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That's ... God is Good
Adviser to the Prime Minister: we are preparing to launch a genuine reform package

November 24, 2015
Said in a speech during the workshop, "The reforms started and did not finish and we're on the cusp of another package of goods", noting that "part of the reforms related to the social structure and political or financial or economic system. "!!!!

مستشار لرئيس الوزراء: نستعد لإطلاق حزمة إصلاحات حقيقية
جريدة يومية تصدر عن مؤسسة المدى للاعلام والثقافة والفنون


Eso es... God is Good
Asesor del Primer Ministro: estamos preparando el lanzamiento de un paquete de reforma genuina
24 Nov 2015
Dijo, en un discurso durante el taller, "Las reformas iniciadas y no terminar y estamos en la cúspide de otro paquete de los bienes", señalando que "parte de las reformas vinculadas a la estructura social y el sistema político o financiero o económico." !!!!
جريدة يومية تصدر عن مؤسسة المدى للاعلام والثقافة والفنون


Stevel:  Greetings,  I rarely do updates but wanted to share these articles and news. Look who is promoting the new currency and valuation now, yes Iraq themselves.
These articles come from some very close friends of mine and wanted me to share.
If you recall, Ray and I have shared our comments for months about no changes until ISIS is under control. These articles back that up 100% and makes our sources in Iraq some of the best credible sources anyone can have.
Pack your bags and get ready.
This is so "IN our faces".

The IMF has told the world that they expect Iraq to re-enter the "market" before the first half of 2016.
Now we have a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee while speaking about future revenue happen to say "oh, by the way the 1, 5, 10, 20 and 100 IQD notes are going to be distributed during 2016."

am like "WOW". Do we just choose to not believe what we are being told?

It certainly appears to me that they (Iraq, CBI, GOI) intend to change the value of the IQD...I believe, unlike previous years, and I have never liked dates, but in this case the window of opportunity starts January 1, 2016.
Financial Parliament (time): next year the economic situation will not be different from the current – November 21, 2015 Private Bankers Association warns of cash crunch Financial Parliament (time): next year the economic situation will not be different from the current BAGHDAD –
Tamara Abdul RazakParliamentary Finance Committee predicted not different economic situation for the next year for this, while the private banks association confirmed the possibility of financial distress traffic with low oil prices and increased government spending.
Said committee member Mohammed Abdul Khaliq (time) yesterday that (the 2016 is no different from 2015 in the budget situation, there may be a slight difference industrial and agricultural loans in addition to projects that pay on credit and has also been a mechanism in place for private sector companies to contract and labor).
He (there is not an economic crisis but a cash crisis due to low oil prices and the solutions lie in unpaid loans from the central bank as well as the payment term loans in addition to the issuance of the investment law in Iraq). He said that Abdul-Khaliq (the new currency trading category 50 000 dinars, where specifications are difficult to falsify being printed at a global and specialized companies As for the issuance of class 100 000 dinars premature Valammer).
Stressing that (based on the dinar exchange rate, particularly that protected reserve role to maintain the exchange rate and the purchasing power in this case is not affected because there is a very large reserve).
Adding that (the dinar exchange rate against the dollar will not be a change if the central bank continued to provide the need of dollar traders and those who need these currency). He pointed out that (deletion of zeros from the dinar was discussed a meeting held at the central bank and this decision may exhibit some of the negatives and deferred for the time being).
The director of the Association of private banks Ali Tariq (time) yesterday (next year will see significant financial hardship and fall in oil prices will increase government expenditures), he said (there are certain things several State followed to avoid economic disaster which reduce government expenditures
and the expansion of the collection of customs and tax any obtained from eligible and not raise their value since there are more than 50 percent of the traders do not pay customs duty and tax for one reason or another as well as providing appropriate) investment environment. 
He pointed out that (the central bank next year will present another new currency worth 100 000 dinars and then followed the process of deleting the zeros currency in circulation is to be one dinar and 5 dinars and 10 dinars and 25 dinars and 100 dinars). 
He pointed out that (the dinar exchange rate stable against the dollar and the value of 1220 dinars to the dollar will be stable throughout the year). The economic expert contrary goldsmith said (time) yesterday (thousand new dinars, the 50 category which was approved reprinted contribute significantly to ease circulated and traded between traders and shoppers as well as they constitute facilitate financial transactions in economic activity within the market process). 
He pointed out that (the decision to issue currency not related to the process or raise the value of the dinar plan, because raising the value depends on the increased economic activity of the country and domestic production multi-species in all sectors. 
When it increased the country's activity and production increased value of the dinar worldwide). He added that the (main objective of issuing currency to facilitate daily transactions, especially that the country does not have the significant digits in the dinar).
He explained that (the authorities concerned to do the decision to delete the zeros and it contributes significantly to the process of reading the amounts documented in the financial accounts and in particular it aims to facilitate this process).  

