success is in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.
“May there be a hedge of protection surrounding them and let the Victory be theirs against these evil doers who have no regard for humanity! We will pray until we see Victory! Amen “
All these prayers seem to be working.
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All.


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
                           Already Blessed: SHORT Update Call Today.  No call on Friday UNLESS . . .

Tony:  The day before Thanksgiving and we should all be Thankful for what we have.  
Iraq:  Everybody has reported in positively and the word, I was told this morning, has been give the "all clear, go, let's get started."  My question is get started when?  My understanding is the CBI has cleared everybody to go once again.  No bad news. . . Hearing every agency has approved it. . . Hearing UST is to approve it and UST says they have approved it. Back and forth.
I heard our President say 45 minutes ago:  "Go about your business.  Enjoy this holiday time."

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Any moment now.  Any  time today.  Supposedly want this to happen before the holiday. I've been hearing this for a week and a half now.  Why they want to go to the last minute,        I have no idea.
Don't see any reason for this not to happen between now and the 30th.  Don't see any reason for it not happening yesterday.  Really feel this could happen at any particular moment.

PLEASE MAKE A DONATION - BILLS OVERDUE FOR TNT.   This site benefits us. Tony:  Running a month behind, hoping it's over. 
IRAQ:    Iraq really wants to do this RV.   They will be the richest country in the region and have their complete freedom back.
  • CBI was having issues with banks in Iraq and that has been cleared up.  Issues with banks in other countries was cleared up on Monday.     
  • Banks:  local banks are letting the citizens know they have the lower denom's.  Tony was told Kurdistan released two of the lower denom's yesterday.
  • TV /Mosques telling the citizens it is about to happen, that it is pending, imminent.  Being told lower denom's in place.
  • Amnesty:  Tony expects it to be announced at the same times as the RV.
  • IMF    
  • Rates:  Live rates are up and attempts have been made several times to push them through and they don't go.  Tony has no idea why they don't go through.   Reports of rates on screens from various countries.   Tony: The rates we’ve been hearing, outrageous rates, could happen.   They are way above what we have been expecting to see.  The ones last quoted in the banking system have been probably more of the contract rate for that type and could have been changed since the agreements were made.    
  • Holiday Weekend/Thanksgiving:  Tony:  When it starts it could go till 11 pm every night.  Great way to hide this . . . Black Friday weekend.    
  • Banks:    Tony:  I was really encouraged in the last couple of hours that the bank people were sitting and waiting for it right up to the moment.  They were given a specific time, sit down, be ready to go, sitting there and didn't go. Mad as hell as they got excited and didn't happen.
  • Packages:          
EXCHANGING: Tony:  Still don’t know how we are to get the information.  If site goes dark and you don’t hear anything you know where to go look.  Supposed to be exchange centers for you to go through.   I just heard last week that memo’s went out to the banks, that any exchanges over 5 million have to be approved by senior person.. . Heard exchanging of one 25,000 note will not affect your appointment.  If you have other currencies you can exchange those because they have already been exchanging, just going to change the rate. 
                         Tony:  That will be our day to do what we said we would do!


PAM: We do appreciate everybody out there cooking and picking up fresh ingredients at the last moment and those who work hard all week and aren’t able to do this prior.  His wife does work and she puts up with him.
Everybody have a great Thanksgiving.   Thank all of our people. Thanks to everyone who helps in the chat room and the forum. You guys are doing amazing things. We appreciate it.   It does take a village. Could not do this all by ourselves.
RAY:  Pam, you can’t handle the truth.  This always happens when we tell the truth on calls.  (laughter all around)

TONY:  Be thankful for Thanksgiving regardless if it happens tomorrow.  Those working tomorrow we appreciate you.  Enjoy your day.  I will enjoy mine.  If we do or don’t do another call, be thankful to all the people, all around the world, all the countries banking systems who jeopardized their careers to keep us involved in this.  For government employees who risked their jobs, here in the US.  Risked they’re careers, family income.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

And for keeping your word to keep us involved and make sure we were a part of this.  I want to make sure you were thanked for that effort.
I know it hasn’t been easy for the last five years, last five weeks, last five days when the information has been get ready, get ready only to get nothing.  Some of them are as stressed as we are.  I know the majority of people are doing everything they possibly can to get this done before this weekend.  Hope they get it accomplished.
Enjoy your holiday.  Go about your normal business, normal life.  Let’s not put our lives on hold, be scared to walk out of the house or miss a phone call.
I will post it.  It will be posted in more than one place.  Somebody is going to let you know.  Somebody is going to call you.  We are going to do this together.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.  I’ll enjoy mine.
Ray:  Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Pam:  No call Friday.