Parliamentary Economy: delete the zeros need a safe environment and next year will see the issuance of a class of 100 thousand dinars BAGHDAD / Ali Al-Shammari 
11/22/2015   A commission parliamentary economy, on Saturday, for the issuance of class 100 000 dinars cash currency early next year in order to market need to handle them, pointing out that legal action properly and in conformity with the laws of the central bank, while stressing specialists in economic affairs that the issuance of the big currencies, whether of class 50 100 000 dinars, or is part of a large project to restructure the Iraqi currency.
Said committee member economy parliamentary Najiba Najib said in an interview to the "long" that there is a tendency to issue small groups also categories of 50 and 100 dinars.
And for the project to delete the zeros confirmed Najib said "the Iraqi Central Bank completed the previously all preparations for the project, indicating that it" has been postponed because of the situation security is stable "in what it said that" the application of the project to delete the zeros needs to assign by the government and parliament to make it a success after the stabilization of the situation in the country because the ground current is suitable for the implementation of such a project.
"said Najib that" the subject of deletion of zeros is linked to the security situation closely because it will include all operating in the country banks to receive the old currency and replaced by the new and the old collection and destruction of pointing out the difficulty of the success of that process in the provinces experiencing control Daash parts of them.
"The central bank announced in the (November 11, 2015) for issuing new cash paper category 50 thousand dinars, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high-class value in circulation.
For his part, counting the economic expert on behalf of Anton in an interview with the "long" that the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency requires a political and security are conditions stable, stressing that "the change the Central Bank of Iraq administration caused the postponement of this project, "said Anton that" the issuance of large denominations will reduce trading in foreign currency and facilitate the transfer of large sums of money from one place to another process.
"He explained that" the current currency consumed much of it because of dealing directly without relying Visa card, as in most countries and that a large currency will facilitate banks and companies work and reduces the number of Trustees of the Fund in.
"He called Antoine" the central bank to explain the cause of the issuance of the large cash currency through educational seminars to prevent cases of concern in the Iraqi market and the fear of issuance Because of the weakness of the culture of this topic ", stressing that" the currency and medium of exchange nor a target and weaknesses and strength are linked to the country's economy.
"said the governor of the bank on the Keywords in the (3 March 2015) that the project to delete the zeros existing project has been put into practice and that gave light Green to start with, "he said." The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more. "

Stevel:  You all have a very safe holiday and we will update you as we learn more.
This info is just huge. These also assure me that yes, the time has come and start preparing for our lives to change.   Blessings until our next update.  Steve  

buck72801:  Economy  Monday 23 November 2015 | 12:48 | Number of readings: 328 Economist: Central Bank refused to distribution of salaries in dollars "correct decision"

BAGHDAD / ... considered the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, on Monday, the central bank rejected a proposal to the employees' salaries or part of the distribution of the dollar as a "correct decision", among that raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar needs to be other economic steps
TheWoods:   Thanks for asking me to elaborate on my opinion, sorry about the delay, Anyway... I'm saying that the CBI is right. The dinar will NOT go up in value, if they disperse salaries in dollars. Iraqi's prefer dollars now, and they are trying to get away from that.
Not to mention, to be "sovereign" they can't use (WB or IMF guidelines, i forget which one) dual currencies, except for oil & remittances, if they are to be a part of that/those organizations... And the "Other steps" they speak of, we all know what they should & will Be - Lord willing!            imho  :o not so humble huh???
"we have a national currency and the distribution of the dollar affects the sovereignty of the country and will create many distortions in the market and will face accountants, bankers have great difficulty Regardless salaries. "
Stevel:  This is a very good thing. We all want Iraq to use their own currency. If they switch to the USD, then we would have some or many concerns.
The people are sick and tired of hearing about how great their currency is going to be but yet still nothing is done about it, yet! I love the yet. The yet is next.  Have a safe Thanksgiving and enjoy your travels.  Blessings,   Steve



11-24-2015   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   Allak is floundering...he knows his number is up...his bell has been rung.   Dr. Shabibi has the master plan and a masterful plan it is...far more complex than anything Allak could devise...the 50k's...brilliant work Dr. Shabibi...sure some said oh dear me...this will cause inflation to skyrocket...this will cause the Iraqi currency to LOP...but who were those talking about this garbage...they definitely did not know of Dr. Shabibi's plans to prosper Iraq to bring security and stability to the Iraqi currency...His plan is brilliant...those 50k sponges are working well...but in the opposite direction of those naysayers...sucking 000's at all levels...his limelight grows brighter by the day.

11-24-2015   Newshound Guru wmawhite  ..."lift the zeros", "removal of the zeros" is in reference to the large notes that the Iraqi have grown up with. These statements have nothing..."ZERO" to do with the eventual value that the IQD will have...Instead, it is a use of words to convene to the Iraqi citizen that the large notes will eventual go no longer needed in the market place.

11-24-2015   Newshound Guru mike
   Article:  "Chapter VII threatens Iraq again"   I don't know...how much has really changed since Abadi took over?  Thousands are still wrongfully imprisoned, there's no unity among the three major sects, ISIL is still firmly entrenched in the west, nothing's been done with corruption, the auction's are still corrupted and more.  Abadi and the GOI have passed the AML, largely because they would have been locked out of the western banks if they didn't comply and they passed the Investment Law, that's about it. I know Abadi was supposed to be the savior of Iraq, but so far, it's been a bust.  ...it would make sense to put these guys back under Chapter VII.  It's clear that Abadi can't or won't go after those who are delaying progress and are corrupt, maybe he needs foreign intervention, again, to set things right.



11-24-2015   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat  The IMF has themselves told us very specifically what to expect when the IQD revalues. They begin at a base pre-war rate of $3.22 the add on %’s based on assets of country since Saddam and go from there adding in value since the war.  ...the Iraqi rate as to when they exchange at 90 cents - $1.14...has nothing to do with your exchange rate.  

EXOGEN UPDATE :The entrance to the Green Zone, 24 NOV

The entrance to the Green Zone, which opened for citizens to cross the cars through the area without stopping after 12 years of closure Bugehm Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf)
Dozens demonstrate in front of the Green Zone and demanding reform and accountability spoilers
Author: AB, BS, MJM  Editor: AB, BS
11/24/2015 11:37   Long-Presse / Baghdad
Dozens of civilian activists, on Tuesday, in front of the entrance to the Green Zone, the center of the capital, Baghdad, to demand the implementation of reforms and the fight against corrupt, and with accused members of the House of Representatives to “steal people’s money” during the past ten years, criticized the Integrity Commission for not playing an active role in the fight against corruption .
A reporter (range Press), said that dozens of civilians activists demonstrated, this morning, in front of the entrance to the Green Zone near the parliament, the center of Baghdad, to demand the implementation of government reforms and the fight against corruption.
The reporter, said that the demonstrators accused the members of the House of Representatives to “steal people’s money” Over the past ten years, pointing out that the demonstrators criticized the Integrity Commission for “not play an active role in the fight against corruption and to hold the corrupt”.
Dozens of activists flocked, on Tuesday, to protest in front of the entrance to the Green Zone in central Baghdad, to demand the implementation of reforms and the fight against corruption.
Dozens of activists demonstrated in Baghdad, last Tuesday (October 201 517), to protest against the arrest of a number of their colleagues, and demanded their release, and while underlining that security forces beat them, pointed out that such acts will not prevent them from continuing to demonstrate.
The capital Baghdad and 10 Iraqi provinces are (Babylon, Karbala, Najaf, Diwaniyah and Muthanna, Dhi Qar, Wasit, Maysan, Basra and Diyala) is witnessing massive demonstrations since more than a month to condemn the poor services and corruption in government institutions and the judiciary, resulting in many of the reforms announced by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.



Turtle13:  Alright may not be anything, but my very tight lipped WM emailed my husband and I and in the middle of her email she typed in one line “I will see you guys real soon!”, now you may not think this is much but it spoke volumns to my husband and myself. Since we have an appt with her several weeks from now, we thought that was real odd!! Anyway no haters just a feeling we have, and for my husband to agree with me was huge!!! Have a great day evedryone… Love to all my TNT family!!
Olesailor:  I took Okie’s presence to be a grand farewell from a stately Gentleman, any taker’s on that?
OK Rocks:  All I know is I felt like we touched the RV when Okie came in last night… what a great way for us to end this final saga… love that man
Haystack:  It would be great if all who believe in prayer would offer a special prayer for Okies daughterinlaw. Prayer changes things.
Iko Ward:  Okie said this week. I doubt he would have come on OM if he didn’t believe it.
Elmerf123456: Thank you all for who took notes. Okie was only gonna do 15 minutes and stayed almost two hours. What a great guy. Bless TNT. You fortunate to be on OM heard the voice of a legend and in chat thanks to those who transcribed were part of a very rare moment. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.! TNT Strong.
Lilypad:  on Frank26 call last night frank said larger lower denims already out to public in some areas but not all areas. He also referred to smaller lower demons coming out first of January but is expecting early release of Dec 15th
[LAS] on Frank26 call – They are about to do the MR….the banks have been loaded with LD’s….in fact being giving to the citizens now.



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Aggiedad77: Here are the Notes from the 11-23-2015 CC….enjoy  Aloha  Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Here we go….stuffed up ears and all.

Family the blue couch will not longer be used….we don’t need to go there any longer.
The reality of what is going on with the MR feels surreal….but I’m here to tell you…..oh my goodness…..it is very real.

hen I came back from Hawaii…..in September…..and I was with you….I said listen family….they were supposed to lift the value of their currency in July….our intel was telling us that….then when we came back….in Sept we have you 1, 2 and 3….those things were accomplished in Sept….the first couple of weeks.
1 was Security…they didn’t have this in July….but boy did it happen in Sept….ringy-ding ding….Hello this is Abadi, I need pizza and a lot of Security…..30 minutes later….they had pizza and all kinds of security. Ladies and Gentlemen, security got us to where we are now….2 was Laws……then we moved on to 1, 2, 3, and 4…..and they have done well again.

USA Today…..Iraq liberated Sinjar and returns…but it has been destroyed.

They will move from an RI to an RV in December….all these liberated towns of Iraq had banks….BB’s…..they were called this because they were needed by Dr. Shabibi.

The junk the media feeds you is months old…..they are far beyond what we see. They are about to do the MR….the banks have been loaded with LD’s….in fact being giving to the citizens now.

Today’s paper says $2.2 million for national debt….where is this money coming from.

The RV will actually allow the Iraqi dinar to be higher than Kuwait’s currency.

The security has allowed three of the strangest bedfellows to help us with Iraq…..Iran, Russia, and China.

I have much to say to you Family.

Would you like to go on a picnic….yes the USA says…..they were depegged from us…..but then they come back to us due to the picnic basket….oh looks the Indonesia Rupiah is joining that basket…..because…..it was for political reasons.

Remember 1, 2 and 3 have all been led by security.

WSJ today, it’s telling you that terrorist security gap is probed….what they really are saying…..good grief….we have some of the best intel collected against ISIS…against terrorism….we are removing terrorism all over the world….look at Brussels.

In the meantime…..China….what did you tell your people……we told them to multiply…..we are 4 billion people…..having 2 babies instead of 1….we will have 8 billion people and no one will mess with us.

This army can wipe out things in the world with a blink of an eye….but we have joined them and Russia in this fight against terrorism.

Baby boomers decided to only have 2 children per family….slowing growth down…..China said only 1 per family…..slowing even further….but now they are coming back big time….fascinating to me.

Toledo paper says….Corporation among the west….Iran and Russia is the Key to beating ISIS.

WSJ…..i got a big kick out of it….Feds are playing the losing hand….but no they are not…they were expecting the same thing as you by November 21….but it happened way before that.

We do have strange relationships with strange countries because we are about to make money with these countries….but watch China take the lead over everyone.

American in Iran gets prison term in Iran over spying charges……watch how this evolves and works out though…..he should be released.

There crack downs all over the world…..every where terrorists are being taken out…ever since Paris’ attacks. Brussels in on lock down….the speed of 1, 2, and 3 was led by security……to see all this has been impressive.

I wanted to talk to you about CERN…but I am not going to, not tonight, but tomorrow after the Bible Study…..if you don’t know what CERN is….it is another reason why I believe we are at the beginning of the end….their goal is to smash protons to emit radioactive photons that gives us information about the beginning of the universe….

Yesterday their collider had a disaster…an explosion….an accident….created a nuclear fire…..very significant….involving a super heated conductor that totally destroyed this conductor…..their scientists thought they were going to find what they called to Hauson Particle….the God Particle…..if it can be found, it is possible that we can learn much more than we should or need to know…..there was a geyser that shot straight up in the air where the accident happened….yes they were looking for the God Particle.