TNT Family,  I am grateful for each and everyone of you.  You are pioneers and way showers.  Risk takers and courageous people.  You inspire me! - Sunny


TNT Call notes 25-November-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 25, 2015.  It’s the day before Thanksgiving and we should be thankful for all we have.  Pam says it’s One Question Wednesday.
Everyone has reported in from Iraq, saying this morning they have been given the all-clear. The banks are ticked again because we were actually given a time but it didn’t happen.  An hour, two hours ago, banks were monitoring their screens;  as of this morning, the CBI has cleared everybody to go once again.
It can still happen any moment now, any time today. the totally want to have it done before the holiday starts, supposedly. why go to the last minute, I have no idea.  There should not be any bank issues;  all have been given the green light.  They are all sitting there, the rates are there, they try to put it through but they get an error code.  We are that close.  They were having issues with banks in other countries, but that was cleared up.  Who knows what they’re doing;  they are trying to be confusing and misleading to a whole of people to protect the moment.
There is no bad news – we are ready to go.  We’ve been told that several times, so let’s hope we get it through.  I hope we hear about it between now and then. 
We are behind in our bill, they called me three times, and I said we would pay it be Friday.  It’s a holiday, so go out and enjoy that.  I’ve been feeling this can happen at any particular moment. I was really encouraged that the bank people are sitting there waiting for it.  They were given a specific time to go, and now they are mad because they go everyone excited this morning.
Pam says this is to be short call because she has things to do for tomorrow.  My wife is at the grocery store now!
253 caller: Do you recommend we exchange everything at once?
Tony:  If the rate is what you want, you go negotiate.  I would go and get it done.
Caller:  What happens if we put everything in the bank…
Tony:  We have 250,000 people on the TNT site and calls, and there are other dinar or currency sites as well.  This will affect six million people in the United States.  If we put all our money in the bank and they have any kind of bank holiday, we can also have our own bank holiday – with six million people telling everyone else what’s happening.  They don’t want to see that, and it’s not going to happen.  IF they take all your money, the entire economy will collapse, and they didn’t go through all this to see that.  You are worried about nothing. Everyone who is worried about the bank taking your money the minute you put it in there – it’s not going to happen!
Caller:  When you spoke last week about the debt being free, I didn’t know if you meant the country’s debts or our personal debts.
Tony:  When this happened with Kuwait, President Clinton paid off the national debt, and nobody knew how.  It really helped the economy.  The general public will not know that dinar, dong, rupiah and the GCR wiped out our debt for us. This administration has already created miracles, and it’s going to be an historic year once it happens,
303 caller:  Does Iraq really want to do this RV.
Tony:  Iraq really, really wants to do this RV and be one of the richest countries in the region.  We are trying have a short call here, so people can get on with the holidays.
404 caller:  Iraq sends out information through television and in the mosques.  What messages are they getting now in Iraq?
Tony:  On television and in the mosques, they are being told that the lower denominations read to go, in the banks, and I heard Kurdistan might be releasing them already.  Just one of our contacts said that but the other four said that their bankers told them they are there but they haven’t been released.  They are expecting them every day.
Caller:  So it’s ‘imminent’, and we don’t know what that means to Iraqis…
Tony: We need to send them our definition!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy Thanksgiving and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
770 caller:  Who or why would they hold this up at the last minute – again – when everyone is in place?  I’m trying to understand the purpose of that.
Tony:  We are trying to understand that, too.  All the agencies and banks are ready to go, and all the rates are on the screens internationally.  Everyone is saying they are trying to put it through and it doesn’t go through.  The banking system says they are awaiting for the UST to approve it, and the UST says they’ve already approved it.  There is still one three-letter agency has to give the green light for the global release.  and I’m not going to say who it is.
559 caller:  I’m superfantastic, blessed, on top and can’t be stopped.
Tony:  You must be in network marketing!
Caller:  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I have a banking question, regarding the rates you said are really good, and then there are rumors that they are going down.  Are we supposed to go to the bank, or only the exchange centers?  Will we have to call ourselves or will you have numbers for us?
Tony:  This IS One-Question Wednesday!  The outrageous rates we’ve been here could in fact happen.  They are way above what was agreed to and what we expected to see. The ones we expected are still great rates!  The ones quoted in the banking system might be the contract rates for that type… and they could have changed since the agreements were put in place. There are contract rates for some currencies, with three rates on the screens.  I still don’t know how we will get the information:  info on our sites, a short info call, or a series of calls.  I just don’t know.  We will put out a tweet and the sites will change, and you will know where to go look.  There are supposed to be exchange centers, whether you call the bank itself or we give you a number to call.  Last week, the banks were told that any exchange over five million has to be approved by a senior person – and that memo went to regular banks.  So under five million, the ordinary banks can probably handle.  Also, if someone exchanges one 25,000 dinar note, that will not affect your appointment or rates.  If you have the other currencies, you might not need an appointment. (However, even one zim note will be worth more than five million dollars.)