What I find interesting where the four rivers met….we destroyed that tree and we destroyed the opportunity to save that garden….Satan dwelled in that garden then he was allowed to live all over the place. There were wise men who studied there, they knew the Nazarene was coming….so they left their kingdoms and convassed from the Iraqi area following that star to the west…..when they would stop at small villages….it was impressive….how they were dressed….and what they carried….many asked what they were doing…we are on the way to pay our respects to the Baby Jesus…and others then gave them more to give to the Baby Jesus…their caravans had to expand.

Jesus could have called upon armies to defend him…he could have called upon God to defend him….but he knew he had to live the sacrifice.

You know that place where the four rivers were….man destroyed that area…then tried to find the God Particle…..this is disrespect to our Heavenly Father….they build this thing called a tower….if we could get close to God we could figure out what he was doing…..CERN….yes they were trying….then they continued to build on their effort….soon God was looking….what are they doing…..of course he knows what they do…..He decided to disperse them….by confusing them…by handicapping their ability to communicate…..different tongues….the 12 tribes……many dialects that were not understandable…..causing anger, fighting, and broke God’s heart….so we the people disbanded and went our own ways…mainly to the east. The city was Babel….the Tower of Babel.

Hundreds of years later here we go again….we don’t need God….we are the mecca of things the center of this world…..we got all we need…..stupid fools……so beautiful they call it the 8th wonder of the world…..you think someone would leave a note….don’t blow it….but they didn’t…..today this same place is called Baghdad. The whole world will do the most business with her…..give her what she wants, make her feel good.

Christians, make sure you put your full suit of armor on…..stand at the door with your Bible…..Peter be careful…..I brought you his ear Jesus…..do as I do….I will Jesus…..then Jesus tells Peter by tomorrow you will deny me three times.

The God Particle….they were looking for this through a black hole a different dimension….we don’t see it…but can’t see it….but it is there. Just as you see Frank only in height and width, but no depth…..it does exist.

We are so advanced….the knowledge this planet learns each month we can’t even find ways to store things….we are becoming God-like, and maybe not even want a God….this is very dangerous.

If the CERN collider had succeeded it would have gotten us far to close to God.

We talk of this because it is a part of the study of the IQD.

Got the staff of KTFA together, around the 5th or 6th of October….I need tell you something…..don’t post this…but on the 21st of November the LD’s will arrive….if they have them….it is only because 3 and 4 are occurring…..keep this in prayer staff….and start preparing yourselves….the rest of the Internet….over a month ago….the Internet wasn’t talking about it….the articles weren’t talking about it….but our teams were seeing it happening…..

On the 7th of November a former Secretary of State talked about the LD’s….we had a special CC with you….we called it the “Eagle Has Landed”…..three army bases have moved the LD’s….they had been at Andrews Air Force Base….then on Friday 13th we saw on team chat the LD’s were in Iraq and had been distributed to the banks that Dr. Shabibi wanted.

This is not boasting…this is not crazy…..if you are new don’t think that….pray that what is said happens….it usually happens within 7-10 days.

We told you last week the Investment Law would come out….they talk about the Investment Law this week. We told you the taxes and tariffs would be released around the 2nd or 3rd week of December.

This is not a coincidence that the taxes and tariffs and the RV is about to happen….oh yes they always say this….well watch this time….watch.

There are lesser and lesser stones being thrown at us….sometimes they pick up pebbles….but after copying and pasting they put the pebbles back down.

Our staff supported and bore witnessed to all that we are telling you….three good teams, contractual, political, military….there will be little info this week, because they know what we do this last week of November.

We don’t want to work with them during this week….so look for many articles starting Wednesday that are recycled….but there will be some money coming to Iraq…..coming from an international market as we eat this week…..this money must also get in a Long Line….and you know what that line represents….this money will be big and boost many of their reforms…..if I don’t see the RI and RV at least next month….no washy….no washy…..these are not loans…..if we don’t see things….you don’t get money.

You put out the taxes and tariffs….yes….you start the RI into the RV…..yes…..then we bring the international money….show me the effort……show me….and we show you the international money.

Just as with all the talk of the money associated with the LD’s…..but not about this international money….yet…..and we thought they would get this done by the 21st….those on the call last Friday…..we said 500 they said yes….I said 250 and they said yes…then I said, that’s all the LD’s…..yes…..then Foxtrot came on the call and asked me what the next day was….Saturday….November 21st……oh shoot…they are done aren’t they……that is why you are so calm…yes sir….this is surreal….no sir….this is real.

So when they do the RI into the RV that is actually a releasing of the new rate isn’t it…yes…..that would put them into Article 8 wouldn’t it….yes…..so it’s got to be simultanteously…..for the taxes for the tariffs at the borders…but you have to inclue the LD’s in this trifecta at this rate.

Meanwhile the bank is working on the mechanisms used already to impact this project….that is expected to start by the beginning of 2017….or likely to work on the project in early 2017…..NO….NO…..Frank you just messed this up don’t you know that…..NO….because the 50’s, 100’s, the 1,000’s are already implemented…..so don’t give me no crap that you will do this in 2017….you are doing the RI in December…then you are telling me you are going to wait a whole year to do the RV…stupid….stupid.

Yes Family the RI and the RV starts in about three weeks….it is not my opinion…..this is Dr. Shabibi’s plan…..3 and 4….look to your notes….right after the 21st when we told our staff what would happen with the LD’s….they made it happen.

The RI and the RV will start in about 3 weeks…because Dr. Shabibi wants it to be that way…..but only time…only time…..and International investors……yes they had a fair, an international fair….but only time and the international investors will determine this RI to RV growth….but for them to say it will take into 2017 insults my intelligence.
This time from the RI into the RV stage….this is the time for value of the IQD that is in the hands of the citizens…..why do you think they gave them the LD’s then the value goes up.

You know what else….watch their cigarettes, their liquor, the cost of goods in Iraq…..once the RI starts into the RV…..watch the cost of goods go down in Iraq…..for the citizens of Iraq….because this is the goal of Dr. Shabibi….. because their purchasing power increases….as the worth goes up, the cost of goods goes down….making the living in Iraq less torturous this is because Maliki is not around…..this makes Dr. Shabibi smile….gobble…gobble.

When we taught this to you, two Mondays ago…..it wasn’t just last Monday it was the Monday before….the rest of the net will catch up….the LD’s are in and distributed….Dr. Shabibi is passing the 50k’s…..they are for reverse psycology….many people said oh it’s a LOP….but we know it is not…..the 50k’s can be used, but only for 2015 for the purpose of lifting the 000’s from the streets and open up accounts….only introduced in 2015, they can be used in 2016…but were only introduced in 2015..….then I said to you…..the 100k’s will be for the purpose of 2016…they are not for the banks….

The RI is for the LD’s and the citizens to start the process…..but the RV is with the 100k’s because the process will have matured by then and the rate will probably be around 1 to 1 IMO….then the banks will use the 100k’s and use them for something they call bank platforms…..for their transactions and the business of their domestic growth because the international world pour in to exploded the value of their currency….the citizens will start this and the international world will finish it……that is the RI into the RV ready for this old-timers….that was the west to the east.

Frank showed a stack of napkins with notes all over them….different colors for different teams.

You got that….the 50k’s….the larger of the LD’s are for the start of the RI with the citizens in 2015….the 100k’s are for marching into the RV into 2016 only for banks….you will never see one..…then used for what I call platform trading…..and banks will use it for their international transactions….because there is a mountain of international market money coming in.



LAS] OKIE HIGHLIGHTS: we are jubilant and expecting this week...5 in the original baskets...20m dinar cap for contract only; 50M dong cap for contract; 500M - 1B on Zim...

Brokerage firm will give any perk any bank will offer plus total insurance aspects...
iran rial not sure first or second basket...cooperate entirely with a brokerage firm and future investments that will blow you out of the water (M&S - Morgan Stanley)... be careful with wealth managers who work on commission...

Graphene - rare earth - more demand for = used for communication in satellite which are deteriorating which is reflective and military application used - very hard to extract - bulk mined in Peru...

Okie says this time is first time everyone has agreed ...all countries...

Highest initial rate - US gets 1st highest rate, England 2nd, 3rd Canada, 4th Australia, eventually settled...

We should exchange Zim asap...some people with SKRs are exchanging as well as Germany exchanging has never gone on before...

A brokerage will offer perks and additional insurance and stability...... Iraq in ripe for investment (cement and gravel) - would not invest until security is under control...would not put money in the banks in Iraq just yet too much corruption...

He thinks it's imminent now... it was scheduled for last week, Phillipines was last country to sign off, now all in agreement...


I was reading some information from last night and realized that the month of November could be setting up for a December 2 total release to the world.
Look at it this way……Every month since April 22  I have been told that we have been given a 10 day window to exchange before the public.
If you remember the government in Baghdad was being paid on the 28th, and now they were paid this month on the 22nd.
The 29th of any month in the Arab world is a day to move money and release new money.
Of course are we waiting on this?  IMO NO because  we are very educated and following this closely ….so we are not the public.
Now 11/30 is the vote on the Remnibi.Are we waiting for this? NO,  this is a done deal and the Remnibi is already in the basket as a floating reserve currency….The vote is more for show and tell to the world.
Currency baskets move all the time but I am hearing this first basket is already in motion with 9 currencies that we know of.
On Dec 2, I am also hearing that the Iranian rial will be able to be exchanged.The rial is a re-instatement of the currency.It is not in the basket.
Okay,next…. the UN operational report is now due for 11/27 for the 29th. We should see the rate changes.  Now, will we  see the 11/20 change or will it be just across the board?
Like I have  talked about before, the USD is due for review on 12/20.

OKIE ON OPEN MIC 11-23-15 ~ 8-10 PM EST, 24 NOV

OKIE ON OPEN MIC 11-23-15 ~ 8-10 PM EST


Here are rough notes copied and pasted. Chat scrolled very quickly.

Yes it is OKIE!

tony has done excellent job and i'm proud of him.... were at poing to be optimistic were on cusp of happening .... some skr's cashed out this weekend
Yes it is OKIE!
Okie very proud of Tony and optimistic that we are on the cusp
OKIE is VERY optimistic about the time interval!!
Elmer brought Okie in
Okie taking questions right now

Q chit chat w/ okie .... okie flirting lol

He said we are on the cusp of this.
Okie pleased by zim
okie stated when he came into om that he was told by the author of the plan that this would be at the last portion of this year which is why he has not posted or come into speak to anyone. He state that he and tony are friends and speak at least 3 times a week. this is his 2nd conference call today and thanked elmer! woo hoo 
oh my goodness how freakin' exciting

He said from his eyebrows up he's in pretty good shape.
Okie says it's really good right now!
gizmos is giving acolades to okie and he stated that we are blessed to be in the program!!!!!!!
only reason hasn't said anythng because he had not enough info now he's comfortable...... 5 in the original baskets
I feel that (subject to correction now) 5 currencies in basket - Okie said!

giz asked okie understood that there will be 5 currencies in the basket...First time on open mic and no reason to come into om but now we are jubilant and expecting this week!!!

OM mic call is maxed out ------- FYI
Elmer brought Okie into Open Mic. I love it!
Okie said this week
Okie voice sounds very strong... So happy to hear him
Okie giving accolades to Tony and Ray!
Oike says RayRen & Tony are THE guys to Thank and listen to.
Elmer introduced Okie to OM
Okie says we are on the cusp
This is almost as good as it gets! 
Lealoha.. I agree!