It was available to help any time this week.  Two hours ago it was supposed to go, and the banks brought in their people and they sat there.  It could still go today, tonight, tomorrow – it’s there, and it’s ready to go whenever they send it out.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy Thanksgiving and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas here we come!
872w caller:  I’m chopping the celery for my dressing as we speak!  Your wife is on top of things, not behind things!  I was reading a Bloomberg article about ISIL and Iraq;  he also said that the Sunnis are still waiting on authorization from Baghdad for their status to become part of the National Guard.  How does that play into these delays?  I’m not getting the connection there.
Tony:  They should be included and it was part of the process.  We are not hearing anything about it.  I understood the National Guard Law was passed, to include the Sunnis and the Kurds as well.  The new 50,000 dinar note has all three languages. That’s why Maliki is no longer there, and Abadi is PM, to include everyone in the new Iraq.  He’s being fought about it, but Abadi is still there.  Sometimes Kurdistan does things before Baghdad, and sometimes to force Baghdad to do what they’ve said.  Everyone is ready to work together, and the new value of the currency is  part of that.  Many Sunnis are ready to leave ISIL and rebuild their country, and enjoy their families and the good things the rest of the world enjoys.  They need to have a reason, and the RV gives them one.
954 caller:  Do you know how that banks are scheduled if this goes today or tomorrow?  Will they work through the weekend?
Tony:  I don’t know if they are open tomorrow, but being open over Black Friday and the weekend is a great way to hide this happening, and I hear the banks will be open for exchange from 7am to 11pm.  Everyone would run to the bank, and then the malls would be packed.  I think they still want the majority to go through in 72 hours, they are used to people going to the bank and spending money in the stores.  We thought it would happen at this time last year, but we are seeing so much more intel, with a good government in place in Iraq.  It was agreed they would have it done by Thanksgiving, and we’ll see what happens.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy Thanksgiving and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
352 caller:  You need to get better at asking for money to pay the bills for something that benefits us!
Tony:  We are only a month behind. 
Caller:  It’s an indicator of how we will do as humanitarians, if we can’t even pay your bill .
Tony:  Well, I keep hoping it happens this week, and then I can just pay the bill.  A couple of hundred have been paying for this all the time, although 30,000 listen to the call.  We’ll survive this, and we appreciate everyone who donates.  Some people just can’t, and I don’t want to leave them out.  Others post this on other sites for free, and we just want to help those we can.
Whatever day they announce the RV, ten days from that day, if you could pay it forward in restaurants, paying for people in the line at Toys R Us, or helping people in the streets and in the supermarkets… if you can hand that out with a card that says TNT… that’s a way of paying it forward in a way we can see it ourselves.  We can make a change in the whole country, if all six thousand of us help ten others, we’ll know we were part of it.  People might paste it on Facebook or even on the evening news.  We’ll know that is our day to make our mark in this event, to the US and around the world.  It’s doesn’t just have to be the US;  we broadcast to 44 countries, so let’s all do that ten days after the event.
My address is 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630-7269.  Hopefully before you even get that in the mail, this will have happened.  Don’t put TNT on the checks because I don’t have anywhere to cash those, and I just shred them.
Caller:  Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Pam:  You’re an idiot to insult all the women, Tony!  We appreciate all those cooking, picking up all the last-minute groceries, and making this a great Thanksgiving.  We thank all our people because it does take a village.  Thanks to everyone who helps out in the forum, the transcribers, and those who pass out the information to others.  Have a great weekend and hopefully we won’t be doing this again.
Ray:  Pam – you want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth!
Pam:  And… both of them are idiots!
Tony:  Alright… again, hopefully this goes through before you sit down to dinner today, and we will have even more to be thankful for tomorrow.  For all those working tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving to you, we appreciate you. Everyone else, enjoy your day, and I’ll enjoy mine.  I don’t know if/when we will do another call.  Be thankful to all the people who took part in making this happen for us, including agencies, the banks, and the politicians, plus all our international, banking and government sources.  We appreciate that you care enough about the rest of the citizens to make sure we are treated fairly.  Thanks also to our statesman who helped us out with that part of it, and for keeping your word that we would stay a part of this.  And to all of you, for getting through it.  It hasn’t been easy for the last five years, five weeks or five days, especially with this heightened level of information.  I know they are doing everything they possibly can to get this done before this weekend and I hope they accomplish it.
The President said today:  “Enjoy your holidays.”  Let’s see it happening, without any fear that you will miss a phone call or tweet.  We will post it on all our sites, and someone will see it and let you know.  We’re going to do this, we’re doing it big, and we’re doing it together.  No call on Friday but hopefully we will talk before then.