Caps after we exchange per Elmer
For those that just joined chat... Okie was invited to OM by elmer123456 and is answering questions... several chat members are transcribing! Thanks transcribers!!!

doc savage...okie is a foundation for all dinarland :)
Who is okie !!! Bite your lip lol

Okie - my understanding a 20m dinar cap for contract only; 50M dong cap for contract; 500M - 1B on Zim (but he isn't sure which one)

okie...caps..20 million dinar cap for dinar / 50 million for dong .......all for contract rate...the rest will be internation rate.......
20 million cap on dinar for contract rate and 50 for dong contract and .5 billion as Tony explained with structured annuity
If u hear okie then it's close to happening if not into the process now he's going through brokerage firm (Okie) which will insure more than banks

Okie - major brokerage firm, not little one - 115 year old brokerage firm

so Okie is not going for the contract rates
Okie using a brokerage firm, not a bank

Okie - Concierge service he's asking for and brokerage firm will give any perk any bank will offer plus total insurance aspects
Okie - when he makes deposit - net will go straight into brokerage account

For those that just joined chat... Okie was invited to OM by elmer123456 and is answering questions... several chat members are transcribing! Thanks transcribers!!!

Okie is in a private group - not specified

Okie - speaking with Trust Attorney today and working on a specific trust called a Trickle Down Trust - caveats he will need
Talking about a trickle down trust
MS is the name of the brokerage co................
don't question Okie any further on which brokerage firm - (but it's 115 years old)

Okie said oldest brokerage firm (115 years) but would not name
Nothing but the best for TNT. (Elmer)

Dewitt Stern brokerage firm, 115 yr old..per Google

doriay...iran real dec 2 is a go...Okie does not know first or 2nd basket...potential good but not as good a others

Okie - potential for Rial not as high as other currencies
Okie - says he isn't an icon....just an ordinary person - all equally deserving! Don't ever look down to anyone or up to anyone, look them straight in the eye We Love You Okie!

Okie said.... and I'm not talking about Multiple Sclerosis either..... so could it be Merrill Lyinch?
Q what advise you could have for all of us... going thru---A gave you hint when said brokerage firm

Okie says brokerage firm and watch for future investments

okie advice in going forward....cooperate entirely with a brokerage firm and future investments that will blow you out of the water
okie advice in going forward....cooperate entirely with a brokerage firm and future investments that will blow you out of the water
Rare earth element in Peru

Graphene great investment
rare earth element mined in peru will be graphene? no one is promoting this on the stock exchange...do homework on it...revolutionary..like apple or mac.........

okie getting texts put cowboy boots on quit flirting with girls
Okie - turning cell phone off - overseas commitments he needs to honor relatively soon - (sounds like he needs to go)

Okie - hasn't been contacted and doesn't care who makes the announcement!

Okie says Tony deserves to make the announcement because he's worked so heard
when tony calls are you going to make the annoucement on tnt call...okie i don't care who makes the announcement...as muchwork at tony and ray have done Tony deserves to make the announcement.........

Okie - saying Tony needs the Honor - because of all he and Pam and Ray have done
Okie - says his name is Mary Jones - had a sex change operation - he's too funny
okie is chatting and flirting and having fun
Okie - has commitments in Ireland that need taking care of soon...chit chatting with Loves Skiing

Okie says from the AoP we are on the cusp


Okie I ave family there..I'll go with ya..Can I ? huh huh can I? LOL
Okie can't confirm what he hasn't got yet... sounds, from what they are transcribing, that he FEELS we are close...

Okie - quite a labor intensive journey that we've been on but ready to reach our Destination!! For some strange reason, some gent in Florida is putting Okie and Tony's # out for 800# and Okie's patience is thin

Okie talking about person who sent out his private phone nimber
Okie - says Prayers have sustained him
Okie - times he considered getting out
okie stating a labor intensive journey....what irriates him someone put his number out stating to get the 800 number to okies phone...he is frustated about that...but prayer has sustained him even thought to sell and get out but is still moving forward....
Okie, the real Okie is on OM

Okie - says if he was doing any better, it would be illegal! Lol
okie's daughter n law is semi alert other times they can't do anything for her.............

Okie says DIL is mobile and up and around but had severe damage
Okie - we are expecting it and just waiting for it to manifest
Okie - waiting on them to push the button now
Okie says we are waiting for "button to be pushed"

Okie - we've heard the Admirals has gone in, etc., peeps needs to understand they aren't going in anywhere, just waiting on the codes to be furnished them,

okie...admiral and other are waiting for codes at their personal locations to go.........

Okie - heard .33 on Zim but says if you believe that, he has swamp land to sell you, unfathomable to believe it, but it may come out there

Okie - already dealing with Russia = that's why 20, 50, 100 year pay out so it doesn't break the bank (regarding Zim)
Okie baffled by Zim rate but believes that's why the payouts were created
Okie says Zim rare seems unfathomable but has some and believes that the payouts will cover rates

Okie says be careful with wealth managers who work on  

Okie - you wanna be no advice but his opinion - you want to be very careful when you go to Wealth Advisor but if they are on commission, they'll steer you where you can make the most money!

Okie - find out their agenda to see if it's your wants
Okie - Graphene - rare earth - more demand for = used for communication in satellite which are deteriorating which is reflective and military application used - very hard to extract - bulk mined in Peru

would you bypass bank to go to brokers...okie...opinion...be careful when you go to a wealth adviser if work on commission and private consultants will get a bonus. before you go talking wealthadvisers make sure you know what their agenda is. graphene is used in communication in satelites reflective and flexiable and mined in peru......

Okie says this time is first time everyone has agreed ...all countries

Okie - question asked him why today is different - he says financial agendas have finally come to one accord in their thinking - countries - out in left field - the determination by different countries in world, gives higheest initial rate - US gets 1st highest rate, England 2nd, 3rd Canada, 4th Australia, eventually settle down to where all countries have same exchange rate
oops he is explaining the participation of all countries and how this works

okie what is making this week this time...different agreements political financial everyone finally come together in one accord. us get highest exchange rates then , england, canada, austrialia

Okie - Germany is exchanging some for .50-.90 now
Okie - reward countries that performed most in the war
Okie - different rate in different countries then all iron out
Okie - Zim - we need to exchange as soon as possible
Okie - Zim has heard from ? to .33
okie...zim from .03 to .33........
Okie saying people with SKR's are being paid out right now, never happened that way before

okie said last country to sign off was Phillipines last week
Okie - last chinese gold acquisition - international agreement for this to transpire - (missed some of it)

elmerf123456 wrote 
1m ago It's my gift to OM and TNT. He's the Grandfather of our venture.

Iko - question for Okie - Iko was going with Wells Fargo - Okie not discounting Wells Fargo
iko..brokerage...up to now he was going wells fargo...okie don't discount wf china has too much money and will be the last one standing....
IKO said he had planned to use Abbott Downing ...

Okie - reason he was doing brokerage is because of the insurance aspect and meet or beat any bank
iko...if over 500million...find a high end brokerage house...? okie states will meet and beat any perks but is going for insurance purposes....

Okie says brokerage will offer perks and additional insurance and stability
Okie says we may need to go to the bank first then move over

Okie - not have to go to bank first? said he was going to eliminate exchange fee of 2% by using brokerage firm but he may be mistaken about that

iko...do we need to go the banks first before brokerage..okie may have overstepped........... exchange at bank and then brokerage......

Okie - consider Brokerage to invest some money with some program and have them register you for Pre IPO, bank won't tell you how to invest in stock - brokerage house will have foreknowlege of IPOs increasing due to research they do
brokerage firms will have programs that you can register for pre IPO...

Truckerbabe - working now tonight - Okie hauled Oil Equipment
Okie was in the oil industry for 43 years.
Thanks plenty to Elmer and Okie

Okie - telling TruckerBabe she's here for a reason - what a pair!
Resetting room now due to echo
zeebs, all you can. History in the making.
No ma'am it is not bc of the extreme fluctuation of the market, the oil market right now, and the way things look oil will never ever get to that $150 like it enarly did before.
Anyway the # of rigs running now is less than 1,000 in the US therefore the products in extreme demand then...is not now and the rental equipment business is in sad shape
what was a good investment then is not now.

company good to invest in later on - that list is no longer good due to extreme fluctuation - oil will never get to $150 as before - fracking is how came up with one well producing 8 wells - and rigs is less than 1,000....products in extreme demand then, rental biz is in sad shape, what was good investment then is bad now...a

Okie says investments in Iraq - infrastructure, gravel cement
Anyway, internet/road building equipment. Think what ppl have not really thought about is get into the business of cement and gravel that has to be imported from Africa b/c they have to have gravel and cement, and then they got their own oil to make asphalt but infrastructure while that's where the investment is
There will be five-star hotels, cell phone towers, electrical wire...tv stations...water situation is pathetic.
Big hotels, cell towers, electrical circuits, sanitation ripe for investment

aggregates for building infrastructure and maintenance
GN everyone. Praying we wake up to this amazing blessing! Thanks to all those who transcribed and thanks again to Elmer for bringing Okie in! Blessings to all!!

The sanitary conditions are not anywhere near to code. It is a virgin country ripe for investment. Only drawback is the security factor. I would not invest one dime over there right now until they have got their security problem well under control...will take time b/c of ISIS etc.

Okie - infrastructure and road building and cement and gravel in Iraq - has oil to make asphalt but infrastructure will be great investment - electrical wiring, TV stations, water stations, sanitation, Iraq ripe for investing but too insecure now and might take a period of time....he would NOT invest right now
Iraq in ripe for investment....would not invest until security is under control.

It is a 5,000-year-old battle between the Shiites and Sunnis. Getting intol politics. Not sure I'm to do that....
Okie - Biden went to Iraq - saw problem - keep Shiite and Sunnis separate....we laughed at Biden but he was right

I take 100% responsibility for bringing you Okie. He's an honorable man and a my Thanksgiving Gift to all OM and TNT. Okie is our Dinarian Grandfather and he's doing great!
Anyway until they get their security situation ironed out he wouldn't invest. They will need infrastructure items, so use your own discretion.

He's saying not to put any money in the Iraqi banks. There's still too much corruption that they're trying to eliminate, but that's like you trying to stop the wind.
okie - don't put any money in Iraqi banks - too much corruption over there
She's not the best in the world b/c she has a permanant infirmity b/c her brain twisted. She's up and around and feeding herself but can hardly stay on a conversation with you and can't work. She's got a hard road ahead.
brain twisted in cranium, can't work, can barely carry on a conversation

Okies DIL has brain stem injury
That company has not gone public yet. Keeping my eye close on it, can't even tell you the name, but not on the stock exchange. The USGovernment is buying, I think 700 tons a year, and there's a 1700 ton demand for it for repairing our satellites on it.
It's a very rare substance that there's only one place in the world for, and that's in Peru.

O - 700 tons a year needed - Graphene very rare - Peru - jot that down
Brokerage company. M as in Michael, S as in Sam (not sure what that was about)

For those that just joined chat... Okie was invited to Ray's OM by elmer123456 and is answering questions... chat members lealoha, zebragirl and IWFG1818 and company are transcribing!

Every spring in early spring in OK, there is a family of cardinals come and there's probably 20 of them and then they all leave except 2. Most are females. They are brown w/red head, males are red all over and the males fight. (What is it with you guys? lol)

She was taken off eeg and stepped down to regular hospitalist wing
There was a real elderly lady...in Kansas..and every day she would call and say, "Okie are we rich yet" in a broken voice. "Not yet honey, but we soon will be." "Okay I'll talk to you tomorrow" And she had to be 140 years old and she was still chasing that dinar.
He's so sweet. He's offering to talk to her momma if she wants to talk all day long :)
Is 404 on here?
Okie - this is a nice community to be a member of....pray for each other....
Okie - has paid for his funeral - first song picked out - How Great Thou Art - and Happy Trails - say the last thing he told us was Happy Trails - when he was shot down and shot all to pieces and his whole life turned around 48 years ago
Okie - can't believe how God has put up with him so long - believes RV imminent!

Okie - loves to talk to pretty girls - everyone and their own extent has done all they can do and some of them has made contacts over the years, just like Tony and Ray getting info over the phone late at night and not getting a plug nickle for it Thank you Tony
I see us one day closer than yesterday and I'm not being smart about it. It was supposed to have been last week. There was a very firm schedule. What interfered in that is what I cannot find out.
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to transcribe. Is there a mod around? I don't want to type if I'm not supposed to.
If he'd have known what a fine courteous group this was, he'd have been on previously :)
Okie - had he known what a kind courteous group this was, he'd have been in earlier - let's hope this is one of the last few family calls we make
ween been forever this is mrs dot..finally got internet back ..had chat wdrawls from my phone

okie asked if everyone would stop texting him.... :)
MM: I was in the Air Force 40 years ago. Okie: Flew an F4 B model and D model. B model had 20 cal Galting gun on it and other had 30. F105s. Flew in conjunction with one another.
MM: I was one of the ppl that helped support you. Was in Thailand in the AF in 1973 and 4, repaired ECM.

This is very rare. Okie has not done a Conf call of any type in over a year. Now he's here for us.
Okie: There from 67 through the fall of 69 I believe if I remember right. I have noticed here lately my memory is beginning to elude me...notices a diff in his memory
Okie - was there in '67-'69 , Okie's memory is eluding him - age or experience?
Okie: Have nothing but highest regards to the ground crews that served us.

MM: Had a "wizzo?" in the back seat.
Okie: Sometimes when they turned the jammer on it would make us more prevalent and they would shoot at us.
MM: Never heard your story in the earlier years. You were shot down at one time?
Okie: Missile went through my left wing and did not explode.
Sure messes up the aerodynamics though.
Okie - their a** was mine...missile went through his left wing but didn't explode - 6 months in Naval hospital and 15-16 operations!
joshua I am feeling better every day thank you.. it was a night mare!
Okie spent 6 month in hospital and had 15-16 operations from injuries

Okie: I was just doin' a job. I left a lot of friends over there.
MM: I hope what I did helped to save some of their lives.
Okie: If you were anything to do with my electronic back then, you did. You did.
MM: I got commendations for it also.
Okie - 3 ltr agencies don't give medals for anything - doesn't want to be a star on the wall at Langley
Bishop: Has muteitis. Phone doesn't unmute when he talks.
Okie - we all have Dinaritis

Okie: I apologize for your waste of time!
Bish: We served in the military about the same time. I served on the sea which made things a little different.
Okie: We may have met had you been on the Forestall (?)
Whizzo was actually EWO - electronic weapons officer -- radar/jammer onboard Phantoms etc,

Okie - can't change a darn thing about it - doing the same thing now trying to politicize situation
Bishop: Is there anything else that has to go through the Gazette before we see the RV?

Okie: It's my understanding the three postings necessary to bring this to fruition have all been made. That's my understanding.

Okie had a need to respect his private life and went away. I am blessed to been in his company. He thinks well of Tony and Ray. I asked him if he would speak to our family because he may not get another chance since we are so close. He agreed and we have been hearing something so special! God Bless Okie and our TNT Family. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Okie: Let me think about what I was going to say. Your your wood's too green to burn?
Okie understands that all Gazette postings have been done

Okie: Always ended everything with "nuff said"
Okie - nuff said - the way he ends things
Bishop: Have to go to bed, have to be up at 5:30. Saying goodbye
A Blessing, come on in.

Okie: Believes you are preordained to do what you're doing.

Okie - pastor believes he was brought into this on purpose - we are preordained to do what we're doing
Okie: This year we've had quite a round of bad luck.
Daughter-in-law, keep her in your prayers. Her name is Loretta and God knows her last name.
My Pleasure! We all earned this special call
Okie: Things have changed so radically over the years. The information I had 6-7 years ago was valid, and right now it's not worth 2 cents (re the oil fields)
Okie - subject to correction, things changed so radically over the year re oil field investment
They shot me down but they couldn't kill me.
Okie: I lost all of my boys.
Okie - shot him down but couldn't kill him - lost all his boys.....sad :(
Dog and son
I think God's left ear is probably sore for hearing the same prayer repeated by everybody.
Okie - heaven - one of the topics of conversation - more prayers said relative to this dinar situation than there were in the war
elmer, some of it is, and thanks for bringing him on :) Awesome to hear his voice.
Okie: Let's go for a few more minutes.
Thank you so much for coming in. Okie: Thank you for being a fellow member in this journey that we are all taking together. Guys. I think I'm going to call it a night. I put grandpa to bed a little early anymore. The older I get the more sleep I need. I have enjoyed speaking to each and every one of you.
Not one snot in the bunch tonight. Very very grateful to you for that!

Okie - I'm going to call it a night - older I get, more sleep I need, don't know that I've ever participated in a conference call like this
Okie bowing out, saying good night, very appreciative of the OM members being so nice

Don't forget all of the effort and time that Ray and Tony is putting out for all of our behalf and Pam and probably others that I should name, but those three in particular you guys owe a whole lot to. Hope all of you appreciate all of their wonderful effort they're putting forth that is so beneficial to so many ppl.
Okie - may come back to visit but in the interim, don't forget that Tony, Ray, Pam and how much they've done for all of us...putting a plug in the jug

Okie says we owe Tomy, RayRen snd Pam so much for everything they've done
I'm gonna put a plug in the jug and get out of here. Sio God Bless all of you, I love you, talk to you in the future, and look forward to talking to that 90-year-old lady. God bless all of you and I'll talk to you later.
okie... grateful to have been on OM...Nancy don't be a stranger...okie stating don't forget to appreciate tony,ray,pam...they are doing so much for all of us...Okie..I love you God Bless you all gnite!
Thanks to Elmer and okie !!!😎
Thank You all our transcribers :) Great Job...
Thank you Okie. Thank you Elmer and all the transcribers. Bless each one of you. ❤️❤️❤️